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Willow looked all around the house, trying to find what she needed. To her joy, she found the house still empty. As she walked past a mirror in the hallway, she took a moment to look at herself. For the first time, she was happy with what she saw in the mirror. She saw herself so different, seeing a bit of what Angel constantly praised her for.  She smiled as she looked at the bites on her neck, her hand reaching up to caress them.

She knew she would be taking a risk in telling her friends about her and Angel and how hurt some may be, but he was worth it. She didn’t want to hide him any longer, didn’t want to hold back her feelings each time she saw him. She wanted to love him openly. Love? Her smile grew wider.

So lost in her thoughts, she jumped a bit as she felt his arms encircle her waist. His hand met hers on her neck, caressing the healing bite. He squeezed her tighter as he placed his head on her shoulder.

“Where were you?” he asked curious.

“Just taking a small walk,” she informed him happily.

“Small walk? You look like your up to something,” he replied, having noticed the time she went into the bedroom with a bag then going back out again.

“Little o’ me?” she asked in her best southern bell accent, smiling mischievously as she fluttered her eyes.

Angel chuckled and moved them from the mirror, down the hall to her room.

“You are not the only one with surprises up their sleeves,” he whispered into her ear as he opened the door and entered.

Willow was surprised to see a large white box on her bed. Angel led her to the bed and took a seat on the bed, loving the look she had on her face. Willow looked from Angel to the box wondering what the it contained. Angel waited patiently as she pulled the red bow off the package. She took off the top off carefully and pulled the
tissue paper out of the way.

It was beautiful. It was more then beautiful, she thought as her fingers ran over the feathered mask. The shiny peacock feathers shined brighter against the black and green feathers. She carefully picked it up to look at the wonderful detail. The cat-outline of the mask gave it a touch of danger with sophistication. She looked at Angel with a face of complete delight, that it made him chuckle a bit.

“There is more,” he pointed out with a smile.

Willow carefully placed the mask to the side and pulled off the second piece of tissue paper, revealing her black ball gown. She brushed her hand across the soft delicate material, taking it out and pressing it against her body. She whirled around once, then looked back at Angel, placing the gown back on the bed.

Angel had seen the evident joy in her eyes, but never expected the jump she made on him, making him fall back on the bed. She kissed him passionately, her body grinding against his, making him grow. He was about to flip her over, but was stopped as she pulled away from his kiss and was content just sitting on him. She ground her hips against his, making him groan. He looked at her, with a tint of yellow in them.

“Willow...” he hissed as she tormented him with the way she ground against him ever so slowly.

Willow smiled, knowing this was the time. She completely got off him and began pulling him up by the waistband of his boxers.

Angel looked on confused, not sure what she was doing, but silently followed her.  She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him fiercely.

“Thank you.”

Angel smiled and returned her hug, equally tight.

“Anything for you.”

“Now for my surprise,” she said as she pulled back and took his hand in hers, leading him out of her bedroom.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Oz tried to dance, but the woman in front of him, he did not want. He wanted a certain redhead who had disappeared on him. A redhead who was playing hard to get.  Amy had convinced him to stay and although he did like the band that was playing, he didn’t want to be there any longer. He looked over and saw Buffy looking as restless as he was. He was grateful when the song ended and escorted Amy back to the table.

They began some small talk, not really paying much attention to what they were saying. Oz looked over at Buffy then nodded his head, asking her to dance with him as a new song began. Amy and Xander followed close behind. Oz took her in his arms and whispered into her ear.

“Ready?” he asked.

“The first change we get,” she replied.

Amy lost herself in Xander’s arms, never quite noticing how the werewolf and slayer were moving ever so farther from them.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Willow pulled on the scarf a bit, not wanting to hurt him. Angel chuckled seeing the evident worry in her eyes. She was so loving and caring and thoughtful, and so beautiful that seeing her look so worried about him made his heart swell up, even if she was trying to strap him down to the bed.

“You can tighten it more, Willow, it won’t hurt. You’ll have to if you want me to keep my hands off you,” he told her with a mischievous smile.

Willow blushed and did as he asked making Angel harder.

“Remember what you told me,” she reminded him as she took the final scarf in her hand and smiled at him.

“ I know. Can’t touch you, won’t break free.”

She smiled once more then placed the final scarf around his head, covering his eyes.

