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Part 9

 Angel left Willow alone, knowing she would want privacy to make her calls. He  wasn’t sure what she had told the others, and that in turn somewhat unnerved him. He called his answering machine at home and found no new messages, then called the number he had given Giles. To his surprise, he heard Buffy’s voice. She said she
missed him and then invited him to the Bronze. His heart did not stir, it remained still.  He knew he would  always care for Buffy, they had been through a lot, but now his heart and soul called out for a different name, for a woman he knew he had completely fallen madly, deeply, in love with -- Willow. But that woman was taken, and he felt terrible knowing she loved another, wanted another. He knew it wasn’t fair, but he couldn’t help himself. The
real purpose for tonight was to woo her. Woo her until she would fall for him as he had already fallen for
her. Guilt speared him, but when he was with her that guilt disappeared. He called Giles and told him be would be out of town that weekend, but he could reach him at the number he had given him.  He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop. He thought she was done. He almost fell when he heard those words come from her mouth.

“I already have, Amy....I love him.”

He would have held his breath if he could. His heart waited.


He rejoiced. Could it be? Was it possible? He waited and calmed himself, missing some of her words.

“It started then, I think. Then after the gang found out what I did, you and he were the only friends I had left. Even Oz didn’t speak to me for a week. Then something happened, I can’t explain it, something else started to grow.”

Angel couldn’t believe what he had heard. She loved him, only him, him. He knew what she meant, every emotion she felt. It was a wonderful feeling. He left quietly, not wanting to scare her or intrude any longer. As he left, he did something he had never done as a mortal or as one of the damned -- be thankful he was alive.

     *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Amy, do you know where Willow is?” Oz asked, becoming worried.

“She was sick and her cousin came by to check on her. I think Willow went back home with her.”

“Which cousin?” Xander asked, worried.

Amy drew a blank. Willow had told her, but she couldn’t remember. That’s when she decided to do it. She knew she would get interrogated all night by them and she wanted to have fun with her new boyfriend, the only problem was it didn’t quite work the way she had hoped it would.

It was going to be a long night.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Still scared?” he asked as they walked calmly through the woods.

Angel had sensed she was a bit unnerved by the darkness in the woods and asked her for a walk through them. He wanted to show her not all darkness was bad. Now, Willow seemed to be relaxing.

Willow had become rather hot, since the heatwave was still plaguing even the mountains. She had even taken off her sheer white shirt, only leaving her smaller one on.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t be scared,” she told him, enjoying the feel of his hand in hers.

“You’re sweating,” Angel noticed.

“Humid, hot, I’m glad I’m just not that sticky yet,” she told him as she wiped her forehead. It was a good excuse for having damp hands.

“Then what about a swim?” he asked as he changed the direction they were going.

Willow thought about it for a moment, the idea of seeing Angel in a bathing suit placed a grin on her face.

“That would be nice,” she said, a bit of a giggle in her voice.

They walked a short distance and she soon found herself in front of a pond. She looked around, then realized something very important was missing.

“Angel,  we’re in the middle of the woods....it’s a...a pond...I don’t have my...”

She stopped talking when Angel pulled his shirt out of his pants and then started unbuttoning the cuffs.

“I was surprised to see it here when I bought the estate. It’s rather large, but not too deep,” he informed her as he continued unbuttoning the front of his shirt. Willow’s eyes grew wide. He was undressing in front of her without a care in the world.

“Angel, you’re...you’re....”

She stammered to a halt and gulped. His black shirt was already on the ground and he had just taken off the white one, revealing his muscular broad chest. Angel smiled at her response. He had suspected, but had not been sure.

“It’s only a swim”, he reasoned with her.

“In a pond....with...noth...nothing....?” she stuttered.

He pushed off his shoes and took off his socks.

“Haven’t you ever gone... skinny deeping?” he asked as if he was surprised, but already knowing quite well the answer. His hands went to his belt buckle.

Willow squealed and turned around, not able to face him.

“Haven’t you ever seen a man naked?” he teased her.


“I just thought, with Xander and you having been friends for a long time, and then there’s Oz....” he probed, wanting to know, hoping in a way he was right.

Willow felt her cheeks burn.

“I haven’t seen them or any man naked before, well, maybe in a magazine or something like that, but no never, I haven’t gone that far with Oz and.....and Xander, well, he’s my best friend, but we don’t know each other that well and we mostly likely never will,” she heard his zipper and she swallowed hard, her imagination running free.
She could feel her cheeks got hotter. “And right now with Oz, well, I don’t think, I haven’t had many boyfriends you know...and no one has definitely seen me naked...” She began blushing harder, not sure why she volunteered that bit of information to him.

