Too Close
Jane Smith

None of the characters contained within this story belong to me.  They are all the property of Joss Whedon and the WB. All characters are used without permission and no copyright infringement is intended.

 Willow calmly walked in, enjoying the smell of fear in the air. “Just like old times”, she happily said as she made it to the center of the Bronze, looking at her food with a wicked smile. She missed her world, but this would do for now. She was in complete control here, no one to answer to, no one to make happy, but herself. Yes, she was liking this world, it was just missing one thing. As she walked to the front of the stage, she was surprised to hear her name and looked for the source of it. She looked at the table next to her and saw a young girl sitting alone. She ended her search, not caring as much anymore hungry.  Willow took the girl’s hand and pulled her up slowly to her, her eyes glowing a bit.  “I can make you immortal”, she whispered as she faced her forward, and carefully moved her neck to the side exposing her neck. She licked her lips, happy to have her first meal since she arrived in this world.

That, however, was stopped as she froze, the voice she heard call out her name sending a shiver up her spine. “Willow no!”, Angel said as he jumped in front of her from the stage. Willow couldn't believe it. It was him, it was him. She threw the girl to the side as she walked up to him, her smile wider then before. The vampire closest to her growled to see Angel jump in front of her. He rushed to her, ready to kill the man that had dared jump. From the corner of her eye, she saw his attack. She quickly moved in his way.

“Don’t you dare touch him”, she said as she changed to her game face, her look deadly.

“But…”, he began to protest.

“Do you dare question me? You don’t want to make me angry, I can be very mean”, she told him as she showed him his death in her eyes. He stepped back, knowing she would kill him with no problem. “Good”, she said as she smiled then turned around and walked back to Angel who seemed to had lost his voice. “Puppy”, she happily said as her red lips smiled at him. She looked him over, noticing the changes. He looked much more handsomer here. Stronger, confident, darker. She liked him better here.  “I’ve missed you”, she told him seductively as her finger touched his cheek. He grabbed her hand and pulled it down. Rougher, nice, very nice She gasped in surprise by his mean gesture, then became hypnotized by his voice, which carried authority.

“You don’t have to do this”, he told her low.

Willow was already wet. She wanted him, and if necessary she would take him by force, though she wished he took her better, with an audience, I’d like that. “But I want to”, she said with a sad look on her face, her eyes searching his for a similar result as hers. Her eyes moved down from his face, to his chest, to the treasure she loved. She moved forward and cupped him. Angel’s eyes widened. He tried to move back a bit, but she had him in a tight hold.  “Perhaps even bigger here”, she remarked as her thumb stoked the bulge a bit. She smelled his need, and intended on having it. Angel tried to remain as cool as possible. It didn’t seem she was going to let him go anytime soon. “Grow for me?”, she asked closed to a whisper.  Angel glared down at her, straying past her eyes, down to take a detailed look at the white skin between her breasts. She looked down at what he was looking at, then looked back up at him, with a large grin. “Like them?”, she asked innocently. Angel remained quiet, but his eyes showed her his reply. “They like it when you suck them”, she informed him. Angel had visual detail of how exactly he would. It took all his control from taking her there in front everyone I’ve never done it like that. Willow moved closer to him. Then simply whispered, “I like it better when you eat me though”, she revealed, her lips licking her lips, inches away from him. Angel’s head snapped up. He just couldn’t handle it. She was too damn tempting. Willow liked his reply. He was playing hard to get. He still liked to play. She leaned into him, her mouth inches away from his neck. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth carefully and licked him, missing his taste. Angel closed his eyes, feeling her tongue swirling on his neck made him groan silently.

“Are we here to kill or not?”, a vampire in the back asked in anger.

Everyone turned to see the person who had dared break the silence. Willow became angry, her game face slipping into place. She stopped and un-cupped Angel. She turned, heading to the source of her displeasure. “You’ve made me mad”, she told him calmly, sticking him with her hand, pushing him to the ground, breaking a table.

“Mistress, he’s gone”, her second in command quickly said.

Willow turned to see her puppy gone, making her angrier. She turned back to the vampire on the floor. “You upset puppy, now you die”, she informed him casually.

Screams filled the Bronze and around as a vampire died.


Angel flew in record time to the school. In his haste he had not come to terms with what had happened. He came to a halt as he entered the hallway. Willow was dead. In his shock he had not realized that right away.  She had walked into the Bronze with a confidence he had never seen before. She evoked fear in mortals and vampires, a combination that he had found arousing. She was no longer the quite, shy, timid witch they had known. She was someone else, perhaps what she would have been in a couple of years, only good. He was struck with a sudden sadness of losing a friend, something he had not felt in a long time. Yet, as wrong as it sounded, he had to admit, he liked Willow like this. She was a free spirit. Her red hair only emphasized the fire in her, a flame he knew she had hidden in her, somewhere. He started up his walk once more to the library. They still had fourteen vampires holding hostages as meals. His body was still rigid, from her touch, hell her words. He stopped once more as he remembered something. "Puppy?”, he asked himself, wondering why she had called him that,<that would make her.......> he snapped himself out of it, <Now isn’t the time..> his thoughts drifting back, an image captured him. He closed his eyes and smiled.  “Snap out of it”, he told himself, angry that she had gotten under his skin. He headed to the library again, his hands clenching and unclenching into a fist, trying to avoid the voice in back of his head. <I wonder how she would taste>

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
“Now, who’s next?”, Willow asked as she licked the blood off her fingers. She turned around, icking away a piece of what was left of the vampire.  She smiled as she looked on and saw the horrified and fearful looks of the people around. They bowed their heads, no one daring to look at her. <I might just like it here after all>.  She walked back to were her puppy had been. He had made her change her plan. He wanted to play and she wouldn’t disappoint him.  “Eat, then catch”, she said, her eyes looking for her next meal.

“Willow, you can fight it”, Oz said, hoping to talk to the real Willow he knew must be struggling inside her.

Willow looked at him amused.  “Fight what?”, she asked acting confused.

“Fight what you are”, another voice said.

“A vampire?”, Willow asked, then laughed.  She turned back to Oz and laughed harder, <Their stupider here too> She took a closer look at the male human.  “I know you...”

“It’s Oz, baby”, he said as he jumped off the stage and stood in front of her.

“Your one of them”, she said her eyes becoming dark. Her hand grabbed his neck and started squeezing hard. She wanted him to die painfully.

“In your world”, the woman said in the back, making Willow turn her head around and look at her.

“Yes, in my world”.

“In this one, his your boyfriend”, Anya said a bit sickened by it.

Willow’s face turned to disgust and looked back at him, eyeing him from head to toe. “Such bad taste”, she spitted out as she threw him to a wall, repulsed to even touch him.

“My sentiments exactly. Do you want to go back to your world?”, Anya asked. Willow nodded, “I do too”. They spoke a bit. Willow knew what she had to do and headed to the door. Before leaving she made her point about them behaving in her absence. She pulled three lucky people in the center and took a quick sip from one of them, then offered them to her subjects.

“Be good. Share”, she instructed them and walked out into the night in search of herself and puppy.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel couldn’t keep his eyes off her, he wanted a look at what he had been afford before. He knew this wasn’t the Willow from the Bronze, and deep inside he was a bit disappointed, but he wouldn’t help it.  He had entered the library to find Xander, Buffy and Giles. He wasn’t sure how to tell them about her, so he just told them straight forward. He was confused and a bit angered by their reaction about their best friend. Then he looked next to him and saw her. She no longer was in the nice, tight, skimpy out fit he had seen her in before. Now she wore a fuzzy pink sweater, with a simple pink skirt. He was happy to see her alive, confused, a tint discouraged, but over all happy.  Now they sat around the library table trying to figure out who she was and what she was doing here. They needed a plan in order to enter the Bronze without being killed first.

