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  PART 12

Willow couldn’t believe the power she had. It was amazing. Angel had sent her shopping for clothes, food, and any other necessities she believed she needed. He had handed her his personal credit card, which contained authorization for her to us it. It was unbelievable. She walked out and breathed in the cool Paris weather. The
sky looked bluer, the sun a bit brighter. She walked down Rue de Castiglione and began her shopping.
She thought of all she and Angel had spoken about. She missed her friends, she missed Oz, but having Angel with her, the sadness she felt disappeared. She got goosebumps each time she remembered his touch, his look. She may have been drunk last night, but everything she had said, everything she had done, she had wanted. She loved the way she felt. Her shopping spree included some jeans, a couple of shirts, a handful of dresses, and three pair of shoes. She still loved what she wore, but she wanted to be more daring. By the time she returned to the hotel, her headache had subsided, her stomach much better, and carried more then ten bags. She entered the room and saw the bed done. She looked around the room, not able to find Angel. She took out her clothes, and put the rest of her stuff away. She noticed a small note on the nightstand.

Hope your shopping went well, I should be back shortly, Angel

She smiled and took off her shirt. All she wanted to do was take a shower. She headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She was halfway through her shower as she heard a knock on her door. “Willow?”

“Angel, where have you have you been?”, she asked, her eyes closed, as the water fell on her face.

“Finding something to wear. How was shopping?”

“I really need to pay you back”.

“I thought we talked about this already”

“But I really shopped Angel, I bit too much”

“I can assure you, I won’t go poor”, he said with a chuckle.

“I just wish there was a way to thank you for everything”, she said as she washed the soap off her body.

“You can always let me shower with you?”, he said, shocked to have said it out loud.

Willow blushed as she imagined her in back of him. “I’ll let you watch”, she teased.

<That was an invitation> he thought as he opened the door, making her shriek in surprise.

“You said I could watch?”, he said, noticing her reflection on the damp mirror.

“Angel!”, she said as she tried to cover herself, then saw he wasn’t coming in. <He likes games>, making Willow smile.

Angel was a bit hesitant in closing the door. He could make out the outline of her body in the mirror, making him grow.  “I’ll wait for you in the lobby”, he yelled, knowing if he saw her in a towel or robe, he would lose it.

“Where are we going?”, she asked, but was too late, he had closed the door.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow walked into the lobby and looked for Angel. He was standing, looking outside the large window. She strolled over to him, looking out the window next to him.

“Excusez-moi Monsieur, I’m looking for a tall, dark handsome, filthy rich vampire. Have you seen him by chance?”.

“Non Mademoiselle, but I am available”, he said with a smile.

“All right then, you’ll have to do. I can always go and find Jean”, she said deviously.

Angel turned and took her hand, placing it on his arm. “I can assure you Mademoiselle, after tonight, you won’t want anyone else”, he said, sending a jolt of electricity through her.

They walked out of the hotel, and walked down the street, taking in the sights.

“Where are we headed?”, she asked excited.

“A surprise”, he replied.

They continued walking for about five minutes then found the spot that made Willow speechless. They had arrived at the Place de la Concorde.  She looked at the fountains she had always seen in postcards. The soft
light eliminated the Greek Gods, as if in Olympus. The clear blue night, and moonlight showing off all it’s beauty.
She looked on at the lit obelisk, admiring the hieroglyphics. She turned to see in front of her, the Arch of Triumph, to the far left the enormous Eiffel Tower. She looked in back of her and saw the wonderful garden. She looked at him teary eye. Never before had she seen such beauty. Angel slid his hand around her waist, pulling her
closer to him.  “I want to show you the Jardin des Tuleries”, he said and pulled her safely across the crowded intersection.

The gardens were wonderful, beautiful beyond compare. Angel supplied some history, fascinating her more. He showed her his favorite statues, and the small fountains in the middle. Children rented miniature boats, helping guide then in the water. The tall trees caressed them on either side. They felt a peace in them they had never quite felt before. They continued walking, finally reaching the destination he had wanted her to see.  Her mouth dropped open. Before her stood a palace. Anything so big, so beautiful, she had never seen before. He pulled her from the spot she had become glued to, and headed towards the glass pyramid. A gentleman waited outside the entrance. He spoke with Angel, not paying attention to the French they spoke, she was too busy admiring the building. Angel pushed her slightly forward, the gentleman holding the door open for them to enter. They went down the escalators as Willow noticed something important. “Angel, there aren’t any people”, she looked at him a bit worried.

“I rented it for the night”, he replied casually.

“You rented the Louvre?”, she asked almost choking.

“Just for tonight”.

