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 Willow looked up and stared at Angel.

“Hi”, she managed to say, her face turning red.

“Hi”, he replied, his face serious.

“So, what brings you here?”, she asked nervously.

“Took a walk with a duffel bag full of blood and ended up here - you?”, he asked, small grin appearing on his face.

“In the neighborhood?”, she simply replied.

“And decided, since you were here, maybe catch a flight?”.

“I really don’t see the airport much”, hoping to somehow, get herself out of this situation. Willow was not moving and he knew that. He took a seat next to her on the floor.  Willow refused to look at him, her feet far more interesting to her now.

“Where are you headed?”, he asked casually.

“Canada”, she replied.

“So I’m I, a small stroll”.

Willow smiled at his remark.

“I was anyway, until I found out my ticket couldn’t”.

“Did you hear that? My flight just got canceled”, Angel responded to the disappointment in her voice.

Willow laughed a bit. This had been a crazy idea. A crazy idea that would no longer be taking form. She sighed. “So officer, are you going to turn me in?”
Angel looked at her confused.  “Turn you in?”

Willow turned to look at him.  “Take me home, tell me what a stupid thing I was doing, then tell Giles about it, so then they can talk to me some more”, she replied with a tint of anger in her voice.

“No not really..well..no..no...Willow why were you leaving?”

“The hellmouth can take a lot out of a girl”, she said with a smile, not really wanting to answer his question whole-heatedly.

“You were leaving permanently?”, he asked concerned.

“No....vacation”, she said, thinking of her plans that had crashed and burned in front of her.

Angel remained quiet, he knew she was holding back something, he just wasn’t sure what it could be.  “I know it sounds stupid....”, she began to say as she saw his expression.

“No, no it doesn’t. I think you need it, I think you deserve it”, he said, looking deep into her green eyes.

Her eyes began to water. “How did you find me?”, she asked, scared he knew more then she wanted him to.

“I’ve been worried about you. I was headed to the Bronze when I saw you arguing with Oz outside”.

“Then you know?”

Angel nodded.  “I followed you home, then saw you come out to the taxi with a suitcase”.

 “One and one together”.

“Actually not that easy, I checked the bus terminal first, then came here”.

“You must think I’m crazy”.

“No, not crazy, lost”

Angel hit her motivation, as her face went pale. She looked away,  seeing a couple pass by them.

“Willow, why were you leaving?”, wanting to hear her say it.

“Because I’m tired...confused...angry...lost”, she revealed as tears fell down her cheeks.

“Because of the vampire” She turned to look at him, tears still falling.

“Am I her Angel?...is she what I am?....am I wrong...is she right?...will I be like that?....can I?”

“I can’t answer that for you Willow, only you can. It’s true vampires carry over similar traits as the person that it was with a soul, but I don’t know how much”.

“I need to find that then”.

“I’m sure Buffy, Xander, even Giles can help you...”

“No! no....they can’t. I need to find me Angel, not be Buffy’s shadow, or Xander’s supporter, Giles research girl, or Oz’s mousy, shy girlfriend. I want to be me, I want to find me”

Her words sank in. He understood what she needed.  He got up, pulling her up with him. He grabbed his duffel bag and pulled her to one of the monitors with flight departures.  “So where did you want to go?”, he asked her as he looked over the flights.

“I can’t afford to go anywhere”, she informed him.

“Anywhere you want Willow, anywhere you want to go”, he replied, wanting to help her, needing to help her.

“Angel, I can’t afford any of these places”.

“I know you can’t, but I can”.

Willow looked at him confused.

“I can’t take your money...”

“Think of it as a gift, for everything you’ve ever done for me, you know, I still haven’t even thanked you for restoring my soul...”

“No need for a gift Angel, I wanted to do it, I wanted to help...”

“Then I invite you to go with me...”

“Where are you going?”

“Anywhere you want to go”, he answered.

Willow drifted from confusion, to gratefulness, settling into shock. “Angel, you aren’t going anywhere...I was...”

“You have a list in front of you Willow, which one will it be?”, he asked, not going to let her squirm out of it, or himself.