Angel tried to concentrate, he really tried, but their was something about her that would not permit him. <This is her, the real Willow> he kept reminding her.  He remained silent as they discussed the best options they thought they had, as his mind remained drifting to this a pet name he wished to explore, Puppy.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
She stalked slowly down the hallway, making sure she was quite. <What’s the fun if it isn’t a surprise>   She had seen her walk in and followed her in. She had been too busy looking into her mirror to bother and notice her walking in back of her.  She stopped in front of the office and waited.  Willow smiled, knowing she would soon have dinner. She walked out of the shadows and stood in front of her.
Cordelia looked up from her mirror and jumped back into a locker as she saw Willow. “What happened to you?”, she asked as she looked her over.

“Hungry”, she simple replied with her cold smile.

“Do I look like a vending machine to you, I didn’t think so. And what is up with your clothes, entering the leather slutty Olympics?”, she asked, her temper getting the better of her.

Willow lost patience. She grabbed her neck and slammed her against the locker.  Cordelia screamed in pain.  “I like my clothes. You hurt my feelings”, she replied as her game face made its appearance.

“I mean, well leather, it’s you, and did I say slutty?, no I meant glittery”, she explained, her bladder threatening to spill from fear.

“That’s O.K. I’ll just kill you”, she replied happily.

“What do you want?’, Cordelia cried.

“Just hungry”  Willow pulled her neck to her lips and licked the curve of it, her hand pulling her hair, making sure she remained still.  Her fangs sank in and began to drink, enjoying the whimpers of pain and fright she heard coming from her. She abruptly stopped before she drained her completely. She let her go, letting her drop to the floor. She smiled, then grabbed one of Cordelia’s hands and began dragging her body to the principals office.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Is that the plan?”, Xander asked, worried it was.

“I don’t can’t think of any other”, Buffy said.

“What if....”, Giles began to say, but soon quieted by the voice over the intercom.

“Class we have a new classmate among us tonight”, a voice said. They’re blood froze as they recognized who it was. All looks turned to Willow.

“She seems to be rather quiet tonight, let me encourage her”  They heard a painful scream, making them turn pale.

“Oh please, help me.....please help me we’re in...”, Cordelia said in tears, but was soon cut off as she passed out from the hit she received in the back of her head.

 “Good girl, now let’s see, who will be the lucky person to find Cordelia dead”, she said with a small laugh.

“We have to find her”, Xander quickly said, hoping they found her alive.

“The clock is ticking, let the race begin”, were the final words heard from the intercom.

Buffy stood up, ready. They needed to find Cordelia, then go to the Bronze <Why doesn’t this sound good>.  “Xander, Angel and me will find Cordelia. Giles stay with Willow here in the library”. she said as she went to get the weapons they would need.

“I can help”, Willow said, mad she was never included as always.

“What can you do?”, Xander asked her as he took a crossbow and cross from the cage. Willow stood up from her chair, madder then before. “As much as you can!”, she yelled. “Look Willow, it’s best if you stay here with Giles. I’m not sure what the vampire may want from you”.

“What are you going to do to her?”, Willow asked a bit worried.

“Bring her in, alive. We need to find out how she came here and why?”, Giles instructed the gang.

They nodded in agreement and rushed out into the hallway.

“We’ll spilt up, then meet here at the library”, Buffy told them.

Angel headed down the right hallway, hoping to find her first.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow dragged Cordelia’s body to the basement, and left it by the furnace. She locked the door, making sure she couldn’t leave. She was hungry, but it would have to wait. She didn’t want to keep her new friends waiting.  She went up the flight of stairs, leading into the gym, by the swimming pool. She headed to the man entrance when she found him walking in. She remained in the shadows, waiting.  <I should have gone the other way> he thought. He hated this side of the school <not enough lights>.

“Hello Xander”

He froze in place as he heard the voice greet him.

“Where’s Cordelia?”, Xander asked as he searched the darkness for her.

“That’s not nice, you’re making me jealous”, the voice joked. Xander took out his cross and holy water, looking around him, trying to find her.

 “Scared?”, she said as she smelled it.

“Of course...not”, he replied.

Willow crawled closer to him. He had made the error of stepping in front of the bleachers, by the pool. “You don’t have to. Join me. It’ll be like old times”.

Xander moved a bit, knowing she was closer.

“No thank you, I’m happy alive”.

“Have it your way”, she said, too close to him, as she grabbed him by the neck, making him drop his weapons. She bit into him, enjoying the taste of his blood. He tried as hard as he could to get away, but his struggles were useless, her strength too great. He slowly felt himself lose awareness. His body stopped struggling as he tried to hold on, then everything went black.

Willow wouldn’t decide between draining him or crossing him over. <I have puppy>. She smiled and continued to drain him.  Buffy entered to see the horrific sight in front of her. She saw red hair feeding off Xander. She ran over, hoping and praying she had not killed him.

Willow looked up as she heard footsteps and saw her enter. She smiled at her, her lips still fresh with blood. “Looking for me?”, she asked as she walked over to the pool, holding Xander’s limp body in front of her by the neck.

Buffy stopped a couple of feet in front of her, waiting to see what she would do. Willow took a quick look around and saw the best way to escape.

“Let him go”, Buffy told her, ready to attack.

“O.K.”, Willow replied, then threw Xander like a ragdoll across the pool. Buffy saw what she did and immediately entered the poll, swimming to save her friend. By the time she dived in and rescued Xander, Willow as gone.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel entered the large auditorium carefully. He knew she was close, he sensed her. He walked up the aisle and peered into the darkness.

“Puppy, missed me?”, a voice asked him. Angel stood his ground, trying to figure out where the voice had come from.  “Want to see me?”, she asked him.

“Very much”, he replied, heading to the stage area.

“What to play?”, she asked once more, happy she had found her.

“No”, he said, jumping on the stage, knowing she was near.

“But why? I know you want me”, she told him.

“What would you know what I want?”, he said, checking behind the curtains.

“Because I can smell it”, she informed him as she appeared in back of him, pushing him against the wall. Angel turned to face her, put before he could Willow handcuffed each hand to an elevated bare which controlled a carrying prop. Angel looked at her in confusion. He liked the idea of handcuffs, an instant arousal came over him, but she knew he would be able to break loose from them. She Stepped back from him and looked pleased to have him in that position Angel started to shake the bar the handcuffs were on and found it too loose. Something wasn’t right.  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, she told him happily.  Angel looked at her, then at the prop, a large bucket, pretty high up. “You see, if you do, then it’ll fall and kill her”, she explained, moving closer to him.  Angel understood, he had found Cordelia. He thought about his options, which were few.  “You won’t have enough time to break free and catch the basket, I’ve already calculated”, she said proudly as she stood inches from him. Her finger touched his cheek, but he pulled his head back, hitting the wall.  “Hard to get, I like that”, she said as she plastered her body against his. She felt his need against her and began to wiggle against him, her mound grinding against his.  “Puppy wants me”, she said with a smile.  Angel looked down at her dangerously, sending a shiver down her spine. “Much more fun here”, she remarked as she began to pull open his leather jacket.  Her cold fingers began to slowly unbutton his red shirt. Angel looked down, his eyes full of lust. Willow licked her lips then placed a wet kiss in the middle of his bare chest. Angel closed his eyes, trying to control the urge he had to touch her and take her. He wasn’t allowed to touch her, Cordelia was in the bucket. Her fingers pulled the shirt open and smiled up at him. “Nicer”.  Her cold palms touched his nipples, enjoying their hardness. Her mouth soon replaced one and began to lick, then bite it. She moved on to the next and offered it the same treatment. Her hand traveled down to the bulge in his pants and began to rub her hand over it.

