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Part 13

Willow had made it as far as her room and collapsed on her bed, weeping. < How could I think he might actually care about me?  He's just like Oz... any women will do.  I'm just a piece of ass and a side order of blood. >


"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Angel yelped in surprise, as he saw a naked Spike coupled with Buffy.

"Angel!" Buffy cried, lifting her head and looking at her old lover with his mouth wide open. Her face flamed and she clutched Spike's back tighter and locked her legs about his lean hips.

" Billocks", growled Spike, " Ever hear of knocking?"  Spike was feeling extremely vulnerable as he was bare assed, his member was still buried in his sire's favorite reason for brooding.  He expected to feel a stake buried in
is back at any second, as Buffy had a death grip on his body. < At least I'll die a happy man. >  Spike turned his head and gave his sire a cocky grin, his upper lip covered by a bloody mustache.


Willow pulled herself up from her bed and stripped out of her clothes. < I hate him! I hate the way he makes me feel!  I can smell him on me. >  Willow's hand brushed against her tender right breast as she took off her
sports bra that was ruined by her blood.  She entered the bathroom slamming the door continuing to curse under her breath about Angel.


Angel took in Buffy's guilty face and Spike's stupid grin.

" How could you do this to Willow?"  Angel blurted out.

"What?" both Buffy and Spike chimed confused.

"What does Willow have to do with this?" Buffy asked recovering from her embarrassment, as she glared angrily at her ex for interrupting her and Spike's.... < Me and Spike's what? >

Spike was dumbfounded as he looked at his sire, he had expected to feel Angel's wrath.   Instead he saw an angry Angel, yet he wasn't sure exactly why he was still not dust.  Spike nervously licked the slayer's blood from
his lips.

" I'm gonna finish what I started earlier this evening! You unfaithful...."  Angel growled in game face as he moved towards the bed.

Buffy reacting with slayer speed, released Spike, and pushed him roughly off her as she jumped up from the bed.  Spike from the force of her movements rolled off her and over the bed falling to the floor on the opposite side of
the bed.

" No!" Buffy screamed, " Get out, leave him alone!"

Spike popped his head up over the edge of the bed to hear and see Buffy in all her naked glory trying to protect him. Spike wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or cry.  < I think I love that silly chit! >

Angel, got an eyeful of Buffy, "Put some clothes on." He chided.

Spike quickly rose from the floor and leaped over the bed to place himself between Buffy and Angel.

"It's all right, Buffy, I'll take care of this." Spike growled his game face leered at Angel.

Buffy grabbed a loose bedsheet and covered herself. <He's acting all grrr and did he call me Buffy? Are they gonna fight over me? >  A part of Buffy was very excited to think that these two men would fight over her.

Angel shoved Spike roughly, " How could you fuck around on Willow?  With Buffy of all people for Christ's sake," Angel hissed.

< Willow? >  Buffy thought.

"What about Willow?" Spike snarled, "If you've done something to hurt that girl I'll.."

Buffy's primitive arousal that the two men might actually fight over her was quickly doused.  In it's place anger burned.  " What the hell is going on with Willow?" she shouted at the two men, wrapped in the dark colored sheet looking like a fierce Grecian goddess.


Willow had scrubbed her skin, trying to erase all traces of Angel from her body.  She hadn't a clue how she was going to erase him from her heart.

Part 14

Angel and Spike both turned to look at the very irate slayer.  "What is it with Willow?" she bitched.  "Angel, you've done nothing but brood about her and beat the shit out of Spike!  It's obvious that you're in love with her." Buffy exclaimed as she moved closer to Angel, poking him in the chest with her finger.  "So why aren't you with her, instead of interrupting the best sex I've ever had?" she asked icily.

Spike raised his eyebrow and smirked at his sire. < Better than with you Peaches.  I really do love this women. >

Buffy turned her back on Angel and started berating Spike, " and you, just can't stop taunting him, if you only told him the truth in the first place that you and Willow were just friends, but no... I'm beginning to think that
you and me tonight was just another way to get back at Angel." She uttered tearfully.  Buffy whirled away from both stunned vamps, picked up the dragging train of the bedsheet she was wrapped in and stormed out of the
bedroom.  Both men jumped as they heard the bathroom door slam.