“There’s a flight to San Francisco, I’ve been there, it’s nice....”

“San Francisco? Angel why....”

“New Orleans, my first home here, French influence.....a bit too wild then...I can only imagine now...”

“Yeah, I’ve heard it can intense down there...but....”

“There’s Sri Lanka, never been there, didn’t know it even existed...”

“Sri Lanka? Isn’t that by India?...”, trying to keep up with his ramblings.

“Not sure I can get permission for arrival there”

“Permission?”, she asked now more confused then anything.

“There is Hawaii, I don’t know if you want something with a beach, a coast near by...”

“Beach? I do have Spring Vacation in two weeks...but Angel...”

“London is perfect this time of year, not many tourist......but too many memories...look there’s Italy”

“England, I’ve never thought about going there before....wow, Italy....”

“Paris, it’s beautiful Willow”

“Paris, I’ve always dreamed of going there. When I was smaller, Xander, Amanda, Christina and I would play we were fashion models....”

“Paris it is”, he said, keeping his hold on her and pulling her with him to the ticket counter, ignoring her protests.

“Excuse me Miss, My name is Robert Clancy...”

“Mr. Clancy, what can I do for you?”, the petite blond asked with a smile.

“My friend and I wanted to go to Paris tonight”.

“I can have your plane ready in half an hour Mr. Clancy. Which airport would you like to arrive in?”

“Which ever can grant us permission to land”

“As you wish, may I have your friends passport?”.

Willow was completely stunned. She remained quiet, too shocked to talk.

“Willow, I need your passport”, he asked, in his instructional voice, slow and short.

Willow simply nodded her head and pulled it out of her pocket. She handed it to the woman, her mouth still slightly hanging in surprise.

“If you and Miss Rosenburg would like to wait in your private lounge until all preparations are ready”

“Yes please, thank you”

“No need to thank me, it was my pleasure Mr. Clancy”

Angel smiled and dragged a wide eye Willow with him down the terminal gates.

Willow was left alone in the large blue lounge.Angel had asked her to sit and wait for him while he tended to some business.   She sat down, wondering what she was doing. She was confused, but more then anything she was excited. Angel hadn’t answered any of her questions, or any of her protests. He remained quiet, pulling her with him.   She was startled as she heard a voice come from in back of her. She turned to see the petite blond from behind the counter she had met just a few moments ago.

“Miss Rosenburg, if you’d like to follow me”, she said with a smile.

Willow remained still.

“Follow you where?”, she asked.

“To your plane. Mr. Clancy asked me to come and escort you to the plane once it was ready”, she said with a smile on her face.

“Where is An..I mean Mr. Clancy?”

“Completing some forms. He shouldn’t take much longer. If you’d like to follow me?”

Willow didn’t know what to do. <Stay put, what are you doing?> a part of her asked. <Finding Willow, that’s what she’s doing>, the silent, repressed voice replied. <Once in a lifetime chance right?> She swallowed and smiled, following the woman out the door.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
 Willow looked on in awe as she was escorted, not to a terminal, but onto the runway. She stood before a private plane, a simple white plane with dark tinted windows. She went up the stairs and nearly fainted. It looked.....homey.

“I’m sure Mr. Clancy will be coming along soon”, the petite blond told her.

Willow simply nodded, still speechless. The clerk left, closing the door to the plane slightly. Willow could not believe what was happening, she was in a dream she was sure she would be awaking from soon. She took off her cap, placing it on one of the five comfortable captain chairs. The plush white carpet left a trail behind her. At the entrance of the plane, a TV and VCR set the main cabin with a large sofa like chair, a comfortable distance away. She walked past it and saw four chairs on one side of the plane, a pair facing each other. On the opposite side stood a small like wet bar, with a tiny refrigerator on the side. She was completely amazed, so much so, she never heard the two people enter.

“Will there be anything else Mr. Clancy?”, a tall brunette next to him asked.

“Everything has been stocked as requested”, she informed him, looking over the list she carried in her hand.

 “and the luggage?”, Angel asked.

