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Willow was the first to wake. She felt a bit tired, but more then anything she felt good. Very good. She looked up and saw Angel’s face. A warmth washed over her. She snuggled against him a bit more, not realizing she had stirred him from his sleep. Angel smiled, thankful the spell had worked. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this happy, not even with Buffy. He raised their hands up, kissing hers softly. Willow looked up at him and blushed.  “Good morning Willow”, he said, enjoying her reaction.

“Hi”, her shyness coming back a bit.

“Sleep well?”, he asked her with a bigger grin.

She nodded her head in his chest, looking away from him. Angel pulled her head up and  kissed her lips softly.
She instinctively deepend the kiss, her body brushing up against him, making Angel moan in her mouth. He placed his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. A knock on the door made Willow freeze.

“Pardon Mounsier”, a male voice said on the other end of the door. Willow pulled away from him, her cheeks turning red.

Angel growled, not pleased with being interrupted.  “Yes?”, he answered, looking on surprised as he saw Willow hide under the sheet.

“We weren’t sure what time to wake you Sir”

Angel pulled the sheet up and saw Willow curled against his body, hiding.  “You know there are things you can do while your down there”, he told her with a wicked grin.  Willow smirked and began to poke him with her finger.
Angel chuckled, seeing her cheeks turn redder.

“We have already placed a light lunch on the deck for you,” the man continued.

“Thank you, we should be out shortly. How long until we reach the port?” Angel asked, his mind thinking of ways to keep them occupied until then.

“Three hours,” he replied.

“Where are the packages that were ordered?”, he asked, trying to keep his concentration on the conversation at hand.  Willow had decided she was hungry and smiled as her tongue began to lick his side, her teeth leaving bite marks down the side of his ribs.

“They were placed in the guest room, just in front of yours”, he said.

“Thank you....we should be up soon”, he replied
Angel settled back on the bed and closed his eyes, loving the feel of Willow’s mouth on his body. A second growl escaped his mouth as she stopped her exploration and pulled the sheet off him. His eyes opened to see her wrap the sheet around her and get off the bed. “Willow?” he called out confused.

“Hungry,” she replied with a smile and went to door, opening it slowly and making sure no one was in the hall.

“You might want to get dressed first.”

She turned and wiggled in front of him, then stepped out of the door, keeping thedoor wide open. Angel grabbed a pillow and covered himself. He crept off the bed and took out a pair of boxers from the drawers near by. He pulled them on as Willow entered the room. In on hand she carried two pints of blood and in the other a bottle of
orange juice.  Angel couldn’t help but smile, seeing her wearing the sheet, which did no justice to her beautiful body. To be honest he liked her best with no clothes.

“They have a buffet upstairs?” she asked mischievously as she sat on the bed, waiting for Angel to join her.

“Yes they do, and you have clothes to change into, though I do prefer seeing you with none on,” he said with smile, becoming aroused.

Willow blushed a deep red. She preferred seeing him like that too. She handed him the blood.  “You should eat,” she told him.  Angel shrugged his shoulders and threw the bags next to him, pining Willow down on the mattress, making the juice fly through the air, hitting the carpeting loudly. He quickly began to pull the sheet off her.  Willow moaned as she felt his hands over her.    “Angel, I told you to....,” she began to say as she felt his kisses on her stomach.

“Eat”, he completed as his mouth trailed down.

Willow understood, sensations running through her.  “I meant feed,” she said as she spread her legs for him.

“O.K.,” he replied, his mouth leaving her mound, his body soon covering hers.

His mouth sucked on her healing bite, his hands spreading her legs futher apart.  Willow knew what he wanted. She urged him on as her hands held his head were it was, her hips thrusting into his.  Angel couldn’t help himself, he entered her in one hard thrust as his fangs pierced her skin, tasting the blood that seemed to call out to him.
Willow screamed out his name, her fingers leaving a trail down his back. The pleasure he caused in her was amazing.  Angel moved into her harder, her moans making him thrust faster. His mouth left her neck, and kissed her.  Willow tasted her blood on his lips, and met his thrusts, eliciting a moan from deep in his throat. His hands moved to her breasts, pinching her nipples.  Willow wanted more, needed to feel him closer. Her moans soon became screams, piercing his body with jolts of pleasure. Angel could feel her need, his painfully near. He tore away from her mouth and as Willow’s walls began to tighten around him, he bit her anew, her blood pushing him to the edge.  Willow’s nails clawed his back as he drove her beyond last nights pleasure. She clung to him, as she began to drown in complete ecstasy. Angel joined her, his mouth leaving her neck, screaming out her name, emptying himself in her.  Angel’s arms gave way, his body collapsing onto hers. The wonderful sensations still coursing through his body.  Willow remained still, relishing in the pleasure she was in. His mind soon focused as he felt her wiggling under him, stirring him.

