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Part 13

Willow stepped out onto the white carpet of the study and was surprised to see the room empty. Angel had escorted her to one of the bathrooms on the main floor that had the packages she had purchased that morning. Her stomach flip-flopped as she realized just what would happen tonight. She was giddy and nervous, curious yet a bit frightened.  It took her a moment to realize it was her wedding night and smiled widely.  She had changed from her wedding gown to a white flowing long satin gown. She chuckled a bit as she remembered what Amy had tried to make her wear, a corset-garter belt combo, which she did buy, as she blushed, but not for tonight at least. She moved out of the study, wondering where her husband had gone. She moved across the room and opened
the closed door and stepped onto the cold marble floor.

To her delight, she found a trail of red rose petals. She was a bit cautious at first, worried that someone might see her, but then remembered what Angel had told her. He had sent everyone to sleep at the large cottage on the other end of the estate, leaving the entire mansion alone for both of them.

She walked at ease as she reached the large stairs and walked up each step that was covered with petals. Her heart began to beat quicker, her nervousness heightened as she reached the top and turned to the east wing were the petals continued.  She let the gown drag a bit on the floor, her mind preoccupied on more important things.
Willow walked down the hallway seeing a faint light glow in the middle of the hallway. She licked her lips in anticipation of what would come. Before she reached the room, she vowed not be scared, to not be nervous for she was about to be made love to by the man she loved, by the man who loved her, by her husband. She turned and pushed open the half closed door. Her eyes watered as she saw the surprise that awaited her. The large
master bedroom was filled with candles, imitating a soft glow to fill the room. Her bare foot took a step inside, stepping onto the white soft carpeting, looking all around her. The trail of the soft red petals stopped at the foot of the bed, where both nightstands held a wonderful bouquet of long stem red roses, as well as on each other table in the elegant large room.  She looked at the king size canopy bed and saw the red petals scattered on
the pulled down covers. The white sheer curtains that hung from the top of the polls swayed as a cool breeze entered the room, making her shiver. Her attention moved to the open French doors to the terrace, that she was sure held a wonderful view. She walked deeper in, uncounsiouly headed towards the bed as she looked around the room, looking at the wonderful impressionist paintings hung, to the small fireplace that offered the only source
of heat in the room. The tables, sofas and chaise chairs only complimented the already well adorned room. She froze as she heard the door close behind her, not sure what to do.

She turned around slowly and found him staring at her intently. She blushed as she looked him over. She tried to smile, not sure if what he saw before him was of his approving. He moved closer, his gaze never leaving hers.

“Do you want this? We can wait...”

“No, I want...I want you to....,” she tried to reply, her nerves getting the better of her.

“I love you so much,” he said as his hand touched her cheek, feeling its cool texture.

Willow smiled, wanting to tell him how much she loved him, but his cool lips stopped her as they pressed against hers. There bodies remained apart, the only contact between them where their lips, a kiss that Angel ended too soon for her.

His hands moved down her neck, down to the curveness of her shoulders, his fingers gracing over the straps of her gown. He softly pulled each one down slowly, his lips placing feather light kisses where his fingers had just moved over. He pulled down the tiny binding down her arms, his lips leaving a trail all the way to her fingers. Contented with the sensations Angel was provoking in Willow, his hand moved back up to the material that kept her bosom covered. Willow opened her eyes, looking on as to what she knew would come next. With a delicate pull, Angel pulled down the satiny material, revealing her perky breasts to his hungry view. His hands pulled the
material lower, letting it fall into a pool around her feet. Angel looked up at her and stared, smiling as he looked
back down to take in her complete beauty.

Willow felt nervous, embarrassed by her nakedness. Her arms moved up to cover her breasts, but were stopped as Angel took hold of her wrists and guided them to his semi open blue robe, placing them under the light material. He moaned a bit as Willow’s palm touched his chest, leaving them alone, letting her made the decision.

