Disclaimer: These characters belong to  Joss and Co.  This is just for fun.

A Snowball's Chance in Hell
By Dagney

Part 1

Present day, LA California, Aug. 22nd 3:05 a.m.

Angel quietly walked back into his bedroom.  A dozen candles flickered in the humid air, casting dancing shadows about the room.  Angel looked down at the sleeping beauty, languidly stretched across the burgundy sheets.   Her alabaster skin seemed to glow; a fine sheen of moisture overlaid her flushed face and breasts.  Her crimson hair fanned out and melded into the dark sheets.   One pale arm was thrown back over her head, as if offering her pert breast up to him. His gaze traveled across her flat abdomen, his already erect shaft twitched painfully, as her parted legs afforded him a view of her glistening neither lips. He would take her again.  He needed to be buried
deep inside her tight, hot center, feel her heart beating furiously against his chest; hear the music she makes as she comes; taste her fiery blood.

Willow, sweet sexy, passionate, Willow, he knelt upon the bed, and moved to take her offered breast in a kiss.  He froze as he noted her creamy skin marred by bruises.  Angel realized that he had made those bruises, his hands
gripping her breast to roughly, teeth marks. Angel shifted his weight, < what have I done? >  His eyes found bruises forming about her hips; his fingers had left those marks.  < What have I done?  I foolishly forgot who and what I am in her arms.  I'm a monster!  I'm a monster, even as I see what I've done, I still want nothing more than to just take her again! >  Angel moved off the bed, gathered the fallen sheet and covered Willow's naked form.  He looked at her sleeping form at whispered, "I'm sorry, Willow."  A single red tear dropped onto the burgundy sheet.  Angel grabbed shirt, shoes and pants, quickly dressed and left the apartment. < I have to get away, to clear her out of my head. >

4:08 a.m.

Willow awoke not sure where she was for a minute.  Then her sleepy mind replayed images as her body confirmed what her brain was telling her.  She sat up quickly, the sheet falling, < Oh Goddess! What have I done?  Angel...
the spell.. his soul... it worked...  It had worked hadn't it? > Willow's eyes darted about the room.  The evening's events flooded her mind, her face flamed, and her sex ached.  < Things kinda snowballed.  Oh Goddess, what have I done? >  Willow threw back the sheet and moved off the bed.  Her motion set the chains still attached to the metal bed frame clanking noisily. < Great, wake the dead, while you're at it!  That was my first mistake, I should have never unchained him.  What must he think of me? >  Willow quickly gathered her clothes and dressed. < I wonder where he is? >  Willow crept into the living room.  She scribbled a note for Angel and left.  As the sun was rising Willow was headed back towards Sunnydale.

5:00 a.m. Angel's Apt.

Angel felt a bit more under control.  He would make Willow some breakfast and they would talk.  He would apologize and beg her forgiveness.  Angel needed blood he moved into kitchen and opened the fridge.  He took out a pint and opened the microwave.  It was then he noticed the note.  He read it in the dim light of the open microwave:


Congratulation on having your soul anchored.  I know you were wary about the spell, but it worked. Now you and Buffy can be together. Remember our agreement, you promised not to reveal who anchored your soul.  I'd also appreciate if we didn't talk about this evening again.  I had to get back to Sunnydale.  Bye


" Damn!" Angel swore.

Part 2

August 22nd 5:00 a.m.

Angel was very upset that Willow left without giving them the chance to talk about what had happened between them. < Well she obviously wanted to get away from me as soon as possible.  I probably traumatized her.   I should have never gone along with her spell.  Willow explained everything and said it would just take a quick thirty minutes.  I can't deny I wasn't intrigued by the chance to anchor my soul.  And despite my protest to Willow, the ritual required to complete the spell wasn't exactly unpleasant. >

 < I was in control, not the demon, yet I didn't behave much better than him.  The demon Angelus, took his pleasure however and whenever he wanted.   But me, I never expected.... never experienced ...with anyone before ... sweet, generous Willow.   Have I lost a good friend, in exchange for several hours of the hottest sex I've ever had, with the added bonus of getting my soul anchored permanently? >

Angel began to pack a bag as he thought back upon his leaving Sunnydale for LA.    He expected he would loose touch with everyone there.  He was pleasantly surprised when he got a card from Willow one week after he had
taken his apartment.  In the card she said she understood why he did what he did.  She explained that she would keep his new address a secret if he wanted.  Angel assumed she had gotten the information by hacking into some
computer database.  She let him know that she was going to continue to look for a spell to anchor his soul, so that he and Buffy could be together.  Willow also offered her continued support and friendship to Angel.

Angel missed Buffy horribly, especially the first month.  He didn't expect, however, to miss the rest of the Scooby gang as much as he did.  He missed Giles' logic and steadfastness. Xander despite his annoyance factor was loyal
to his friends and under his teasing facade was a very brave young man.  He had seen Xander face vampires and demons that most men would run from.   It wasn't until he was away that he fully appreciated his friendship with
Willow.  He missed her unbroken faith in good overcoming evil. She displayed maturity beyond her years.  She was compassionate and empathetic with others.  When she entered a room or gave one of her willowy smiles, he felt warmth in his cold body.  She had given him back his soul and now anchored it permanently.  Angel sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He cursed himself and the damn daylight; he would have to wait to before he could follow her.

Somewhere along the California Freeway
7:00 am

Willow was starting to hit commuter traffic.  It forced her to reduce her speed. < I need to get home and shower.   Goddess, I can still smell him on me.  What if Buffy is still home when I get there! I can't believe I let that
happen.  I mean I was prepared for the spell, I knew what the ritual required.  But I never expected.. well... things just kinda snowballed into frenzied sex. >  Willow looked at her  flushed reflection in the rearview mirror, < your more like your evil counterpart than you ever imagined. >

Willow's sex throbbed as her mind began to drift back to her experience with Angel.  A loud horn sounded, rudely shaking Willow out of her daydreams.  She quickly pulled her car away from the semi truck she almost collided with.  Her body on full alert from the adrenaline rush, her legs and hands were shaky.  She decided to exit the next ramp.  Willow pulled the car over on the shoulder off the ramp.  She lay her head down across her arms, resting on the steering wheel.  < Oh Rosenberg, what have you done? >

Angel's Apartment
7:15 am

Angel hung up the phone after talking with Doyle.  Doyle wanted to know what suddenly had come up to take him out of town.  Angel lied to Doyle saying he was needed back in Sunnydale to help with a new prophecy.  Doyle pointed out that was what Spike was there for, to help the Scooby gang.  Angel once again tried to get Doyle to tell him what he had on his childe to get him to agree to work on the side of good.  Doyle just laughed.

Angel decided to check his e-mail before leaving.  Ever since receiving Willow's card and e-mail address they began to correspond via e-mail and talk using instant message regularly. She kept him abreast of everything that was going on in Sunnydale.   Willow shared how her parents both accepted teaching positions in Boston at Emerson University.  She explained that since she had the whole house to herself she asked Buffy and Xander to be her roommates.   She gave detailed and often humorous reports of the gang's escapades in fighting demons on the hellmouth.  She expressed to him her hurt and disappointment in Oz breaking up with her when he took his band on tour.

 Angel found it easier to talk about things in this manner.  Willow teased him about changing from cryptic guy to loquacious seraph.  Seraph was the online name Willow bestowed upon him.  She thought it a clever pun.  Velma,
Willow's online name was still a puzzle to Angel.  Willow explained that Velma was the geeky, brainy, unattractive member of the Scooby Doo gang.   Angel, never having seen the cartoon gang the group adopted their name from, still could fathom why Willow identified with the character Velma.
As he sat in front of the computer, he flashed back to Willow's visit in July.  She came to LA to help him and Doyle set up a computer system to help with their detective agency.  Willow using her amazing hacking skills managed to give them access to the Los Angeles Police Department database.  They had a wonderful time weekend together, Angel couldn't remember when he had ever laughed so much or had such a good time. Willow made him feel like a live man, not an undead demon.   Angel slammed his hand down on the desk.  < Well,
you've managed to once again ruin what you've touched!  Willow may have been treating you like a man before but know you've show her how much a demon Angel still is. >

Part 3

The Rosenberg Home
8:10 am

Willow pulled into the driveway.  Her stomach was in knots. < Its guilt, plain and simple. How can I face Buffy?  I slept with the man she loves.... Well actually there was no sleeping... no cuddling.... Just the most incredible sex you've ever had.  Ok Willow, get out of the car, Buffy is likely still sleeping, and Xander should be at work by now. >

Willow entered the quite house.  She noticed the living room coffee tables littered with soda cans and empty Little Debbie snack boxes.  < Xander, you've got to pick up after yourself better than that! > Willow silently climbed the stairs and gathered some things and dashed into the bathroom.