"Great! juts bloody great, see what you've done now!" Spike hissed.

"Me?" Angel uttered confused.

"Look, haven't you and Willow talked, didn't she tell you that Buffy saw the marks you left on her body.  Buffy assumed that Willow and I were lovers, Willow was afraid to upset Buffy by saying you and she had... By the way, what are your intentions with Willow...? You had better not hurt that girl or you'll wish you were back in hell!"  Spike threatened.

Angel shook his head, trying to make sense of everything that had happened in the past 24 hours. "So you and Willow haven't been...didn't.." Angel still wasn't able to say the words.

"No, you stupid Wanker!  Willow and I are not lovers, she has just been the only friend I've had in over 100 years!" Spike spat and glared at Angel.  "She was so upset earlier, blaming herself for you beating the shit out of
me, worried that she had hurt your feeling, she went to find you hours ago.  You haven't seen her?"  Spike asked worried.

Angel closed his eyes, "Oh shit." < She found me in a bar with some skanky vamp draped all over me and she thought... and she tried to tell me... but I was so angry and stupid and jealous. >

"What happened, Angel?  Did you see her?" Spike asked again.

Angel nodded his head, " yeah but I was a complete ass."

"So what else is new?"  Spike commented.

"I've got to find her.  Look, I'm sorry about this." Angel said, waving his hand about the bedroom.

Spike rolled his eyes, " Do you want me to help you find her?"

" No, as it is your gonna have a tough time getting Buffy out of the bathroom." He grinned.  Angel playfully slapped his childe on the chest, " I think your man enough to handle the slayer."

Spike grinned at Angel's retreating form.


Willow had finished her shower, and pulled on an old tee shirt of Xander's which she used as a nightshirt.  She was sitting at the kitchen table with a pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice scream, stuffing it in
her mouth by the tablespoon. < Stupid men, who needs em, not me. >

Angel had driven to her house and was so happy to see her car in the garage.  < Now, I just have to get her to let me in so we can talk.  I practically... no I did ravish the poor girl in the back seat of her car like an animal.  I bit her again. She thinks I'm some sort of ogre.  It's funny how I thought I was controlling the demon in me but it seems that the demon was exerting more control over the man I am.

Willow heard the doorbell; < Xander must have forgotten his keys again. >  She set the ice cream down and moved to the front door.  " Xander," her next words died in her throat.

Angel was dumbstruck at how lovely she looked.  She stood in the doorway, looking so vulnerable; her hair looked darker wet, her big green eyes luminous, contrasting her creamy complexion.  The lighting from the living
room illuminated Willow, such that Angel could see the outline of her slim body.  The thin cotton tee clung to her breasts seductively offering a tantalizing view of her puckered nipples.  He could smell her unique sent, like vanilla and lavender.   Before he could manage to utter a word the door slammed in his face.

Part 15

He knocked on the door again,  "Buffy, luv, come out of the loo so we can talk."  Spike pleaded.

"No! I hate you... you.. Egotistical, blood sucking demon bastard." Buffy yelled.

Spike smirked, "Pet, if you want to argue proper with me come out of there, if you continue to try and seduce me with your complements then I'll be forced to break the door down and ravish you once again."

 Buffy yanked the door open and glared into Spike's blue eyes.  "Ohhhh... You.... You! " She muttered angrily, pushing Spike backward roughly.  He lost his balance and fell. < She has no idea how much I adore her, how wild she makes me with desire. >

 Buffy, still wrapped like a Greek Goddess, in the dark sheet stood over Spike. < He makes me so angry, and I want him so much, I hate him! >

Looking at her, looking down upon him, as if she were dominating him, sent Spike's ardor into overdrive.  His cock was erect and throbbing with need for the mortal creature.