Willow bit her lip as her palms touched his chest. Her warm hands moved across his collarbone, sneaking beneath the material, her fingers grabbing onto the it as they moved up and over to his shoulder, revealing his wonderfully sculptured chest and arms.  She looked up at his penetrating gaze and smiled, her lips finding their way to his chest and placed kisses were here mouth could reach.

Angel tried to remain in control as her fiery fingers touched his cool skin. Her innocent kisses sent his already hard manhood to escalate to a much more pleasurable pain. As soon as the robe fell from body, her wrapped his arms around her and crushed his lips to hers, conveying all his desire, passion and love through. The exquisite friction they felt as they naked flesh touched made them moan into each other’s mouth.  Angel lifted his wife into his arms and carried to their bed where he laid her down carefully. His mouth reluctantly pulled away from hers as his body did the same, already missing her warmth against him. He moved over her, his body leaning against her side, as his hand touched her cheek, bringing his lips to hers.

There kiss began soft, his tongue invited into the warm haven of her mouth. His hand left her cheek, moving down to her neck, stopping at her shoulders as there kiss turned urgent. Willow gasped as she felt his hand begin to move lower and cupped here breasts. Angel broke the kiss, letting her take the air her lungs needed. His mouth trailed down her jaw to her neck, leaving long wet open mouthed kisses in its wake.  As his mouth nuzzled her neck, his fingers lightly pinched her harded nipples.

Willow moaned, letting the sensations he evoked in her body control her. Unknowingly, she arched her chest to his eager hands. Angel suckled lightly, biting down a bit, leaving his mark at her most sensitive spot, then moved down her body. His tongue flickered over one of her rosy tips, making her moan his name. His other hand trailed
down her body, parting her legs in order to move between them. Willow complied willingly, his kisses, his touch so much wanted, so much needed...so acheingly familiar.  Her nerves disappeared, as her hands left his hair and moved down his back, her fingers grazing just below the waistband of his boxers. Angel tensed a moment, then
began to suckle on her breast quicker, his hands moving down to the lace of the panties that concealed the warmth he wanted to bury himself in. Willow arched her hips, wanting more contact. Angel’s lips left her breasts, and moved up to claim her lips in a searing kiss as he crushed his body to hers. Willow took the opportunity and slipped her hands lower down his back, pushing down the material that covered the firmness of his well curved ass. As Willow squeezed his cheeks down to grind her hips against his, Angel moaned in her mouth. Willow’s arousal beckoned him as his lips left hers and his hands moved to help her take off the restraining garment from his body.

His lips made there decent, leaving a trail of kisses behind, his hands tracing the outline of her panties, enticing her to things to come. He left loud wet kisses on her belly, his tongue circling around her navel, teasing her, until in dipped inside briefly. Her moans were his siren as his hands pulled down her underwear, his eyes looking
intently at her.  Willow lifted her hips, helping him take the unwanted material off. She closed her eyes in anticipation as his hands moved underneath her and lifted her to his waiting  mouth. Angel took a moment to smell the sweetness that was Willow.

Willow nearly arched off the bed as his tongue tasted the ripeness of her fruit. Her moans grew louder, as he tasted her length, then suckled on the sensitive nub. As his fingers stretched her tight passage, she screamed his name as her powerful orgasm overcame her. Angel’s hungry mouth lapped up her juices as his fingers remained in her, enjoying the feel of her shaking walls around them.

He moved up her trembling body and kissed her tenderly, his hand reaching out for her and guided her to his  throbbing shaft. Her eyes widened as he saw his need reflected in hers.

“I need you,” she pleaded as she moved him to her entrance.

Angel growled as her entered her slowly, thrusting softly, but not deep. He pulled their hands up as his other hand took hold of her free hand and kissed her tenderly, whispering the words with all his heart.

“I love you.”

Her eyes glistened as she whispered back his words, then kissed him passionately as he entered her fully. She muffled a sob against his mouth as her fingernails dug into his hand.