“If you don’t want to do it, Willow, it’s fine. I’ll take a short swim, then we can go back to the house if you want,”  he offered, hoping to reassure her. This had not been a part of the plan, but he didn’t see it hurt it in anyway, he thought.

Willow stood frozen, not able to respond. Her peripheral view caught sight of something appealing, compelling her to turn her head and take a quick look. He walked into the water carefully, giving Willow a great view of his backside. Her eyes drifted from his nicely sculptured shoulders, to his lower back, down to his nicely curved ass, down further, to his strong legs and well formed calves. He was perfect, she thought in her dreamy state, then saw him splash into the water. She quickly tuned away.

“Breathe Willow, breathe,” she told her herself.

She couldn’t do it. Mousy, geeky, shy Willow didn’t have enough courage to do it.  The comment in her head angered her, and at that moment she found something new in herself  and relished in it. She would do it, even if it sounded crazy, she would do it.

“How’s the water?” she asked him.

Angel smiled.

“Cool and wet.”

She turned to look at him and saw him comb back his wet hair with his hand, then he smiled, shoving away all hers fears, all her uneasiness.

“Turn around”, she instructed him as she started taking off her shoes.

“Why?” he asked, hoping once more.

“I’m coming...” Wrong word, she thought as she corrected herself. “I’m going in, but no peep show”.

Angel checked his excitement and did as she asked.

Willow stripped down quickly. She felt an excitement and fear as she stood there, naked in the middle of the woods. She went in, hoping he didn’t notice how nervous she was. She swam out to him, staying some distance away.

Angel turned around and looked at her. He saw her bare shoulders bobbing in the water, arousing him. He gave her a sexy smile. Willow began to blush. He looked great wet. She bit her lip. He moved closer, not wanting to startle her. Willow didn’t move.   She wanted him to move closer to her. He knew she was nervous. He was even able to smell her excitement and fear, a dangerously powerful turn on for him. Everything in his body  told him to take her, make her his, but he refused to do it. If it happened, it would be because she wanted to. He would not push her. He needed to relieve her tension. His hand began making small waves in front of her, then unexpectedly started splashing her. Willow giggled and the splashing game began.

“Truce. Truce,” Willow yelled, her arms growing tired. Willow dove under the water, trying to avoid more splashes.

Angel stopped, looking for her. Willow miscalculated and came up to the surface, inches away from him. She tried to catch her breath, but his look make it next to impossible. She froze, knowing she should move, but not wanting to. Her heart beat quicker, her mouth went dry, and she could feel the air around them becoming electric.
His eyes could not help but glance down for a moment, able to catch a glimpse of the top of her breasts as they heaved up and down. He touched her hair lightly with his hand, pushing back her wet strands. He moved a little closer, his hand trailing down her face, caressing her cheek.
Part 10
 “May I kiss you?” he asked in a husky voice, his eyes spellbound by hers.
Willow was speech less, she simply nodded.

Angel leaned in and kissed her softly, tasting her lips for the first time. They were so soft and wet. He meant to pull away, but her response to him told him not to. He pulled her closer to him, able to feel the tip of her breasts brush against his chest. She did not move away, but touched his cheek with her hand and slightly parted her lips
for him. He surpressed a groan of delight as his tongue was invited in and was greeted by hers. Angel shuttered, becoming hard at her simple touch. He deepened the kiss, seeking the hidden pleasures her mouth contained for him.

Willow could not believe she would expericene such pleasure by a mere touch, a mere kiss. Her hand moved to his hair, pulling his head closer to her. As there bodies touched they moaned in each other mouths. They craved so much more. Angel’s hand slipped down in the water, touching her waist lightly, his touch burning her. Willow placed her arms around his neck, pulling her into him, crushing her small breasts against his hard chest. Angel pulled her waist against his stomach. Willow broke the kiss, moaning at the feeling of his body touching her bare one. Angel’s mouth moved down to her neck, nibbling and licking, his teeth grazing her soft wet skin. Willow pulled him closer to her, small moans of pleasure escaping her mouth. His mouth trailed up to her ear, his lips
sucking on her lope, his mouth teasing her.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Those were the only words she heard before the tears began to fall and pulled away from him. She looked into his eyes needing to make sure. Angel became worried, fearing he had hurt her in some way, or pushed her too far.

“Willow...” he was about to ask, but her trembling lips stopped him.

“Do you really?” she asked, scared to know his response.

Angel smiled.

“With all my heart and soul, beloved. I am yours, if you’ll have me.”

Willow face lit up, gracing him with the loveliest smile he had ever seen, knowing he would carry the memory of it in his heart forever.

“I love you,” Willow said. “You are my second half.”