She was about to protest and demand he get his money back, but he simply looked at her and told to be quiet and enjoy.  She did as he asked. It took them the entire night to see the entire museum. They covered all four floors, talking about the paintings and themselves. They walked through history, admiring the skillful hands of statues that graced each corridor, of wonderful visions of painters on canvas, on the ceilings and the walls. They
walked out three hours before sunset, their hands having come accustomed to holding each other. He took her to
a near by cafe and sipped a bit of coffee as she ate.  They walked back to hotel, Angel finding out she was ticklish and taking advantage of it. She squealed as Angel ran after her, knowing what he would do. A smile spread across her face. She was pulled back, as skillful fingers began their brutal attack. She fought, but it was useless. She was at his mercy. He heard her laughter and felt a warmth in him he craved. He soon stopped, as he caught sight of her beautiful green eyes. She looked up to see his dark eyes gazing into hers. She felt the air change around  them. She swallowed, seeing his head move closer. She inched forward, hoping.  They closed their eyes as their lips touched softly. He drew her in his arms, her body leaning into him. He was about to pull away, but her hand moved to hold him there. After a moment, it was over, leaving them speechless, looking at each other, in the middle of the square.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow hurried back to the hotel, as she looked at her watch. She had less then half an hour before the sun set. She had gone to visit the sights in the sun, but soon realized it wasn’t the same without him next to her. She missed him.  <He kissed me!> she said with a giggle. They had done a little more then that before, but this time it was different. She felt it. She rushed into the hotel, and went to the front desk. She spoke with one of the
gentlemen that she knew spoke a bit of English. She thanked him for the directions and went up to her room.
She found Angel coming out of the bathroom, half dressed. He had on his black pants, but had no shirt on. He began to dry his hair.

“Where did you go?”, he asked as he sat on the bed.

“Out...shopping....seeing”, she stammered, trying to avoid staring at his well defined chest.

“Anything you liked?” <Very much> she snapped herself out of it.

“I should shower”, she told him as she walked over the bathroom.

“Willow, are you O.K.?”, he asked noticing her odd behavior.

“Good, fine, well”, she said as she grabbed her robe.

“Were are we going tonight?”

“It’s a surprise”, she told him with a smile and disappeared into the bathroom.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

 Angel sat in the lounge chair wondering what had happened. He was in Paris, with Willow, in the same hotel room, and kissed her last night, though they had done a lot more when she was drunk.  He chuckled a bit as he remembered what had happened that night. She was changing, she wasn’t the same Willow he had met in Sunnydale, but she wasn’t the Willow that had crossed dimensions. She was finding herself in between. Even his attraction to her had changed. It ran deeper now, his need for her greater. It went hand in hand with getting to know her better.  He got up and headed to the elevators. Willow had needed to change and had sent him out.
He smiled once more, something he now realized he did more often because of her. He actually felt happy, something he thought he had been condemned to live without.  Buffy. He didn’t think twice about leaving her. He couldn’t honestly say he missed her. He did at times, but thoughts of her vanished when he was with Willow. More and more, thoughts of her occupied his mind, pushing the image of Buffy farther away.

He knocked, making sure Willow was dressed. He was about to open the door when he heard no reply, but remained still as she opened the door.  His mouth dropped as he saw her. His eyes growing wider, taking in her
complete view. She smiled, content with his reaction. She turned around and walked back to the bed.  Angel looked on, recovering from his shock.

“I shouldn’t be much longer”, she told him as she took out her purse and began to apply some makeup. Angel simply nodded, acknowledging she has said something. His eyes couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Her very tight leather pants clung to her body, empathizing each curve she had. She wore a simple satiny charcoal top allowing him a hint of the cleavage he had seen three weeks ago. The spaghetti strips showing off her creamy white shoulders. Her hair was soft, loose and bouncy. She looked ready for the runway, making him question her surprise.

“Willow, where are we going?”

“Just a nightclub”, she replied as she turned to smile at him wickedly. Angel arched his eyebrow as a chill swept down his back, a voice inside of him telling him to be scared, very scared.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
 Willow refused to tell him where she was taking him. They walked down the Avenue des Champs Elysees toward the beautifully light Arch. They enjoyed their walk hand in hand, looking at the many shops and boutiques around them. Willow wasn’t quite aware of all the stares she was receiving, but Angel did not miss one.
He glared at each man that took a look at her, feeling a tinge of pride, knowing that whom they looked at was with him.  They laughed, talked, joked, simply put, having a wonderful time with each other. They were both meeting two completely new people, yet with the joy of knowing each was causing that change in each other. Angel could see a group of people hanging outside the street ahead and knew they had found her club. As they made their
way through the crowd of people Angel had an odd feeling they were looking at him and not Willow. Willow smiled at the bouncer and took out her money to enter the club. To Angel’s surprise the bouncer checked him out.

“He’s a what you American’s call hot”, he said and agreed to let both of them enter, taking Willow’s money.

Angel felt a little uneasy and just a bit violated. Willow pulled him inside, but not before the bouncer winked at him.  His eyes immediately adjusted to the darkness inside. The music invaded each mind, the beams of light playing with the senses. Couples danced on the floor as singles remained by the walls. Willow led him to a table with no chairs, her body already moving to the Euro music. He followed, his eyes glued to what seemed the only
woman in the club. She looked around the club, her body energized by the music. Once they reached the table, Angel pulled Willow close to him, his mouth whispering into her ear.  “Willow this is a gay club”.

 “I know, but isn’t it great”, she replied.

“Why did we come here?”

“I found out about it while I was surfing on the net, then I asked about it this morning and they all told me it’s one of the funest and hipest clubs in Paris”, she said hoping he saw her most adorable face she could muster up.

“You should have told me we were coming here”.

“If I had you never would have come. Relax Angel, I’ll get you something to drink”, she told him and headed off to the bar. Angel remained still, glued to the table. Angel was starting to relax when he felt someone pinch him. He turned and looked at a man walk away and turn, blowing him a kiss. Willow returned and placed the drinks on the
table to see a very worried look on Angel.