Angel couldn’t help it, a low groan escaped his mouth. Her touch was brutal, worst then any other vampire he had known in his existence. His body called out to her in every way. He wanted her and nothing would stop him . He would have her tonight, before they sent her back. His excitement grew as her mouth began to trail down, on his stomach and licked his side, below his ribs, on his curve, and nearly jumped out of his skin as he began to feel her teeth and waited. His mind swirled as she bit into him. She sucked on it lightly, looking up at Angel’s painful face, his eyes shut tight. “Look at me”, she demanded as she moved her lips from the bite to his bellybutton. He opened his eyes and looked down at her, his eyes dark and menacing.  “You liked it when I sucked too”, she said as her tongue licked over the bulge in his pants twice. She slowly unbuckled his paints and her teeth slowly unzipped him. She stood back up, emanating a low growl from him, but soon felt one of her hands stroke him. Willow began kissing his neck, her finger finding what she wanted. She took her hand out of his pants, bringing her finger up to her mouth and carefully licked off his pre-come from her finger, making sure Angel saw how talented her mouth was.  “Tasty”, she commented once she was done.  Angel’s blood boiled.  Her hand went back down to stoke him as her mouth pressed against his neck, licking and nibbling. He felt her fangs pierce his skin and began to drink, her hand stoking him faster, squeezing him tighter, her body pressed against his. She
pulled back quickly, her chin smeared with blood. Her other hand pulled his mouth onto hers, letting him taste his blood. Her mouth opened, begging him to enter. His tongue seeked hers, wanting to know the many tricks he was sure she knew. She broke the kiss, offering her chin. Angel began to lick the blood off, making sure he missed no spot. She pulled Angel’s head lower, enjoying the small hurt his arms were feeling against the handcuffs. She tilted her neck to the side, offering her neck. Angel knew and did what she wanted. He sank his fangs into her, drinking the blood he craved for.  Willow moaned  a loud, her arousal getting the better of her. He had a way of making her feel on fire, something Xander never could. It was more then she could take as she pulled his head up and kissed him roughly, pressing herself against him.  Angel fought from giving into his release, when he would, it would be in her and not in her hand <that maybe later>.

She broke the kiss, and pulled her hand away from his pants and hair, knowing he denied her his release. She would teach him lesson for that. She zipped him back up and buckled the button.  “I’ll be back”, she informed him as she moved back from him. She gave him a large grin as she saw his angered face. She turned around, content with herself and slowly walked away, passed the curtains and into the darkness.  He could make her pay for leaving him like that, he’d make sure of it.

Willow carefully made herself to the library. She needed to find her counterpart and find out how she had gotten here. Then there was the issue of the Bronze. She peered into the window and found both of them waiting patiently around the table. She knew what she needed to do. She carefully opened the window from behind a row of shelves and entered the library undetected. She saw the entrance to the tunnels and found her exit. “Don’t want to play?”, she asked, waiting for their response. Willow tensed, and began to look around the room as Giles stood up, ready for an attack.

“What do you want?”, he asked, trying to find where she was.

“Me”, she mocked.

“Why are you here?”, hoping to keep her talking.

“Why don’t you ask her. She brought me here”. Giles looked confused as it dawned on Willow what had happened. Giles turned to look at her, hoping she was wrong. That was the distraction the vampire needed. She jumped in front of  Giles and pushed him hard, he flew across the room, his head and body hitting bookcases. Content, she turned her eyes to the girl who remained  frozen in her seat in front of her. “Well, I’m so..weak..and....small....and over colored”, the vampire said as she looked her over.

Willow stood up, angered by her comments. “I’m not weak, and your small too you know, with tight leather”, Willow said, scared and fascinated at the same time.

“Your not weak?”, she laughed, “Your a joke, have you looked at yourself lately?” Willow was hurt, <It hurts to know the truth>.  “But I can offer you so much more. You can be strong and powerful, be feared instead of walked on, respected instead of humiliated. Join me Willow, we can rule Sunnydale, maybe even share puppy”, she told her.

Willow considered the option. It was scary she would even think about it, but it was tempting. One word glowed neon to her. “Puppy?”. The vampire smiled.


“I have...I have Oz”, Willow defended, knowing it was not wise to fight with a vampire, especially one that seemed as vicious as her.

“Oz”, she laughed, “You aren’t stupid Willow, we have the same tastes, same drive, same lusts. You like Angel as much as I. I’m sure you would like to play with him as much as me”. Willow stepped back, surprised by her thoughts. No she wasn’t like her. “The only difference is I like blood, and I’m so much funer then you are”, she said with a smirk.

“Why are you doing this?”, Willow yelled as she kept moving back.

“Because I need your help”.

“I won’t help you”, Willow said, trying to find a way out.

“O.K. I’ll just kill you”, she told her, no longer interested in going back. Willow made her move, hoping to make it to the tunnels, but the vampire had sensed what she was going to do and grabbed her arm before she would sprint up the stairs. Her other hand grabbed her neck, squeezing it enough for her to find it hard to breath. “You could have been so much more then a reliable, weak, defenseless, boring, little girl”, she said as she began to squeeze harder.  Tears slowly began to fall from her eyes. Her eyesight began to get blurry, and felt herself become light. The vampire enjoyed tormenting her. She wouldn’t kill her, she had better plans for her. She pulled her closer and let her game face slip into place. She licked her fangs as she prepared herself to take a bit. To her complete annoyance, Buffy entered, stopping her fun. She let Willow fall to the ground half conscious. She owed this slayer a death. She stepped over the body and gave Buffy a smile. “Wet”, she remarked as she looked at her dripping clothes.

“Your going down ”, Buffy managed to saw through clenched teeth.

“Too late?”, she asked happily, remembering about Xander and her heroic rescue.

Buffy steamed. “You are so going to die”.

“Not me”, she replied, anticipating Buffy’s attack.

The battle had begun. Buffy underestimated the vampires skill. She was good, too good. The vampire smiled, trying to keep the edge she had. Her smarts, combined with her skills had been her accomplishment for gaining the respect of the Master and the fear of the other vampires. No one dared cross her. She had an inner strength Xander had even envied. This Slayer would die, she had handed her her fault and would work off it. Overconfidence and egoism was not just a vampires weakness. She would dispose of her as she had so many others. This would be her hellmouth, her rule, her world. Willow  shook her head, trying to chase away the clouds that danced in front of her. She noticed movement in front of her and caught the figure of Buffy falling to the floor, but quickly stood up.   Buffy punched her on the lip, making blood run from the side of her mouth. Her
tongue licked it off, offering it to Buffy.

“Want a taste?”, she asked, seeming to enjoy the pain of the punch.

Buffy replied with a kick, which was grabbed by the vampire. She slammed Buffy to the ground, as she kicked her other leg off balance, making her fall back, the vampire shoved her other leg in her face. Buffy screamed out in pain.

“It’s been too long since I’ve killed a slayer”, she snickered at her as she punched her in the face like a punching bag.  Buffy tried to push her off her and almost did, but the vampire was too quick. Her knee shoved into her chest, as she fell back on the ground, one elbow striking her throat as the other elbow fell upon her chest. Buffy saw her life flash in front of her. She would die by the hands of her best friend.  “Time to die”, she told her, never noticing the person in back of her, a fatal mistake.