Angel kissed her urgently, needing to taste the sweet lips that had hypnotized him.  Willow arched her body into his, making Angel’s head spin. He wanted her as he wanted no other woman. She responded to his kiss as her hands caressed his neck and hair, their tongues hungrily wrestling. His hands slowly trailed up, imprinting each
of her curves in his mind, his thumbs brushing her breasts, making her tense a moment. He stopped the kiss, pulling apart a bit to look in her eyes.

“Willow, I want you, but I need to know if your ready....I will wait...,” he told her with desire and concern.

Willow’s heart grew. She knew what she wanted, but she wasn’t ready for that yet. It was too soon, too much for tonight. She began to cry, hoping he didn’t think her a coward for her fears or concerns. She was ashamed to stop.

“I can’t..right now...I’m sorry,” she said as more tears fell as she looked down.

Angel pulled her chin up softly, then kissed her softly.

“Don’t ever apologize for this. I can wait Willow, and if I’m not the one..”, he began say.

“You are the one, Angel. You are the one I want, the one I will only want”, she said reassuring him as she kissed him tenderly. He pulled her away, needing to know.

“What about Oz?” he asked worried.

“I don’t love him, I’m not sure I ever did love him more then just a friend. I was so lonely Angel. He was there, I was...I was grateful”, she said a bit guilty.

Angel‘s heart rejoiced. She was his, only his.

“And Buffy?”, she asked a bit scared.

“I care about her. I always will, I think. What we had was quick and fiery, a challenge of sort, but as quickly as it started, it ended. I know that sounds horrible, but every time I’m with you, I feel alive Willow, I feel complete,” he replied.

Her tears fell harder. She never knew she would be this happy. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him against her. Angel held her, holding back his desire to have her there. They swirled around in the pond, smiling, enjoying the feel of each other in their arms. Angel caressed her hair, as his other hand caressed the softness of her back.

Angel pulled away, his body responding to her warmth.

“Willow, we should get dressed”, he said, his voice soft and arousing.
Willow smiled, knowing what he meant. She blushed, not quite sure how to put it.

“Who first?” she asked.

Angel looked at bit confused then understood what she had meant.

“What if we go together?”

“Only fair, she agreed. They swam over, then walked hand in hand out. They tried not to look at each other, trying to keep there gaze forward, but were unable to steal a glance.

Angel let go of Willow’s hand and picked up his black shirt. He moved in back of Willow and helped her put it on. He turned her and began to button the buttons. Her cheeks flamed red, but let him take care of her. Once he was done he reached over and grabbed his pants, slipping them on. Willow didn’t dare look down.

He led her back, enjoying the look on her face as they reached the meadow.  The food had been cleared, and a new white large sheet had been laid on the ground, the candles renewed, with a smell of berries. Her eyes began to get teary eyed as she looked at the vases on each corner, holding the prettiest red tulips she had ever seen. She looked up at him, not able to form the words to describe her complete joy. He kissed her tenderly, overjoyed to see her reaction. They waslked over to the sheet and sat down, Willow wrapped in Angel’s arms. She looked up and kissed his chin, making Angel smile. He pointed up to the clear dark sky, the stars showering down at them. He laid back, pulling Willow with him. Her head settled on his chest, looking up at the stars that seeemed to shine brighter then she had ever seen before.

Angel pointed to a star above and began to make a shape in the sky.

“When it was too hot to sleep in the house, my mother would take us out to sleep outside. She’d point to a star and conjur up a story, or tell us a legend.  We would spend hours listening to her voice,” he told her, rememebering a time so long ago.

“Will you tell me them?” she asked, hope in her voice.

“It was such a long time ago,” he remarked, trying to rememeber.

“I’m sure you can remember,” she said confidently.

He smiled and looked deep inside him, looking for the exact words his mother had used. One hand carresed her hair as the other remained pointing at the sky.

“The Fairies, they say, are not immortal. They can live to great age, but they too know death. And when one of their kind dies, the music of their mourning is the saddest, sweetest sound in all the world. And on that particular night Lanna wondered into the forest, her eyes feasting in the nature around her...but she awed at the
marvel hidden behind a tree...the human Ronan who hunted by the creek......”

Angel’s voice filled the night air, lulluing Willow to sleep in his arms.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel was the first to wake as the first begining rays cascaded upon them. He looked to see Willow still slepping snuggly in his arms. After three stories, they had both drifted off to a peaceful sleep. He looked on, his second day in the bask of the light as overwhelming as the first. He looked on as the sunlight shined upon them, making
Willow’s hair look fiery. She was a vision in his arms, making his mind elaspe to a time he had never before seen. He closed his eyes, as his fought to coprehend what he saw. He was holding someone in his arms, looking out at the blue sky above them. It looked familiar around him. He could have sworn it was in Ireland. He tried to keep
focused on what he was seeing but couldn’t, before he could look down at the woman in his arms the vision disappeared.