Willow turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature and stepped into the stinging spray.  She let the water cascade over her back, as she picked up her lilac bath gel and scrunchie.  She began to wash her neck, yet as soon as the soft mesh cloth touched her neck, Willow felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her.  She remembered how Angel kissed and sucked at the tender flesh of her neck murmuring Rua, softly in her ear.  She ran the scrunchie over the swell of her breast. Willow ever so slightly arched her back as the lace work of the blue scrunchie grazed her nipple. She ran the mesh cloth over her nipple with more force.  Willow's breast was very tender and slightly sore from Angel's amative attention.   Willow hissed with sensual pleasure.   The steam of the shower, in the enclosed space, released Angel's unique scent.

Willow felt her clit and nether lips quiver remembering how Angel used his lips, teeth and body to pleasure her.  She ran the scrunchie down her torso and quickly ran the mesh material across her labia and clit.  Willow moaned
out loud. <  Oh Angel... felt so good when he touched me... when he filled me with his... Stop it! Stop it! He's your best friends boyfriend, he loves her... he just got caught up with the spell... > Willow hastily finished her shower.

Willow was feeling tenser after the damn shower than before. < I could quickly help myself... Goddess I need to. >  Willow stepped out of the shower and realized she hadn't gotten a towel in her race to shower.  She was
dripping everywhere.  < Just grab a towel out of the hall linen closet, on the way to the bedroom. >  Willow opened the door and hastily moved towards the linen closet.  She collided with a groggy Buffy.

" Buffy" Willow squealed surprised.  " Oh my Goodness Buffy!" Willow repeated flustered.

Hey, Wills, streak much?"  Buffy giggled.

"I.. uh... towel..." Willow rasped pointing at the closet door behind Buffy.

Buffy grinned, " It a good thing Xander's gone to work... Oh  my God!.. Willow! What happened? A vamp bit you!" Buffy exclaimed in alarm as she noted the twin holes marring the pale swell of Willow's left breast.  " Who?" Buffy demanded angrily as her eyes scanned Willow's body for other injuries.  Buffy noted what looked like bruises forming on Willow's hips; bruises in the shape of fingers.  Buffy instantly realized how Willow got them in the first place.

" I can explain.. it's not what you think.. it.." Willow sputtered flushing guiltily.

" Willow, how could you?  " Buffy shrieked.

" I didn't plan on this happening...  things just got out of hand." Willow replied looking at the carpet.   " I'm sorry Buffy, it's not going to happen again."

"Did that bastard force you Willow?" Buffy asked grabbing Willow's arm.

" No, don't blame him, he really didn't want to do it.  I had to persuade him." Willow explained.

" I doubt, Spike needed much persuading Willow!" Buffy exclaimed.  " You and he have gotten quite chummy in the past month.... I've seen him leering at you..."

" Spike?" Willow squeaked. < Oh my God, I thought she knew immediately, knew it was Angel, she thinks I had sex with Spike! >

" Willow, tell me your not hung up on that cold blooded soulless undead British bad boy?" Buffy asked.

Willow's head was spinning, < She thinks I was with Spike... >

" Buffy, I'm naked and dripping can we not talk about this right now!" Willow whispered, stalling for time.

" Sure Willow," Buffy said.  Willow moved round Buffy and grabbed a towel, and headed towards her room.

"Oh my God, Willow, It looks like you've got a hickey on your ass" Buffy shouted following Willow down the hallway.  " That kinky son of a bitch!" Buffy continued as she followed Willow into her bedroom.

Willow began to towel off, and Buffy walked in and plopped down on Willow's bed  " So tell me Willow, is Spike a good lover?"  Buffy asked. < The cocky bastard thinks he's God's gift to women.  I can't believe he and Willow.. >

" Buffy," Willow cried, "I don't want to talk about this."

"Man Wills, you must be sore.  From the looks of it he musta.."

" Buffy, out, get out!" Willow yelled. < I can't take this right now; I'm tired, feeling guilt about what I've done, and what I liked to do. >

" Jeez, Willow, what's the matter?  Spike not as good a lay as you expected, he leave you unfulfilled?" Buffy teased as she moved towards the door.

" He was incredible, fantastic, the best fucking sex I ever had!"  Is that what you want to know!" Willow snapped angrily.  < Great, yell at your best friend cause your upset with yourself. >

Buffy's eyes widened in surprise at Willow's tirade and response.  "I'm sorry Willow, I didn't mean to upset you, I'm just worried about you with him.. getting you feeling hurt or worse."  Buffy said softly.

< Great, she's apologizing to you; you're evil Willow Rosenberg. >  " Oh Buffy, I'm sorry, I'm just tired and.." Willow replied.

Buffy interrupted, "Are you sure you're all right, he didn't hurt you?"

" I'm fine," Willow said flatly < Liar, Liar pants on fire. >

" O.K., but we'll discuss this later."  Buffy said moving down the hallway towards the bathroom.  < You can bet I'm gonna talk to the blond love God too. >

Willow pulled on a pair of jean shorts.  As the temperature was expected to climb into the high nineties, she chose navy blue sports bra and a sleeveless red cotton top.  She combed her hair and clipped it up off her neck. < This
is just great...Oh no, what if Buffy interferes and talks to Spike?  What if she decides to dust him? I need to talk to Spike. What will I say to him? >  Willow's head started to throb and her stomach felt like she had swallowed
battery acid.  < We'll he sleeping now, I'll just go over to Giles' house and help with some research. >  Willow listened for Buffy to get into the shower and she sneaked out of the house.

Part 4

Angel's Apt.
10:30 am.

Angel had tried to do his Tai Chi meditations, but was unable to focus on anything except Willow.  He finally moved to the phone and dialed her number.  Buffy answered the phone on the third ring.  “ Hello” she said.

Angel didn’t know what to do.  < Hi Buffy, I need to talk to Willow?  Right, she would know immediately
something was up.>  “Hello”  Buffy repeated.  Angel hung up the phone and swore.

He walked back into his bedroom and  her scent assailed him.  Angel felt his groin flutter in response.  He
lay down upon his bed, and he moaned softly as her scent intensified.  Angel closed his eyes and he  replayed
the previous evening events over in his mind.

He was surprised when Willow had e-mail him asking if she could come visit.  Angel replied he would be
very happy to see her.  Willow arrived at his apartment at about 8:00 p.m..  She hugged him enthusiastically
as he opened the door.  When Angel released her from his embrace, he noted her face was a glow.

 “ Oh Angel, I’ve finally done it!” she exclaimed.

“Done what?” he asked, smiling.

“ I’ve found a spell that will anchor your soul!”  she replied, smiling happily.

Angel stood dumbstruck, Willow waved her hand in front of his blank face. “Angel,” she giggled,  “ did you hear me?” she asked

Angel nodded his head, still too shocked to speak. < No, more Angelus ever. > Angel felt a flicker of hope
he hadn’t felt in a very long time.  He then felt the demon struggle  inside him. < I’m going to kill the witch!>  “ No!” he shouted out loud in response to the demon’s thought.

Willow jumped.  “ I... thought you would..” she stuttered shyly.

Angel took her hand, “ I’m sorry, Willow, I would like nothing more than to have my soul permanently.  To
not have to worry about Angelus every again on the rampage....I.... Willow it’s too risky....if he were to
somehow assert himself.. he would kill you.” he said concern etched in his handsome features.

“ Angel, I can do the spell, it’s actually very simple.” she replied pulling him towards his leather sofa.

The both sat down, “ Willow, I couldn’t stand if anything happened to you.” Angel said softly, looking at the

Willow reached out and touched Angel’s cheek.  He lifted his dark eyes and met her emerald orbs.