“Miss me?”, a voice asked in back of her as she felt the sharp blow strike the back of her head.
Both Willow’s fell into the comforts of the darkness, their minds in a whirlwind, trying to understand.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel had managed to gather everyone back into he library. He had moved the vampire into the cage, and went to look for Xander while Buffy tended to Giles and Willow.  Xander had almost been drained and drowned. He had awoken, but was weak. His first concern was for Cordelia. Angel had found her, not in the bucket as he had been tricked into believing, but in the basement by the furnace. He kept that bit of information to himself.

“Is she...alive?”, he asked as he was helped up from the bench.

“Alive, but still out cold”.

Xander looked relieved and happy. He accepted Angel’s help and headed back to the library. By the time they arrived back in the library, Willow and Giles were awake. He took a quick glance at Buffy who was staring at the vampire in the cage. She seemed a bit shaken, <Death  does that>. Giles kept looking from Willow to the vampire in fascination, rubbing his head. He helped Xander to a seat, and saw as Willow came over to his side, about to hug Xander, thankful he was all right. Xander flinched back a bit as she saw her, then settled back down. Willow walked back a bit hurt. She saw the bite marks and understood, but couldn’t help but show the hurt she felt of his rejection.

<It wasn’t Willow> Angel had an urge to scold Xander for his reaction, but knew right now would not be the best time.

“We still have the vampires at the Bronze”, Angel reminded them.

The remark seemed to awaken the group to the present.

“How can we be sure they haven’t killed everyone already”, Xander asked.

“They wouldn’t dare. Not without her approval”, Angel said.

“How can you be so sure?”, Giles asked.

“Their terrified of her. No one would dare make her mad. She has a tight hold on them”.

“We’re out numbered. We can’t just charge in and say “leave you bad vampires”, Xander said a bit panicked.

“No, but Willow can”, Angel thought.

All eyes turned turn to her. She had gone to sit on the other side of library, trying to keep away from everyone.

“They’ll know it isn’t her in a second. Willow can’t go in there. She’s nothing like her”, Buffy commented, thinking of an alternate plan.

Willow’s head popped up, her eyes glaring with anger. “Yes I can”, she said as she looked at them.

“Come on Will, your nothing like her...your just...Willow”, Xander tried to explain to her.

Willow wouldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Well I think this geeky, weakling can do it”, she said close to tears.

“He didn’t mean it that way’s just that we think it might not be safe for you to be in there alone”, Buffy explained.

“I can go in with her”, Angel thought.

“Why would they let you in?”, Giles asked, knowing he had held something back.

 “She believes I belong to her”, Angel said a bit embarrassed.

“Puppy?”, Willow asked, remembering what she had told her.

Angel looked at her, wondering what she knew.

“What puppy?”, Buffy asked confused.

“Then you’ll do it?”, he asked, ignoring the question Buffy asked.

“Will that be enough?”, Willow asked, summing up courage.

“If we can show them you claimed me and I yielded”, he told her.

“How do we do that?”, Willow asked.

“How do you show it Angel?”, Buffy asked interested in his reply.

“Dominance, possession...”, he began to explain.

“Really good acting then, oh sure, piece of cake”, Xander explained.

“Any thing else?”, Willow asked, knowing she could pull it off, she had to.

Angel hesitated. He was not sure how they would react to the rest. He took a step back and looked at Willow in the eye.  “A mark on the neck”, he said, knowing how they would react.

“You mean a bite”, Willow realized.

“No, no....I don’t think so”, Xander said, glaring at Angel.

“Next plan”, Buffy said quickly.

“Wouldn’t you need one too?”, she asked, blushing a bit.

That comment made Xander notice something on the side of Angel’s neck. “He has one”, Xande said suspiciously.

“What?”, Buffy said jumping up.

Xander got up slowly and went to look at Willow in the cage.

“She bit me”, Angel stated, not needing to explain anything to them.

“Then you bit her?”, Xander asked, becoming angry.

“It was an attack, ambush”, he said bending the truth.

“Then it’ll work”, Willow said.

“I’ll need to...”, Angel tried to explain.

“We don’t have much time”, she said as she got up and went to get the tranquilizer gun.
Willow knew it was crazy as she fought to put on the leather pants in the stall, but to save a room full of people, she would have to be. She had heard all the excuses why not to do it and those had pushed her to find the confidence and belief she needed. Then there was Oz. He was one of the many people who had been held hostage as a meal for the vampires. She couldn’t let him down, she wouldn’t. For a moment she feared the pants would stop her blood circulation, they were that tight on her. But what she found the hardest to put on was the top. She held her breath and struggled to get into it. Then there was that little, tiny, itty, bitty, thing she felt excited, nervous and scared about. Angel would have to bit her. A shiver traveled down her back as a small smile appeared on her lips. The words she had heard earlier had come back to haunt her. “You aren’t stupid Willow, we have the same tastes, same drive, same lusts. You like Angel as much as I. I’m sure you would like to play with him as much as me”.  She was scared. What if she had been right? She wasn’t blind or for that matter numb, or deaf.  He was handsome <does not even begin to describe him>, his look was mysterious, his features smooth, yet rough, masculine and dark. His voice just added more to his charm.  <What is wrong with me?> her hands turning cold.  She finally settled into the binding outfit and took a look down. She had never really taken a good look at them, they weren’t as big as Cordelia’s, not as bouncy as Buffy’s, but they had there appeal to them. She blushed at her own observation. Now she would have an audience for them. She giggled at the thought. <It’s better then dreading>. She tried to part her hair in the middle, but it was stubborn, it would not stay. She did what any girl would do, she shook her head up and down, side to side. The moment of truth had arrived. She opened the door and stepped out.  She looked herself in the mirror and was completely shocked. She looked....good. A large smile greeted the reflection. Her hair looked loose and wild, adding a tint of danger to her demure. The outfit let her see curves she had she never thought she had before. A new her stood  in front of her, and she welcomed it, just maybe not this daring. She took out the red lipstick from her purse and carefully colored her lips. She was ready. She took one final look at herself and headed out the door, knowing tonight would be the beginning of her transformation.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Angel remained in the library listening to Xander explain how ridiculous the plan sounded.

“There is no way Willow can pull this off”, Buffy commented, rethinking the plan in her head.

“She can”, Angel reassured.

The protests began, but soon quieted as the library door opened. Willow entered the library, her arms, stiff, on either side. She looked at them and smiled. The similarities were amazing. She looked exactly like the vampire passed out in cage. But the difference between them became apparent as she almost tripped on her heel as she walked toward them.

“This isn’t going to work”, Xander said hopeless.

“It will”, Angel said as he looked at her frightened green eyes.

Xander’s comment had crumbled one of the fragile walls of confidence she had tried to build.

“Maybe we can charge in?”, Buffy suggested.

“No”, Willow quickly replied, angered that her friends had given up on her so soon. <I’ll  prove them wrong>, it was a promise she intended on keeping.

“But...”, Giles started to say.

“I’ll do it. Angel and I will get inside”.

“I need a couple of minutes alone with Willow”, Angel said, proud of her determination.

“For what?”, Xander asked.

“We need to talk in private”, Angel replied.

“About what?”, Buffy turned to ask him.

“To bit me”, Willow answered, her eyes full of wonder and fear.

“No way...we are not leaving dead boy here alone with her. He might drain her”. Xander said nodded his head side to side.

“That would go against the plan”, Angel pointed out.

“How can we even trust him?”, Xander added.

“I do, that’s enough”, Willow told him, her resolve face firmly in place.