“See anything?” she asked.

“You should ask me what I smell,” he replied with a smirk on his face.

Willow turned a bright red, thankful he wouldn’t see her.

“I love it when you blush,” he said, knowing her too well.

“You can see?” she asked a bit worried.

“No,” he answered, his hand wanting to touch her, but found resistance, then remembered he was not allowed to. “I just know you too well.”

“Really?” she asked wickedly.

Her tone sent a shiver down his spine, making his arousal for her grow deeper.

The room fell silent for a moment, making Angel a bit nervous. He had to admit, in all his years, he had usually been the predator, the one in control. But not here, for the first time, he felt vulnerable, he had now turned into the prey, but he trusted her, trusted her fully to give himself wholly to her as she did.

He heard a gently snap and smiled in anticipation of what was to come.

“I love strawberries,” she told him as she poured out some of the contents of the bottle drip down to his chest.

Angel’s body tightened as he felt the cold liquid hit his chest, his body cowering into the bed as he let out a small moan.

She slide a finger across his chest, her finger taking some of the strawberry syrup with it to wet his lips. Before he would snake out his tongue, she removed it, replacing it with her tongue,  tracing it over his lips, tasting it’s sweetness. She left his lips as she moved down the bed, her eyes raking over his body, wanting nothing more then to please him. She stepped to the end of the bed and tipped the bottle, his feet feeling the same old substance hit him. She trailed it up both legs, taking turns, then up to his thighs. She abruntly stopped at his covered mid-section, then started anew on his flat toned stomach.

She smiled as she saw how tense he was, knowing he was enjoying himself. The red elixir covered his arms and legs, finally ending at his neck. Willow walked back down to the end of the bed, letting hers fingers touch his toes and legs, brushing him in the back of his knees. He grunted as he arched his body up for more contact. She
refused, her fingers leaving him and moving to the strap of her robe and untied it, pushing apart the material and letting it fall to the floor. She turned back her attention to him, her fingers and palm mixing into his well formed chest. She touched his right nipple briefly before moving it up to his arm. She quickly moved her hand back to the bottom of his leg, trying not to linger in any area just yet, for too long.

Angel let his moans be heard, freeing himself to the complete pleasure she was invoking in him. Her small hands felt like fire on his skin, enflaming his already strong arousal. The need to touch her was maddening, but it only fueled his desire for her. He groaned as he felt her hands reach the waistband of his restraining boxers. He grunted as he felt her hands leave and be replaced by her mouth. She remained off the bed as he felt her teeth bite lightly into his skin on one side, then felt her teeth begin to pull down the unwanted material. She repeated the action on the other side of his body, then having to use her hands, she pulled them down slowly, her hands pressing roughly against his buttocks, finally releasing his erection to her.

Willow finally climbed on the bed making Angel groan in anticipating of her next move. She straddled his stomach making him jump slightly as he felt her tongue lick the side of his cheek.

“I’m hungry,” she whispered against his mouth and she kissed him roughly, parting his lips, seeking to taste the deepth of his cool mouth.

Angel began to grind his stomach against her, the rubbing of her wetness and the stickiness of his stomach making it difficult for him to remain restrained. She pulled away from his lips, brushing her lips as she moved higher up his body, her mouth finding his left wrist and began to lick and nibble on it. As rough as she had been a moment ago, her touches and nibbles had turned to soft caresses.

Willow took long wet licks down his arms to his shoulders, moving across his collarbone, wet kisses planted all along as her mouth found his right arm and a new series of licks began. Angel tried to arch his body against hers and moaned as his head made contact with her skin. He instinctively drew out his tongue, tasting the sweet wet shoulder of the woman that was torturing him. Willow pulled her body back as she felt his tongue, her mouth trailing back to his neck. It was there what Angel pulled his head back, offering himself to her wonderful talents.

Willow suckled a spot she knew by heart was the most sensitive part on his neck.  Her lips nipped, then licked, sucking in his delectable flesh between her teeth and biting down, hard enough to make her mark, but not hard enough to break skin.

Angel was in complete ecstasy. He fought against the urge to break the scarves that bond him and posses his fiery maiden. He loved the way she teased him, the way she was pleasuring him. But his body needed more contact and tried to grind himself against her, in any way.