“Angel, I love to have you on top of me, but your just a little bit too heavy”, she whimpered below him.

He chuckled and pulled himself up slightly, looking down at her. The happiness he felt soon turned to shame as he realized what he had done.  “Willow..I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so..”

“Rough?” she asked with a smile.

“I was...it was just...”, he tried to explain, looking at the smeared blood over her chin and neck.

“It’s O.K. Angel...I liked it...actually loved it, just like last night”, she said, her smile assuring him.  Angel wasn’t sure if he was aroused, grateful or worried, <Most likely all>.  He kissed her lips softly, then moved his mouth down her chin and began to lick the blood off her.   “Still...hungry...?” she asked, her head moving back to give him better access.

“Just a bit”, he replied with a chuckle.

They both jumped at the knock on the door.  Angel rolled his eyes.

“Excuse me Sir, the captain just wanted to let you know we will be entering Paris in about 20 minutes.”

“Thank you,” he growled at him.

“My pleasure sir,” he replied.

Willow looked at him a bit worried.   “Do you think they heard us?” she asked.

“I’m sure they did, just as half of Paris heard you last night,” he replied with a smirk, taking complete credit for it.
Willow was mortified. Her eyes widened, as she covered her mouth with her hands.  “If I’d known you were going to be so vocal, I would have requested a boat with a bit more padding,” he teased.

Willow’s eyes grew wider and hit him on the arm, her face turning redder then a tomato.   Angel laughed, prompting Willow to push him off her. She reached over for the sheet and placed it over her body. “You did your share”, she said, pouting a bit.

“I know I did, I’ve never been one to be that loud before,” he said, placing a smile on Willow’s face.

“You should eat, Angel,” she said.  Angel reached out for her, put Willow jumped back. “The blood in the bag, Angel!” she shirked.

Angel looked at her disappointed, and grabbed the bottle. He looked at it for a moment, then looked up at Willow.
She grabbed her orange juice from the floor and shook it, grateful it had not shattered into a million pieces. She sat in front of him, seeing his hesitant look.

“Bottoms up”, she declared as she unscrewed the bottle and drank it, hoping Angel would follow.  He didn’t like the idea of feeding in front of her, but he was sure he would never hear the end of it if he didn’t. He unscrewed the bottle and drank it, pushing the uneasy feeling away.  Willow looked at him and smiled. She looked over at the clock next to him and began excusing herself.

“Where are you going?” he asked as he opened the second bottle.

“First, get some clothes on. Two, eat”, she replied.  Angel grinned at her wickedly. Willow blushed, knowing she had chosen the wrong words.  “Human food, eat human food,” she clarified.

“So you’ll be going to the deck in a sheet?”

“No...well...no,” she said a bit worried, looking around the room.

“I had some packages brought to the boat last night. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to wear,” he said with a smile.

“Angel you didn’t have to...all this..it’s beautiful...I love everything, every minute I’m with you, it’s been wonderful, I don’t know how to...”

“All of this has been what I’ve wanted, you make me happy, and I just want to make you happy, that’s all. This, all this is for me too.” Willow smiled with tears in her eyes.

Angel moved in front of her and kissed her softly. He broke it reluctantly, knowing that if they continued they would end up on the floor this time <That isn’t such a bad idea> he told himself.

“You should go and eat before we have to rent the boat for another night.”

Willow kissed him on the nose and smiled.  “Thank you.” She got up and left the room.