Buffy gazed down upon Spike's prone form. He was pale and muscular and he was in full game face, fully aroused. < He's mine! >

Buffy tore off the constricting sheet and straddled the prone vamp, and impaled herself on his rigid cock before he could move.


Angel blinked, the women he loved, had just slammed the door in his face.  < Great, you've screwed this up royally!  I've acted like a complete asshole. Now what?  I'm not going to loose her.  I know she cares for me or she wouldn't have..>  Angel swallowed, as visions of his having wild sex with her flitted through his mind, causing his already burgeoning erection to swell even more. < That's the problem, she thinks this is about sex, about me getting my rocks off now that I have a soul. >  Angel placed his forehead on the door, < Willow, I love you, I'm in love with you, I have to make you understand. >

Willow stormed back into the kitchen and picked up the abandoned ice cream container.  She growled angrily and flung it into the sink, the spoon clattering loudly against the stainless steel. < How dare he show his face here!  He thinks I'm just going to welcome him, by spreading my legs anytime he need to get off? >  You want to an inner voice chided.  < No!  Yes! No! I want him to want me.. Willow Rosenberg, I want him to love me like I love him! I won't be a plaything. >  Willow started to cry again and headed upstairs to her room.

Angel watched from the French doors as Willow came into her room and threw herself sobbing onto her bed.  Angel's heart constricted knowing he had caused her pain.  His member also twitched as he took in Willow's long legs, creamy thighs and tantalizing behind, encased in white cotton panties.  He damned himself and the short tee shirt she wore.

Angel knocked on the glass, and called, " Rue, please let me in, I want to talk to you, let me explain" he implored softly.

Willow lifted her head and saw the dark, handsome man's face pressed up against her glass doors, giving her the wounded puppy eyes.

She just stared at him; her heart began to race. < I want to hate you, I can't>  " Go away," she rasped, rolling off the bed, intending to draw the heavy drapes over the doors.

Willow was reaching for the draw cord of the drapes, " Rua, Please?"  Angel begged his face still pressed up against the door, he moved his hand and pressed his open palm up against the glass as if to touch her.

Willow stared at him captivated by his beauty, by his voice, calling her softly, setting her body on fire as she recalled their first time together.  He possessed her quickly, powerfully, thoroughly, yet he stood here now gentle and begging.  She knew he didn't need an invitation to come into her home, she knew he could easily break in, and he knew if he only touched her she couldn't refuse him. Yet he stood, looking at her with his deep dark eyes, asking for something.

Willow placed her forehead against the cold glass and raised her hand as if to touch his through the glass.

Part 16

He watched as she pressed her forehead against the glass, as if to touch him, her eyes closed.  His heart lurched.   Tiny jewels of moisture glistened off her long lashes.  Her fair skin looked translucent.  He wanted to call out to her, beg her forgiveness, and tell her he loved her, yet at this moment he stood mouth dry, paralyzed by her beauty.  He was afraid to say or do anything.  He watched her raise her small hand and touch the glass, place her palm against the glass as if to touch his hand.

  Their eyes met his dark, mahogany beseeching, and her's cold, jade fortress. He watched her close her eyes.  <No, Rua, > His knees felt weak. < I can't loose you, > Angel wanted to break the glass and possess her.  < I can't force her to love me... but what if I've killed any love she ever felt for me?  Have I lost her friendship too? >

Willow struggled with her emotions, hurt, anger, desire, and a maelstrom of feeling. < I need to talk it out with him, settle things. >

Angel watched Willow's head rise, her resolve face firmly in place, she unlocked the French doors and waved him in.

Angel entered silently, he wanted so badly to touch her, and he couldn't meet her eyes.  He moved to her desk chair and sat down; afraid his legs wouldn't hold him. < I wanted so badly to talk, explain; I don't know what to say. >

Willow shuffled backward, sitting on the edge of her bed, as far away from him as she could get.  Her anger bubbled again to the surface, as she watched him stare intently at her carpet.

" Look if your gonna brood all night.. why don't you just.." the rest of her words stuck in her throat as Angel quickly rose and moved towards her like a large cat stalking prey.  Willow felt a shiver of fear followed by a bolt of excitement at his movement.