Her gifted mouth reached his nipples, her hands settling on his firm stomach, mixing in the syrup to his skin. Her hips moved lower, teasing his erection.  Her mouth lapped at one nipple then other, alternating between teeth, lips, and tongue. Angel was slowly losing his mind. He felt the weight of her leave his body and wondered what she
was going to do. He moaned a bit louder as he felt her tongue run up his legs, to his knees, where her mouth began to leave tiny bit marks up his thighs.

Willow loved the sounds coming from his mouth. She reached over to the side of the bed and grabbed her trusty red bottle and began to pour some more over his body, covering him completely once more a bit with strawberry sauce. She nudged apart his legs more and settled between them, her lips closing around the end of his
erection, with her tongue lightly caressing the head of his shaft, then moved away.

"Willow...." he groaned, missing the sensation of her mouth.

Answering his need, her lips encircled the head, her tongue swirling, making him moan her name louder. Angel was taken by complete surprise as Willow swallowed him, deeply, into her throat. Angel gasped loudly as her lips tickled the hairs at the root. Rising slowly, lips tight against him, she flicked her tongue back and forth over
the muscular ridge under his rock hard manhood.

She began slowly and lovingly, but soon began to move quickly, her lips lightly touching his shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. Using only her mouth, she pumped his shaft up and down, her efforts shaking the bed.  Several fast strokes were followed by a long plunge, taking him deep into her tight
throat. She paused a moment, letting me know how deep he was, feeling the tightness of her mouth. The velvety smooth, slick skin in the back of her throat caressed his head. She then pulled up quickly, and repeated her fast strokes, again, only to plunge long and deep.

Angel was lost in all sensation, his mind completely a mess. It only drove him crazier to know that all that touched him was her mouth. He could feel her hands near him on the bed, her hair not touching him as it normally would. His hips began to move against his judgment, loving the feel of her mouth engulfing him. He was near and
Willow knew it, sensing his body stiffen more. Her hands snaked underneath him, her fingers gently adding
pressure his cheeks, inching closer to his hole.

The new surprise and her relentless mouth pushed him to new level of complete bliss. Her pace quickened sending him over the edge to the strongest orgasm he could have. Spasms wracked his body as he emptied himself into her greedy mouth.  After the fourth surge, Willow let some of his salty elixir dribble from her mouth,
but remained milking him until he was spent.

Angel began to relax; to drift into that warm "afterglow" of total contentment and relaxation. Willow smiled at him smugly, knowing that she was the one what had done this to him.

“Tasty,” she spoke, as she licked her fingers.

Angel heard her lips smack together loudly and could feel his member begin to stir up once again. Willow crawled on top of him and ground his hips against his, making him go completely mad.


“Angel...” she panted, loving the feel of her body rubbing up against his. Without being able to hold himself any longer he pulled away from the scarves and pulled the other sash from his eyes, his gaze falling upon the naked temptress on top of  him.

He wrapped his arms around her, crushing his lips to hers as he flipped her underneath him, thinking of all the ways he could pleasure her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Amy looked frantically around her. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach, making her stop the movements of her body. Xander looked at her a bit confused, not sure why she had stopped dancing.

“Where did they go?” she yelled above the music.

“They were there a second ago,” he replied.

Before he knew what was happening, he was being dragged off the dance floor towards the exit.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow touched his chest, then looked down at hers.

“Sticky?” Angel asked.

“A bit,” she giggled.

“We are covered in syrup,” he reminded her with a smile.

“Very tasty syrup,” she remarked as she blushed.

After Angel had broken free, he had demonstrated to her just how much he had enjoyed her ‘eating habits’ by making her cum three times. It had been an extremely pleasurable night to say the least.

“We need a shower,” he told her as his eyes raked over body.

“I’ll need a doctor by the end of the night,” she said with a smile.

“I can play ‘doctor’”

“I’m sure you can,” she replied as her cheeks grew hot.

With that said, Angel carried her to the bathroom, leaving the red stained sheets and pieced of scarves behind.

After an hour shower, the couple moved to Willow’s bedroom and climbed into the cool green sheets. The couple snuggled together, falling into much deserved sleep, never hearing the door to her bedroom open.

Part 26

 He peered into the room as he opened the door, not able to see anything. But before he could take a step forward he was engulfed in complete darkness as he fell to the floor.