Angel went back to bed, his thoughts solely on the woman who had felt right in his arms.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

 The “some” packages Angel had told her about turned out to be a complete wardrobe. She opened box after box, taking out dress after dress, shirt over shirt, skirts and pants, from designers she was sure Cordelia would have killed for. She had a complete new set of shoes, from sandals to gym shoes, anything and everything. But that
wasn’t all, it  also came with matching accessories, to matching undergarments.  What surprised her more was the fact that he knew her style of dressing, yet had an added flair, that daring edge she had been feeling lately. She choose her clothing, and took a quick shower. Her thoughts spread over the past week. She couldn’t help but smile. A tingly feeling swept throughout her body.  After 20 minutes, she stepped out and dried off. She blushed a she looked at her new undergarments. They were no longer the white cottony ones she had always worn, her new selection in front of her now were of lace and satin, some even felt like silk, in an arrange of colors, she could even make out a pair of black garter belts.  She quickly changed and headed up to the deck were a buffet had been spread out for her. She looked up at the overcast sky and looked out to see them entering Paris once more.  After two hours, she went back below, she wanted to wake Angel.  She headed to the room and met him in the hallway.

“Looking for me?” he asked with a smile.

Willow kissed him lightly on the lips. “Only you”

Willow hugged him, thanking him for the wonderful gifts he had given her.

“It looks like you bought the store,” she commented.

“Actually two,” he teased.

“So where to tonight?” she asked.

“Taking in the sights”, he replied.

They felt the boat reach rock the port.

“We can always try to see if they accept us back at Queens?”

“I’m not sure Luc would want to see us.”

“Whose Luc?”

“The bartender”

“How did you know...?”

“He slipped me his number with the drinks he gave us on the house,” he said with half-a smile.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel held Willow close as they walked down the lighted streets of Paris. She ohhhhhed and awwwed as Angel explained the history and the inspiration behind it. By late in the evening, Willow and Angel sat comfortable at the Cafe de Paix, eating and talking.  They touched on subjects they had never spoken to anyone about. Sharing
secrets and swapping stories. They walked out of the cafe, walking hand and hand, looking at the closed shops. Angel tried to detour as he realized they had made it to the red district.  Willow looked around, disgusted and oddly curious by the sight in front her. Peep shows, strips joints of every kind aligned down the street.  She noticed as Angel held her a bit tighter against him and had effectively placed her partly inside his jacket, covering her as much as possible. She couldn’t help but smile.   Angel had, in his mind, formed a protective shell around her. He just wasn’t trying to protect her from the trash on the street, but the demons that he knew all too well that
lurked around this area.  Willow abruptly stopped as she saw one of the many stores that were opened. Angel slammed into her, almost tumbling over.  “Willow?” He looked at what had caught her eye.  She pulled him into the store, as curiosity got the better of her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“So what do you think?” she asked.

“I think it’s interesting,” he replied as truthful as possible.

“You don’t like it, do you?” she said a bit disappointed.

“Do you?” he asked a bit skeptical.

She looked at it once more, and frowned.

“Now, no. Then, yeah”, she replied.

“It was on impulse, rebellion”, he explained.

“Always wanted to know how it could be you know.”

“Then I’m keeping you away from the amateur shows.”

“Don’t think I’d be a good stripper?”, she said, acting hurt.

“No, I’m sure you’d be very good, but they’ll solely be for me,” he said tightening his hold on her.

Willow agreed, lovely the possessiveness he had over her. She looked up at him and saw a large grin on his face.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow caught Angel staring at her as they made there way back to the hotel. He had taken her to a comedic play in the galleries, then for some ice cream next to it. She window shopped, remembering which stores she would want to return to.   “Like it?”

“It’s different, but I like the you with red hair instead.”

Angel ran his fingers through the wig she had been given as a gift by Frederic. He had finally found someone more annoying then Xander, if that was ever possible.

“Better then the tattoo.”

“I like the tattoo, I thinks it looks nice, the ivy around your ankle, I just don’t think it’s you”, he replied.

“Me neither. It’s a good thing he was nice enough put it on a rub on.”

“Yeah, really nice”, he said with a tint of anger.