The objections began, but were soon cleared from the room as Willow and Angel remained in the library alone, Xander have to be carried out by Buffy.

Willow remained standing by the door, hoping he couldn’t tell how nervous she was. She had thought too soon.


“A bit....well maybe...maybe a little more then that”, she said as she shifted from side to side.

“You can do this Willow, I know you can”, he told her as he leaned against the table, looking her over a bit.

That was what Willow needed, the push she looked for, something she had hoped her friends would have given her. Self confidence walked back into her soul. <I can do this>

“Thank you Angel”

Angel smiled, surprised to hear those words directed at him. He was speechless for the first time in his long existence. So he did what anyone in his situation would do, he coughed.

“You’ll have to play the part, completely”.

“Get in touch with my dark side”, Willow commented rather happy.

“You need be ruthless, vicious, command respect, and punish those who would dare to displease you”.

“Become evil”, she commented.

“Become the demon”.

“Check”, she said, her hands fidgeting.

“Then there is me”, he said, not sure how to explain.

“Puppy”, she said with a smile.

He looked at her sharply, if he didn’t know better, he could have sworn she liked calling him that.

“Yes, puppy. She called me that at the Bronze. She.....”, he continued, trying to find the right word.

“Wants you”.

“She’s pretty sexual Willow. She showed me just how much she wanted me”, he said, hoping she wouldn’t be too disgusted by the idea.

Willow blushed. She had a good idea how explicit she could be.

“You have to act like you own me. That I belong solely to you”. Willow nodded, somehow knowing that would not be too hard to act out. “I’ll be by your side at all times”, he added, hoping to relieve some fright in her.

“I know. We should....we should...get used to each other”, her trembling lips made out.

Angel nodded, waiting for Willow to get closer to him, but to his shock she remained where she was.

“I’m waiting”, she said sharply.

Angel looked at her surprised. Any doubts he still had about her drifted away. He got up and walked over to her, a grin on his face.

“Maybe it would be good if you told me what she did...that way I can act similar, or show me”, she said, feeling goosebumps on her skin.

He would love to show her exactly how she had touched him, <them maybe I could....>, he mentally slapped himself.   “ was rather...intimate”, he tried to explain, shaking off his uneasiness.

“Oh..OH....well that’s part of how I act...I mean she acts....then I would also...most likely...need the same...if they saw us like that”, she said blushing, she was sure she bright red.

“Most likely.....then you will have to..touch me”, he said, hoping she was as aroused by the idea as he was.

Willow’s stomach flip-flopped.

“She also likes...licking me”, he added, his eyes becoming dark.

“Ah...licking you?”, she asked, her knees becoming weak.

Angel simply nodded. Her heart beat quicker as she felt herself become a bit lighter.

“Then....ah..we should....if you...did you...touch me?”, she asked needing to know.

Angel wasn’t sure how to answer. He had technically grabbed her finger, that was considered touching, though he looked more.

“Only if you let me”, he responded in a sexy soft tone Willow had never heard before.

Images came to mind, as her body temperature rose to a staggering new high. He seemed to be able to evoke sensations she had never felt before <Dammit, he’s only looking at me> She scolded herself, trying to pay attention to the matter at hand, or wasn’t that what she was doing?

She fought back the words she wished to yell <Of course. Anytime>. She blushed a deeper red <Oz , remember, Oz> She nodded in agreement. “Show me”, she whispered as she became entranced with his dark eyes that seemed to have a glow a bit.

Angel stepped a bit closer, causing Willow to take a deep breath. He took her small hand in his and slowly placed it on his chest, then slowly began to move it lower. Willow did not dare look any where other then his eyes. She swallowed hard as her mouth went dry. Her eyes grew wide as her hand cupped him. Angel’s would only reflect the desire to have her. She seemed to be able to arouse him quicker then her counterpart, then anyone else for that matter. Willow’s mind closed as she let her body react to his actions. Willow did not move away, but arched into him slightly. His impulse grew and pulled her against him, his mouth claimed her lips. Angel let go of her hand as his hands encircled her waist. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck as their kiss became urgent. His tongue seeked access, her lips parting, her tongue inviting him in. Her hand caressed his hair, wanting more.   She broke away from the smoldering kiss, drawing in breath. Angel trailed soft kisses down her chin to her neck. She knew what he wanted and titled her neck to her side, allowing him better access. Angel nibbled the area her knew he would soon taste. Willow felt his fangs pierce her soft skin. Pain was soon replaced by a pleasure she had never felt. She pressed herself closer to him as her hands pressed his head closer. Her head tilted a bit back as her lips moaned his name. Angel had lost himself in her. He tasted the sweet blood that he could have. The taste was overwhelming, addictive, simply put, wonderful. The mixture of pureness, innocence, and all that made Willow was intoxicating, a powerful brew for his senses. He had also tasted something else, something he pushed away and stored in the back of his mind - was it possible to taste acceptance? He reluctantly pulled his fangs away and licked off the blood that had formed around the entrance wounds.  Willow had always wondered what it would feel like, but had never expected it to feel so erotic, so captivating, so intimate. She had almost protested when she felt his fangs retreat, only to feel his tongue replace them, pleasing her. She was in a dream she did not expect to wake from, until she heard Angel’s voice.
He pulled his head back and looked into her confused, passion glazed green eyes. “I hope I didn’t hurt you”, he said, not wanting to let her go.

“Never”, she replied still enraptured by his lips.

“Didn’t take too much?”, he asked softly, seeing her eyes soften. She looked at him intently, nodding from side to side. Willow was the first to wake from the trance they had created. She blushed as she un-wrapped her arms from his neck. However, Angel’s hands remained glued to her waist. She did not protest, but felt a tinge of glee over it. Their eyes searched each others, not sure what they were looking for. Willow broke the silence.

“Will you...I mean I need...need to see your ‘game face’”, she told him.

He was shocked by the request, but knew why. He hesitated for a moment, then did as she asked.

Memories of Angelus flooded her mind. She closed her eyes for a moment, reminding herself it was Angel not Angelus before her. <Angelus no longer exists>. She summoned her courage and opened her eyes. Her hand slowly met his face, tracing over the features that were part of who he was. He stepped back from her touch, only to have Willow step two steps forward.

“I trust you Angel”, she said, her hand still caressing his face.

Angel slowly slipped his human face back. He fought against the urge to hug her, it was not the best thing to be so close to her at this time. “We’ll trust each other”.

“Always”, she replied, her voice becoming light and soft.

At that moment she saw Angel’s eyes turn a bit darker. He simply nodded. She felt his head slowly lean into hers, his lips bruising hers. She calmly placed her hands on his arms, which had remained on her waist. Her body tingled at the anticipation of his soft, smooth, cold lips.

“Aren’t they done yet?”, Xander whined as he began to open the door.

Willow and Angel jumped apart at the sound of his voice. They turned to see the small group re-enter. Willow flashed them a quick smile, hoping they couldn’t read the guilt, mixed with happiness she currently wore on her face.

“Angel, did you both do *it*?”, Giles asked.

Angel looked at him like a teenager caught in the act.

“No,”, they both said in unison, a bit panicked.

“Don’t lie....”, Xander said as he walked over to Willow.

Angel and Willow looked at each other, not sure what to say.

“I can see the bite marks from here”, taking a better look at them.

“Yes, bite..”, Angel said, relief in his voice.

“Bite right...we did, I mean he did”, Willow added.

“Do they hurt?”, Xander asked, wondering if he could touch them.

“ they don’t”, she answered as she touched them with her hand, looking over at Angel for a moment and seeing something she rarely saw from him, a small smile directed at her.