“This is quite embarrassing Mr. Clancy, and please do accept my apologies on behave of the staff, but we seem to have misplaced it”, she informed him, quite embarrassed.

“When do you believe you’ll be able to locate it?”, he asked, not really worried.

“I have a small army looking for it as we speak. I can have it sent over as soon as we have located it”.

“I’ll call you instead, hold it until you’ve spoken to me”

“As you wish, will there be anything further?”

“No, thank you”

The woman felt relieved. She looked over at Willow and smiled.  “I hope you and Ms. Rosenburg have a pleasant trip, I’ll inform Derek he can prepare to leave in ten minutes, and again, my deepest apologies”.  The woman left, leaving Willow and Angel alone.

“Angel, are we really going?”, she asked him, not sure if she was sane.

“You’ll like Paris”.

“I’m sure I will, but Angel this is too expensive, I don’t want you spending so much here, it isn’t worth it, I can go and see what a train ride will cost to Canada”, she reasoned, hoping and scared at the same time. Angel couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Are you laughing at me?”, she asked a bit mad, knowing he probably thought she was a child.

“No...no Willow I’m no laughing at you. It’s just...well I’ve never met anyone as thoughtful as you”. Willow blushed, compliments where not something she received often.  “Willow I’ve been around for more then 240 years, more years as Angelus, then as Angel. I was evil, as well as greedy. It all comes together”.

“Angel you aren’t evil”, Willow began to protest.

“That is debatable”, he said.


“Money isn’t a concern to me Willow, my father was a merchant, it runs in the family. I’ve made good sound investments”.

“But Angel, this is too expensive, the plane, the trip, and I almost forgot the stay...I’ve heard Paris is way too expensive, no Angel, I can’t let you spend that kind of money on me, it isn’t worth it..”

Angel stopped her as he heard her last words.  “Willow you are worth it. You’ve given me back my soul, my life, and I’ve never even bothered to thank you for that. I’m sorry it took so long to do that. Buffy told me what happened to you, the time you were in the hospital, even then you tried again and it worked. How do you think I can ever repay you for that? There would never be enough money to spend on you”.

“A simple thank you would do”, she said, her cheeks flaming red.

Angel couldn’t help but chuckle. “No it wouldn’t.

“Mr. Clancy, Miss Rosenburg, we are ready to take off, if you would please seat back, buckle up, we are set to leave in 10 minutes”, the pilot’s voice said over the intercom.

“Angel.....Mr. Clancy?”

Angel knew the question. “A silent partner”.

“Partner of what?”, she asked him curious.

“Part owner of Sunnydale Airport”, he replied simply.

“And this is his corporate plane?”, she asked.

“His personal corporate plane”, he replied, motioning them to seat.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Angel took notice. “Vampires are ruthless, the smart ones think about the future. You have to think about eternity”.

It made sense to her. They sat down, facing each other, and buckled up. “Angel why are you doing this?”, she asked him, looking up at him.

Angel remained silent, looking into her searching eyes. The rumbling of the engine woke him from her trance.
“To thank you, help you...like you’ve always helped me”, he replied as the plane began to take off.

“Angel you have nothing to thank me for...I helped a friend”, she replied with a smile.

“And now I am”.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Wow”, she commented as she took a look in back of the mini bar.  She took out a bag of potato ships and moved over to the fringe.  Such an array of drinks she had never seen before.

“So what will it be Angel, Pepsi, Positive A, 7-up, Negative B, or just water?”.

“I’ll take Pepsi”, he replied.

“Good, ‘cause I’ve been craving Negative B”, she said as she took the bag and soda in her hand.

Angel couldn’t help but laugh. She handed him the bag and put her stuff on her chair.

“I’ll be right back”, she said and headed off to the bathroom.

She closed the door and waited, looking at herself in the mirror. She fixed her hair and clothes, feeling giddy. She opened the door, not stepping out yet.

“Finished?”, she asked.

Angel tossed the bag in the trash, and thought about what Willow had asked him. “What?”