Angel didn’t know what to make out of it. He was sure that in all his 240+ years, he had never lived that memory, not even as a mortal. What unnerved him the most was not the way he was dressed (warrior clothing), but that he was human. He looked back down at Willow whose face was now a glow with the sun. He smiled and tightend his arms around her as the sun fully rose in the sky. He responded to the silent warning from deep in his soul, that if he let her go, she would be gone forever. He pulled her as close as he possible could to his body, taking the warning deadly seriously.

Part 11

Willow’s face lit up as they toured the mansion. It was incredible. The high ceilings, the wonderful art decor, the vases, the rugs, the multiple rooms.  It was like nothing she had ever seen before. Angel showed her as many rooms as he could, not sure why he had left one particular room from view.

They spent all morning touring the house and the grounds. She was delighted to see he had almost everything a resort would die for. As much as he would have liked to stay secluded with her for the entire weekend, they headed to town by early afternoon for some light shopping. Angel had clothes, but she had none.

The couple walked hand in hand down the small town’s main street, taking pleasure from each others closeness. After a bit of window browsing and modeling, Willow had managed to buy at least four new outfits, gifts from Angel.

“You know, I can get used to this,” Angel said as they walked out of their fifth store.

“The shopping or me?” she asked with a smile.

Angel chuckled a bit.

“I think I like you more then the shopping,” he teased.

Willow punched him lightly on his side, her arm entwined in his. She looked up and noticed all the decorations on the street, then caught sight of a small shop across the street. Angel looked at the direction she was looking at and led the way in crossing the street. Willow looked up at him and smiled, silently thanking him.

They walked in and Willow’s face lit up. She began to look over all the wonderful Renaissance costumes, one gown in particular catching her eye.

“Are you here for the Knightly Affair?” a voice in back of them asked.

They turned to meet an attentive, elderly woman greeting them with a smile.

“The Knightly Affair?” Willow asked.

“Our annual ball dance here in town. We dress in appropriate attire,” she hinted as she looked at the dress Willow was looking at.
“And when is the dance?” Willow asked curiously.

“Tonight at the Great Hall. Rumor has it that the Queen shall be joining us for the festivities.”

Willow looked at Angel with the cutest I-really-want-to-go-can-we-please look.  Angel grinned, knowing there was nothing he could or want to deny her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

The couple returned back to the Mansion with an array of boxes. Willow had remained in the shop, taking her time in searching for the right dress and making the alterations needed. Angel had been sent to a shop a couple of stores down to pick out his “knightly” wears. Once everything was done, they met by the square, walking down the streets, seeing the decorations being placed all around them.

At a quarter past nine, they were ready. Angel paced the marble floor of the entrance hall as he waited for her to come down. He wondered how horrible he looked.  He hated not being able to look in the mirror. The moment he looked up he saw her at the top of the stairs and lost the ability to speak. His hungry gaze looked her over greedily.  The wonderful green dress flowed freely, hugging her waist and chest. Her hair was swept up, a few simple locks falling down to caress her face. She gently gathered her skirts and descended the stairs. She smiled, doing the best to look him over discreetly. His tunic was black, with a green crest in the middle of it, a design of a phoenix. His pants were nice and tight, showing off his well formed thighs. To her disappointment, his tonic
covered his backside. She wouldn’t help but blush, as her thoughts ran away from her.  She tried to  slow down her breathing, but she was too nervous.

He extended his hand and took hers as she reached the final step. He pulled her into his arms, pressing him against her, whispering into her ear.

“You look ravishing.”

“Not too bad yourself,” she whispered back, holding him close.

He pulled back, taking in her beauty completely. His gaze couldn’t help but linger at her half covered breasts that seemed to tease him as they rose with each breath she took, down to her small waist, lower to were the dress flowed around her. Willow couldn’t help but blush, and feel goosebumps all around as he looked at her.  His intenselook had made her temperature rise.

“Shall we go?” he asked as he turned to her side and offered her his elbow.

Willow smiled and took his elbow.

As soon as they walked out, they were greeted with an open carriage. Willow looked at Angel in complete shock.

“Milady, your carriage awaits,” Angel said as he opened the small door and helped her in.

“It’s wonderful,” she told him once he joined her inside.

He wrapped his arms around her as the coachman shook the reins. They looked up into the sky, taking in the peaceful surroundings. By the time they arrived in town, the streets were filled with nobility from the 17th century. Cars had been replaced by horses and coaches as the street was lit by torches instead of street lamps. It was
much more then either one had expected. Once they’re coach stopped at the main hall, Angel quickly stood
and got out, then swiftly lifted Willow by the waist, lifting her out and onto the street.