“I’m sorry,” she softly said as she entered the room behind him and closed the door, locking it.

Angel was the first to wake as he heard the thud. He looked up to see Amy hovering over the unconscious body. He slowly extradited himself from Willow’s still sleeping arms and grabbed his robe. He quickly placed it on and moved over to Amy.

“What happened?”

“Can’t you guys keep the door locked?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“We were....a bit...distracted..” he replied a bit embarrassed.

“Then you should pay more attention,” she advised him.

“Let’s get him out of here.”

Amy agreed as he pulled Xander over his shoulder and walked over to the fireplace, confusing Amy.

“We’ll take a short cut,” he whispered and pulled the lever needed to open the trap door.

Amy simply followed, amazed that such things did exist.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Xander awoke with his head pounding. He looked around to find himself in a strange room. He sat up and tried to focused his eyes on the two figures in front of him, by the fireplace. The small moan of pain that escaped his lips alerting both women to his consciousness. One of the women left in a haste, never giving the opportunity for Xander to see her completely. His eyes turned to the woman walking toward him, happy to finally see a familiar face.

“Will, what happened?”

“You were hit over the head,” Willow explained, looking at him guilty.

“Why?” he asked confused.

“Merle...she thought you were...a burglar...she didn’t recognize you.”

“Oh...I didn’t see her when I came in...”

“She was in one of the spare rooms...and then heard you and Amy...”

“Oh...where’s Amy?”

“In her room..sleeping.”

“Then she didn’t get hit....”

“No, just you.”

Willow sat next to him on the bed, not sure just how to approach the subject.

“Xander, we’ve been best friends forever...”

“Just about...”

“We’ve never kept secrets from each other...”


“Except the time I caught you with Cordelia....”

“Yeah...” Xander replied, still a bit guilty over his actions.

“And you know that I love you...”

“Will....” he said a bit worried.

“Like a friend, Xander....like a brother...”

“Yeah....we’re the two remaining of three musketeers,” Xander replied warmly.

“When you told me about Cordelia, true, I didn’t listen to you first, but later..I did and I understood, well tried...then I accepted..and well...”

“What’s up, Willow?”

“I don’t want to lose you, Xander...”

“You aren’t, Will. No matter what,” he explained as he sat up carefully and hugged her.

“You mean the world to me, Xander...but so does he...”


“No...it isn’t Oz,” she replied as tears began to fall. “Promise me you’ll try to understand... please..”

“Your scaring me..”

“Just promise me... pinkie promise.”

Xander pulled back and looked at her worried. This is serious, he thought. He did as she asked, offering his pinkie to her in agreement. She took a deep breath and looked at him. Then she began her story.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel paced the floor of his bedroom worried. He had already changed the sheets, cleaned the room, and tidied the bathroom. He had walked throughout the house and estate and passed by the door to find they were still in a private discussion.

His fears crept up as he moved to the French doors and pulled them open. He stepped onto the terrace, looking out into the night sky. He turned and jumped into the room the moment her heard a knock on the door, telling the person to come in.



“Wasn’t expecting me?”

“Not really,” Angel answered honestly.

“I was just wondering if you’d heard from them?”

“No...I don’t think they’re done yet.”

“I came to thank you...for the dress...it’s lovely.”

“You’re welcome, Amy.”

“And... no matter what happens..... I think Willow and you are great together.  I’ve never seen her so happy before.... or so sad when she thought she had lost you.”


“I should let you rest. I’ll see you tomorrow night. Good luck.”

Amy stepped back out, leaving Angel alone with his thoughts. What would he do if he lost her? His thoughts were interrupted by his second visitor.

“Come in.”

Xander stepped in, surprising him. He had expected to see Willow step in, in back of him, but did not.

“We need to talk.”

Angel motioned for him to sit on one of the chairs in the room as he remained standing, feeling for the first time a bit of dread, fearing somehow that he had managed to change her mind.

“What do you want from her?” Xander asked.

Angel looked at him a moment, then replied.

“I want her to save me.”

“What about Buffy?”

“She’s my past. I don’t regret what I did.....because it led me to her.”

Xander turned to look at him his expression serious.

“Willow isn’t...”

“I love her, Xander.”

“You ever hurt her.... even make her cry..... I will kill you myself....”