“The spell is simple Angel, but it does require ...certain conditions... it has to happen...  to be effective..”
Angel noted  her flushed face, her brows scrunched up as if in deep concentration.  “Willow, I won’t risk
putting you in any danger.” he interrupted.

“Angel, there is no danger, it’s simple, I found the spell, I’ve given everything careful thought, I’ve even got
things planned out so that even in the worst case scenario, which isn’t going to happen.. I could give you
back your soul...if Angelus..were to somehow assert himself.” she replied.

“ What about the others, Giles, Buffy?  Willow, I’m sure they would want to help.. just to make sure Angelus never escapes again.” Angel commented.

Willow looked away her face suddenly a deep scarlet.  “ You’ve not told them... Willow, this spell must be
dangerous or you would have told them.” he said, as he moved to stand.

Willow, reached out and touched his hand, “No, it’s not dangerous, really.. it’s..  sit down and I’ll explain.”
The spell is simple, but the ritual that must be conducted...may be a little embarrassing for you..and that’s
why I didn’t tell anyone else.” she said.

“ Willow, if’ it really isn’t dangerous for you, I can withstand any silly ritual, no matter how embarrassing.”
he replied.

“ Good,” she said.  Angel noticed her resolve face in place.

“ So  tell me, do I need to  cover myself in chicken feathers or crow like a rooster?” he asked teasingly.

Willow laughed picturing Angel covered in feathers.  “No, as I explained the spell is very simple, four words
are spoken aloud as  two ingredients are mixed into a cup of holy water.  I drink the mix and then we have
thirty minutes to complete the ritual.” Willow explained.  Angel remained quiet waiting for her to continue.
“You see,  whatever conditions the original spell stipulated, that caused the soul to be lost  must be performed.”

< Is she saying what I think she’s saying?> Angel continued to stare at Willow.

“ So..the only thing needed is for you to bitemewhenyouorgaism.” Willow mumbled, her face flaming.

Angel drew in an unneeded breath. “No!” Angel said abruptly standing up.  < I need to get away from her.>
Angelus mocked him <You want to fuck her. Do it! Fuck the witch... you want to.>  “No!” Angel shouted

Part 5

Willow lifted the heavy book off her lap and set it onto the coffeetable.  Giles had left over an hour ago to run some personal errands.  < At least he'll be happy to know that my research on the gorgon demon found out that it
can't reproduce. >  Willow settled back onto the couch and rubbed her eyes.  < I'm going to have to go to the mansion soon and talk to Spike.  Buffy will be in his face for sure once she gets off work at the mall.  Hell, she might even decide to start patrol by staking him.  When exactly did I turn from Willow the competent, trustworthy witch hacker into bold face lying- sex obsessed fiend? >

Willow rested her head on the back of the couch.  Willow began to think back:

" No" Angel shouted.

" Look, Angel, it's not as if we really have to have sex.... I mean .." Willow explained as she rose from the couch.

"No!"  Angel moved towards Willow his eyes glowing yellow, "No, I will not bite you and there will be no sex!"

Willow stood her ground.  "Angel, I'm sure we can do this within a few minutes....please don't be embarrassed....if it will help you can close your eyes and pretend..."

Angel grabbed Willow by the arms in game face; "You don't get it! He wants nothing more than to take you and drain you," he growled.

"I know you won't hurt me Angel, and I can help so that Angelus won't hurt anyone ever again."  She murmured softly, looking into Angel's demonic visage.

Angel's face shifted back to his human form.  Angel pulled Willow into his arms, and hugged her tightly, burying his face in her silky hair. " I don't want anything to happen to you Willow, you're the best friend I every had."

Willow pulled out of Angel's arms.  " So let me explain the details...I need for you to help me get the supplies out of my car."


"What's in this bag Willow?  It feels like lead?"  Angel asked.

"Chains" she replied blushing.

Angel looked at her, eyebrows raised.   " Well, just in case.. if you're chained then I can fix things before.. well you know.." she replied.

Angel couldn't help but grin.


Willow had lit the candles and placed them as dictated by the spell about the bedroom.  She prepared the mixture and spoke the three magic words and drank the holy water elixir.  Willow moved over to the bed where Angel sat.

"Umm.. we need to chain you now, and before well..." Willow rasped, her face flaming, and her throat suddenly very dry.

"Willow ,we don't have to do this," Angel said softly, unable to meet her eyes.

" Get undressed, you can leave you boxers on if you want," she replied, meeting his dark eyes her resolve face firmly in place.

Willow watched as Angel unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it upon an armchair. < Oh Goddess, I'm so nervous what if I can't do this? >  Angel met her eyes once again as if asking her permission before removing his jeans. Willow managed a small smile. < This is Angel, your friend, remember this is just for...Oh salty goodness. >  Willow felt her face go even hotter as Angel stood totally naked before her. <He's beautiful, like a Greek statue. >   Willow's eyes took in his hairy but thickly muscled thighs, his narrow hips, his testicles were large and his member appeared to twitch under her curious appraisal.  Willow's wanted to run her hands over his abdominal muscles and feel them ripple under her touch.  His pale skin and sleek pectoral muscles adorned with two dark nipples, the hollows of his collar bone, Willow felt her body shiver in amatory anticipation. Angel moved towards the bed, and Willow's  breath caught in her throat as she saw his tight white ass cheeks.      < To knead his ass..spell.. spell.. doesn't involve caressing his ass.>

Angel lay down upon the burgundy, silk sheets.  Willow willed her legs to move, she picked up the heavy chain, and she walked to the bed and wound one end of the thick chain around the metal frame.  She brought the chain up along the side of the bed, and caught Angel's eyes.  His eyes were black, instead of their usual chocolate brown.  Willow felt a shiver run down her spine.

" Please lift your hands," she croaked.  Angel complied silently.  Willow wrapped the chain about both wrists, and she moved onto the bed, and managed to crawl over Angel's broad chest to the other side of the bed without
smacking him in the head with the end of the chain.  Her body felt like it had received an electric shock as her legs brushed against his naked form.  Willow wrapped the chain around the metal leg of the bed frame and threaded a
large padlock through the links of the chain to secure the metal restraints.

" Is that too tight?" she asked softly.  Angel nodded his head no. < Ok, Willow, clocks a ticking. >  Willow removed her cotton tee but left on her sheer white bra.  Angel had expressed great concern about biting Willow's
neck, so they agreed he could bite the swell of her breast instead.  She removed her cotton shorts and kept on her matching white panties.

"Willow... Willow?" Giles called, jarring Willow from her reverie.

"Giles, hi, I didn't hear you come in." she replied.

"Willow, are you feeling all right?  You're complexion is quite flush." Giles asked.

Part 6

Angel exhaled an unneeded breath. Her scent assailed him as he lay on the very sheets upon which they had passionate sex. < The demon wasn't the only one who wanted her.  I wanted her, I still want her! >  Angel groaned aloud, his thoughts drifted back:

< I'm totally naked and chained to a bed and shy Willow Rosenberg is about to... what?  Jerk me off?  Give me a blow job?  Ride me like a pony? >  Angel's body began to respond to his erotic thoughts.  < Great, I'm going to cum as she sits there and just watches me. >  Angel looked at Willow as she kneeled next to his hip.  He could tell her heartbeat had picked up, and he clearly saw her nipples outlined through the sheer white bra.  She seemed frozen; one slim hand was just hanging in mid air above his groin.  He wanted to tell her to stop.  He wanted to beg her to touch him.

He watched her pink tongue lick her lips.  He bit back a whimper as he felt his shaft twitch in anticipation.  Willow lowered her hand and ever so softly ran her hand over his testicles.

" So soft" she whispered barely audible

 Angel chuckled nervously, < No Rua, you're making me hard as a rock. >  He sucked in an unneeded breath, as she moved her other hand and ran it up the length of his growing shaft as she continued to cup and kneed his sacs.  Angel hissed.

Willow lifted her emerald eyes and met Angel's. < She's excited by this. >  Angel felt a surge of pride at Willow's ardor.  He arched his hips every so slightly to increase the pressure against her hands.

Angel watched Willow's pale breasts rise and fall more rapidly.  He could smell her arousal.