“We should get going then”, Buffy said quickly, not wanting to hear the details of how it had happened.

“Ready?”, Giles asked her, still not sure this would work.

“Now or never”, she replied.

The group walked out of the library and headed to the Bronze.


 “You can do this”, Angel whispered in her ear.  They were less then a block away from the Bronze when the final details of the plan had been laid out.

“Willow, you and Angel try to get as many vampires out of there as you can. Try to get the people out of harms ways if you can”, Giles instructed.

“We will”, she replied, squeezing Angel’s hand tightly.

 Giles went to cover the back exit of the Bronze as Buffy and Xander remained by the entrance. Xander was still weak, but had refused to remain in the library. He could help as he could.

“It’s show time”, Xander said.

“Be careful”, Buffy told them as she reached over and touched Angel’s hand. He looked at her and nodded. She took a quick glance and noticed he still held Willow’s hand.

“We will”, he replied.

“Don’t get hurt”, Xander told Willow as he hugged her. Angel looked on, not very pleased. He pulled Willow back slightly.

“I won’t”.

“Good”, he replied with a smile.

“So what’s the sign?”, Buffy asked.

“The fighting, the yelling, the screaming”, she explained.

“We’ll change in”, she said.

She walked with Angel to the entrance of the Bronze. She took a deep breath, then reminded herself not to breath again. She knocked on the door and let go of Angel’s hand. The door slowly opened . She flashed the same cold smile that had greeted her at the library earlier that night, to the vampire at the door. She stepped in and slowly walked over to the center of the Bronze. The vampire hissed at Angel, then stepped in front of him, stopping him from entering. Willow turned and did not like what she saw <Character, remember the character>

“Why did you stop puppy?”, she demanded, angry.

“Well...he was...I didn’t think..well..”, the vampire tried to explain to her, afraid he might end up like the last vampire you had dared question her.

 “He’s mine”,  she said, trying to lose her patience.

“I’m sorry mistress”, he said, stepping away from them both, bowing his head down. Angel placed his hand on the lower part of her back and pushed her a bit forward. Willow swallowed, trying to find the edge the vampire had on people <think like a vampire> She shrugged off her nerves, but almost jumped forward as she felt Angel’s hand slid down and comfortable cup a cheek. She looked at him for a moment and saw him nod his head forward. They were greeted by her second in command and Anya.

“What is he doing here?”, Anya asked a bit worried.

“Puppy decided to play”, she answered, hoping that would be a good enough response.

“Are you sure he can be counted on?”, the other vampire asked.

“Completely”, she replied, but could see the doubt in his face. Angel looked at her a bit worried. Willow thought of a million words to say in order to convince him, but knew they wouldn’t work. She needed to show them.  She faced the vampire who had questioned her judgment. She smiled and placed her index finger inside her mouth, sucking on it, then bit it. She blocked out the pain and took her bleeding finger out her mouth. She showed it to him, then turned to look at Angel. He knew what to do.  Willow held out her finger to him as he walked over. “Clean”, she instructed. He happily supplied his mouth.  “Puppy hungry?”, she asked.

“Yes mistress”, he replied softly.

“Come and drink”, she said.

Angel moved closer to her and changed into his game face. She moved closer to him, pushing his head past her neck, right on top of her right breast, offering him what she wished to give him. She braced herself for his bite, remembering how pleasurable it had felt. He did not disappointment. He bit her a bit harder this time, enjoying the taste of her completely. Before Willow lost herself in him she stopped him.

“Stop”, she demanded, and Angel did just that, her blood fresh on his lips and chin. She went with her impulse, as nauseous to her as it sounded, it aroused her more. She kissed him roughly, tasting her blood, smearing some on her chin.

Her mouth left his, surprised that his game face no longer scared her as before. She grinned at him, happy with his obedience.

“Good boy”, she said as her hand patted his nicely curved ass <There no is way I am leaving without touching it once>.  She turned to the vampire, looking him straight in the eye.  “On every level. If your good, we can play later”, her sexy voice surprising everyone.

Angel was sure every vampire would do anything to play with Willow. Her sexual energy oozing off her in tides.  The vampire nodded enthusiastically.

“Where is she?”, Anya asked anxious to get back to her world.

“Dead”, she simple replied.

“What?”, she asked surprised.

Willow thought quickly, trying not to panic. Angel came up behind her, placing his hands on her waist, his lips on her neck, nibbling up to her ear. Willow relaxed as she heard his soothing words.  “Why go back when this world can be mine too. We can...find someone else later”, she replied.

 “Great, now I’m stuck here”, she said her angrily.

Willow ignored the comment and started to unfold her plan.

“I want you two to go and check the perimeter. Bring in anyone you see”, she instructed. Angel squeezed her waist, his mouth now nuzzling her neck.

“What should we do?”, the vampire asked.

“Make an army”, she quickly replied knowing what he would ask.

“But I thought you wanted to go back home?”, Anya asked suspiciously.

“Do you really want to ask me again?”, Willow said in a deadly tone, sending a shiver of fright down every one’s back, a bit more of an arousal for Angel.

Visions of what had happened earlier flashed in Anya’s head and preferred to live.

 “Everyone?”, the vampire asked.

Interesting question, her nerves pointed out.

“You two, go see what happened to the other two I sent out”, she instructed <Good, four out>. Willow stepped away from Angel, her mind thinking what to say. “No, no...only who you think is worthy to change, the rest you can, I mean we can feed from”, she replied.

“We choose?”, he asked surprised.

“Yes, of course....for behaving”, she told him, seeing the panic in Angel’s eyes.

“Thank you mistress”.

“ should divide them...against that wall. Select, not bite”, she explained. She turned to the doorman. “Go see what’s taking so long”.  He did as he was asked. <Five, six left, a fair fight>.

Anya still wasn’t completely convinced as she saw the vampires begin to select the people. She went next to her, hoping she failed the quiz.  “I see your boyfriend isn’t one of the lucky ones chosen to cross over”.

Willow was about to reply to the comment, but caught herself before she fumbled. “You mean his Willow, he’ll get to join her”.

“It must be hard for him to see you like this, cheating on him. It’ll be harder on the Slayer when she knows you secretly played with Angel.”

Willow felt a brick of guilt laid on her. She looked at Angel and beckoned him to come to her with her eyes. He was in front of her in an instant.  “You see Anya”, she began to say, her hand moving to his groin and rubbed it softly.  “I only play and want this toy...and”   She held her breath as she grabbed Angel’s hand and placed it between her thighs, letting him cup her womanhood. “...he'll only craves this toy now”.   She looked over at Anya and smiled wickedly. She grabbed his head and pulled his head down to kiss him open mouth. Angel responded like a greedy man, sucking in her tongue. Willow stopped it suddenly, leaving Angel in a bit of a daze. “I hope that answers your question”, she concluded.

 It had answered all her questions and knew she would never question her again.  The selection was complete. On one end were the dead, on the other the chosen.

“Should we begin?”, the next in command asked.

She needed more time. “Not yet....go and find the others....if they have fed...kill them”, she decided on. It was the best she could do for now.  He nodded and left with another. <Four more> That would have to be enough, Angel would take on four on his own <better if one less> After a minute of silence, she knew it was time to end the game. “Something isn’t right. You, out, find them”, she said. He hesitated, but soon went out.  She looked over at Angel and nodded. Willow turned around and punched Anya in the face, knocking her out.  “Ouch!”, she yelled, her hand in pain.  That was the distraction Angel needed as he attacked the remaining three. Willow ran over to Oz.   “Get them out, through the back”, she told him and began to yell at the people to leave. Oz grabbed Willow’s hand and started pulling her out with him. She resisted as a flow of people began to scream and run out. She looked at him and simply said, “Angel”. She tore away from his grasp and went to help her friend. Three vampires were on him. She reached for a chair and looked at which one to hit. She choose her man and whacked him in the back, making him fall over in pain. She ran to the pool table and grabbed a stick, but it was too late.