“I’ll hand you the stake,” Angel replied with the same tone of seriousness.

He quickly stood up and went to the door, closing it behind him. Angel let out an unneeded breath and waited. In less then a second, his door flew upon. He walked over, and closed the door, then lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed, taking off her robe then discarded his as he joined her, pulling her into his arms, keeping her as close to him as possible.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“So, how long did you know?” Xander asked as he sat down next to Amy at the table.

She froze for a moment, hoping that what had begun last night, did not end this morning.

“Xander, I...I wasn’t...”

“Don’t. You don’t need to explain...,” he reasoned, feeling rather clearheaded since the whole revelation had begun.

“Is this....whatever we have....over?” she asked, now realizing what it was she had put on the line.

Xander looked at her for a moment, then took her hand.

“I was actually hoping you’d come to the ball with me.”

Amy couldn’t hold back the tears that fell down her face as she turned to hug him.

“New slate - no more lies - no more hiding,” she whispered.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he replied with a smile.

“I’d love to go with you.”

“Oh...I can take this upstairs...” Buffy interrupted.

“No...I just asked Amy to the ball,” Xander replied, turning to look at her.

“That is going to be so cool. Can’t wait. And.....Angel got me a dress,” she replied with a smirk on her face.

“He also gave me one,” Amy informed her.


“He got me a suit,” Xander added.

“Oh...I thought...that he had given it to me as a present...”

“He gave them to us as presents,” Amy replied.

“Well then... I’m glad that was cleared up .....”

“Buffy, maybe you should start seeing what’s really in front of you....”

“I can see clearly, Xander. I don’t need you or anyone telling what I see with my own eyes.”

“Buffy, he’s just trying to help you understand.... Angel sees you as a friend now.... nothing more ...he isn’t going with you to the ball......”

“No, Amy, you don’t understand..... and I already have a date to the ball.”

“Who?” Xander asked completely surprised.



“Yep, it’s about time Angel saw what’s his missing,” she replied triumphantly as she turned around and left the room, popping a piece of fruit into her mouth.

Amy and Xander looked at each other as they shook there heads.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow joined the group for lunch outdoors. She had slept through the morning in Angel’s arms, having told him that he had not lost her.... nor would he ever. She was surprised to see Oz and Buffy seating contentedly next to each other. She smiled, a small hope in her being lit. She sat next to Xander and Amy on the blue sheet and
grabbed a banana. She turned to look at her best friend and smiled, grateful she had not lost his friendship. They had spoken for hours last night and had learned more about each other, as well as forged a much stronger bond to each other - they’re friendship having suffered a bit by lacks on both parts.

“I can’t wait. It’s going to be so exciting tonight,” Amy commented as she took a bite from her sandwich.

“It’ll be a blast. Merle told me that if we need any alterations that we should tell her so she can call the fitter,” Willow told them.

“Yeah, that suit is about a size too big,” Xander told her.

“It’s nice to see that everyone has someone to go with,” Buffy commented casually, hoping to spark some interest.

“Who are you going with?” the redhead asked her.


The couple looked at her intently, wanting to gauge her reaction. What they saw, they did not expect, she smiled.

“I’m so happy for you too.”

“Um...thanks?” Buffy replied, confused.

“You are you going with?” Oz asked, surprised by her... acceptance.

Willow looked at both them and answered calmly.


Part 27

Buffy nearly choked as Oz’s eyes widened at her response.

“Your going with who?!” Oz asked regaining his voice.

“Angel,” Willow replied.

Buffy quickly stood and began to pace.

“Your going with Angel?” Buffy asked in disbelief.


Oz quickly stood and dragged Buffy with him back to the house, excusing himself from the group.

“Well,  that went...” Xander began, trying hard to find a word.

“....okay?” Amy added.

Willow looked at them a bit worried. That was not what she had expected, yelling, maybe even a fight, but not walking away. Xander reached out for her hand and patted it.

“Everything will be okay,” he assured her as best he would.

Willow smiled, her eyes becoming a bit watery.

“Come on, let’s go try on our dresses,” Amy commented excitedly as she stood up and took Willow’s hand, pulling her up with her.

She smiled, her excitement contagious. Both women left hoping the night ahead was filled with promise instead of dread.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“I can’t seem to find my dress....” Willow said worried as she rummaged through her room.