She took it as a good sign and walked out, heading back to her seat. “Eating”, she replied casually.  Angel looked at her a bit surprised.  “I know you don’t like feeding in front of other people Angel, but I don’t mind, you have to eat like I do so whenever you need to or want to, you can do it in front of me, where friends remember”, she said.

Angel was simple amazed by her. He went to sit in front of her. She was busy opening her chips.  “Willow, why did you break up with Oz?”, he asked out of the blue.

Willow froze. She hadn’t expected that question from him.  “I.....I...”, she struggled to find the words, her eyes tearing.

“I’m sorry Willow, it isn’t any of my business”, he quickly said as he saw her expression change rapidly.

Willow looked at him, her eyes close to tears.  "I..I need....I need to figure out some things on my own....it isn’t
far to...him”, she replied, trying hard not to cry.

“I didn’t mean to...”, he began to say his voice full of concern.

“No Angel....I needed to hear it too”, she replied.

Angel changed the subject, not wanting to see her cry. “So how long are we in Paris?”

Willow’s mood changed. “A week?”, she hoped.

“Willow, what about school?, your parents?”, he wondered.

“My parents are in a secluded retreat for two weeks. It some sort of stress reliever trip their company sent them to. Phones aren’t even allowed. I have to call them every two days, just to check in with the receptionist. Amy’s going to Utah for a week, school assignment project, even though I didn’t need to go, Amy convinced the
teachers I was going with her and her parents, so I made up all the work this week, for next, so technically, I’ve already gone to school for next week. So both my parent’s and school think I’m in Utah, in a secluded cabin”, she said proudly.

Willow kept surprising him. She had hatched a close to perfect plan.

“What about Xander, Buffy?”, he asked.

“If I would have told them about it, they never would have left me go off alone. I left them letters, each one, even Giles”.

“Willow you could have gotten hurt, or worse, going alone”, he told.

“Not really. I’ve been practicing. I learned more spells, protection spells more then anything, but some other ones that might come on handy”, she said with a smile.

She had thought of everything, somehow Angel knew she would have.

“Did I get a letter?”
Willow looked at him a bit confused, then realized what he was talking about.

“Of course”, she said as she began to munch on her chips.

She stood up and extended her hand out to him.

“Now let’s veg out”.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel looked down and saw Willow sleeping peacefully in his arms. They had managed to veg out three hours in front of the TV, catching a marathon  of “Dark Shadows”. It had been more of a comedy then suspense. They had played a fierce game of Monopoly, leaving Angel completely in debt as he landed on Willow’s ‘Broadway’ hotel.
He had to issue an IOU, but vengeance was his as he beat her twice at Scrabble, having to take out a dictionary more then once. They had returned to the TV to finish off the evening with ‘Carrie’, which Angel feared had affected her more then she had led on. They ended the evening talking about life in Sunnydale. Willow had been drawn more then once to tears. He had pulled her in his arms, trying to console her. He noticed she was asleep
when she didn’t answer his question.  Now after an hour of holding her, Angel began to feel sleepy. He carefully carried her in his arms and stood up. She stirred a bit, but remained in her deep sleep. Angel headed to the back of the plane. He opened the door and stepped into a small bedroom. The queen size bed filling the room. He carefully placed her on the bed. He joined her a moment later, discarding his jacket to the side. He pulled her in his arms, enjoying the feel of her so close to him. He kissed the top of her hair, his eyes closed. A strange warmth spread inside him.

“Paris will be good for the both of us”, he muttered and joined Willow in sleep.

The plane landed in the Orly Airport at exactly 4:00 p.m. After two hours of waiting for the sun to set, Angel whisked her away to their hotel.  The ride into Paris was not long. She could hardly maintain her excitement.
Angel led her into the most extravagant hotel she had ever seen. Angel pulled her to the counter with him, since she had completely frozen at the doorway as she saw where they would be staying.  Angel could only smile at her reaction.

“Merci”, Angel said as he accepted the card for the room.

Angel waited until Willow took in the beauty of the hotel, then pulled her to the elevators. She almost fell back as he opened the door and looked inside the room. It was a dream or she had struck gold. Angel closed the door behind him and inspected the room. Willow walked to inspect the room with childlike wonder. Before her
stood a small mini bar/lounge area, stepping deeper into the room she saw the large king size bed.