To be accurate, Angel had been infuriated by Frederick’s approach. He touched her leg a little to much, stared at her more then he should have, and above all else had tried to flirt with her, horribly to say the least. Angel had restrained himself from punching him out.  They walked up to their room, Angel made sure it was locked and led her to the bedroom. He stopped her before they reached the bed and kissed her softly, hoping she felt the same desire he did. He carefully pulled the black wig off her as she leaned into him, a small moan escaping her lips. He began to undress her slowly, his hands lingering over her smooth skin. Once she stood naked in front of him, she pulled him back up and began to take his shirt off, placing soft kisses over his muscular chest. Her hands moved lower, unbuttoning his jeans, pulling the zipper slowly down. Angel let out a moan as he felt her hand fondle him. She trailed down wet kisses, her hands pushing his pants down. She took a good look at his fully erect manhood and looked up at him.  Angel licked his lips as he saw ride him of his pants and kneel in front of him, holding his erection in her hands.  Her hand moved over it, feeling out its texture, her eyes never leaving his. Her hand encircled his erection as the other cupped his balls softly.  Her touch was brutal. He moaned her name aloud a he felt her tongue lick the length of him. His hands rested on her head, his fingers grabbing lightly on her hair.
Willow continued her exploration, her tongue licking all sides. She licked off the moisture he offered her. His moans encouraged her to place an open mouth kiss over him, her tongue swirling around his throbbing erection.
Angel knew he wouldn’t  be able to hold back much longer. Her head began to move up and down, trying to take as much of him in her hot mouth as possible. Her hands began to caress and squeeze his balls, bringing his pleasure to a dangerous high.  He pulled her up and kissed her urgently. He fell back on the bed, pulling her on
top of him.  Angel grabbed her hips and positioned her on top of him. Willow slowly eased into him, making Angel moan a bit louder. His hands held her hips as she began to move up and down slowly, torturing him further.  His eyes feasted as he saw her begin to bounce on top of him. His hands soon moved up and cupped her breasts, his fingers pulling her hardened nipples. Willow began to move faster, enjoying the feel of him completely in her. Her moans filled his senses and moved his hands back to her hips, one hand moving further, his thumb
brushing her clit. Angel met each thrust, holding himself back, wanting to see her body shudder with her release first. His fingers moved faster as he felt her walls tighten around him. Her hands squeezed his nipples as she screamed his name. Angel joined her a second later, her name joining his.  She collapsed on top of him, her hands too weak to hold her up any longer. Angel wrapped his arms around her, the wonderful feelings she evoked in him still running through in him.  She fell into a light sleep, never hearing the words Angel whispered to himself.

“Your mine Willow, only mine”


After light shopping, Willow and Angel took a train ride out of Paris to one of the most beautifullest palaces in the world, Chateau de Versailles.  The ride over took less then an hour, amply time for them to have a nice dinner. The palace itself was a magnificent sight. As they walked down the cobblestone street, Versailles came into view, demanding their complete attention. Willow walked quicker, drawn by its beauty. They entered, greeted by marble floors, hallways adorned with statues, staircases begging to be stepped up on. They walked through time, seeing each room decorated to its fullest. Velvety red, blue, green, and gold walls surrounded them.  Furniture still well
preserved presented before them. Paintings were hung high and low, pictures of the past looking at them. The room that dazzled her the most <if that was even more possible> was the Hall of Mirrors. The chandeliers hung high, gracing them with their light.  She saw her reflection on either side, envisioning the great balls she was sure that were held there, as well as the signing of the Treaty.  It took hours for them to see the complete masterpiece.
Angel took her out to the gardens, covering her eyes. Willow opened her eyes to see the biggest gardens she had ever seen. It’s beauty made her breathless. They began their long journey down the road, where the tall tress covered them up to the sky. Angel’s voice filled the air, telling her the history that had been lived so long ago. Estates and French patios were found. As they reached the famous canal, Willow looked up at him.  “It’s beautiful here, if only we can stay forever.”

“That would be nice,” he replied, holding her a bit tighter.

They continued walking down the path, looking at the numerous statues around.

“When do we go back to Sunnydale?” she asked, scared to think that far ahead.

“Tomorrow will be our last night in Paris. We leave the following morning.”

“Oh....wow...it feels like we’ve just arrived.”

“We’ll come back,” he replied.

Willow stopped at his reply <It’s now or never>.

“Will we?”

“I think so,” he replied, looking into her green eyes and seeing a fear in them.

“What happens when we get back to Sunnydale, Angel?”

Angel opened his mouth, but no words came out. Instead he smiled and took her hand. He led her into the woods, picking one of the tallest trees in the gardens and took off his jacket. He spread it on the soft grass and sat her down, joining her, taking her hand once more.

“What do you want once we get back to Sunnydale?”

“What do you want?” she asked, hoping not to make a fool out of herself.