“Are you sure you left it here?” Amy asked her.

“Positive,” she replied.

Her eyes fell upon the fireplace, seeing it a bit out of place.

“Amy.... wait here,” she told her as she pulled back the stone statue,  opening the passage.

She walked down carefully, trying to remember which door was his. It wasn’t hard to find when he found one of the door’s partly open. She stepped into the dark room and was surprised to see it empty. As she stepped deeper inside her eyes strayed to his bed.

Her mouth fell open as her hands rushed to touch the delicate material. She traced the outline of the beautiful dress as her eyes moved to look at the rest of the items on the bed.

She was taken by complete surprise and squealed in delight as she felt two familiar strong arms wrap around her.

“Hope you like it,” he whispered into her ear.

“It’s gorgeous....but, I already have a dress...” she reminded him.

“Well, actually this is it. I wasn’t sure I could get it here in time so I had ordered the black one you saw last night.”

“But Angel, this is too much...... all this....is...”

“Not enough for you,” he replied as he turned her around in his arms and kissed her.

Willow melted against him as she wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly.

“I want you to be happy,” he muttered against her mouth.

“I am, as long as I’m with you,” she replied.

She shivered as she felt his cool hands move under her shirt.

“What are you doing?” she asked playfully as his hands moved to her bra.

“Thought you might want to try it on,” he replied quickly, his mouth moving down her neck.

She pulled away, kissing him quickly.

“Nope, I’m sure it’ll fit, if not then we can return it.”

“I always wanted to return to Milan.”

Willow’s eyes widened.

“Go get ready, before I cancel the party to spend the rest of the week with you in bed.”

Willow giggled and turned to take hold of all her new gifts and was sent on her way with a smack on her butt.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“I’ll be right back, I have something that will go great with your dress,” Willow said as she left the room and headed to her room.

The walk was cut short as she bumped into Buffy.

“Getting ready?” Buffy asked her, remaining calm.

“I’m helping Amy right now,” she replied as she took a swallow.

“That’s good. Well I should get my dress. I had it altered a bit.”

“Well, if you need help later,” Willow offered.

“If I do, I’ll call you. Have to get going. Don’t want to make Oz wait. He’s taking me out to dinner,” she mentioned.

Willow smiled and walked down the hall to the room. As soon as saw her turn the corner she rushed in.

“So what did she say?” Oz asked as he pulled Buffy into his room from the hallway.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing. She looked surprised though.”

“Good, then it looks like its working.”

“Do you really think they’re going together because their jealous about us?” Buffy asked, doubting a bit.

“Come on Buffy. If you were in her shoes and her boyfriend just told you he was going to go with someone else, while she had no one then, what would you say?”

“Yeah. Just remember the plan then.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

“We’ll make them see just exactly there missing,” Buffy told him with a smile.

“Let the plan begin.”

Willow looked at the herself in the mirror and almost didn’t recognize herself. She placed the mask firmly in place and stepped back. She was scared to pinch  herself and realize this had all been a wonderful dream. It was hard for her to think of it as anything else.

She placed the mask in place and smiled. She make a quick turn, loving the way the material flowed around her.

“Wow.....” Amy trailed off as she looked at her friend.

Willow turned around and echoed the same words.

“Not bad at all is it,” Amy commented as she looked down at herself.

“It feels like a dream sometimes....” Willow trailed off with a smile.

“Think we’re ready to make our dates drool and worship the ground we walk on?”  Amy asked.

Willow would could only smile and turn to take one more look in the mirror.

“Why don’t we surprise them instead?”

Amy couldn’t help but giggle.

“We have a short cut,” Willow told her as she took her hand and led her to the fireplace.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel went back to the bathroom and grabbed his bottle of cologne. He knew Willow loved the smell and placed a tab on his neck and wrist. He looked down at himself once more, making sure everything was right in place. He took the mask that was on the counter and placed it over his face. His senses were immediately drawn to a new fragrance in the room. It was the smell of lavender he loved to smell in Willow’s hair. He stepped out, and froze the moment he saw his heavenly creature in front of him.