"Ugh" he grunted as she tightened her fingers around his rigid shaft.  She began to draw up her clenched fingers from his base hitting the sensitive underside of his head.

"Is that...are you.." she whispered huskily, meeting his dark eyes.

"Good, so good" he grunted. < I want you to fuck me! Fuck the demon right out of me Rua!>

"Ahhhh, Rua," Angel crooned huskily as Willow increased her grip and began to pump his cock harder.

Angel couldn't help but arch his hips trying to maintain contact with her hot hands.  He closed his eyes and felt her hands tugging and kneading his sacs, as his cock leaked pre ejaculate.  Angel's eyes flew open in surprise as he felt Willow's tongue lick the cum off the tip of his cock.  His arms pulled at the restraining chains, he wanted to touch her, feel her hot body.

Willow removed her tongue and stopped her ministration and looked into Angel's passion glazed eyes.  Willow smiled slightly and lowered her lips over the head of his cock and ran her tongue around the rim. She resumed her stroking of his rigid shaft.

Angel moaned aloud, "Rua!" his eyes drank in her flushed face, flaming hair and pale breasts as she sucked and licked his cock.  He knew he wasn't going to last much longer.  He could feel his game face and the demon Angelus struggled to pull free of the chains. < I'll fuck you and drain you dry witch! >

" Willow, now!" Angel cried.  Willow lifted her head and quickly straddled Angel's chest; she leaned forward on her arms, keeping her head and neck away from Angel's fangs.

Angel bit into Willow's offered breast.  He felt himself explode, his hips arching upward as he drank her sweet blood.  His body kept falling, he felt like he was dying... he was being pulled apart, he collapsed onto the bed and
slipped into darkness.

"Angel..  Oh Goddess.. Angel" he heard Willow calling to him.

Angel opened his brown eyes and gazed into Willow's frightened eyes.  " Angel, are you all right?" She asked.

Angel couldn't feel or hear the demon anymore.  " Willow, he's gone, Angelus is gone!"  He began to laugh and tried to move his arms to embrace her.  " You did it Willow!" he smiled and a red tear leaked from his eye.

Willow hugged him, " I'm so happy!  It worked."  Angel felt his body begin to stir.  Willow's warm body was on top of his, he wanted her.  He wanted to make love to her like a man and not worry about hurting her.

Willow quickly let go of Angel as if just realizing he was naked and still chained to the bed. She scooted off the bed, babbling as she unlocked the chains.  Angel sat up and unwound the chain, from his hands.

" I'm just going to..." Willow scampered into the bathroom, her face flushed.

Angel dropped the chain and rolled off the bed.  He pulled on a pair of boxers.  He was sticky from his own cum.  He moved to the bathroom door and was about to knock and ask if Willow was all right when the door suddenly

"Oh.. Hi.." Willow said uncomfortably.. " You probably want to.. I should get.." she moved around Angel.

" Willow" Angel, said.  She turned and looked at him.  " I can't thank you enough for helping me." He said earnestly.  Angel moved towards her and pulled her into a hug.  Willow returned the embrace, her hands rubbing his back.

Angel inhaled her scent, he could still smell her arousal, he could smell her blood, feel her silky skin under his fingers.  " Rua," he sighed against her ear as his hands caressed her back.   He wanted this woman, he wanted to
please her, hear her cry out from his touch.

Angel gently sucked Willow's ear lobe.  He felt her stiffen in his arms.  He pulled back slightly to look in her eyes. He ran his fingers down along her jaw line, across her cheek, and finally over her lower lip. He felt her inhale and exhale her warm breath against him.  He saw the need in her eyes. He lowered his lips and placed a feather light kiss upon her lips.  He felt her hands grip his back as he ran his tongue over her lips seeking entry into her hot mouth.  Willow moaned softly, and Angel thrust his tongue into her mouth.  He sucked at her tongue and he could taste himself.  He lowered his hands to her ass and pulled her closer to his body.  He rubbed his growing
erection against her eliciting another moan from her.  Willow tore her mouth away from Angel's and gasped for air.

" Rua, I want you, I want to make you cum...I want to hear you cry out my name." He whispered huskily into her ear.

Angel let out a groan as he felt Willow's warm hands on his ass.  He griped her by the ass and pulled her upwards, Willow raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist.  They both hissed in pleasure as their sexes rubbed
against one another seductively.    Their lips and tongues explored each other's mouth.  Angel moved towards the bed.  He lowered them both onto the bed; Willow slid her hands under his boxers and was cupping and kneading his ass.  He lowered his head and ran his tongue over the twin holes he had left on her breast.  Willow cried out and arched her breast closer to his mouth.

He shifted his mouth and sucked at Willow's nipple through the thin bra.  " Angel" she whimpered.   Angel unhooked the bra and suckled her bare breast with his lips and tongue.   He rubbed his thumb over her other nipple, pulling and pinching the tempting bud.  Willow began to thrust up against Angel.

" Easy, Rue," he said softly, pulling back from her lithe body.  He ran his hands over her pert breasts and down her ribcage and across her stomach.

" Angel" she keened.

He brought his hands out and grasped her slim hips, sliding his fingers under her panties pulling them down; Willow lifted her hips to help him remove the unwanted barrier.  Angel growled as he inhaled her intoxicating scent.  He ran his hands up the insides of her pale thighs and parted her folds with his fingers. Willow's sex was ruby red and dripping with need.  Angel lowered his head and ran his tongue along her swollen labia.  Willow began to pant and she gripped the sheets tightly.  He licked one side then the other; he rubbed one finger along her perineum.  Willow was trying to thrust her sex closer to his teasing mouth. Angel blew on her clit and Willow cried out louder, " Angel!"

He lowered his head and stuck his tongue in between her velvet folds.  He began to lap at her juices, as Willow wrapped her legs about his head and began to pull at his hair.  < She is like a wild creature.>

Angel pulled away and heard Willow cry out her disappointment.  He slowly teased her slit with one finger, rubbing her soft lips.  He watched her, feral like a cat, she clawed restlessly at the sheets.  He plunged one finger
in her sleek passage and she bucked wildly, he felt her tight walls grip his finger.  He felt his cock twitch in anticipation of her inviting sex.  He entered her with another finger and lowered his mouth to lick and suck at her
clit.  Willow screamed out his name and her body convulsived around him. Angel quickly moved and positioned himself at her entrance.  He waited until she opened her eyes and looked at him.  " I want.." she panted,  " I want..

Angel thrust his cock into her tight silken sex.  Her heat made his blood quicken.  His senses were his alone; he had no demon whispering in his head, he didn't have to share this woman with anyone. Willow wrapped her legs about his ass and she was sucking and nipping at his neck.  He felt himself about to come, he wanted to last longer, but he knew he couldn't, Willow was caressing his back and arching against him meeting his powerful stokes.  He moved a hand between their bodies and rubbed her clit.  Her orgasm griped his cock and he shot his seed into her, his head thrown back as he shouted her name.

Angel felt his cold seed against his stomach.  He wasn't aware when he had stripped again.  Angel's memories of his night with Willow waned much like his spent member.  Angel felt cold and alone. He knew it was dusk.  It was
time to go to Sunnydale.

Part 7

Giles Apartment
4:30 PM

Willow had shown Giles her resources in regards to the Gorgon.  He was very relieved to know the creature hadn't left an offspring behind when Buffy destroyed it three days ago.

" Giles, I've got to go, I'll see you tomorrow."  Willow said.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay and have some tea?" he asked.   " Buffy doesn't get off work for another hour." he reminded her.

" Well, I've got some errands to run," she lied. < Yeah right into a master vampire's lair.  What am I going to say?  Hi Spike, Buffy's wants to stake your ass cause she thinks you and I …>

"Willow, are you sure you're feeling all right, you look flush again?" Giles asked concerned.

" Fine.. fine, see ya tomorrow."  Willow left the apartment and got into her car.

Willow looked into the rear view mirror.  < Just checking to see that my nose hasn't grown. >


The Mansion

Spike was swearing.  "I can't believe the bloody poof.  He never could take responsibility for anything!"

" Spike?"  Willow called as she let herself into the mansion.  She heard Spike's voice and she followed it into the kitchen.  She was surprised to see a pair of bare legs, topped off by forest green silk boxers and a mighty fine
looking abdomen sticking out from under the kitchen sink.