Angel dropped to his knees in front of Willow, leaned forward placing his head in her lap and hugged her slim hips with his hands.  " Willow, I'm so sorry if I hurt you, you've given me everything... your friendship, your compassion, my soul, rescued me from hell, you banished the demon...I know I didn't deserve any of it.." He uttered raggedly as red tears leaked from his eyes, staining her nightshirt.  " I'm sorry if I hurt you, I never meant to hurt you.  I was angry, jealous.. even with the demon gone, I act like a vampire.. I can't ask you to forgive me, but I need you to know I never ever wanted to hurt you.

Willow hands clenched the bedclothes, She felt Angel's strong hands clutch her hips, hips that still bore his fingerprints.  His large body prone at her feet, his broad shoulders shaking as he wept, asking her forgiveness.

Angel's raw vulnerability crashed through Willow's wall of hurt and anger.  Her eyes overflowed once again with tears, her hands moved to his dark hair.  She pet his silky locks, and rubbed his back, making soft soothing sounds. < He needs so much love, he's more insecure than I. >

" Angel, it's alright" she murmured.  She was surprised when he began to sob even harder gripping her lower body tighter and burying his head deeper into her lap.

" Rua, Rua," he cried.

Willow, felt her body respond as Angel recited that appealing endearment, as his mouth and lips pressed against the upper part of her thigh.  Her hands caressed his head, the skin at the back of his neck.

Angel couldn't believe he held her, that she touched him with such gentleness.   Her warm, sweet smelling skin comforted him. He needed to pull himself together, he was crying like some child.  He felt so thankful that she allowed him in, allowed him to be near her, to touch her.   He moaned as she caressed the back of his neck.  He smelled her arousal.  < Can she still want me? After everything I've done? >

Angel lifted his head and looked into Willow's dark green eyes.  " Rua?" he whispered.

Willow moved her hands from his hair, along his cheeks, brushing the red tear tracks away.  He leaned upward as Willow lowered her head.  Their lips met in a soft tentative kiss.  Warm, cool, sweet, rich  mingled together.  The kiss grew bolder, his tongue licking the edge of her sweet mouth.  Her's cautious and uncertain peeking out from between her lips.  His gently running over and back.  Angel moved his hands up Willow's sides to tease the underside of her breasts.

" So, Willow, HOLY SHIT!"  Xander shouted.

Part 17

"Holy Shit" Xander yelled as he walked in on Angel and Willow kissing.

Angel startled by Xander's yelling, quickly morphed into game face.

Willow jumped up off the bed, knocking the kneeling Angel backward on his ass.

"Xander" she responded

"What the hell is going on with Deadboy?"  Xander yelled, as he took in Willow's lack of dress.  He noted the skimpy tee shirt and blood along the lower half.  " Blood.." he stammered, as visions of the prone Angel between his best friend's legs, somehow being the cause of this.  Xander felt his stomach lurch.

 Willow noted the horrified look on Xander's face.  "It's ok Xander, It's not what it seems."  Willow replied, her face stained crimson.

Angel managed to right himself and stood next to Willow, placing his arm around her shoulder possessively.   (Great, just great, he has to interrupt.)

"Wills, I know what I saw, he was attached to your lips and he had his hands on your tits, and it looks like he's been between your legs too!" Xander shouted

"Alexander Harris!"  Willow gasped indignantly.

"Watch your mouth, Harris!"  Angel growled, yellow eyed, as he moved towards Xander.  "Don't ever talk about her like that again or I'll rip your tongue out!" Angel grabbed Xander by the throat.

" Stop it!  Stop it! This instant, both of you!" Willow commanded.

Angel dropped Xander, morphed backed into his human façade, and looked guiltily at the floor.  (I've upset her again, but I'll not let anyone talk about my mate that way.)

Xander met Willow's flashing green eyes, as he rubbed his throat, and moved closer to her.  " So you've decided to take a walk on the wild side and 'fucking' invite Angelus back?" he spat sarcastically.