“This is the only room they had left”, Angel informed her a bit disappointed.

“Angel, this...this is all wonderful”, she replied, close to tears as she hugged him. Angel was a bit surprised by her reaction, but soon hugged her back.

“What did you want to do first?”, he asked her, not aware that he had begun to caress her hair.

“Anything”, she said as tears began to fall down her face.

Angel wiped them away.  “Willow don’t cry, during the entire trip you aren’t allowed to cry. If you do then we head back. This is for you, a time for you to completely concentrate on you and no one else. You will be happy here”, he said a bit sternly.  She nodded her head in agreement. “So what did you want to do?”

“Celebrate”, she said with a smile.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel took Willow over to the Latin Quarters. He wanted her to be around people closer to her age bracket. He took her to a pub he had always loved visiting when he was here. Unfortunately, it was nothing like he had ever remembered it. “Wow Angel, I never really thought you would come to places like this”, she told him as she looked around. It was a rather lighter bar, with a small stage in the middle of the floor, tables around.

“Full of surprises”, he commented flashing her a small smile.

She pulled him inside, smiling at everyone around. Angel noticed, and glared at the men whose heads she urned.
“This looks good”, she said happily as she made it over to a table by the stage. The bar was a bit crowded, something that made Angel feel uneasy.

“So what’s the poison?”, she asked him a bit giddy.

“Strong drinker”, he teased.

“I can hold my own”, she said with a smile.

“I’ll get us a couple of drinks”, he said as he got up and headed to the bar. Willow jumped a bit in her chair, completely excited. As soon as Angel disappeared two gentlemen came to greet her. “Bonsoir. Permettez-moi de me presenter. Je m’appelle Jean Varton”,

“Oh...Bonsoir..ah Je m’appelle Willow”.

Both men smiled at her and began to talk to her in French, giving her a drink, she believed they had purchased for her, and took a seat. “Je parle un peu le francais. Parlez-vouz anglais?”, she hoped.

“Oui, a bit of English”, the main with blond hair answered.

She smiled, thankful. “Good”.

“You are Irish?”, he asked as he pointed to her hair.

“Non, je suis americaine”, she replied, her past French classes coming back to her.

“Your tongue speaks French well”, the older gentlemen said with a rather large smile. Willow blushed, taking a sip from the drink they had offered her. Her throat burned, never having tasted such strong alcohol. She tried not to make a face, but knew she probably was. The men quickly stood as she heard a familiar voice in back of her
speaking in foreign tongue. She tried to understand their brief conversation, but they spoke too fast for her. The men soon left and Angel took his seat in front of her.

“You scared them away”, she told him.

<If only she knew> he thought, chuckling a bit.  “I would never do such a thing”, he told her with the most innocent face he could muster.

Willow laughed. She accepted the drink he had bought her. It was so sweet, she quickly finished it. Angel offered her a taste of his, which was much stronger then hers. Only is was more then a just a sip. She pulled down her ponytail, letting her hair fall loose on her shoulders. They continued talking, enjoying each others company.
It was soon time for another round of drinks and Angel left to get them. As soon as Angel disappeared, two other gentlemen came to pay her a visit. Willow had never felt such attention placed on her. They offered her another drink she gladly accepted. It was gone before Angel returned to scare them away.  They resumed talking, happy to be far away from Sunnydale. Willow downed her drink, sneaking a sip from Angel’s. She jumped once more in her chair as she heard some familiar music fill the pub. Angel was happy to see her finally relaxing, she had been a bit tense since they had left California. She excused herself to the bathroom, turning to leave only to return and ask him where they could be. Angel chuckled as he directed her. Willow understood and began to laugh. She had just asked a man who never needed to go, where the restroom was. She smushed through the large group and finally found it.  Angel was having fun, something he thought he was now incapable of doing. Ten minutes after she had left, she had not yet returned. Angel was worried. He got up and headed to the restroom. To his complete surprise, he found Willow seated at the bar with a group of people, listening  to her intently. She looked up to see Angel and smiled. “Angel come meet my new friends, friends this is Angel”, she said happily.