“I think that guy just made a pass at me”, he told her. Willow couldn’t help but chuckle. “Don’t you laugh at me, your supposed to be protecting me”, he informed her.

Willow smiled and walked up to Angel, throwing her arms around him, pulling him down for a smoldering kiss. Her hand roamed down his back, patting the ass she liked so much. She pulled away from him and looked around her. “There, your mine, and half of the men here saw it. I scared them away.  Except maybe the bartender, he asked for your number and told me he sent the drinks on the house”.

Angel pushed the drink away from him, not wanting to encourage anyone. Willow saw his reaction and laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you”, she said.

Angel smirked, his eyes becoming narrow, making Willow give him her best, I’m innocent, I’m sorry, aren’t I too adorable to resist look.

“Let’s go buggy”, she told him as she pulled him onto the dance floor. They danced all night, their bodies moving closer with each song. They lost themselves in each other, enjoying the feel of being so close.

They only stopped when Willow needed a breather. After her third rest, Angel was the one to pull her with him back on the dance floor. Willow moved closer as the song started, feeling the words energize her.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Darling here we are again
right about now there is a need to tell you what I’m feeling
I’m so grateful to have a man like you
who knows what to do
makes me feel like a woman should.

 Angel’s hands moved to her waist, her arms up in the air, her body brushing his a bit, as her hips swayed from side to side.

Ohh yeah
When I close my eyes
I break down and cry
is something about the way you melt me
The thought of your kiss
my heart can’t resist
it’s all ‘bout the way you melt me

Angel pulled her closer, his hands moving slowly down her legs, his body reaching out to her.

Never thought that I would find
so much peace of mind
And every moment that I share with you
sometimes I don’t know why
we fell so deep in love
but then it all comes back to me because

Willow’s arms encircled his neck as she began to softly push up against him, her lips moving to the lyrics.

When I close my eyes
I break down and cry
is something about the way you love me
The thought of your kiss
my heart can’t resist
it’s all bout the way you melt me

Angel enfolded her in his arms as they swayed to the seductive rhythm of the music.

When I’m with you I feel so good no one loves me like you
When I close my eyes
When I close my eyes
I break down and cry
is something about the way you melt me
The thought of your kiss
my heart can’t resist
it’s all bout the way you love me
When I close my eyes
I break down and cry
is something about the way you melt me
The thought of your kiss
my heart can’t resist
it’s all bout the way you love me
 As the song ended, Angel kissed her, softly lifting her off the floor. They were soon kicked out of the club, violating policy.  Angel and Willow walked down the street, entwined in each others arms, laughing at how everyone had stopped on the dance floor to stare at them. He took her down the avenue to the  Arch, where he was able to bribe the night guard for a quick look at the top. He bent in front of her and flipped her over his shoulder and went up the 400 hundred steps to the top. They made it in record time. He carefully placed her on the ground and showed her the beautiful city lit up at night. It was breathtaking. Willow looked around, the soft
breeze teasing her hair. Angel stood beside her, looking at all the angles she moved to. In front of her stood the antique of Paris, buildings and gardens of the past and in back of her stood the modern Paris, the newer buildings and futuristic influence. She stood at the gateway from past to future. They walked over the railing, looking down, seeing ant size couples walking by. Angel took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. She smiled and turned to look into the dark brown eyes that always found a way to melt her. His head leaned down and found her waiting lips. She trembled as his tongue tasted her lips, which parted, welcoming him in. His body carefully pushed her against the railing and pulled her up, setting her down on the ledge, standing between her legs, his arms securely around her. Willow’s hands had taken their place in his hair, making sure to keep him close to her. She pulled back, the need to breath too great and a small fear poking her senses. His mouth had trailed down her chin, settling on her neck.

“Angel?”, she called out softly.

Angel stopped his kisses, moving his head up to look at her.

“What are we doing?”, she asked, confused, guilty and wanting.

“I don’t know Willow, but I don’t want it to stop. I feel alive when I’m with you and I don’t want to loose that. Let’s do what feels right, what we want. Let ourselves go to each other Willow”, he said, his emotions overwhelming his thoughts.

“Damn the consequences”, she replied with a smile as she leaned forward, her lips catching his in an open kiss.
Their tongues met, a shiver of delight invaded their bodies. Her tongue wrestled with his, wanting to learn his experience, as Angel craved to know the hidden depths of her mouth.

They walked down the street, their arms around each others waist, their passion for each other disturbed by a disgruntled guard at the Arch. They walked down the boulevard, enjoying their new found intimacy. They went to catch a bite to eat, Willow eating, Angel watching, or as Willow had explained to the waiter, watching his figure.
They walked back to the hotel, a silence coming over her. She was nervous, shehad never done anything like what she had done with Angel. Not even with Oz. This wasall new to her and wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it.
Angel could sense her nervousness, she was in deep thoughts, thoughts she kept silent about. They made in up to their room and walked in, an ackward silence aroundthem. She headed to the bed and sat on the edge.
Angel walked over to her, kneeling in front of her.

“Angel are we......did you...?”, she tried to ask, her nerves overtaking her. She blushed at her boldness.

Angel looked at her with a disappointment, something she often saw on other male faces, but had hoped never on him.   “Willow, you have no idea how much I would love to...”, he told her.