One of the vampires had followed her and grabbed her from behind. She struggled against him, but his grip was too tight. “Now for my taste”, he hissed.  Willow screamed, fear washing over her. The vampire was soon gone, dust covering her back. She turned and fell into the arms of her hero.

Buffy, Xander, Giles and Oz entered the club and heard the soft sobs of the woman that Angel held.
The vampires were dead and only one remained.


<Why did I cry?, why did I cry?>, she continued scolding herself as she stood in front of the mirror. She was embarrassed by her childish actions. She wiped away the tears and splashed cold water on her face.  She had cried in Angel’s arms for what seemed like forever. He had held her, caressing her hair, soothing her with his words, never rushing her. They had walked back in silence as she continued clinging on to him. Oz and Xander had tried to cheer her up, make her feel protected, but the only arms she felt safe in were Angel’s. Giles had sighed in relief, grateful they had reached the school. “Are you sure you want to send her back?”, he asked her over his shoulder as he opened the door to the entrance.

“She doesn’t belong here, Giles. We might change her world if she doesn’t go back”, she reasoned.

Willow pulled away from Angel, letting them know she needed to stop at the restroom.

“Do you want me to wait?”, Angel whispered to her before letting go of her hand.

She smiled, more tears welling up. “I’ll see you in the library”, she replied, still a bit shaky.

Now here she stood, looking at a very confused, shaky self in the mirror. She closed her eyes, her mind drifting off to what had happened. <How do I face them?>.

 She didn’t have time to dwell on it now, they still had one vampire to take care of. She gathered what she had left of courage and took a deep breath. She tried to control her trembling hands and opened the door, stepping out into the hallway. To her surprise someone had waited for her.

“Are you O.K.?”, he asked concerned.

Willow gave him a weary smile.

“I’m fine, you didn’t need to wait”, she said, her timidness coming back in full force.

“I wanted to. Their waiting for us at the library”, he replied, wondering how she was really doing.  They walked to the library, an uneasy silence between.

They were greeted by a very awake vampire.

“Nice, very nice”, she remarked as she saw Angel and Willow walk in.

“Did you find the spell?”, she asked, trying to ignore the comment.

“I have some additional books that came in recently. They might have want we’re looking for”.

“So where are they?”, Buffy asked.

“In the mail room”, he replied.

“Anything then being here, she’s giving me the wiggin’s”, Xander commented as he took a look at the vampire.

“I use to give you something else”, the vampire said with a smirk.

“O.K., I will meet you there”, he said as he stood and headed out the door.

“Can you keep an eye on her Angel? She’s awake, and I don’t have another tranquilizer.

“I’ll keep an eye on her”, Angel replied, not daring to look at either Willow.

“We shouldn’t be too long”, Buffy told him with a smile, hoping he might to go and patrol with her later.

“Hopefully”, Giles added.

The group left, leaving Angel alone with the vampire.

“You’ve taken a shine”, she commented, eyeing him carefully.

“What?”, her voice disturbing his thoughts.

“Puppy likes someone else”, she teased.

Angel eyed her carefully as he leaned against the table.

Willow could see it in his eyes.

“I can be naughtier”. she said innocently.

He was sure she could, even though that called out to him, it was something else he craved. His hand yearned to touch the part he knew he was the first to touch, hold, caress. <What did she say>, trying to remember her exact words.

“I only play and want this toy...and......he’ll only crave this toy now”.

Just the memory was making him hard.

Willow was losing her temper. He seemed to be drifting off every time she spoke with him, something that displeased her very much.

“Puppy, I can make you smile”, she told him as she took off her sweater, waiting to see his reply.

Angel returned to the present and  looked at her, a cruel smile greeting her.

He walked over to the cage and hit it once, making Willow jump back in excitement, her tongue licking her lips.
He took out the key to the cage and opened it, quickly entering and closing it behind him. He walked up to her and pushed her against the wall.  “Want to play?”, he asked, knowing that was what she wanted. She simply nodded, wondering how rough he could be.  He grabbed her arms and pulled them above her head, making her
vulnerable to his touch. He rubbed himself against her, taking out a pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket,
the same she had used on him. “How much do you want me?”, he asked, his mouth hovering above her
mouth. Her hips thrusted toward him, showing him how much she needed him.  “That much?”, he smirked, placing the handcuffs on her hands, over a bar in the cage. She stood in front of him, a bit suspended. His hands massaged her body, cupping a breast, twisting the nipple. Willow moaned, enjoying his hands, enjoying
the pain. His mouth tasted the cold flesh of her neck, his teeth lightly grazing her skin. She shivered, rubbing her body against him. Angel’s hands wondered over her body, his hand slipping into her skirt as the other grabbed her ass. Willow was already wet, she couldn’t wait to have him in her. He pushed her further against the wall, making it hard for her to move. She wanted to touch him, but was not allowed to. She screamed out loud as she felt his finger part her lips and begin to rub her. He continued his assault of kisses from her neck to the top of her
breasts, his fingers working their magic. She was close, so close. He knew it. “Close your eyes”, he told her looking into her eyes, a cruel smile on his face.

“Puppy...”, she panted.

“Do you want your surprise?”, he asked.  She nodded, feeling his fingers slow down for her disobedience. She closed her eyes. “Very good”.  She groaned in protest as his hand retreated, savoring the moment when he entered her in full force. She waited, as his hands left her body, knowing he wanted to tease her a bit more. Then she heard it. A lock. Her eyes flew open as she saw Angel on the other side of the cage. She was furious, shifting to her game face. She growled at him as she began to fight against the imprisonment of her hands.  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, he told her with a smirk on his face.  She stopped, knowing he had said it for a reason.
“Wouldn’t want to burn yourself” She hissed at him, wondering if it would be true. “Holy Water can do that to a vampire”, he remarked as he walked over to the counter and jumped on it to sit. He looked up and smiled, taking a book from a stack and began reading it lazily.

She was furious.  “This is the closet you will ever get to your Willow. I hope you liked it for your last time”, she reminded him with a smile, hoping to get a response.

Angel licked his finger and carefully turned the page. She pouted, rolling her eyes. She had not received any response, her blood boiling in anger. She shook her arms a bit and heard a rattle.  <Bastard>. Angel remained quite, her words impacting him. He refused to let her see his anger at her remark. He would not give her that satisfaction. It was a truth that bothered him, unnerved him. He remained turning the pages, his mind solely on the woman who was marked forbidden.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Oz looked over at his girlfriend. He still felt a bit uncomfortable being around her. A lot of things went on in the Bronze, things he would like to forget. She had not changed, her kinky out fit still calling attention. He noticed how Xander would glance over for a peek, even Giles sneaked a look once in a while. Yet Willow seemed comfortable in it, the shyness he knew seemed to have evaporated for the night.  Then there was Angel. He had touched his girlfriend, hell she had touched him as if by second nature. He tried to erase the memories, happy he had his old Willow back to him. The real Willow he loved. But he had to ask her.

 “Aren’t you uncomfortable in that?”, putting the book he was reading on the table.

“Not really. At the beginning a whole lot, but, not really”, she replied with a smile, continuing to read.