They all turned to him. “Bonjour Angel”.

He gave her a stern look, as she flashed him her most adorable, innocent, sweet face she had.  Angel chuckled.
She got off the stool and said goodbye to her new friends as she followed Angel back to the table.

“Oh!”, she said as they reached the table. Angel looked up to see a band set up inches away from them. “Jean”, she said surprised as she saw the drummer of the band. He smiled at her throughout their entire set, as Willow thumbed to the music they played, even dancing a bit on her chair.

This was a side of Willow he had never seen before in his life and he was enjoying it. <I’m the only one that’s seen this side of her> he thought, bringing a smile to his face. Willow thought she was just giddy, but Angel knew better. She was drunk. He counted the empty glasses on the table. Eight, of which he only took two
sips off, not counting the four he had seen on the counter when she was at the bar.  They alternated from talking loud to hearing the music.  “I’m thirsty”, she yelled.

“I’ll get you a coke”, he said as he got up.

“Merci”, she said with a smile.

Angel waited for the drink as the lights suddenly went off, the bar completely left in the dark. He hurried over to the table and panicked as his eyes could not find her. The cheers of the loud crowd covered the introduction that Angel missed. He looked around frantically, searching. A dim light illuminated the singer on the stage. Angel fell back on a chair in complete shock as he saw Willow holding the microphone.

Her first song was a hit, applause heard from each corner of bar. The next she dedicated to Angel, her voice becoming soft and sexy. A chill ran down his spine as she walked over to him, her look...sensual.

Electricity, eye to eye,
hey don’t I know you?, I can’t speak
Stripped my senses on the spot,
I’ve never been defenseless,
I  can’t even make sense of this.
You speak and I don’t hear a word.
What would happen if we kiss?,
would your tongue slip pass my lips?,
would you run away?, would you stay?
or would I melt in to you?
mouth to mouth
lust to lust
spontaneously combust.

 She moved in back of him, her hand carefully touching his neck.

The room is spinning out of control,
act like you didn’t notice, brush my hand
forbidden fruit, ring on my finger, your such a moral moral man,
would you throw it away no question?, will I pretend I’m  innocent?
Willow whispered the verse in his ear, making Angel hold on to the chair.
What would happen if we kiss?,
would your tongue slip pass my lips?,
would you run away?, would you stay?
or would I melt in to you?
mouth to mouth
lust to lust
spontaneously combust.
What would happen if we kiss?, ah

She stood up and began to caress his hair, looking down.

I struggle with myself again, quickly the walls are crumbling
Don’t know if I can walk away.
What would happen if we kiss?,
would your tongue slip pass my lips?,
would you run away?, would you stay?
or would I melt in to you?

She stopped and stepped in front of him, his hand taking a hold of her hand. She stared into his eyes, knowing he reflected the same rush she had.

If we kiss, if we kiss...oh...if we kiss....if we kiss....

The lights went out as the cheers and applause began. The roars grew louder as the entire lights came on showing the man kissing the petite red head.  Angel let go of Willow’s lips as his mind processed the sounds. He looked down at Willow, who opened her eyes and began to blush. Angel became uncomfortable at the stares they were receiving. He grabbed her hand and began pulling her toward the exit. Willow followed until someone else grabbed her other hand and stopped her. Angel looked back to see the drummer holding onto her. The argument began. Willow remained in the middle, amused to hear the colorful French words used, each man still holding a hand. She looked at each man smiling, Angel was loosing his temper, while the other was loosing his patience.
Then it began. Jean pulled Willow towards him and punched Angel in the nose. Angel let go of Willow and rammed into him. Willow remained looking on smiling. As Angel pounded on the mans’ face, a woman jumped on top of Angel. Willow became infuriated. She pulled the woman off him, pulling her hair back. She turned to see Willow, but before she would react Willow punched her in the eye, shoving her into a group of women.