“I asked you first, remember”

Angel chuckled, he knew this conversation was important to both of them.  “Do you want me?” he asked, thinking that would be the best place to start.

“I do”

“In your life Willow, like this?”

“I do, but the question is do you?” she asked a bit worried.

Angel smiled.  “Just like we are here, but Willow...what about Oz?”

“We broke up when I left”

“Not for him”

Willow looked at him and for the first time knew what she wanted.

“But I want you”, she replied simply.

Angel kissed her urgently. She was what he wanted. She had somehow managed to get Buffy out of his mind, he hadn’t even missed her.  Willow pulled away. She needed to know what he thought, what he wanted.   “Who do you want Angel, me or Buffy?”

Angel smiled, sensing she feared his reply.   “I want you Willow, I need you, let me show you”, he said as his hands  began to caress her stomach.

Willow knew he desired her, her old insecurities awakened, pushing her to ask.  “Just for this, this is why you want me?” she asked, not being able to hide the fear in her voice.

“Willow, I want you because your mind fascinates me, because you make me feel alive. I can talk to you, I can laugh with you, I can make love to you”, he said, his hands cupping her face.

Willow kissed him, her arms wrapping around him. He pulled her down, his body covering her. Her lips opened, his tongue seeking hers. Willow trembled under him, pushing Angel to a point of urgency. His hand moved up her knee, pushing up the fabric of her dress.  Willow pulled back from the intensity of their kiss, her fingers entwined in his hair.

“Angel..now?”, she panted as she felt his hands reach her underwear.

“Now Willow, I want you here”.

His mouth traveled down her neck, his hand reaching her underwear.

“But..here...in the..open”, she said, desperately trying to keep a complete thought in her head.

“Tell me to stop”, he challenged as he began to pull down her panties.

“You...wouldn’t”, she simply replied as she pulled her knees towards her, helping him take off the piece of material.

Angel smiled and final took them off, flipping them to the side. He spread her legs, placing himself between them. She pulled him in with purpose, kissing him with need. Her hands gripped his hair as he pulled down his pants, not able to wait to enter her.  He plunged into her, feeling her warmth enrapture him. Willow tried to keep quiet,
knowing there might be people not far away, but she couldn’t help the moans that escaped her lips. Angel drove into her harder as she wrapped her legs around him, urging him faster. One hand held his entire weight as the other caressed her breast through the material.  She pulled away from his mouth, taking in the air she needed. Her cries became louder, prompting him to move faster.  Willow held on to him, her body clung to his, as his mouth began to leave small bites on her neck. Then she felt it hit her hard and fast, his bite fueling her orgasm to a delightful new high. She felt Angel tremble as she felt him empty himself into her. Angel was unable to hold back the loud moan of her name.   He rested on top of her, still joined. They remained as they were as he lightly licked on the marks on her neck as she caressed his back. Angel sneaked a peek up, to see her eyes closed with a large smile on her face.   Willow felt his mouth leave her neck, traveling back to her lips. She kissed him softly, caressing his face. He pulled out of her, his hands automatically pulling down her dress, covering her back up. He pulled back, looking down at her with a smile. He tucked himself back into his pants, amazed how quickly she aroused him.  Willow didn’t want to move. She remained looking at him as she heard his zipper. She smiled seductively at him.

“You should sit up”, he told her.

Willow panicked.  “Why, are there people coming?”

 “No, put I will if you stay that way”, he said with a wicked grin.

She sat up, then felt she was missing something. “Angel, where is my underwear?”

Angel looked around, not able to find it. “I must have thrown it a bit too far.”

Willow looked at him embarrassed. “What?!”

“I wasn’t really paying much attention to where I threw them Willow.”


“I’m sorry, I promise, I’ll buy some once we get back to Paris, though I don’t really think you’ll need them”

Willow kicked him as her face turned red.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

They barely made it back to the hotel before dawn. They slept in each others arms until the late afternoon.
Willow was the first to wake, taking a shower and dressing before Angel even opened his eyes. She sat next to her, placing a kiss on his lips. “Hi”


“Going out?”

“My last shopping day”

“Good, buy anything you want”.

“I was thinking about shopping for you today”


“You need a little more color in your wardrobe”.

Angel laughed. He was sure anything she bought him he would wear.

“I won’t take long”.