“Well at least you have a new costume for Halloween”, Buffy commented.

“You never know. It just might be a new look”, she replied.

Everyone let out a small laugh.

“Never, you’re more a fuzzy sweater..”, Buffy started.

“colorful...”, Xander added.

“simple kind of girl. I can’t wait ‘till it all goes back to normal, well normal in the hellmouth”, Oz ended.

“Absolutely”, Buffy agreed.

Willow looked up and growled in ward. She closed the book and through clench teeth spoke. “I found the spell”.

 “Great, now we can send freaky Willow back”, Buffy said happily.

<Great, but where will the new Willow go>

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

They entered to see the vampire handcuffed to the cage, growling at Angel, who sat quietly reading a book.

 “What happened?”, Giles asked concerned.

“She was a very bad girl”, Angel replied with a smile. He closed the book and jumped off the table, searching for the pair of eyes that he wanted to see. Willow looked at him and blushed, a stream of memories flashing in her mind. She broke the gaze, becoming fascinated with the floor.

“We’ll need to un-cuff her once we start the spell”, he informed him.

“I can *release* her”, he replied, looking at the vampire hiss at him.

“I want....I want to talk to her before we send her back”, Willow informed them.

 “Will, come on, do you really.....”, Buffy began to protest.

Willow saw Angel leave the library, without a question. <Why don’t they pay attention to me> “Buffy I didn’t ask you....I’m telling you”, she replied, some of her anger surfacing. Everyone looked at her shocked and heard a small chuckle come from the cage.  They remained frozen in place. “Alone”, she emphasized. Giles nodded and walked out of the library, the rest followed hesitantly.

“Small talk?”, the vampire asked her.

“How was your world?”, she asked, pulling up a chair to sit in.

“Better then here. I had fun in my world. You make me sad”.

“Why?”, Willow asked, fearing she already knew the answer.

“Because I was you”, she replied, her voice faint.

“How were you?”, she asked, her eyes becoming watery.

“Weak, afraid, tired, walked on, laughed on....lonely”, she replied.

Willow could no longer hold back her tears.

“I was offered the world Willow, I can offer it to you. The power, the revenge, everything you’ve always wanted, everything I have become”.  Willow looked at her counterpart as her tears stopped. “You liked being me Willow. I know you did”. Willow simple shook her head side to side, denying a truth in her she had realized until tonight.
 “I know you did Willow, because I know you, I am you”.

“No, we’re two different people, from two different worlds”.

The vampire laughed. <The girl acts too naive>

“Not too different Willow. You like Puppy too”.

“Of course...Puppy...,I mean, Angel is my friend”.

“Oz is a friend, Xander too maybe, but no, Angel isn’t a friend”.

“How would you know?”

“I like Xander, but he’s a boy compared to Puppy. Puppy makes me happy, Puppy makes me come”, she replied, looking at Willow.  Willow remained quiet, not able to say anything. “You know. You’ve touched Puppy”, she analyzed happily.

“I love Oz!”, she screamed at her.

The vampire smiled happily at her, a chuckle escaping her lips. “O.K. and I’m alive”, she replied. Willow changed the topic.

“We should change”.

“Think of it as a gift. You need it more then I do”, she replied.

They spoke a bit longer, the vampire asking her share of questions. Unconsciously, Willow made a decision that night, one that would change her completely.

It had been two weeks since they had sent the vampire back to her world. Two weeks since she stood in the Bronze and commanded the world.  Everything had gone back to normal, everything but Willow. She slowly
began to withdraw from the small gang. It had been gradual. She still attended the meetings Giles held in the library, do the research he needed, but something was different. She had frequent excuses for Oz about not being able to attend his gigs, or not meeting Xander at the Bronze, more then anything she made excuses not to go and patrol  with Buffy. Her frequent route now was to Amy’s house.

“Are you sure you still want to do this?”, Amy had asked her.

“I have to Amy”, she simple replied.

Amy had understood her. At this point Amy seemed to be the only one who did understand her. Willow was scared, but she knew she needed to do this.  “Willow, are you going to be O.K.?”, Amy asked, worrying about her friend.

“I’m not sure, but this is the only way I’ll know”, she replied, getting up from the floor of Amy’s bedroom.

 “Remember everything we did, not forget, Willow, please don’t forget”, she told her as she hugged her.

“I will, don’t forget the plan”, she reminded her.

“Never, be careful”, Amy said, pulling away from her friend.

“I have to go and meet Oz”, she told her as she grabbed her purse and headed to the door.

“Take care, Willow”.

“You too Amy, you too.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Baby why?”, Oz asked as he tried to place his arms around her. Willow kept her distance. She moved each time he tried to move close to her.  “I need...I need time Oz...I need space...”, she explained as best she could.
“Is this about Xander, is that it, you want Xander instead?”, he asked angry, sure that had to be the reason she was doing this.

“This isn’t about Xander, this is about me”, she told him again.

“No, no, you can’t be doing this to me, you can’t”, he mumbled not wanting to hear her anymore.

“I don’t want to hurt you Oz, I really don’t....”, she said fighting back tears.

“This is a very strange way of showing it. You know what, I don’t want to talk about this now. We’re both angry and we said some pretty harsh words to each other so let’s calm down and talk about this tomorrow”, he told her, maintaining his cool.

Willow didn’t want to talk about this tomorrow, she wanted to talk about this now. “Oz, please try to understand me....”

 “I do Willow, more then you know, that’s why I think it would be best if we talked about this tomorrow, when we’re both calm and clear headed. Willow I love you, that won’t change. I  know you love me, not Xander, you need to see that. We’ll talk tomorrow”, he said turning around and walking away.

Willow wouldn’t believe it. Tears fell down her face. That was the problem, he never did listen to her. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheeks. She opened them and took a deep breath, and began to walk home, her mind concentrating on the plan ahead. She never noticed the shadow following her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow changed and took a final look at herself in the mirror. It was nice to see herself in something she usually never wore. She wore snug black jeans, with a simple white v-neck T-shirt. She had placed her hair back in a pony tail and wore very little make-up. She was aiming for the natural look. She was ready. She turned to her laptop
and picked it up from her desk. She grabbed her new cell phone as well and placed them on the bed, inside the suitcase. She looked in her pocket and made sure she had her money and ATM card. All the presents she had ever received in dollar amounts she had placed in the bank.  <I’ll finally get to use it now> She grabbed her ticket from her dresser and put it in her pocket. She went back to the bed and closed up the suitcase. She placed her gray sports cap on and grabbed her suitcase. Mid way down the stairs she heard the horn of a car. She hurried down, knowing her cab would be waiting for her outside.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

She had planned everything, everything down to the tee. Now she sat in the airport, having to rethink her travel plans. She looked at her watch. It was 7:30 p.m. Her original destination had been Canada. Toronto. She had planned to use her unused airline ticket from earlier this year for the flight, there was just one problem she had overlooked.  The ticket was a one way purchase. Any return flight outside of California would be too expensive for her, especially with such short notice. Even staying in California would be expensive, at least taken half of the money in her ATM out. It was hopeless. She could take a bus or train out of Sunnydale, but that would cut in on her time.  If she was going to leave, it would have to be tonight. The problem was where. She kicked herself for not
calling the airlines earlier. She sank to the floor of the airport, her mind had overlooked the most important
part and now, after so much, she did not know where to go. She was too deep in her thoughts to see or hear the person who stood now inches away from her, since her hands covered her face in despair. Her head  looked forward as she heard a heavy thump on the floor next to her. It was a large duffel bag.
Her blood froze as she heard his voice.

“So, where are we headed?”