The bar fight began, everyone too liquored up too care or know why they were fighting, just joining in the fun.
As everyone began to fight, Willow looked frantically for Angel. As she turned her head she was punched in the cheek. Willow fell back, but not before grabbing the woman’s hair, pulling her down with her. With the slayer move she flipped them over and punched her in the nose, making her knuckles hurt. Her second fist missed as she was pulled away. She turned and punched the person who had grabbed her. It was Angel.  Willow apologized as she saw him scope down and pull her over his shoulder. Willow shielded her head as elbows, hands, and knees flew. She was happy to breath in the night air as they finally made it out.

Angel walked down the block, heading back to the hotel. Willow remained quite, enjoying the view she had. She hadn’t meant to, but her eyes gazed down to admire his quite adorable, nice curved ass.

“You have a very nice butt”, she thought out loud. She covered her face with her hands, feeling her cheeks burn. She couldn’t believe she had said it out loud.

Angel stopped, then turned, moving three steps and putting Willow down. Angel didn’t know what to say. Willow looked away, but Angel pulled her chin up, forcing her to look at him. Angel searched her eyes, his gaze burning her alive. She wasn’t sure which spoke, the alcohol, or her sobriety.

“Don’t you want to touch me?”, she asked.

“Willow..”, his voice low and breathless.

“Don’t you want me?”, she asked close to a whisper.

Angel pushed her against the building, plastering her body with his. “Does that answer your question?”, he asked, his lips dangerously close to hers.

Willow gasped as she felt his need pressing into her. Angel smiled and crushed his lips to hers.  Willow could only respond. New emotions coursed through her body. She pulled Angel’s head closer to her, not feeling close enough to him. His tongue slide inside her open mouth with urgency, needing to tastes the wonders it held for him.  Willow debated if it was necessary for her to breath, never wanting his lips to leave hers. Oxygen could wait no more, as she began to wiggle against him, trying to find the strength and want, to pull him away from her.  She heard a small moan come from Angel as he responded to her actions. She pulled his head away from her and took a deep intake of breath. She looked into his eyes and could see a soft glow in them, a chill running down her spine. She wanted more, and damn the consequences. She pulled him to her lips and began anew the kiss. She quickly deepened it, already missing the taste of his tongue. He kissed her urgently, wanting so much more.
Slowly the realization of what they were doing began to dawn on him. His body retreated, his mouth slowly pulling away. It wasn’t right, he had no right.  “Willow...”

“Angel...”, her eyes searching for an explanation.

He stepped back from her, scolding himself for such weakness. “We should head back to the hotel”, he said reluctantly.

Willow looked down, really not wanting to leave. She nodded in agreement and stepped forward, only to feel the world around her spin. She felt lightheaded and closed her eyes. She fell forward, Angel’s arms catching her before she fell.  “Willow”.

She tried to reply, but had lost her voice as she felt a bit sick. Angel carried her to the hotel, flying down the street.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
  <There goes breakfast> she thought. This was her fifth time and it didn’t seem to be getting better. She leaned back, hitting her head on a shelf.  “Be careful”.  Willow nodded in agreement, her head still hurting, now with an extra bump on it.  She put the toilet lid down and laid her head on top of it. She jumped back up in pain as her cheek felt the lid. He sat next to her on the floor and moved her head to look at him softly. He touched her red cheek carefully. “Hurt?”

Willow nodded.  “So does my hand”, she replied as she showed him her red knuckled.

Angel caressed her hand.  “Done?”, he asked with a small smile.

“Yes”, she whispered.