They entered the great white hall and were introduced at the entrance. The ball was in complete swing as Angel swept Willow into his arms and began to move to the feel of the music.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“I can’t believe, Angel, just left,” Buffy said in complete shock.

The small group had assembled in the library for another all night research session.  Giles had been the bearer of bad news for Buffy and Oz. Angel would be gone for a couple of days, as Willow would remain with her aunt for the weekend, depending on how she felt by tomorrow.

“Did he tell you were he was going?” Buffy asked a bit disturbed by his sudden absence.

“I didn’t ask Buffy.”

“Maybe he went to a blood sucking convention,” Xander humored.
Buffy glared at him, as Cordelia chuckled.

“Has Willow called you?” Oz asked worried.

“No she hasn’t, I thought she would call you,” Xander replied.

“Giles, did Willow tell you how she was doing?” the blue haired male asked.

“She did inform that she was feeling a bit better, but was not up to talk to me much. Her aunt was taking her out this afternoon to see a doctor.”

The group had a sudden attach of the munchies and reached for the junk food that had been piled in the middle of the table.

“Did Angel ask about me?”

“No, Buffy, he did not. He was rather short.”

“And Willow?”

“She was in a bit of a rush because of her aunt, but sent everyone a hello.”

Oz and Buffy both reached for a second twinkie, wondering why they hadn’t received a call from the people that loved them.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Do you think that every person has a soulmate?” Willow asked as looked up into the clear night sky.

“The luckiest do,” Angel replied as he kissed the top of her head that was nicely tucked under his chin.

“How do you think they find each other?”

“Because they’re meant to. They’ll find each other no matter what and complete themselves,” he simply said, enjoying the feel of her in his arms as they stood on the terrace, looking over the lush botanical gardens.

“Are we meant to?” Willow asked softly.

“We are, ionuin. Ours’ is eternal.”

He turned her in his arms and kissed her passionately, making them both breathless.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Buffy, I really didn’t want to say anything, but that’s your third Ho-Ho. Self-control, some self control please,” Cordelia tried to reason with her.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I just get this sudden urge to eat something.”

“You aren’t...you know.....you have used...if you have...right?” Cordelia asked her, close to a whisper.

“What?” Buffy asked completely confused.

“You aren’t...pregnant are you, because if you are...eeewww!”, Cordelia said a bit louder.

“No! of course not, I’m just hungry.”

“Then you better start training a little bit more,” she commented.

Buffy finished her Ho-Ho in Xander fashion, and reached for her fourth, bumping into Oz’s hand.

Amy looked up from the book she was reading and silently prayed Willow and Angel came back soon.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel held her tighter as they waltzed across the crowded dance floor. They had been dancing, kissing, talking and laughing for the past three hours. He had never been happier in his long existence and suspected Willow was as happy as he was. A question had been looming in the back of his mind for some time and found the sudden
need to ask it. He buried his nose and cheek into her soft, silkily copper hair, smelling the wonderful scent of jasmine. His mouth trailed lower to her ear, whispering the words he yearned to say.

“Will you marry me?”

Willow almost didn’t hear those wonderful words whispered in her ear, still spellbound by being so close to him. Her silence unnerved him, damning himself for scaring her.

At her response, he held her closer, silently thanking the heaven’s above.



He stiffened at her reply and halted their dance in the middle of the dance floor. He pulled back to see her smiling.

“Tomorrow night. I shall marry you, Angelus Robert Donavon, if you shall have me.”

“For always as my wife,” he replied, his utter happiness apparent.

He lifted her up, swirling her in the air around them, oblivious to the stares around them.

Part 12



“Willow? God, what happened? When are you coming back? Did everything go well? Did you tell Angel? How much longer are you going to be gone?...”

“Amy, calm down....”

“How can I calm down? You have no idea what’s been happening?”

“What’s wrong? Willow asked her friend concerned.

“Nothing bad...everyone’s just asking for you....and Buffy and Oz are gaining weight...”

“Gaining weight?” she asked confused.

“Long story....anyway, what’s going on? You sound too happy, spill it, everything,” Amy said excited.

“I’m getting married!,” Willow said enthused.

“You’re what?!”

“Getting married.”



Amy nearly choked.


“I want you to come up. I need a maid of honor,” she told her hopeful.

“You aren’t joking are you?”

“He asked me to marry him tonight.”

“Don’t you think you might want to..” Amy began to ask a bit doubtful.

“No,” Willow said, cutting her off. “This is what I want. We don’t need to wait.”

“But...” Amy said, trying to begin her reasoning.