Willow's hand lashed out and struck Xander across his face.  Xander blinked rapidly several times, and swallowed.  " So now what, Angelus dismembers me as part of your kinky sex play?" he rasped.

Angel thought dismembering Xander would be a great idea.  (Mouthy bastard!)  Angel moved next to Willow once again, using ever ounce of self-control not to succumb to his violent impulses. (Don't want to push Willow away)  " Listen, you little shit head, first, Willow used a spell and my soul is permanently anchored."  " Second, this isn't about sex, I love Willow, and any display of affection you saw, is between me and my mate."  " Last, if you ever insult her again with your vulgar mouth, you'll wish I dismembered you!" Angel threatened.

Angel put his arm around Willow once again and drew her under his shoulder and kissed her forehead.

(He said he loves me, me!) Willow's head was spinning from the roller coaster of emotions she had experienced within the past twenty-four hours.  (I've never heard Angel speak so much at one time before)

Willow squeezed Angel's waist, and nestled closer to him.  She looked at Xander who stood looking totally dumbfounded, mouth hanging open.  " Xander, I'd like to be alone with Angel, you and I can talk about this tomorrow." She said quietly.

Xander looked from Willow to Angel, (Gotta find Buffy, some sort of hellmouth event has caused this)  Xander backed out the bedroom and quickly exited the house.
Part 18

Willow walked over to her bedroom door and shut it softly.

Angel shifted nervously from one foot to the other.  He felt all worked up.   < I didn't realize how much energy I expended in keeping the demon in control.  Now without it I can't seem to keep my own self under control. I could just rip Xander apart for interrupting us, insulting her like she was some vulgar whore... she's mine only mine... I love her.  She is so beautiful. >

Willow turned and looked at Angel.  His brown eyes were dark and alive.  His body was tense and coiled tight.  <Oh Goddess, I want him! >

"Angel," she uttered huskily.

"Hmm" he moved his dark eyes from her supple form, afraid his voice would betray him.

" Did you mean it?  I mean.. What you said to Xander?" she asked softly, licking her lips nervously.

< She's upset, I threatened him.  Damn I did mean it, I don't want to lie but if I tell the truth..>  Angel suddenly couldn't meet her intense gaze.

< He didn't.. he just.. Oh..> She thought she might start to cry once again.

"Yes," he replied guilty, bracing himself for her reaction.

Willow's heart leapt, she abruptly crossed the room and threw her arms around Angel.

He was stunned; he grasped her tightly and felt alive with her in his arms.

"Oh, Angel, I love you too!" she whispered against his ear.

Angel froze, < I imagined it, >  "What" he asked his voice higher pitched than usual.

Willow pulled back, her face was aglow, " I said I love you too," she repeated looking into his eyes.

Angel grinned, then began to laugh happily, < I spoke my heart in anger at Xander and said how I loved her... she loves me..>  He hugged her and continued to laugh, " Oh Rua, Rua" He picked her up and swung her around in a circle. < I never, ever did anything to deserve anyone or anything as wonderful as you! >  "I LOVE YOU!  I LOVE YOU!" he shouted.  He felt alive, reborn.

"Angel, put me down, I'm getting dizzy." Willow giggled.

He set her down, and ran his fingers over her face.  He traced her brow, her cheek, her chin, he traced her lips.

Willow's pulse quickened. As she stared into his passionate eyes. " Make love to me." She beckoned.

Angel lowered his head and kissed her lips gently.  He inhaled her alluring scent.  His hands moved to cup her head, he threaded his hands through her fiery hair.  He could feel her heat emanating off her body, enveloping him, inviting him into her warmth. He could feel the blood in his body rush to his skin, his sex.

When he kissed her softly, Willow though she would combust.  She felt aglow with her desire for him. She brushed her fingers over his hard chest; she felt his male nipples through the thin silk shirt.  She felt them respond to her ministrations.

He moaned softly against her lips as he felt her tiny fingers worry his nipples.  She opened her mouth and he languidly stroked her tongue with his, as he pulled her closer to him. He teased the tip, then the underside and
then withdrew his tongue from her hot cavern.