The golden shiny satiny material of her dress made her red hair shine deeper, making her creamy white skin look so delectable. The top of her dress was short and tight, the double spagetti strips holding up the dress over her bosom. His eyes darted down, his eyes sparkling at the look of the top of her breasts teasing him. He traveled lower, the material soft and silkily where the simply silver diamond design hugged her upper torso.  Her waist was emphasized by the interloped design of circles making a sort of belt. The material flowed freely down, flaring all around her.

He looked back up, her piercing green eyes darting out at him from the golden butterfly mask that hide part of her angelic face. She had swept up her hair, parting it in the middle and somehow managing to roll the hair inward, creating a lower crown in the back. The headpiece he had chosen for her laid on the top of her head, the delicate
v-shaped rose lying just above her forehead. Her neck was bare, showing of the curveness of each side. The only other piece of jewelry laid by her right forearm, the golden band covered with smoky quartz and onyx. She had simply captivated him in silence and struggled to regain his voice.

Willow nearly fainted. She wasn’t sure it was possible for Angel to look so.....much more gorgeous... so much mre sexier.... so much more dreamy.... Without clothes, his hair tossled.. he looked like a God from Olympics.... but now.. in front of her.... fully clothed... she just had trouble breathing since he had made her forget just how.... he had decided to sport a suit instead of a tux which was of one color, jet black. His slacks weren’t too loose or too tight, just right, which made her wonder just how good his ass most look. He had selected a button down black dress shirt with a shiny back tie covered over by a black three button suit. His usual spiky hair was now slicked
back, making him more dangerous and breathtaking as ever... dear God, she needed to sit but her body refused to move as her sense picked up the cologne, making her body tingle..... <I can take him.... more then sure I can.. right here....>

Angel couldn’t help but return her hungry, lust filled gaze. It was the knocking on the door that broke the trance they had placed over each other.

“Angel, all the guests are here,” Merle informed him behind the closed door.

“We’ll be right down,” Angel answered in a slight growl.

Willow blushed and smiled, making Angel move an inch from her body and kiss her. He pulled away reluctantly, placing a final kiss on her nose.

“Shall we join the party, my lady?” Angel asked deeply as he extended his hand to her.

Willow graciously accepted the invitation and left hand in hand with the man that meant the world to her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Where are they?” Buffy asked growing inpatient as they sat on one of the blush sofas in the grand ballroom.

The ball was in full swing, most of the visitors employees from many of Angel’s successful business as well as some predominant figures that remained low key.

“Maybe they’re having second thoughts about coming together..” Oz reasoned.

“I hope so... it’ll make it all easier for us...”

“Come on.... they should see us dancing..” Oz told her as he stood up and offered her his arm.

Buffy smiled and was joined him on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, the two couples met in the hallway, all commenting on their choose of attire. Amy was glowing next to Xander, and Xander couldn’t seem to stop smiling.

Amy and Xander were the first to walk down the staircase and join the party. Before, Willow and Angel entered, he pulled her in and kissed her tenderly.

“Ready?” he asked.

“For anything,” she replied with a smile, kissing him.

They walked down the staircase, hand in hand, unwaivered of the pair of eyes on them as they made it to the bottom.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

The evening went as smooth as it possible could. Oz and Buffy tried their best to act into each other and ignore just how Angel and Willow looked together. Xander and Amy just rolled their eyes at the attempt and continued to have a fabulous time together.

But the biggest surprise of the night did not come from either couple, though the dresses alone from Buffy and Willow, as well as just how good Angel looked turned many faces, it was actually just how great Merle and Giles looked together. The small group looked on in complete amazement as they saw Giles transform in front of their eyes. There was no stuttering, nor was there any fidgeting. His glasses seemed to disappear from hand and his suave moves left them stunned.

It was by the middle of the night that the tempo of the party changed. As Angel and Willow danced, they were bumped from behind.

“May I cut in?” Oz asked as the couple halted.

Angel looked at Willow for a moment and saw her nod. It was now or never.

“Only for a dance,” Angel replied and let his Willow go.

And then the surprises began.

Buffy smiled at Angel as seductively as possible, her eyebrows raised a bit, her mouth glistened with red gloss. She placed herself in Angel’s arms, plastering her breasts to his chest, giving him a eyeful with her low cut bodice.