“We’re meant to be. I love him so much, Amy. I want to marry him. I want to be with him, to be by his side for forever. This is right, my heart and soul tell me so....Will you come?”

“I’d never miss my best-friends wedding,” she said happily.

“Angel sent a car to pick you up.”


“You can tell your parent’s your staying at my place, and you would be, well by tomorrow I think, because where ever Angel is, I’ll be, and he told me that everything he has is mine, it will be our house and our apartment and then you wouldn’t really be lying to your parents because...”

“Willow, breath. I’ll be there once the car comes down the block.”

“If you like, I was thinking, you can bring...”

“Really?.....I wonder if he’ll come...”

“Only one way to know, call him and let me know...”

“I’ll call him right away....”

Willow couldn’t help but giggle.

“Good, I’ll see you soon.”

“You can bet on it.”

Willow hung up the phone with a smile and walked out of the room, joining her beloved in the study.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel smiled and leaned his body against the woman that placed her arms around his waist.

“Will she come?” he asked, as he turned in her arms, curling his arms around her.

Willow smiled and looked up at him.

“She should be here in a few hours.”

“Good, now come with me,” he said as he pulled away from her and took her hand in his.

Willow looked at him surprised and excited.

“Shouldn’t we change first?”

“I rather like seeing you this way...for now,” he replied with a wicked smile.

Willow blushed and followed him.

They headed to the stables where a horse had been prepared for him. The black stallion hoofed a bit, then settled down as he felt Willow’s hand caressing its forehead.

“He’s beautiful.”

“Come on.”

Angel mounted the horse, then pulled her up with him, cradling her in his arms as he took the reins. With a gentle tug from Angel and some gentle words from Willow the horse began it’s journey across the fields. They rode in the bask of the moonlight, whispering sweet words to each other, there lips finding each other in the darkness.

The trip across his estate was cut short as they  rushed back to the mansion to greet their two guests. Willow hugged Amy once she stepped out of the limo as Angel greeted Michael. The women began to squeal with delight and hurried up the stairs, leaving Angel and Michael with amused grins on there faces.

“Let me show you to your room,” Angel told him as he took one of the small duffel bags from the trunk.

“Congratulations. Amy told me you were getting married tomorrow.”

Angel smiled.

“Thanks, tomorrow I become the luckiest man alive.”

*       *       *       *       *       *       *
Amy walked into the mansion and nearly fainted.

“This is his house. Wow!”

“I see Michael came.”

Amy blushed a bit, seeing the mischievous look on her face.

“He had no problem accompanying me.”

They giggled as Willow pulled her up the stairs, to her room. Once again, Amy’s mouth fell open as she saw the queen size room.

“So, is this the place you and Angel...you know...”

Willow looked at her for a moment confused, then turned a deep shade of red.



“We...haven’t...not yet....”

Amy smiled slyly.

“That should change by tomorrow night,” she teased.

“I’m sure it will,” she said as she took a glance at the bed in back of her.

“I still can’t believe your getting married. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Willow didn’t take a moment to hesitate in answering.

“I’m positive. I’ve never been this happy, never. I love him so much, and I can feel he loves me equally. It’s a dream come true.”

Amy smiled.

“Then we should get started. What did you want to start on?”

“Angel’s taking care of most of it. He just wants me to concentrate on me, which means....”

“Shopping!” Amy happily said.

“Then there’s your clothes we have to get, and everything else I might need that you can think of........”

Three hours later the brainstorming had ended and the house fell silent, waiting for tomorrow to arrive.

*       *       *       *       *       *

“Then we’re spending all day apart?” Angel asked his fiancée a  bit hurt.

Willow couldn’t help but smile and place a tender kiss on his lips.

“Just for this morning and part of the afternoon. Then I’ll be by your side for always, promise.”

Angel kissed her, his arms wrapping around her body tightly. He broke the kiss, and lovingly lifted her off his lap and onto the sofa next to him. He smiled at Willow’s confusion and went to the floor on bended knee. He remained smiling at her as he took out a small box from his pants. Willow began to get teary eyed as she saw
what he was about to do.

“I’ve dreamed of this. I’ve dreamed of you. I love you as I have never before thought I would love. Now I know why I was so miserable, empty and alone all my existence - I didn’t have you. I, Angelus Robert Donavon, kneel before you, Willow Ann Rosenburg to ask you for your hand in marriage. I ask for you to share my entire life and
complete the part of me that is missing. I ask you to become my wife and to let me shower you with all I can. Will you do me the greatest honor in the world and marry me, Willow?”

Angel opened the blue velvet box, as Willow’s tears began to fall happily down her face. She looked at the antique engagement ring, then back up to Angel’s soft brown eyes.  He took her trembling hand from her lap as his other hand took out the diamond ring from its holding.