Willow moaned in frustration as Angel disengaged himself from their erotic kiss.  He petted her silky hair and murmured in her ear. " Slow and easy, I want to make love to you, Rua"

Angel slowly lowered his hands from her hair, to her back, tracing small sensual circles.

" I want to give you pleasure" he whispered huskily, just before he sucked her ear lobe into his cool mouth.  Willow mewled and ran her hands up around his neck.  Angel nipped her lobe, licked and sucked at her neck.

He continued to lower his hands, until he was gently cupping and kneading her ass checks.

Willow felt aflame, she had never, ever felt this hot before.  She could feel her sex slick with desire. She wanted to grind her painful nubbin against Angel's hard shaft.  She could feel him, rigid, against her abdomen.

Willow moaned her delight as Angel licked the hollow of her collarbone; his fingers grasped the hem of her nightshirt and began to lift it upward.

Willow moved backward slightly and raised her slim arms so that Angel could remove the garment.

He stared at her, he felt like he couldn't breath, he didn't need to but his body purred in need.  He admired her long graceful neck.  He could see her pulse beat wildly under her fair skin.  He took in her creamy breasts, tiny globes, rosy areolas, upturned nipples, seeming to elongate under his gaze.  He noted the dark bruise on her right breast that was his mark, left by his fangs.  He quickly unbuttoned his shirt.

Willow could feel his eyes devouring her.  She squeezed her legs together and felt a trickle of moisture on the inside of her thigh.  She watched as he shed his shirt.  She drew a needed breath and felt her nipples tighten even more as she gazed upon his sculpted torso.  His broad shoulders, his exquisite pectoral muscles, his oval nipples pointy like tiny little fangs.  She wanted to rub hers against his.  She wanted to feel what his nipples would feel like against hers.

Angel clenched his ass muscles as she ravished him with her green gems.  His cock was about to bust through the black jeans.  He unzipped his pants and wanted to just take her fast and furious.  He wanted to be consumed by her heat. < No, I want her to feel loved and desired. >

Willow felt her legs shake, she thought she might fall down.  Goddess he was magnificent.  His member was long and thick and dark.  Willow marveled at how something that large could fit within her and make her feel so much pleasure.   < It's because I'm nothing but hot bubbling liquid. >   She smiled and licked her lips.  She staggered backward until her legs connected with her bed.  She sat down.  She had her legs pressed so tightly together she thought she might leave bruises on the inside of her knees.

Angel groaned, he thought he would feel better once his cock was freed but no the tightening in his balls indicated just the opposite.  He moved towards Willow, the scent of her arousal was driving him mad with desire.

He once again dropped to his knees before her.  He placed his shaky hands on her ankles and ran his hands up her lithe legs.   Willow felt electricity shoot from his cool hands into her legs and up to her core.

"Ohhhooo" she whimpered, as she felt Angel's fingers pry her legs apart.

He continued to trace a path, up the inside of her thigh.  He moved his dark head closer and inhaled deeply.

"Oh Rua," I must have you.  Angel gently rubbed a finger over Willow's engorged lips.  Hot liquid silk.  Willow hissed, and moaned.  Angel lowered his head.  Willow grabbed at Angel's shoulders.

" Shhh" he replied, " It's alright, lay back."  Willow did as he bid.  She felt him lift her legs and move them farther apart and then rest upon his broad shoulders.

Angel kissed and liked the inside of Willow's thigh.  She raised her torso up unable to take the sensations and grabbed his hair and tried to slide her body closer to his.  " Oh Angel, please," she keened.  " I don't want this." She muttered.

Angel froze and lifted his lust filled eyes. < What> " What Rua?"  'It's ok, I just want to make love to you." he huskily replied.

"No, I don't want you to make love to me, I can't stand it.. I" she whined, wiggling uncomfortable on the bed.

Angel looked at her, he could see and smell her desire her body was so ripe and ready, her eyes were dark with passion.

"Oh Goddess Angel, I can't take any more Fuck me fuck me!" she begged.