Angel remained still, the tightness and warmth around him the most exquisite feeling he had ever felt before in his long life. As much as he wanted to move in her, his worry for her overran any thought he was having. He pulled away from her mouth and looked down at his love, his mouth moving to place butterfly kisses on her nose, eyelids, chin, forehead and cheeks. Willow opened her eyes to see the worry and love in his. The pain passing, she smiled up at him and squeezed his hands, letting her know she was ready.  As he began to move slowly in her, Willow’s body was filled with shots of complete pleasure. Urging him further, her hips began to move against him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

It took all of Angel’s will not to cum. She was just too tight, too wet. Each thrust was complete ecstasy. Willow hold on his hands tightened as her body tensed, signaling Angel of her orgasm. His thrust grew quicker and harder, willing her to consume him in her delight.

Willow screamed his name as her walls constricted around his hard shaft, bringing him with her over to edge to complete bliss. They fell in each other’s arms, they’re love for each other soothing their trembling bodies.
Part 14

Angel held Willow tightly against him as they laid in the tub. The warm water helping in part to heat their bodies. He smiled as he took a peek at Willow’s pink flesh, owing it partly because of the water, the other part for lying naked in a tub with water on top of him.

After a fitful one hour sleep, Angel had run a bath for her in the enormous Jacuzzi in the master bath. He had placed just the right amont of oils that soothed her body.  Though she and Angel had just consummated their marriage, she was still bashful. She looked on as he gingerly moved the sponge over her breasts, making her
nipples harden immediately. His eyes seemed to take in each inch of her body as his hands moved the sponge over her wet body.

Angel reveled in the smell of her excitement, nervousness, and arousal tantalizing the air around him. He enjoyed seeing just how she flushed and body sparkled.

They laid content, slowly turning into prunes until Willow’s curiously got the best of her.



“Who was your first?” she asked, having had a thought she could not dismiss.

“You should know, Willow,” he replied, hading hoped she would have preferred waiting until later for the questioning.

“Me? How would I....”

“Because it was you.”

Willow looked up, seeing the seriousness in his response.


“Then you know?” she asked a bit frightened, a bit surprised.

“I know there’s something so much more between us. The love I have for you is something I’d only felt once, once that scared me, but now embrace.”

Willow laid her head back down on his shoulder as small hands wrapped themselves tightly against him.

“I died the night he took me,” she began her story.

“So did I,” he replied as his traveled back two and a half centuries.

“The night we sailed off, I refused him. I would not let him have me. You were the only one who I wanted to share my heart, my body, my mind. I snuck off and walked into the deck. I missed you so much. I knew I’d never be able to make it without you..... I threw myself to the ocean, holding your ring,” she revealed as tears began to fall.

Angel closed his eyes and tears filled his own. He had never known... for he himself had gone to die.

“I was too late when I made it to port. You had sailed. I saw the ship disappear. I went mad. I didn’t know what to do. The only thought I had was to drown out my sorrow. I headed to the pubs and drank all I could, hoping to kill the hurt.... but it was more to kill myself. Some friend found me and we argued. I left, walking as I would down
the street. I saw you everywhere. Every corner, every person was you. I headed to another pub. But I found Darla first, but I didn’t see her, I saw your face. I was turned.”

Willow turned in the bath, her arms encircling him, wanting to keep him as close to her as possible. Dear God, she could remember the pain as closely as yesterday.

“But we’re together now,” she whispered to him.

“I love you,” he said urgently as his lips sought hers. “And I don’t intend on letting you go.”

“Neither do I.”

Angel sat up, pulling her closer to him as their mouths devoured each others. He stood up carefully, taking her with him and lifted up her into his arms as the water splashed around them. He moved into the bedroom, not caring about their wetness as he laid her down on the bed, covering her body with his immediately.

They spent the entire night making love, long past the dawn, melting into each other over and over again.