"Spike?" Willow called again.

" Ow! I'll be a snowball in hell!"   Spike pushed himself out from under the sink, rubbing his forehead smearing grimy black gunk across it.  " Hello Pet, do you know anything about plumbing?  The Poof hasn't kept the estate up.  I can't get any water pressure in bloody sink.  I think its clogged." He growled, sticking his head back under the sink.

< This can be my chance to ease into things. >  " Actually I'm very good with my hands," Willow said smiling.  Willow noted the grime on Spike from the pipes.  She decided to take off her red shirt, before crawling under the
sink. <I'm wearing the sports bra, no biggie>

Willow took off her shirt, and got down on the floor and maneuvered herself under the sink.  It was a tight fit with the two of them.

"Spike you hold the light and let me see?" Willow directed.

" Ummm… yuck… it stinks…and it looks like the joint is rusted too." Willow murmured.

"We're going to need to unscrew the elbow and snake out the clog and replace it with a new one."  She explained.

" That's what I thought, and I found some brand new pipe joints in the pantry.  Just like the brooder to not finish something…. He musta bought the pipe knowing damn well the sink was going to need repairs." Spike bitched.

"Spike?"  Willow asked sweetly

" Hand me that wrench will you ducks?"

Willow managed to reach across Spike pick up the slippery tool, " We're friends right?" she asked shyly.

"Pet, we're friends if you want to borrow money, but if this about some mortal problem then no."  Spike answered as he began to twist the wrench against the rusted joint.


The Rosenberg home
Buffy was just coming out of the kitchen when the doorbell rang.  < Who can that be, probably Xander forget his key again. >

Buffy opened the door and her breath caught, " Angel" she gasped.

" Hi Buffy," Angel replied softly.

" Angel," Buffy repeated not quite believing her eyes.

" Can I come in?" Angel asked his eyes darting about the empty living room. < Where is she? I knew I was going to have to face Buffy but I'd hope to be able to talk to Willow first. >

"Sure, I'm sorry, Angel come in."  Buffy said stepping back to allow him in. < What in the hell is he doing here, I can't believe he just popped up thinking what? >

" What are you doing here?" Buffy asked snottily.

" I… I… came to Sunnydale.. I'm working on a case… I knew we would run into each other so I thought I would tell you that I'm here first… before…" he mumbled not able to look her in the eyes.

" I see, how did you know I would be here?" Buffy asked.

" I heard you and Xander lived with Willow.  Is she here?" Angel asked looking around at the stairs.

< I wonder who is telling you all about life in Sunnydale, probably Spike, just wait to I get my stake into that blond bastard, having sex with Willow and reporting to Angel. >

" Willow isn't here, and neither is Xander, so I don't want to keep you from your business, Angel, nice of you to stop by."  Buffy said sarcastically.

< Great I'm getting the heave- ho from my ex and I'm about to wet my self like an untrained puppy waiting for Willow to show up.  Angelus, may his demon soul stay in hell would know how to handle this situation. >


Spike had only managed to move the rusted joint a tiny bit.

"Pet, help me, get the other wrench," he asked pointing and the larger tool. Willow scouted out from under the sink.

"Spike, you see, a funny thing happened… well a little misunderstand is all.. Buffy thinks…" Willow babbled as she routed in the toolbox.

" Not that one, the other… yes" Spike replied as he craned his neck to see which tools Willow held.

Willow began to crawl over on her knees to get back under the sink.

"What the bloody hell is that?"  Spike bellowed, his hand gripping the wrench round the pipe, burst under his vampiric strength.

"Oh, Goddess," Willow squealed as cold water sprayed out from the burst pipe.

Spike shot out as quickly as the water his game face in place, dripping water and black refuge.  He grabbed hold of Willow, pulling her upright.  " Who marked you?" Spike growled menacingly.

"Wh..wh.." Willow opened and closed her mouth like a fish trying to speak as cold water continued to spray out in all directions.

"The water… you forgot to turn off the main valve," she croaked out.

Spike gripped her arms tightly and shook her, " Who dared touch you.. I'll rip em apart," he roared.

" Funny thing you should mention bodily harm, Buffy kinda thinks it was you," Willow replied nervously.

" What?"  Spike pulled Willow closer, lowered his head and pressed his face against the top of Willow's breast and inhaled.

Willow, cried out in surprise at the vampire sticking his cold wet nose down her cleavage, "Spike!"

"It was the Poof!  how dare he touch you .." Spike yelled.

" Spike, calm down.. I can explain." < Jeez, he's really angry. >  "It's not what you think."  Willow said, it was getting easier to tell boldfaced lies.
< I'm evil. >

"We need to turn the water off and call a plumber."  Willow said as she braved the water's spray, crawled under the sink and turned off the valve.

"Explain to me how Angel sunk his bloody fangs into your breast, Pet?"  Spike growled his yellow eyes still glowed with rage.

"Well you see there was this spell to anchor his soul, and Angel just had to drink some of my blood after I drank the potion. < He doesn't need to know the rest. > she explained.

"A spell…anchoring his soul.." Spike repeated her words.

"Yeah and he was so worried about taking too much we decided that it would be best from a place.. Not visible.."  Willow continued.

"That's all, he didn't hurt you or try anything funny?" Spike questioned her.

Willow blushed, < Well it did kinda tickle afterwards when he kissed and sucked on my ass. >  " No I don't think I like what you're implying" she lied trying to appear indigent.

" So the old man is permanently gonna brood?" Spike asked

"Yep no more Angelus."  Willow smiled.

" But Spike… Angel and I don't want anyone to know it was me that did it, I mean everyone would be all upset like you…. and well Buffy saw me leaving the shower and noticed the mark and we'll she jumped to the conclusion that we we're…  that we.. we're lovers."

Spike began to laugh, " The slayer things I'm shagging you?"

" What's so damn funny" Willow scowled at Spike.


The Rosenburg's

" So are you looking forward to college classes," Angel asked.

" Yes, I am, look, Angel, I'm glad you stopped by to talk, I mean you were right about us." Buffy said.

Angel expected it to be more difficult to be around Buffy.  He expected to feel drawn to her like before.  He still cared about her a great deal, but he didn't feel the passion or lust he had for her before. " I'm glad Buffy, I knew you deserved a better life than I could give you, and you have that chance now."  Angel said earnestly.

"Now I just have to convince Willow," Buffy sighed, shaking her head.

"What?"  Angel questioned his face a mask of concern.

"Oh, I've got to make her understand that it won't work out with a vampire, no matter how exciting the sex," Buffy lectured.

< I can't believe she told Buffy, > Angel just stared dumbfounded at Buffy.

"Or I just might stake the bleached blond bastard," she snarled angrily.

"What?" < The bleached blond vamp I know is..>  "Spike!"  Angel yelled jumping up from the sofa.

"Yeah, I can't believe Willow and Spike are lovers either" Buffy exclaimed.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Angel growled. < She is mine, mine, only mine!>

  Buffy just managed to catch sight of his vampire façade as Angel wrenched the front door open and took off towards his car.

"Angel wait!" Buffy yelled at the squealing tires.


The mansion

Spike had sent Willow into the bathroom for a warm shower.  Spike had dried himself off and was wearing another pair of dry boxers.  He was returning from the laundry room after putting their wet clothes in to dry, and was
about to get dressed when he heard a noise in the living area.

Spike strode out and was grabbed by Angel and was up against the stone wall before he knew what hit him.

"Where's Willow?"  Angel growled.

"Nice to see you too, don't tell me you've reverted back to your soulless state mate?"

"Shut the fuck up! Where is Willow?" he roared and hit Spike in the gut with his fist as he held him about the neck with his other hand. < The Poof is jealous.. he thinks I'm shagging her too..Now you know how much it hurts to
have your love with another. >

"She's having a shower, mate, she was fixing my neglected plumbing… next thing I knew .. things kinda exploded." Spike replied cockily.

Angel threw another blow at Spike's head.  Spike expecting it, deflected the blow and kicked out with his feet to pull Angel's legs out from under him. Spike moved away from the wall and Angel was on his feet yelling, " Your
undead ass is gonna be dust."