Angel thought he might climax.  The little witch wanted him all right.

He gripped her hips and pulled her to the edge on the bed, he lifted her ass and buried his head between her squirming legs.  He lapped at her center and she keened and begged him pulling at his hair.

Willow felt her leg muscles, tense and tighten.  Goddess her legs hurt her ass hurt her core was on fire she was melting.

Angel touched his cold tongue to her red, swollen clit.  Willow shrieked. She felt her whole body contract violently. She felt herself falling apart shattering.   " Angel, Angel Angel" she panted as she caught her breath.  She opened her eyes and saw his dark orbs staring into hers.  "I love you he whispered" before he captured her lips in a bruising kiss.   She tasted herself on his lips.  He moved his hands over her painful nipples and teased them and pinched them as he thrust his tongue into her mouth.

Angel shifted Willow's legs once again and slowly entered her molten center.  Willow's overstimulated body, thrust up to meet his, she bit at his lower lip drawing blood.  Angel felt himself change.  He pulled his mouth away from hers and thrust even deeper into her.  Willow was gasping for air; she was whimpering and clawing at his back and ass.  Angel began to thrust into her body wildly. Willow felt her sensitive nipples rub against Angel's hard chest with every thrust.  She could feel his hardened pebbles against her soft skin.  She felt her muscles tighten and clench and she felt her core grab his cock.  He roared and sunk his fangs into her neck lapping at her blood as her sex milked his seed.
Part 19

Xander sped to the Crawford street mansion hoping to find Spike or Buffy and help him stop Angelus before he went on a rampage, beginning with his best friend Will.  Xander heard Angel's words of love for Willow, but Xander had heard Angel spout off about his love for Buffy too, and look where that ended up. Xander wanted to believe that Angel's soul was permanent but he had seen enough of Willow's spell go wrong to be scared spitless.  A snowball stood a better chance in hell, than one of Willow's spells did in working right.

He roared up the driveway afraid that Wills was giving Angel a great big happy at that very moment.


Willow was sitting astride Angel slowly levering herself up and down his thick shaft.  She arched her back and moaned aloud as he suckled at her breast using his lips and tongue and teeth to taunt the tight bud.

"Mmmmmm  Rua," Angel mumbled against her breast, " taste so good," he whispered huskily as he bit down softly and tugged at the pebbled nipple.

Willow shrieked her surprise and erotic delight and grabbed Angel's head and began to move her hips and legs faster grinding her pelvis against his.  She lifted his face upwards and captured his teasing mouth in a carnal kiss.  Angel gripped her ass and began to thrust upwards; he felt his cock's sensitive head meet her cervix causing them both to groan in painful pleasure.  Willow began to whimper his name and claw at his back.  He didn't think he could take any more of her constricting heat. " Come with me Rua, " he panted and sunk his fangs into her neck.  Willow unclenched her teeth and screamed as her body blew apart.  Angel exploded, his cock spewing his seed deep within her womb.


" Spike! Buffy!" Xander yelled as he raced into the mansion, like a kid on Christmas.   Xander in his frenzy ignored the broken furniture and upturned couch, for it wasn't uncommon for both Spike and Buffy to have a physical altercation and break up the place.  He left the totaled living room and dashed down the hallway he flung open the door to Spike's room.   The light from the hallway spilling into the room,  " You've gotta help me stop.." his words died in his throat as he saw a gloriously naked Buffy riding an equally naked Spike.  Xander's eyes rolled up back in his head and he fainted dead away.

Spike had stopped thrusting at Xander's intrusion.   " Don't stop! " Buffy ordered and resumed her rocking.


Willow lay atop Angel; her body still all tingly.  "A girl could get used to this," she murmured into Angel's ear as he continued to nuzzle her neck.

 Angel moved his hands from Willow's back and lifted her head so he could look into her sparkling eyes.  " Get used to it, cause I'm going to spend every night making love to you." he smiled and kissed her gently.  " I want to wake up every day and have you by my side and make love to you all over again Rua,"

"Promise," Willow asked

"I promise you my soul, Rua."

The end