And with a final kiss she headed off to her last shopping day in Paris.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow returned with too many packags in hand, for Angel and for her.  She was greeted by an empty room. She searched around for him, but soon saw a card on the nightstand.
Wait for you by the bar at 6:00 p.m. Don’t be late. Angel
Willow smiled and jumped in for a quick shower. Half an hour later she was ready. She took one final look at the mirror and smiled. It took her a moment to see the changes that had occurred to her. She looked happy, a little more confident, a little more mature, and a little more prettier. She smoothed over her long black skirt, with a daring slit on the side held together by buttons. She smiled and went to meet the man that waited for her. She rushed down and entered the bar, shocked to see Angel mulled over by two attractive blondes. She couldn’t help but feel the jealousy in her rise, making her eyes narrow. She walked in, heading for the bar, taking a seat by him. Angel looked at Willow sit and noticed her body stiffen. She didn’t bother to look at him, as the women continued the conversation he had so desperately tried to avoid. She took complete advantage, and crossed her legs, the slit on the side offering him a good view of her leg as far up as her upper thigh. Angel smiled, taking in her complete beauty.  Her nice tight v-neck sleeveless red shirt showed off her arms, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Willow finally turned to look at him and smiled. Angel was mesmerized. He stood up and walked away from both women and walked over to Willow.   “Pardon Mademoiselle, is this seat taken?”  Willow smiled and simple nodded.  Both blondes shot Willow a deadly look, watching them closely.   “I can’t understand why a beautiful woman such as yourself would be unescorted.”

“I seem to have lost my guide”, she simple said.

“May I offer my services?”

“But you seem to have your hands full Monsieur.”

“I cleared my schedule the moment you stepped in the room”

Willow smiled at him.

“Well then, Paris awaits”

Angel offered her his arm and walked out with the loveliest woman in the room.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

They walked down the French boulevards taking in everything around them. Every couple seemed to be out, enjoying the unusually warm weather. He took her to the Luxembourg Palace and its magnificent gardens. They crossed bridge after bridge, occasionally buying from a local vender. They visited the remarkable Notre Dame and
visited the fortress that beheaded a queen. They walked, arms around each waist, by the lower banks of the Seine river.  One of the last destinations of the night was the Eiffel Tower. The gold light making it look magical.  Before going up, they crossed the bridge and walked over to the Palais Chaillot and played in the large water fountains. Willow hit Angel on the arm, pushing him in the fountain. She joined him and began to play a friendly game of tag. Angel caught her, and was about to place her directly over one of the water sprouts, but was stopped as a
policeman soon blew its whistle and ran after them. They ran out of the large fountains and back to the Eiffel Tower in record time, Angel carrying her the entire time. The entrance was closed, but Angel made it possible for them to enter.  The  elevator took them to the second landing. Willow looked out into the lighted night and saw the complete beauty of Paris. Her eyes watered as she looked at Angel next to her. “What’s wrong Willow?” he asked worried.   She smiled at him as a tear escaped her eye.  He pulled her into his arms, caressing her hair.

“Thank you Angel, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me,” she said, as she hugged him tight.

“Willow, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me.”

“Can we be this happy in Sunnydale?” she asked, worries she had tried to ignore plaguing her now.

“If we want, if we try”

“They won’t like it”

“Because they won’t understand”

“They don’t know us”

“Then maybe they never did to begin with”

“We’ve changed too much”

“And is that a bad thing?” he asked as he pulled back a bit, wanting to look in her eyes.

She smiled, her tears drying. “No, at least I have you talking”

“You have me more then just talking, Willow”

“I know, at least now I have you dressing in color, well almost.”

She looked him over once more. His ever present black jeans remained, but had on a very nice brown button down shirt that brought out the color of his eyes.

“And you, look at you, the woman in you emerged. The confident, fiery Willow I have been swept away by.”

“How can I ever thank you?”

“Let’s make a deal, I thank you silently each day for saving my soul, making me happier then I have been in hundreds of years, and you never thank me for this and accept it as a very small gift. Willow smiled and kissed him. He held her in his arms, looking over the Paris night.

An hour later, there limo arrived, waiting for the couple patiently.  He led her to the car and helped her in. He pressed the window down, as Willow snuggled against him, saying good bye to the city that had changed them.
They refused to think of anything else other then themselves and a city that extended its arms to them, Sunnydale could wait until tomorrow.