The two vamps began to pummel one another.

"Angel, what are you doing?"  Willow cried out in alarm.

Angel turned towards her voice and noted she was wearing one of Spike's red silk shirts.

He felt a strong surge of lust, followed by a black rage.  He turned back and began to smack Spike's head against the stone floor. < She is mine>

" Stop it, " Willow shrieked, " You're killing him!"

Spike managed to use Willow's distracting pleas for his life to strike back at his raging sire. < He did way more than drink your blood Willow! You lying little witch!  I'll fix the both of you1>

Part 8

" Stop it, stop it, both of you!" Willow yelled, feeling helpless. <Oh Goddess, they're not going to stop till one kills the other, again. >

Spike and Angel both were fighting savagely, driven by anger and lust. Furniture was being broken, mainly over one another's heads and backs. Punches were breaking bones; furious fists were drawing blood.

" Didn't you wonder where she learned to please a man?"  Spike growled softly in Angel's ear as he had him pinned up against the wall.

Angel, used his head to butt Spike's head, and then landed a kick to his midsection sending Spike flying backwards.  Angel was upon him, " No!... you... soulless...  bastard... will... never... touch... her.. again!"  Angel
bellowed each word as he pummeled Spike's face.

 Willow was desperate, < Oh Goddess, this must be Angelus, something must have gone wrong, a delayed reaction... he'll kill Spike and us all. >

Willow picked up the poker from the fireplace and was about to bash Angel/Angelus in the head.

" No," cried Buffy from the doorway.

Willow already in mid swing connected with Angel/Angelus head.  Spike pushed a dazed Angel off him.

" What is going on?"  Buffy yelled.

" Your boyfriend is trying to kill me again!" Spike croaked out between his swollen and bloody mouth.

" I think its Angelus!"  Willow whimpered, tears streaming down her face.

< She hit me! She was trying to protect him, she called me Angelus! >  "No" Angel mumbled still trying to make the room stop spinning.

" This is great, I hope you see what a mistake it is to be involved with a vampire Willow!  They are too unpredictable and violent."    Buffy lectured as she walked over and stood in between the two fallen vamps. < I didn't expect this, I knew Angel was upset but he must freaked when he saw Spike and Willow, it looks like he interrupted them. >

Spike managed to pull himself upright. < The damn bastard has broken several of me ribs. > He staggered towards Willow.

Angel jumped up and moved towards her also.  Willow still thinking she had unleashed Angelus somehow, took a step backward.  Spike put his arms around her waist.  " It's alight luv, why don't you run in the bedroom and put some more clothes on.  I'll handle this."  Spike suggested firmly, as he gently pushed Willow towards the hallway.

Angel felt like he was stabbed through the chest once again.  He felt like he was still in hell.   He must be still in hell.  I dreamed I got my soul back and was happy with Willow, made love to her like a man, but now she hates me!   This must be hell; she can't be with Spike.

"This place is a wreak, I hope you realize I won't be helping any of you clean this mess up.  Giles is gonna flip when he sees what you all have done." Buffy whined.

Willow moved towards the bedroom, her shoulders shuttering barely able to control her sobs.

"Me!  Slayer, it was your boyfriend that started this. Barged in her and started in, just because.." Spike was interrupted by Buffy.

" First off he's not my boyfriend, secondly, I may just finish what he started." Buffy threatened as she stalked towards Spike.  " What do you think your doing with Willow?" Buffy shouted.

"I'm a gentleman, Ducks, I never kiss and tell."  Spike replied giving Angel a bloody grin.

Angel moved towards Spike again.  Buffy pushed Angel away and glared at Spike.  " I've seen the marks you left on her body.  She's not a vampire, and don't even be thinking about changing her!" Buffy spat, waving a large stake at Spike's chest.

" Buffy," Willow rasped from the doorway.  She was clothed in an oversized pair of black sweat pants along with the large red silk shirt.  " I'm sorry, it's all my fault... I didn't think.."  Willow hiccuped.

" Awe, Wills don't cry, see this is the reason I didn't want you involved with a vampire."  Buffy said softly moving towards her friend.

" But, I brought Angelus back.."  Willow cried.

" What?  Willow it's me, Angel" he said.  < She thinks I'm the demon.. she can't tell us apart.> Angel felt blood red tears well up in his eyes.  He turned and walked out of the mansion, his undead heart torn apart.

"Wills it's Angel, he just went a little crazy when he saw you and Spike together."  Buffy reassured her.

"Oh Goddess, Angel?"  Willow moaned at his retreating backside. <Oh Goddess, he thinks Spike and I are lovers!> 

Part 9

"So what in the hell was the big wanker doing here in SunnyHell anyway?" Spike asked as he staggered against the back of the upturned couch.  < The silly sod is here for the redheaded witch.  It's bad enough he shagged the
slayer senseless, but now he's trying to mess with Willow. >  " Pet, do you think you could help me get cleaned up?"  Spike gave Willow his best, *I'm helpless and pathetic, look.

"Come on Willow, let's go home."  Buffy said, giving Willow her best * I'm pissed and need chocolate* look.

Willow looked back and forth between Spike and Buffy.  She felt ashamed, she had lied to her best friend. Gotten Spike, mixed up in her deception, and beaten to a bloody pulp.  But Angel, she had seen the look in his eye when
she had mistakenly assumed he was Angelus.  He was more fragile than Buffy or Spike.

Willow released a breath she didn't realize she was holding.  "Buffy can you stay and help Spike get patched up?  I need to talk to Angel." She said.

" What?"  the vampire and slayer said in unison.

"Buffy, Please," Willow implored.  " Can you like get the first aid kit in the bathroom and give me five minutes with Spike?" she asked.

Buffy looked from Willow to Spike, shrugged her shoulders and went to fetch the first aid kit.  < He does look like he can barely stand.  Man, I can't understand what set Angel off. I mean I know he feels protective of Willow
and distrusts Spike but he was acting like a jealous...> Buffy slapped her forehead,
<Like a jealous lover! >

Willow moved closer to Spike, tears falling down her face.  " I'm so sorry Spike, I think Angel miss understood... thought I was in danger..  It's all my fault ... Please forgive me?"  she whimpered and hugged Spike.

"Oh, Pet, I've a few broken ribs."  He hissed.

Willow began to sob louder as she pulled back.

 " Its all right, Pet, its not your fault the stupid sod is a jealous raving manic." Spike said.

" Jealous?"  Willow repeated, " of what? you working closely with Buffy. I thought he was upset and angry about..."

Spike chuckled, " Owe, that hurts, you don't get it?  He insanely jealous cause he thinks you and I are lovers."

" But, you laughed earlier when I told you what Buffy thought, so why would Angel even think you would be interested in me. He would know that was silly."  She said wiping at her eyes.

" Er, Pet, I must confess, as soon as the Poof got here he was in a rage asking about you. I egged him on.. I taunted him... said things to make him believe we were lovers."

" Why?" Willow asked confused.

" Cause I wanted him to hurt like I hurt when he took Druscilla and Buf... before he.... Gets women to fall in love with them then he leaves....Willow.. you deserve better than that."  Spike said softly  wiping a stray tear.

" Angel and I are friends." Willow responded

"You and I are friends, Pet, you and Angel are much more than that." He replied his icy blue eyes wistful.

" I hate to admit it, but for once Spike is right about something."  Buffy added, standing in the doorway to the living room.

"Buffy" Willow looked in alarm at her best girlfriend.

" It's ok, Willow, I kinda figured things out...his acting like a vampire in a room full of nuns.... a raving Angel...  you thinking he was Angelus... equals Willow and Angel together.

" I'm sorry Buffy," Willow rasped

"Spike was right about you and Angel being more than friends, although I think he was wrong about him not being right for you." Buffy answered

" Listen to yourself, slayer, wrong right... the stupid wanker should just keep the hell away from her, he'll end up breaking her heart."  Spike lectured.

" Willow is the most unselfish person I have ever know, not the most secure.... But she is compassionate and loving and forgiving.... Angel needs that..." Buffy explained

" Oh.. Angel needs... What about Willow... I think she.." Spike interrupted angrily

" Guys.. Guys.. lets let Willow figure out what she needs."  Willow smiled at her two friends, wiping the remaining tear tracks from her face.