“I will marry you, Angelus Robert Donavon, because I love you more then life itself. Without you, life was lonely and scary, but now that I’ve found you, it is complete bliss, heavenly and all I want to do is make you happy, and love you.”

Angel slipped the beautiful silver engagement on her finger and pulled her down to the floor with him and into his arms, there lips meeting in a fierce kiss.  They pulled apart, there heads leaning against each other.

“I had a feeling you’d say yes,” Angel teased.

“I had a feeling you’d ask.”

They chuckled softly, then kissed each other once more.

“Hey, you guys will have enough time for that tonight. Now I have to take the bride shopping if you don’t mind.”

They pulled away from each other reluctantly and stood.

“I’ll see you soon. Love you,” Willow told him with a final kiss.

“Love you, too.”

Willow and Amy left, a whole day of shopping ahead of them.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“You’re going to look beautiful. I love that dress. I can’t believe we found it.”

“We lucked out. It makes sense that they celebrate more weddings this weekend then any other, with the Knightly Affairs and all.”

“But what luck. The dress is gorgeous. We’re playing the lottery tonight.”

“I think I’ll get lucky tonight,” Willow said with a blush.

The women crossed the street, noticing a cute boutique on the other side.

“I’m sure you will.”

“Now all we need to find is a veil and I’ll be ready.”

“Not until be find you something suitable for tonight.”

Willow blushed fiercely, her mind drifting off to the vision of Angel undressing her.

“I think we can find something in here,” she said, breaking her thoughts as she pulled her into a shop.

Willow looked around, her cheeks turning redder as she looked at the contents.

“I’m sure I will,” she replied as she bit her lower lip in a smile.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“You’re almost done,” Amy told her as she put the finishing touches on her veil.

“Can I look now?” she asked impatiently.

“No! I’m not done yet. Be a little more patient.”

“I just can’t believe it. I’m getting married!’

“I know. Come on we have to finish you up.”

Amy placed the final flower on her and made her stand taking a complete look at her. Her eyes watered, reminding herself the promise she had made to herself not to cry. It seemed she was looking at an angel.

Willow saw her reaction and began to worry, then felt a jab of guilt, realization setting in. Amy smiled, giving her the nod of happiness at her appearance, but saw it did nothing to change her expression.

“Willow, what’s wrong?”

“Buffy....Xander....they won’t be here for....”

“No, Willow. We spoke about his before. When you tell them, when you want to, you can have another ceremony in Sunnydale, with your parents and friends. I know this is what you want...and to be honest, I don’t think we can back out of it now.”

Willow chuckled, knowing this was the right thing to do.

“Then we should go,” she told her.


Amy went out the door first, Willow right behind her. They went down the hall, then stairs, where they were greeted by an older gentleman in a tuxedo.

“Where’s Angel?” Amy asked.

“He has asked me to escort both you very beautiful ladies to the ceremony.”

Willow smiled, feeling a bit giddy, knowing this was part of Angel’s plan.

“Shall we leave ma’am?”

The two women walked out with the man and found an open drawn white carriage waiting for them. The gentleman helped both ladies inside and soon were off to the to the destination. Willow couldn’t help but smile and be giddy. She held the bouquet tightly, not sure what to expect.

The coachman turned onto a small road, stopping completely a few feet ahead.  Willow smiled knowing where they were going. Soft Celtic music could be heard a few feet ahead of them. The coachmen went ahead to pronounce their arrival as Amy put down Willow’s veil.

“Ready?” Amy asked with a smile.

Willow simply nodded with a radiant smile.

“Good. Let’s go get you married.”

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel stood in front of the priest trying to calm his nerves. He had spent all day planning each detail. Michael had been helpful in all that he would, even going to pick up the tuxes that were needed. As the time passed, doubts plagued him. What if Willow changed her mind? What if she couldn’t stand to marry a monster? What if she
didn’t want to spend her life with him? What if she didn’t really love him? What if.....

His mind went blank as he saw the coachman approach with no one behind him.  Dread filled him, but took an unneeded breath as he heard him announce them. Then the music grew louder. He stood a bit taller as he saw Amy coming down the small pathway, dressed in green.

Michael’s head spun as he saw his girlfriend walked toward them, letting small petals of white roses fall to the ground from her basket. Her hair was loose and flew in the wind, with an iris decorating her hair by her ear. The gown was simple with a flair of medieval. The off-showered dress covered her from shoulder to shoulder  firmly, coming down freely right after the ribbon around her lower bust. The sleeves were short, covering only a part of her upper arms, matching the material of her top. She stepped to the side, looking directly at Michael, who wore a black modern tux. She looked at Angel and smiled, seeing him taking a deep breath as they waited for his bride to
enter. Michael winked at Amy, and said “Your beautiful” in a silent tone,  making Amy smile brighter.