“But I’m not what you want”, she said, her insecurities creeping back. She fought to hold back her tears. Angel heard the anger in her voice and was a bit surprised. “I know, you don’t have to try and explain it, I understand, I’m not Buffy right”, she said with more anger in her voice, a tear falling from her eye.  She tried to stand and get away from him, but he grabbed her hands and pulled her back down.

“That’s right, your not Buffy, your Willow. The same Willow I find irresistible. Yes, that Willow. I wish I would take you now, feel you, posses you, kiss you, touch you, please you, you have no idea how much I would like that, but I can’t”, he said frustrated.

 “Then why don’t you?”, she asked as more tears fell.

“Because I know I’ll find complete happiness in your arms....then I would lose my soul again. We’re alone here Willow, if I change there wouldn’t be anyone here to help you and I never will to hurt you again”, he said sadden by his fate.

 “But you can’t lose your soul..”, she began to say.

“Yes Willow I can. I’m more then sure I’ll find complete happiness if I...we...I will and I won’t risk that, I won’t risk hurting you”, he assured her.

She smiled at him, her tears drying, her hand finding his cheek.  “You can’t lose your soul Angel, I anchored it to your body permanently”, she revealed.

His face had leaned into her touch, but then shot up as he heard what she had said.  “What?!”, he asked in disbelief.

“Ms. Calendar had the original curse spell, and I had her journals and spells on the computer, so I reaserched a bit more, even asked Giles about it, though he did call me crazy, that there was no such thing, anyway, I searched for a way to change the words to anchor your soul to your body forever, and I found it. That’s why it took so much out of me”, she said trying to catch her breath.

Angel couldn’t believe what she had just told him. He quickly placed his arms around her, his weight a little more then she could handle, making them fall back on the bed. Willow hugged him, but soon felt a jolt of excitement as his body lay on her.

“Are you sure?”, he whispered in her ear, his tongue licking her lope.

“Extremely”, she said as her nerves come back to her.

“I didn’t know...I was never told....”, his hand caressing her back.

“No one asked”, she replied, her heartbeat racing.

His tongue soon drifted from her ear to her neck, kisses soon forming by her cheek. He felt her tense, her nervousness arousing him more. A fear washed over her, which he soon smelled and stopped his actions, as much as her fear had hardened him further, it worried him more. He pulled back and looked into her frightened eyes.  “Willow?”, he asked tenderly, searching her eyes for an explanation.

“I’m still a virgin”, she whispered.   Angel barely caught what she said, after a moment her words sunk in. His face turned to that of surprise. Willow felt the urge to explain.  “I’ve never been with a man...with anyone really...I...I”, she stuttered.

“I understand”, he said as he began to pull back, but was stopped by her arms around him.

“What do you understand?”, she asked, sure he had assumed something else.  

“Your first time should be with someone...someone mortal...it should be special.. what you’ve always wanted”, he said, his voice back to the sadness she had always heard.

“Angel, I want it to be you”, she said.

He looked at her, needing to know if she meant it.  “But...what your offering is something too precious for me to have”, he replied.

“So I should just give it to some guy who would probably think of it as another conquest. No Angel, I want to give it to you. I want you”.

“But...it’ll be too intense Willow...I might...I not sure I could control myself from....”, he said a bit worried now that he had thought about it more.

“Control from what?”, she asked him, wondering at his comment.

“From...from biting you”, he said a bit ashamed.

“Oh....well how did Buffy take it?”, she asked, wondering if his bites would be as good as they were three weeks ago.

“I never bit Buffy”, he replied, knowing what her next question would be.

 “Then why....?”

“Willow, there’s something about you that makes me want to be more intimate with you, biting is something I haven’t done in a very long time, but with you....it’s just different...I want to taste you in every way”, he replied, lust rushing through him once more.

Willow blushed. She wanted to satisfy him, just as she was sure he would be careful with her.  “Then maybe a crash course would be good first?”, she said surprising the vampire.

“I don’t want to hurt...”

“If it’s anything like what you did in the library or the Bronze, then it won’t hurt”, she confided in him.

“But...”, he began to say, a part of him still trying to protest.

“I trust you Angel, now all you have to do it trust me”, she said with a smile, meaning in her words.

Angel smiled down at her. Was it possible to accept him as what he was? “Are you sure about this Willow?”.

She smiled and kissed him softly. What started off softly became urgent. His tongue pried open her mouth,
seeking the rewards of her. They dueled as his hands began to move down, cupping her cheeks, pressing her against him as he lifted her a bit and placed her further on top of the bed, where his body could cover hers.
Willow gasped as she felt him touch her and lift her, excitement, fear and longing all mixing in her body. His hands traveled up her back, his mouth leaving hers. Willow in took the air she needed, closing her eyes as she felt his kisses on her chin, moving down to her neck. She tilted her head, telling him to do what they both wanted.
Angel’s fangs pierced her skin softly, tasting her as his erection grew to its fullest. Willow moaned aloud, the initial pain soon leaving and being replaced by the pleasure of his sucking. Her body arched against him, her mound grinding against him as her hands kept his head close to her.  Angel had missed tasting her sweet warm blood. Her whimpers of pleasure heightening the taste. He pulled back not wanting to take too much, his tongue licking the small wounds. Willow began to caress his hair, loving his body on her. He pulled back, looking down at her.   “Did I.....”, he was about to ask, but saw the large grin on her face.