" I 'm gonna help get Spike into the bathroom his wounds are pretty bad, I think you're the best in getting him patched up, as you get beat up pretty badly yourself.   Can you grab some blood from the kitchen." Willow directed Buffy.

Buffy rolled her eyes, < Great... just great I get to play nursemaid to Spike... I can't believe she has both Angel and Spike fighting over her.. We'll she is pretty terrific but still.>

Willow gently walked Spike to the bathroom.  " Please don't fight with Buffy, I will check up on you later K... I need to find Angel and .. make sure he is ok too."  She explained and softly kissed Spike's swollen cheek.

" Cor,  ... if you want to wait a while I'll help you go and find him.. I don't think you should be roaming  around alone."  Spike grumbled

" Thank you, Spike, but I've had lots of practice living on the hellmouth.

Buffy entered the bathroom and handed Spike two blood bags.  " Be careful... Willow I think you should change again you've got Spike's blood all over you and those baggy  sweats do nothing for you." Buffy suggested.

" Yeah my clothes should be dry by now." She replied.

" Clothes, you came in here wearing skimpy shorts and a thin shirt with your bra showing for Satan's sake."  " You need to put on something else before you go running round Sunnydale looking for the poof."  Spike growled.

" You wouldn't know fashion if it came up and bit you in the ass!" Buffy retorted.

Willow backed out of the bathroom and left the two arguing. < I wonder when they will admit to themselves they are crazy about the other. >

" Ass biting... like you know anything.."

Willow quickly changed and combed her hair.  < Ok, Angel's hurt physically and emotionally... where would he go? >

Part 10

Willow walked quickly out of the mansion and got into her car.  She looked at her watch 10:00 PM. < Goddess, it hasn't been twenty four hours, since Angel and I... what, went from friends to lovers..  started telling lies and hurting everyone you care about... Stop it!  I can beat up on myself later.  I need to find Angel. >


" Ugh, you're a bloody mess" Buffy complained.  " I think you need to get in the shower and then I'll tape up your ribs and try and patch you up.  Wow... he really wailed on you."  she commented.

" Are you all right with this?"  Spike asked. < I'm already beaten to a bloody pulp, what's the worst the she can do smack me round a bit more? >

"Am I all right with what?"  Buffy asked calmly turning on the facet, " Playing nursemaid to a 150 year old vampire on my one night off in a month." She replied sarcastically.

Spike glared at Buffy, < I knew if I tried to be civil to her she would insult me. >  " Pet, that may be just what I need," he retorted dropping his eyes to leer at her ample breasts displayed temptingly in a tight beige tee shirt, " to be nursed."

Buffy rolled her eyes, you wish.  " I'll give you five minutes to drink up," she nodded at the blood bags,     "and get washed off, then I patch you up and I'm outta here."

Buffy left the bathroom slamming the door, < Why does he always manage to get under my skin? >

Spike quickly drained the two blood packets, and carefully stepped into the warm shower.  < I'm gonna need a lot more blood before I recover from Peaches, temper tantrum, I still can't believe Willow and Angel... and the
Slayer, I would have thought she be all melancholy about her best friend and ex, getting intimate, maybe she's just doesn't want to let on to me. >

Buffy went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get more blood for Spike.  < He's got to be in a lot of pain, yet he still making rude comment and... asking if I'm ok.... Must be Angel hit him too hard on the head. >  "
Damn" Buffy swore aloud.  < No more bagged blood, just great, I could go and get him some more at Willie's... yeah and run into some other stupid vamps on your night off.  I could just patch him up at put him to bed... but if Angel comes back he'll be too weak.... Why am I so concerned about Spike? >

Spike turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.  He wrapped a towel round his waist, not feeling strong enough to dry off with it.

Buffy knocked loudly on the door, " Spike, you decent?  I like to finish up and see if I can't..."

Buffy's words died on her lips as Spike opened the bathroom door, a small towel wrapped around his lean hips, water dripping down his well built chest.  < Great, Buffy put your eyes back in your head before he catches you
drooling. >

Buffy silently handed Spike a plastic Taco Bell, Star Wars tumbler.

Spike smelled the blood, but his pain addled brain didn't think about why it wasn't in a bag.  He vamped out and as soon as the hot blood hit his lips he realized it was hers.  His golden eyes met her hazel orbs, as he hastily
gulped her ambrosia.  It tasted nothing like he imagined it was hot and strong, more potent that 200 proof liquor.  He felt it hum in his body, all his vampire senses were heightened even further.  He felt his manhood surge
to life; he drank her elixir, as his eyes devoured her being.

Buffy's heart began to pound even harder in her chest when Spike's golden eyes met hers.  When he began to drink her blood she wanted to flee, not out of fear, but because she felt her body respond to him.  She wasn't sure if he were giving off some pheromones, or whether it was the low growling sound he made that sounded like a large cat purring, or just his glistening hard body.   She watched as his demon face healed before her eyes.  The cuts and bruises about his pale sleek hard body began to fade.


Willow drove by Angel's old apartment hoping to see his car.  She had called Xander on her cell phone who was moonlighting as a bartender at the Bronze, and asked him to keep an eye out for Angel.
Willow had to spend the next ten minutes reassuring Xander that Buffy was fine, Angel was just here for a visit and that she would fill him in on all the details tomorrow.  She exacted a promise for Xander to call her back if
he saw Angel.    Willow pulled into the alleyway next to Willie's.

Angel was halfway through his second bottle of blood wine.  Angel had long ago perfected the art of brooding.  He had a Ph.D. in brooding.  < I can't believe she is mixed up with that bony sack of sassy shit.  What has he got
that I don't?  No wonder it wasn't a big deal for her to do the spell.  I wonder if she told Spike.  I hope he doesn't hurt her, I'll kill him... >

 Willie had tried to inquire what Angel was doing in town, and why he looked like he had lost his best friend.  Angel just glared at Willie, asked for two blood bags, and another bottle of blood wine.  Willie noticed the bloody
clothes, and slight bruises that were healing quickly as the vamp drank.  < Must be he came back to see the slayer, and I bet he isn't so happy to see how chummy she and Spike have become. >

 A newly turned female vamp approached Angel.  " Hello, handsome," she purred into his ear, "care to buy a gal a drink."  Angel just motioned to Willie to get the women a drink.  She took it as an invitation to drape herself in
Angel's lap.

Angel was about to disentangle the vampire from his lap. < I'm not in the mood to deal with any women right now.  I just want to drink, pass out, and sleep it off. >
Willow walked into the dingy bar and saw Angel getting a lap dance with a tall buxom blond.  She felt like she was kicked in the stomach. < Hah, he wasn't jealous, he's... he's... just a big... stupid jerk!  How dare he wallop Spike and make me feel all guilty.  >

Willow proceeded to storm over towards the vampire's corner table.

Angel caught sight of a flash of red hair, " Willow," he exclaimed, jumping up out of the chair so fast the female vamp landed on the floor in a heap. " What are you doing here?"  he asked.

Part 11

"Willow, what are you doing here?"  Angel asked surprised.

"Sorry to interrupt," Willow retorted sarcastically as she glared at the female vamp who was now running her hands slowly up the inside of Angel's thigh.

"Where's Spike? I can't believe he let you out alone?" Angel asked, his dark eyes darting about the dingy bar.  " He didn't hurt you did he?" Angel added, moving closer to Willow and touching her arm. < She's so beautiful, She is mine. >  Angel felt his body begin to respond to her.  His pants were suddenly too tight.

The female vamp sitting at Angel's feet cooed, " Oh my!" as she reached up and cupped Angel's sex with her hand.

Willow witnessing this scene wasn't sure if she was going to cry or stake the bitch.  < We'll he wasted no time, no fear of him losing his soul now, why not make up for lost time...> Willow rolled her eyes in disgust, and turned
to leave the bar.

Angel jumped, having almost forgot about the annoying vamp.  " Hey!" he slapped her hands away and
moved towards Willow's rapidly retreating figure.

The vamp nearly tripped Angel, as she clutched his leg more firmly, slowing him down and dragging her several paces.  Several patrons snickered at the scene playing out.