Willow thanked the heavens above her before she took her path down to the ceremony. She was close to tears as she saw how perfect everything looked.  Angel had chosen the place where they had seen his first sunset, just above the cliffs. The clear dark night sky showered them with stars and moonlight. Small torches gave them the additional light, that have them a warm look. The ground had been sprinkled with petals and the mountains ahead of her seemed perfectly carved. She remembered to breath as her eyes found her husband to be. She had never seen him that handsome before. His tux was one of tradition and moderness. His black three button suit were buttoned neatly over a button down, black vest with a white dress shirt under that and a black tie. His hair was messily spiked, and a white rose on the left side of his suit. She walked down the path, her nerves disappearing, her heart racing, and her happiness overflowing.

Angel’s mouth simply dropped as he saw the beauty before him. Such radiance he had never seen before in his existence and even thought the angels above them had blessed her with such perfection. Each step she took toward him only mesmerized him.  Her dress was simple but elegant. The white silky material hugged her bust and waist.   The slightly low cut offering a hint of cleavage which teased him. A small belt of peach and white flowers surround her waist, as the chiffon top material parted in the middle, her long tail spreading like a fan on a the ground. The white, soft gown swayed as she took each steep, her loose long chiffon sleeves stopping by her elbow, buttoned down by flowers and the material hung down, joining the air around her. Her hair had been swept up, a few stands falling down to caress her smooth, lovely face. A small crown of small carnations and lily’s of the valley were entwined in her hair, holding her veil in place. The only jewelry she wore was her engagement ring, and a pair of diamond earrings he had given to her last night. Her bouquet only added more to her effulgence. White, yellow and peach flowers were wonderfully arranged in her fresh bouquet that were lined out with
lace, satin and chiffon.

As she stood before him, he was lost for words. He swallowed and closed his mouth, smiling more then he had even done before. Angel took her hand in his and the couple turned to the priest.

“Dearly beloved, we are here together to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony......”

After a small prayer and some insight, he turned to the couple and asked them to recite there vows, vows which they recited with no help of the father, since these vows came from the heart, vows that had been stored there for such a long time.  It amazed the tiny group that the couple recited them in perfect Gaelic.

“Tha mise Angelus a-nis 'gad ghabhail-sa Willow gu bhith 'nam chéile phòsda. Ann am fianais Dhé 's na tha seo de fhianaisean tha mise a' gealltainn a bhith 'nam fhear pòsda dìleas gràdhach agus tairis dhuitsa, cho fad's a bhios an dìthis againn beò,” he said with large smile, never aware he could be this happy.

“Tha mise Willow a-nis 'gad ghabhail-sa Angelus gu bhith 'nam chéile pòsda. Ann am fianais Dhé 's na tha seo de fhianaisean tha mise a' gealltainn a bhith 'nam bhean phòsda dhìleas ghràdhach agus thairis dhuitsa, cho fad's a bhios an  dìthis againn beò,” Willow repeated in perfect tougue, close to tears of joy.

And together they said the last words that completed their blessed union.

“... dhuitsa, gus an dèan Dia,” Angel began and slipped the knotted Celtic silver band on her finger.

“.....leis a' bhàs ar dealachadh.” Willow finished as she slipped an identical ring on Angel’s finger.

“I now pronounce you - man and wife - joined in blessed union. You may kiss your bride.”

Angel lifted her veil, looking into her flawless, loving face and placed his hands on her cheeks, leaning down to kiss her as Willow happily met him half way.

The cheers of Amy and Michael broke there kiss. Angel looked down at his wife and smiled, whispering how wonderful she looked and just how blessed he was to have her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel had one last surprise for this wife. As they rode back to the estate in the open carriage, they were greeted with a barrage of people just before the hill to their house. Angel was the first out of the carriage, helping his wife out.

He had made a small reception for the couple, with people coming in from town. Torches illuminated the night and the couple was greeted with cheers and congrats. Tables were set up on the side as food was laid out for everyone at one corner. The reception was in full swing as they arrived, Angel immediately took Willow in his arms as began to sway in the love song that played.

They danced part of the night away and enjoyed the company of the people around them. They did a little swing, a bit of R&B, some Irish dancing, a bit of Rock and Roll, touched upon the disco, did some waltzes and ended with a series of soft songs that make the night complete.

Amy caught her bouquet in a sea of woman and the cake was cut with Angel and Willow taking the top portion to freeze (an old Irish tradition). The couple left in a dramatic fashion, Angel sweeping Willow off her feet and carrying her to their home.

The couple left with a final kiss and left, the night ahead full of love.