“I liked it”, she confessed as her face turned red.

Angel chuckled. She was amazing. “So did I”, he said with a smile. He bent his head and kissed her once more.
Angel wanted to feel her on top on him and flipped them as her tongue licked his lips, coaxing his mouth open. Willow could feel her body begin to relax against him, that was until his hands squeezed her ass, pushing her against him, feeling his erection pressing on her. Her body slid to the side, never leaving his mouth, making Angel move on top of her once more. Unfortunately, the bed had ended. Angel was about to roll over Willow, but there
was just no more room. He fell on the floor, dragging Willow with him. Willow broke the kiss as she began to laugh with a small mixture of pain, her foot hitting a near by chair.  Angel couldn’t help it and join her in her laughter. “Are you O.K.?”, he asked her through laughs.

“Yeah, you’re a good cushion, just my foot”, she told him.

“Your foot?”

“It hit the chair”, she explained.

The night activities had caught up with her and laid her head on his chest, her head snuggling under his chin. Angel began to caress her hair, dead feelings reawakening.  “I like this Willow, I’m happy with you”, he said.

She clung to him a bit tighter. “Me too”, she said as her eyelids began to close.

They remained on the floor, until Willow fell asleep. Angel carefully pulled himself up, carrying her in his arms to the bed and tucked her in. He joined her after a moment, pulling her in his arms, content to have her this close. He fell asleep, his dreams with only her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Have you heard anything?”, Buffy asked as she entered the library.

“No Buffy, I’m sorry, I haven’t”

“What about e-mails?”

“Xander checked them an hour ago. There are none”.

“What about Angel?”

“No, I’ve tried reaching him at the number he gave me, but there’s no answer”.

“You don’t think he was...”, she said, scared to finish the thought.

“I’m sure we would have heard about it by now Buffy. If not by the killer at least by the followers”.

“I know your right, but...”, she said, missing Willow and Angel.

Giles wasn’t sure what to do. So he decided on what seemed to work on anyone with tears in their eyes. He hugged her.  Buffy was surprised, but soon accepted his embrace.  “They’ll come back”, he told her.

“Thank you Giles”.

He pulled away, knowing that had not settled any of their worries, but seemed to help.

“G-man anything?”, Xander asked as he joined them.

“Nothing Xander”.

“Where can she be?”, he asked himself out loud.

“She doesn’t want to be found”, Giles commented.

“What about Angel?”, he asked suspiciously.

“We aren’t going to hear that crazy theory again are we?”, Buffy asked annoyed.

“Have you even thought that he might have kidnapped her?”, he asked them.

“I’m sure even if he did, Xander, he would have told us by now”, Giles told him.

“Because that’s want Angelus would have done, but its Angel now, so he never would have done that”.

“Willow even left a letter for him at the mansion. She knew what she was doing. She left, making sure no one could followed her”.

“Anyway, what would Angel want with Willow, he loves me”, she stated, making them turn to stare at her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow had been in the spa since noon. She awoke at 11, to an empty bed and room. Angel had left, but sent up someone to wake her and take her to a spa. She didn’t even have enough time to change, her appointment half an hour away.  Now in her fourth hour, she had had 2 massages, a milk bath, a facial, manicure, pedicure, wrapped in seaweed to be rinsed off in a jasmine aloe bath. Willow had stepped into a part of heaven she would remember forever.  At exactly four-thirty she finally got word from Angel. She accepted the card anxiously.
Hope your enjoying yourself. Be by to pick you up at 6:00 p.m. Can’t wait to see you. Now it’s by turn to surprise you.

 As she tucked the note away in her clothes, four gowns were brought to her room, with boxes of shoes, a chest of jewelry, and a handful of accessories. She was in a dream she hoped she didn’t wake from for at least another week.
*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

She looked at herself one more in the mirror, still shocked it was her.  They had trimmed her hair just a bit, putting it up in a French twist, her bangs slicked to the side. She had chosen a long sleeveless green dress, with a slit in the front. The golden green enhanced her green eyes, and made her hair look fiery. She had needed to cover up her bit marks, just in case and choose the long shaffon scarf, wrapping it around her neck, letting the ends fall down her back, close to her knees. The dress fit snug, making her feel confident when she walked. A long slit, up to her mid thigh, made her daring. She thanked her bra, making cleavage visible for the heart shaped front of her
dress. Her heels, not that high, made it possible to walk.  She looked over at the clock. He would be coming for her at any moment.  She took her purse and walked over to the reception area of the spa. Her makeup had been light, making her face look softer then usually. She looked at the beautiful bracelet on her wrist that was handed to her as a gift from Angel. She was sure the earrings she wore where diamonds, they were just the right size for her ear and sparkled.  She was nervous. She knew what tonight would be and couldn’t wait. Too deep in her thoughts she never realized the person standing behind her, smelling her wonderful aroma.

“Excusez-moi Mademoiselle, I am looking for a beautiful, enchanting woman, with wonderful green eyes, red hair that even fire envious. Have you seen her by chance?”.

“Oui Monsiuer, she stands before you”, she said with a smile, still refusing to turn.

“Would Mademoiselle do me the honor of joining me tonight?”, he asked seductively.

Willow turned to face him, her half smile firmly in place. “I would love to”, she replied as she looked over Angel and nearly began panting.