Angel was able to disengage the vamp, and catch up with Willow just as she was about to get into her car.
"Willow! wait," he once again touched her arm. < I'll not let her go back to him! >

Willow whirled round the anger and hurt she had tried to contain erupted, " How dare you!" she yelled.
"You... you....cold hearted bastard!" she spat.

< I can't believe she's so upset about my beating up Spike. >  " I can't say I'm sorry Willow, even without the demon... the man in me couldn't.." his words were interrupted by a stinging slap across his face.

" Men!" she shrieked, " To think I came to apologize about confusing you with Angelus, Hah, you're not much better than him!" she cried.

" Me!" Angel replied, " How can someone as smart as you get mixed up with Spike? A soulless demon?  I don't understand how you can choose him over me."  He snapped.

Willow mouth opened to spit out a nasty retort before her brain heard what Angel said. < Choose Spike over me? What? >  Her brow furrowed, and her mouth open slightly trying to process what was going on.

< She wants a soulless demon; I can act like one! >  Angel quickly moved forward pushing Willow's lithe form up against the side of her car, he gripped one shoulder and the back of her neck and kissed her roughly.  He
wanted to possess her, show her that she belonged to him, make her understand how much he wanted her, how much he needed her.  He took advantage of her parted lips and thrust his tongue into her hot mouth.  Her skin burned him. He wanted to take her right now, plunge his throbbing cock into her tight heat and go up in flames.

Willow's brain never got the change to formulate any clear thoughts before her body was assailed by Angel's hard body and demanding kiss.  Willow's brain tried to assert, < How dare he! >.  Her body responded to Angel's kiss of its own accord.  Willow felt a thousand tiny shocks wherever their bodies were pressed together.  She felt his prominent arousal poking her abdomen. One of his hands gripped her shoulder tightly and the other was tangled in her hair trapping her mouth against his.  She felt her body temperature rise, she felt like she was melting. Her sex was throbbing, she felt like her blood was molten lava, and she felt it flowing towards her core. < Oh Goddess, he's gonna make me erupt. >

Willow's tongue laved the inside of Angel's mouth.  She managed to snake a hand into his thick hair, grabbing a handful, as she tried to pull him closer into her.  Her other hand grabbed his tight ass and squeezed one cheek amazed at its firmness.  Her oversensitive breasts rubbed painfully against his well muscled chest.

Angel moaned back into her mouth as Willow matched his ardor.  He moved the hand that gripped her shoulder lower and grabbed the back of her knee raising her body up so that his cock could rub against her wet core.  He could smell her arousal.

Willow thrust against him, the pressure was building in her sex, she needed him, needed release, and she needed air.  She managed to pull his hair hard away from her and gulped in the humid air.

Angel could feel her hard buds pressed against his tee.  His cock was rigid and was rubbing against the too tight confines of his jeans, yet he could feel the heat and softness of Willow's sex beckoning to him.

Willow moved her hand from his ass round his waist.  She needed to feel him, touch him, and caress him.  She tugged at the snap on his pants and ripped the zipper down, freeing his cock.  She gripped the base and tried to impale herself on it.

Angel was kissing and sucking at Willow's breasts through the cotton sports bra, he lifted his head and hissed his pleasure at her freeing his member. He thrust at her covered mound; he could feel her heat and she had soaked through her panties and shorts.

Willow moaned in frustration, she had forgotten that she still was wearing her shorts. Angel grabbed Willow about the ass with one hand and with his other he tore open the door to the back seat of her car. He tossed Willow's mewling form onto the seat and wrenched her shorts and panties down and was sheathed in her before her ass could bounce back up from the force of her landing.

Willow drew a deep breath at Angel's sudden invasion of her tight sex.  She thrust her hips forward and ground her pelvis against his, trying to release her hot lava.  Angel growled and vamped out, she was his, she was his mate, and he would claim her now and forever.  He buried his head in the crook of her neck and bit her.  He continued to thrust powerfully into her, he was on fire he was melting.

Both Angel and Willow violently climaxed.

Part 12 

She felt his cool cheek pressed against her right breast.  She watched his head rise and fall as she continued to pant from their energetic lovemaking.  Her nerve endings were still throbbing, she felt like she was made of
Jell-O; sticky, cool and boneless. < What the hell have I done? I just had frenzied, mind blowing earth-shattering sex with Spike! >  Buffy's body was physically spent, pleasantly sated.  She lifted her arm from the back of
Spike's neck and slowly petted his short blond hair.


Angel rested his head upon Willow's right breast. < What the SunnyHell have I done? >
Angel realizing his bare ass was hanging out the back seat of her car.  His spent member was still resting in Willow's warm body.    Her right nipple a scant inch from his lips rose and fell as she tried catch her breath.

" If you've done, move aside, I'll have a go," The burly vampire growled.

Willow's green eyes flew open to meet Angel's dark, angry glare. Willow panicked, < I can't believe I just did that... like he even cares... I let him...I wanted...>  " Oh No!"  she whimpered as she tried to push him off her.

Angel's was angry with himself for taking Willow so aggressively and quickly, in her backseat outside Willie's bar.  The intrusive vampire that dared assume Willow was his for the taking would become dust.  As he slid his muscular body off Willow's she quickly lunged for her shorts and pulled them on. Angel also bent down and retrieved his pants, pulling them up his lean hips.  He turned to face the younger vampire, in full game face.  The younger vamp, seeing the venom in the older vamp's eyes decided to back away.  "We'll maybe you want to play with your food a little more before eating it." He muttered nervously.

Willow felt sick. < I 'm pathetic, I just need to get away from him...> She scrambled over the backseat into the driver's seat.  She snatched her purse off the passenger seat and dumped its contents looking for her keys. < I need to get away from him.. I can't think! >  She jammed the keys in the ignition and stomped on the gas.

Angel heard the squeal of tires just as the younger vamps ashes were settling over the alley.

" Willow, wait," he called.

< Who you gonna blame now asshole?  The demon is gone and you're continuing to act just like him. >   Angel let out a sigh.


< I can't believe I just shagged the slayer, repeatedly... in the loo, the hallway, over the up turned couch, the kitchen...> Spike giggled.

"Spike?" Buffy asked cautiously, < It sounded like he was laughing? >

"Oh luv, I've just realized we've not yet made use of the bed we're lying on."  He said smiling cockily at her.

"Spike, we need to ta..." was all Buffy was able to utter before his cool tantalizing lips met hers.

Spike slowly dragged his left hand up Buffy's side, leaving her skin tingling in his wake.

< Oh, God, how can I lust after such a soulless demon? >  Buffy managed to extract her tongue from Spike's mouth.  " Spike, I think we should....Ohhhooo."  Buffy's hand grabbed the back of Spike head as his expert mouth nibbled and sucked on her distended nipple.

Spike was making little "Mmmmmmm" noises sending erotic vibrations throughout Buffy's body.

< He certainly is one hell of a lover. > Buffy gasped, as Spike nipped and licked his way down her torso.  He trailed both hands seductively over her damp skin, following in his mouth's wake.

"Spike, I think you should st....Ahaaa" Buffy yelped, her hips arching upwards as Spike blew on her sopping cleft.

"What, Buffy?" he asked huskily his scared eyebrow arched at her, as he rubbed her dripping, velvet sex with his finger.

Spike slipped his finger into her tight fragrant sex.  Buffy whimpered and grabbed the sheets. " Spike" she hissed.

" Yes, luv." He replied as he slipped two more fingers into her heat.

" Oh, Spike, " she yelled, " Fuck me!"

"Spike lowered his blond head between her parted thighs and teased her red clit as he thrust his fingers in and out of her hole.  Buffy screamed out his name and convulsived around his talented fingers.  Spike's own sex was
throbbing with need.  The sound of Buffy's voice crying out for him in need was so much better then he had ever fantasized.  He could barely keep himself from climaxing.  He shifted his body and sheathed his cock into her pulsating core.

Buffy grabbed at his ass, scratching him drawing blood as he tried to draw him deeper into her.  He could feel her walls embrace him.  He vamped out as her passage seized about him, taking him over the edge.  He sank his fangs
into her neck, sucked her unique essence into his mouth as she continued to whimper and convulsive around his cock.

" Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Angel yelled as he walked in on Spike and Buffy.