With the new alterations to her dress, Angel was surprised to see she could still breath. Once a lovely black flowing gown had turned into a second skin. The bodice had turned into a deep v-neck, deep and tight enough to place much emphasis on her breasts, held up by two stapes around her shoulders. Her lower body, completely
wrapped tightly around her body down to her ankles,  occasionally bumped into him, trying to create some
form of friction between them. Unfortunately for her, Angel was unmoved.

“Nice party,” Buffy commented.


“You look great, tonight.”

“You look nice, too.”

“Having a nice time?” Buffy asked him, looking up, flitterin her lashes at him.

“Great time, actually.”


That hadn’t been the answer she had been looking for. She looked to the side and hoped Oz was having better progress.

“You look beautiful,” Oz commented as she squeezed her a bit.

Willow pulled back, not wanting him so close to her.

“You too, look nice, I mean. So does, Buffy.”

“Yeah, she looks nice..... anyway... having a nice time...”

“A lot, Angel’s great.”

“Oh.... we’ll I’m having a great time with Buffy too.”

“Are you really?” Willow asked him.

Oz wasn’t sure how to answer. <Stick to the plan>


Willow smiled, then hugged him.

“I’m so happy for you. I never thought about you or Buffy as a couple but you both look so happy and look so cute together. I’m happy you found each other, Oz. It really does.”

“What?” Oz asked a bit confused.

“I want you to be happy, Oz. Be as happy as I am.”


“I can’t wait ‘till I tell, Angel. Now we can all move on.”

The music ended and she placed a kiss on his cheek, then left, leaving a confused Oz behind.

Meanwhile, Angel was trying as hard as possible to disentangle himself from Buffy, but somehow her arms seemed to find a way around him.

“You know... you would be happier with me tonight... Oz would understand.”

Angel looked at her a bit confused.

“Buffy, I am happy. Happier then I’ve ever been.....”

Buffy quickly changed her approach.

“So, am I, you know. Oz is great with me... and..”

“I’m glad, Buffy. You deserve to be as happy as I am. Now you can let go and love someone with all your heart and soul..... just like me.”

Buffy stopped moving and looked up at him, completely stunned.

Angel took the opportunity and pulled Buffy away from him.

“Thank you for the dance.”

She remained on the dance floor as she saw him walk away from her, disappearing in the group of people around her.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel found Willow by the terrace looking out into the garden. He wrapped his arms around her, not caring anymore who saw them.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she told him as she turned around and kissed him.

The sound of the music began and Willow placed her head on his chest as they moved to the new song that spilled out onto the terrace from the room.

I came along way
From out of nowhere
I stand before you
All alone
Like a wolf’s cry in the distance
I heard the calling
Of your soul
Oh.... I hear you cryin’

Angel held her a bit tighter as the song guided them from side to side. He buried his nose in her hair, his hand moving hers over his heart.

With your love
Show me how to live
‘Cause you are made of me
And I am made of you
With your life
Show me how to give
you are made of me
and I am made of you

Willow’s heart began to fill with tears, her heart telling her to take the chance... to take the risk........

We’ll walk together
Through the fire
Through the darkness
to the sun
Like two raging rivers full of passion
at the ocean
Becoming one
Oh.... I hear you cryin’

Her cheek remained on his strong chest as she followed her heart.

“This may be too soon... but I need to tell you.....” Willow began.

With your love
Show me how to live
‘Cause you are made of me
And I am made of you
with your life
Show me how to give
you are made of me
and I am made of you

“So much has happened... so quickly...”

I am made of you
You are made of me
And everything you are
Is what I’m meant to be
I am made of you
You are made of me
and everything I am
Is what you made me
Oh... Oh I hear you crying
Oh..... through the darkness
To the light.......

Angel listened, holding a breath he did not need, his heart and soul full of hope..

With your love
show me how to leave
cause you are made of me
and I am made of you
with your life
show me how to give
you are made of me
with your heart
show me what is true

And they both spoke, echoing the same words.

“I love you.”

They pulled away slightly, looking deep into their eyes. Angel could see the shaky smile on her lips and glistering eyes, but then he was sure she saw her own reflection painted on him.

He swept down and captured her lips passionately, their bodies halting as they song sang it’s final chords.

‘Cause you are made of me
And I am made of you
With your soul
Walk my spirit through
You are made of me
And I am made of you
Oh... I hear you cryin’
Through the darkness
To the light........