She had always thought he was handsome, but now was corrected. He was gorgeous. He was dressed in the most elegant modern tux she had ever seen. Angel devoured her with his eyes. She looked perfect. He’d never met
someone with such beauty inside and out. He took her gloved hand and placed in on his bent arm. They walked out of the spa, the Paris lights fully lit and led her to the waiting limo. He opened the door and help her in. He entered  sitting next to her. He couldn’t help but look down at her, her slit parted at the thigh. He was brought out of his thoughts, by her voice.

“Where are we going?”, she asked him.

“It’s a surprise. You surprised me last night, tonight I surprise you”, he told her with a wicked smile.

The drive was only five minutes, Angel helping Willow out of the limo. Before her stood a magnificent gothic building. He guided her into what was a restaurant. Angel talked as she admired. She was sure they charged for just breathing in their air. They were escorted to their table on the second story, giving her the opportunity
to look over the ledge and see the people below them. Angel smiled to see her look so happy and admiring
it’s beauty. That was something he did, and was happy to see her do the same. They ordered, conversation coming easy to them. When the food arrived, Willow ate as Angel picked at his food.  After dessert, the couple left, to Angel’s second surprise. She stepped out to see the magnificent opera house. Once inside, Willow’s eyes grew large. The staircases were long and elegant. The chandelier itself was precious. Angel took her to their private box and waited for the symphony to begin. Angel was pleased to see she enjoyed it. They were caught up in the after party, once the performance was concluded. Willow lost Angel in the shuffle.   She walked out of
the Opera house and waited for Angel.

“Why would a beautiful woman be standing outside alone?”, a voice asked from in back of her.

Willow turned to see one of the gentlemen who had been eyeing her in the box adjacent to theirs. “Pardon Monsieur”, she said, hoping he left her alone.

“I just find it odd that your escort would leave you alone. Such a gem as yourself should never be alone”, he said as he moved closer to her. Willow stepped back, her head firmly high.

“I am waiting for my escort sir, now if you’ll kindly excuse me”, she said, remembering the dialog from movies <speak sophisticated>.

“A woman as beautiful as you should never be alone”, he said moving even closer.

Before Willow could reply, Angel did. “Quite right. I do completely agree with you. Did you wait long, mon
chere?”, he asked as he walked over to her and took her hand, placing a kiss inside her palm.

“Just a little”, she replied.

He smiled at her, then glared back at the man still in front of him.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”, he asked him.

“No, no just concerned”, he said as he excused himself and left.

“Will I need to put a bodyguard  to protect you from all these men?”, he asked as he opened the door to the limo for her.

“No, you’ll do just fine”, she replied as she entered, Angel following her with a smile.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“The final stop”, he said as he helped her out of the limo. They were at the rivers lower banks. She looked up to see a long white boat waiting for them.

“Angel”, she said, her face lighting up.

“I thought it looked nice”, he said casually. Angel pulled Willow with him and entered the large boat.

He took her to the third deck as the boat began to pull away. She looked out over the river and the tour began. Angel became her personal guide as they saw the many sights of Paris. They past the lit Eiffel Tower to their left and apartment complexes on their right. They passed bridge after bridge, seeing the elegant designs. The outside
of the Lourve could be seen as well as the Museum Orsay with its train station  look and large clocks on either side. They moved further along and saw the island dividing the river Seine in two for a short distance, the place Paris began, the island where Notre Dame held its glorious beauty. Willow was taken back by its mere power and demanding presence. The architecture itself was breathtaking. The palace was also lit along it, offering a much more ancient look. It was marvelous. Angel held her in his arms, pointing at history as they passed it. Willow turned in his arms to face him and kissed him softly. He smiled and pulled her back inside the boat with him. She followed him down the corridor, back to the lower level, all the way to the back of the large boat.

 He opened the door and welcomed her inside. She looked around to see a large bedroom, the queensize bed in the middle, with a small artificial fireplace offering the room a small glow. Willow felt herself shiver as he closed the door behind him. He moved in front of her, cupping her face. He searched her eyes,  kissing her lips lightly.

“Willow are you sure?, we don’t have to, you can wait”, he said.

Willow smiled, knowing that if she wanted, he wouldn’t push her, but she wanted to, she wanted him.  “I’m sure Angel, I want you”, she said blushing.