Angel put his arms under her and carried her out of the bathroom. She looked up at him and looked at the bruise she had caused by his cheek. She caressed it, then kissed it lightly.  He sat her down on the bed a bit shaky.
She tried to focus her eyes, as she started seeing the room spin. Angel went to the fridge and took out two bags.
Willow decided to lay back, her head finding the comfort of the pillow. Angel looked down at her, and smiled. He placed one small bag of ice on her cheek, and the other on her hand. She thanked him as her eyes began to droop. Angel pulled over a chair and sat in front of her, watching her fall asleep. He looked over at the clock, 4:00 a.m. His body ached, an unfamiliar yearning to be close to her, to feel her warmth engulf him. Eyes open or closed he saw her.  It would be a long sleep.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow awoke, her head pounding. She shifted in the bed and felt a hand over her. She turned slightly, hoping she knew who the arm belonged to.  Her mind replayed the nights vent.  Hotel..bar..drinking..fun..stage..singing..to
....Angel...kiss...fighting...punching...over shoulder....tongue...body...., she was ready to crawl under a rock and die. He had just witnessed the most embarrassing night of her life. How could she face him? What would he say?!. In her panic, she didn’t notice him wake. “Willow?” She buried her face in the pillow. Angel looked over her, worried to see only red hair. “Are you O.K.?”, he asked her concerned.

“Yes”, a muffled replied.

“Willow look at me”.

She couldn’t.

“Willow, you can’t hide there forever”.

“Yes I can”.

“Willow, you were drunk”.

“Please don’t remind me”, she pleaded.

“We need to talk about this”, he told her as he sat up, leaning against the headboard.

“We really don’t”.

“You’ll need to breath”.

Willow knew he was right, but held out.

“I’m not leaving”.

Willow sat up, her red eyes and face looking at him.

“Angel....I’m...I’m sorry”, her voice cracking, looking down.

“What are you sorry about Willow?”, needing to know.

“Last night, I don’t know what got into me”.

“About ten drinks”, he chuckled.

She looked up surprised and smiled. “I must have been terrible to be with last night”.

“No Willow you weren’t. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. You were carefree, open, hell you even got me talking, even better, we didn’t talk about the hellmouth, we talked about each other”.

“I had fun too, but the fight..”, then she remembered, “Oh Angel, I’m so sorry I punched you, I didn’t know, you grabbed me and I reacted, I hope I didn’t hurt you”.

Her panic made him laugh. “Willow don’t worry. It didn’t hurt, though you have a great right hand”, he said with a smile. Willow smiled, her face turning redder. “Willow...you have a very nice voice”, he said as he remembered her serenade to him.

Willow’s eye grew wide, remembering how she had acted, what had happened.  “Angel...on the street..I didn’t...I..”, she said knowing they would be heading this way.

“You were drunk”, he told her.

“I knew what was happening Angel, I didn’t...I didn’t...”, she said her cheeks burning.

“Want to stop?”, he asked.  She looked down, completely mortified. “Neither did I”, he replied softly.

Willow looked up, his words sinking in. “Angel....what’s happening...?”, she asked.

Angel couldn’t honestly tell her. He was as confused as she was. “I don’t know Willow, maybe it’s the after affect of the vampire, maybe it’s something we tumbled onto, maybe something we had, I’m not sure”.

“What do we do?”

“Keep you away from alcohol”, he joked.

Willow hit him softly on the arm.

“That you won’t have to worry about again”.

“Good, but in cause we get into another bar fight, I won’t have to worry about you, you can hold your own. I have proof”, he said with a smile as he touched his cheek.

“I’m sorry Angel, I can’t say I regret it, it was fun, well maybe not the vomiting, Oh..you saw that too, can I be more embarrassed”.

“Willow I don’t want you to feel ackward around me”.

“Angel, I don’t.....well in the begining maybe...but at the bar...I felt safe around you”.

“Safe”, he muttered <not exactly what I was looking for, but>

“and now, a lot more..comfortable, happy, open”.

Angel smiled. “That would go for me too”.

Willow smiled. “What now?”

“I help you find you, and you help me find me”.

“and the rest....”

“Willow I can’t lie to you. I am attracted to you. More then I ever have been attracted to anyone, but.....what about Oz?”

“We broke up before I came....what about Buffy?”

“Buffy and I can hardly manage being friends”.

“Then were both alone”

“And in Paris”, he reminded her.

“In Paris alone, finding who we are”, she said.

“Exactly...Ms. Rosenburg would you do me the honor of joining me me tonight?”

<A date?!> she hoped.

“Unless you have an previous engagement with Jean”, he asked amused.

“Non, Monsieur. It would be a my pleasure”.