Angel kissed her, but pulled away before they’re tongues seeked each other. Willow looked on confused, but soon realized Angel starting to take off the clips from her hair. Her hair soon fell, Angel taking a moment to smell it.   Willow remained still, feeling her heartbeat race, and her stomach get queasy. He smiled then took her hand and carefully took off the bracelet, setting it down on the carpeted floor. He slowly began to take off each long glove, his eyes never leaving hers. Willow already felt naked in front of him and almost jumped as he knelt
on his knees and opened her slit. Her held her breath, wondering what he was going to do down there, a million images racing through her mind. He pulled her foot a bit up and took off her shoes, placing them next to him on the ground. He moved back up and touched her cheek with his hand, caressing the softness he felt. He moved in back of her and began to unwrap the scarf from her neck, looking at his bite marks. They were irresistable, he licked the wonds as his hand moved to the zipper of her dress. He slowly began to pull it down, making Willow gasp, her body becoming tense.  His tongue left her neck as he slowly began to pull down the zipper, were it ended in the small of her back. Her white strapless bra and white underwear teased him through the opening. His hands held the tips of the materials and  began to pull the dress down, his body moving down with it. His hands moved and pulled her feet out of the dress and tossed it to the side. He remained in back of her, devouring her milky white skin. He took his shoes and soaks off, moving back in front of her. He looked at her nervous green eyes and smiled. He began to take off his jacket, but soon Willow’s shaky hands helped him. He moved closer to her, her fingers taking off his vest then tie, letting each garment fall on the floor graciously. She unbuttoned his shirt, fumbling on one button, but soon finishing up the task, pulling the shirt off him. She looked at his chest and then moved back up to his face. Her temperature rose as he stared at her. Then it happened. He pulled her against him and kissed her. Her arms pulled him closer as she wrapped his arms around him. His tongue seeked hers and their mouths opened simultaneously. His arms circled her waist pulling her body tighter to him. Willow moaned
in his mouth, feeling his naked chest against her.  As they were, Angel held Willow against him, walking over to the bed and softly laid her down. His body soon covered hers as she arched her body against his. She felt his
erection press against hers, making her moan louder, her need becoming greater. Willow already felt naked in front of him and almost jumped as he knelt on his knees and opened her slit. Her held her breath, wondering what he was going to do down there, a million images racing through her mind. He pulled her foot a bit up and took off
her shoes, placing them next to him on the ground. He moved back up and touched her cheek with his hand, caressing the softness he felt. He moved in back of her and began to unwrap the scarf from her neck, looking at his bite marks. They were irresistible, he licked the wounds as his hand moved to the zipper of her dress. He slowly began to pull it down, making Willow gasp, her body becoming tense. His tongue left her neck as he slowly began to pull down the zipper, were it ended in the small of her back. Her white strapless bra and white underwear teased him through the opening. His hands held the tips of the materials and  began to pull the dress down, his body moving down with it. His hands moved and pulled her feet out of the dress and tossed it to the side. He remained in back of her, devouring her milky white skin. He took his shoes and soaks off, moving back in front of her. He looked at her nervous green eyes and smiled. He began to take off his jacket, but soon Willow’s shaky hands helped him. He moved closer to her, her fingers taking off his vest then tie, letting each garment fall on the floor graciously. She unbuttoned his shirt, fumbling on one button, but soon finishing up the task, pulling the shirt off him. She looked at his chest and then moved back up to his face. Her temperature rose as he stared at her. Then it happened.  He pulled her against him and kissed her. Her arms pulled him closer as she wrapped his arms around him. His tongue seeked hers and their mouths opened simultaneously. His arms circled her waist pulling her body tighter to him. Willow moaned in his mouth, feeling his naked chest against her. As they were, Angel held Willow against him, walking over to the bed and softly laid her down. His body soon covered hers as she arched her body against his. She felt his erection press against hers, making her moan louder, her need becoming greater.  Angel pulled his lips away from her, looking into her lust filled eyes. He moved his body off of hers, laying next to her, placing one of his hands on her stomach, the simple contact making her skin feel on fire.

He whispered into her ear, nibbling on her lope.“Show me where you want me to touch you mon chere, show me”. Willow couldn’t believe what he was saying, but his hand wasn’t moving. She swallowed hard as she placed her hand on his and moved his hand up, stopping it on top of her covered breast. “Is that all?”, he teased, his teeth biting down on her lope a bit hard, making her body arch forward. She moved his hand back down, to her stomach, but kept moving it lower, over her panties, in between her slightly parted legs. She moaned, then
realized that was not what she wanted. She jerked his hand back up to her stomach, confusing Angel. He was about to question her, but soon felt his hand move back down, under her panties. She made his hand cup her and slipped one of her fingers inside her, her gaze moving to look at him, instead of their hands.

Angel smiled, then kissed her hard as he heard her request. “Rub me”, she panted.

Willow was on a roller coaster of emotions she could not explain. She wanted so much and knew Angel could give it to her. Her tongue seeked his as his fingers began to slide insider her. His light, soft touches tortured her. She wanted more, her hips thrusting forward, wanting more contact with his hand.  Angel smiled, happy she was responding so early. His thumb massaged her clit as his other fingers teased her entrance. Small moans escaped her mouth, exciting him more. His erection pressed against its confines, begging for release, but Angel wanted to take it a bit slower for Willow. His finger gained speed as her hips moved faster, her breathing quickening. Willow closed her eyes, surrendering to the magnificent pleasure his hands envoked. Her stomach tightened, and he knew she as near. Angel pulled his mouth away wanting to hear the scream he was sure would come.  His mouth rested by her ear, whispering sweet words in French.
“Ouvre ton coeur, o jeune ange, a ma flamme”
That pushed her over the edge, her eyes opening wide, as she reached her climax, wetting his hand.  Angel kissed her, his tongue seeking hers as he felt a smile form on her face. He continued to coax her through her first orgasm, letting her enjoy it fully. But Willow wanted more. Angel laid back on her as she wrapped her arms around him
letting him lift her slightly off the bed. His hand left her womanhood and snaked around her back, unhooking her
bra. In one swift moment, he pulled the bra off her, pressing her aching breasts against his chest. Willow moaned to the feel of his nakedness against hers. He laid her back on the bed, his mouth leaving hers, leaving a trail of
wet kisses down her neck, his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing them roughly with a mixture of tenderness. His mouth reached one of her hardened nipples, licking it slightly. Willow could not stop the noises coming from her mouth. She moaned louder and arched into him, grinding into him as she felt his wet warm mouth cover
her tip.  Angel sucked and teased as his other hand, pulled on the nub lightly. His mouth left one breast to feast on the other. He felt Willow thrust her hips against his and pressed his down, keeping her down on the bed. His mouth ended, his hands cupping their fullness once more and squeezing them. Willow’s body was on fire, her hands protesting against his departure. He trailed lower, his tongue licking down from her breasts to her
bellybutton. His tongue teased in and out, loving the moans and screams escaping her mouth. His mouth soon reached the waistband of her panties, licking his lips, wanting to taste her. His teeth took their position and began to pull them down, his hands helping on either side. Willow as going mad as she felt his chin pass her swollen
lips, his nose teasing her. His hands soon pulled them off her, her legs clenched shut.

Angel looked at her and smiled. “Just a taste Willow.....let me taste you”, he said seductively.

Willow hesitated for a moment, put soon spread her legs, inviting his mouth. Angel moved between her legs, his hands moving under her, spreading her further for his delight. Willow gasped and waited as she looked down and saw Angel smile with anticipation. He took in her smell, her arousal beckoning him. His mouth soon covered
her, exploring regions no one had ever ventured through.  Willow thought she would die. The sensations in her overwhelming her. Her hands lost themselves in his hair, pressing him deeper into her. Angel tasted the sweet nectar that called out to him, grateful he did not need to breath as her hands pushed him further in her. He felt her body begin shake and knew she was close. Two fingers soon joined his talented mouth, wanting to make her scream. Willow did not disappoint, yelling out his name as her second orgasm ripped through her body.
He remained licking, trying to make it longer. After she regained some sense back, she sat up pulling Angel’s head away from her dripping heat and kissed him with urgency. She tasted herself, but could care less, her
need to have him it her taking over. Her hands unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper, Angel helping her. He pushed her back on the bed as she pushed down his pants, releasing him from its confines.  Control, that was what Angel need, Control, but it was just too damn hard. He felt Willow’s hand squeeze his ass, and was nearly pushed over the edge. He managed to get out of his pants as his lips captured hers.

“Tell me what you want”, he said against her lips.

“You....Inside...Me...NOW”, she responded, her hips thrusting forward.

Angel smiled, as he spread her legs further apart, positioning himself to enter her. He kissed her once more, his tongue plunging deep in her mouth as he entered deep in one savage thrust, changing her forever. Willow screamed, Angel moaned, their cries muffled by each others mouth, tears forming in her eyes. He waited, letting her adjust to his intrusion. His mouth left hers, lifting himself a bit off her, his weight on his arms. He looked into her eyes, his voice full of tenderness and gentleness, his mouth kissing the tears that had fallen.

“Ouvre ton coeur, o jeune ange, a ma flamme”
Qu’un reve charme ton sommeil,

 Willow’s pain subside as her hips moved, letting him know she was ready. Angel began to move in her slowly, gaining speed little by little. Her legs wrapped themselves around his hips, her arms pulling herself against him, their eyes locked on each other, Willow’s threatening to close because of complete pleasure. His voice kept her attention faintly, her hips starting to meet his thrusts.

Quvre ton coeur, je veux repredre mon ame
Ouvre ton coeur, o jeune ange, a ma flamme
Comme une fleur’s ouvre au soleil!
Ourve ton coeur, ouvre ton coeur,
Comme une fleur’s ouvre au soleil

Their erotic dance moved faster. Angel could feel she was near, her moans becoming louder, her muscles clenching harder around him. She clung closer to him, her nails slightly bruising him as she yelled his name.


Her orgasm hit, Angel’s only a few thrusts away. Willow believed she would pass out from the complete pleasure she was in and almost did as her pleasure doubled as he thrust harder into her and felt his fangs enter her neck.
Angel’s orgasm hit harder then anything he had felt before, the mixture of her heat, her screams and the blood in his mouth taking him to a much higher level. He slowly pulled his fangs out, licking the wounds he had inflicted.
His arms gave out, and laid his body on her, trying to support some of his weight on his forearms. Willow still clung to him, never wanting to move. Such joy and satisfaction she never knew she could have. Angel pulled back, looking into her face, smiling as he saw a gentle glow around her.

“Wow”, she said with a smile, the sensations still coursing through her body.

Angel chuckled. “A little more then wow”, he agreed.

He rolled off her, gathering her in his arms. She snuggled against him, her head on his chest. Angel smiled, still able to feel the wonderful sensations in him. He sat up momentarily and pulled a comforter over their naked bodies. He pulled her closer, one of his hands caressing her hair as another pulled her hand in his and placed it on top of him. Willow felt her lids begin to fall, sleep welcoming her. His voice touched her soul as she heard him speak.

“Open your heart, o young angel, to my passion.
So that a dream may charm your sleep,
open your heart, I want to recapture my soul,
open your heart, o young angel, to my love.
As a flower opens to the sun
Open your heart, open your heart,
as a flower opens to the sun”

She rejoiced as sleep called her and closed her eyes. Angel looked down and kissed her hand, a smile on his face as he closed his eyes to join her.