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  PART 21

She looked at the couple kissing in disbelief. She rubbed her eyes, hoping they had deceived her, but they had not. She looked on as they entwined their arms around each other, too shocked to say anything. Her mind finally let her speak, her voice a bit louder then usual. She called out her name in complete surprise. She swallowed as
she saw them freeze and slowly turned to face her. She saw her own surprise in them, but they looked at
her more worried then anything.

Willow looked at her, not sure what to say. Angel held her tighter, not sure what to do. “Amy?”
Amy turned around, looking at the person, a couple of feet away.

“Did you find anything?” Xander asked her as he walked up to her, coming around the corner.

Amy looked back at the couple, but to her complete surprise saw they had vanished. She looked back at Xander, not sure how to answer.

“No...nothing...let’s go join the others,” she replied, looking around the dark street.

“Okay.” Xander replied, waiting for her to join him.

Amy took one final look down the street, then turned and left to join the others.

*       *       *       *       *

Angel held Willow against him in the shadows. The moment Amy had looked away, Angel had pulled her against a wall in between the buildings next to them. He could hear Willow’s heart beat faster and smelled her fear. He knew this would happen, it was only been a matter of time. Willow’s quickened breathing slowed as they
heard Amy respond and retreat. They remained plastered to each other for what seemed like forever.
It was Willow who finally broke the silence.

“Do you think they’re gone?”

“I think they are.”

“What are we going to do?” she asked worried.

“Tell them the truth.”

“I just didn’t want them to know like this, not this way. What have I done?”

“Your regretting this?” he asked in disbelief and anger.

“Never. No. I’ll never regret this. Just the way she found out.”

“Amy might be the only one who will understand.”

“I’ll talk to her.”

“We talk to her together. This is about us. If we talk to anyone about this, it has to be together.”
He turned her in his arms and kissed her tenderly.

“Angel, I’m scared.”

“Scared enough to let me go, or brave enough not to?”

“Because of you I’m strong. I won’t let you go.”

“Good, because I wasn’t about to let you go.”

Willow smiled and kissed him, letting her kiss tell him how much she wanted him.

“Let’s head home. We’ll wait for Amy there.”

“But they might not come back to the house until late,” she said innocently.

“I’m sure we can think of something to do,” Angel replied with a wicked grin as he pulled her back onto the street and into his arms.

    *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

As Willow and Angel entered his bedroom through the secret passage, they were surprised to hear voices in the hallway.

“They most have decided to head back here,” Angel commented.

“Then maybe Amy will be alone,”

“There’s a passage to her room. Angel told her as he took her hand and led her to the fireplace.

“Is there a secret door to Buffy’s room too?” she asked, not able to keep the jealous from her voice.

“Most of the rooms have one.”
“Remind me to block off Buffy’s,” Willow muttered.

Angel couldn’t help but chuckle. They arrived to the spot and waited silently, trying to determine whether anyone was inside the room. Angel opened it, letting Willow enter it first. They moved to the shadows of the room and waited. Angel held her in his arms, trying to calm her nerves.

Ten minutes later, Amy entered her room alone, yawning. Willow was the first to greet her.

Amy jumped, nearly falling on her bed.   “Shit! Willow. I didn’t see you.”

“I didn’t mean to scare you. Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Amy fidgeted a bit, not sure how to ask. “Willow, did I see you with Angel?”

Before Willow could reply, Angel did, startling Amy as he emerged from the shadows.
“You did.”

Amy’s eyes opened wide, grateful she hadn’t been seeing things, but mostly in complete shock.

“Are you guys.....is he the other guy you talked about?” Amy asked her.   Willow nodded.  “But he was away for a week when you were gone. How is it possible if he was visiting a.....”Amy trailed off as it dawned on her.

“Angel found me in the airport. That ticket I had wasn’t valid to leave to Canada and it turned out to be non-refundable and one way. We talked and he convince me to....”

Amy sat in complete amazement as Willow and Angel told her their story. She had almost been moved to tears by how romantic it had sounded. He had taken her to Paris and bought her the world. It was better then any romance novel she had ever read. They asked for her understanding and hoped for her friendship.

Amy hadn’t told anyone about what she had seen. She had wanted to talk to her before she said anything. The way they looked at each other told her they were happy, happier then she had ever seen them.

“You guys make a cute couple,” she told them with a smile.

Willow and Angel breathed a sigh of relief. Willow invited her to go witch shopping with her tomorrow morning, so they could talk more. In mid-yawn, Amy agreed in excitement.

The couple left her room, relieved that they had managed to keep a friend. The rest they weren’t sure would be so understanding. Angel led her to his room, where they stripped down to their undies and climbed into bed, hoping to find sleep wrapped in each others arms.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“I still can’t believe it. You and Angel.”

“I know, but Amy, his incredible. It’s like a dream come true.”

“You look so happy, Willow. I’m happy for you guys.”

The girls had woken up early and headed over to the Riverwalk to do some shopping. To Amy’s delight, Angel had given Willow his platinum card. They stopped in front of a lingerie shop. They both giggled and went inside.

“What do you think, is it me?” Amy asked her as she showed her a black teddy.

“Oh darling, it is so you,” Willow tried to say in a southern accent.

Amy laughed and put the teddy back. Willow pulled out a garter belt and inspected it closely. Amy looked at her in shock.

“And whose are those for?”

Willow was about to reply, but bit down on her lip.

“Just looking.”

Willow turned a bright red. She turned her attention to what her eyes caught sight of, a black nightie.
“It’s a shame.”

“What?” Willow asked a bit confused.

“That you and Angel will never be able to...you know...,” Amy tried to explain.   Willow understood and froze as she bit her lower lip, deep enough to draw blood.  She looked at Amy briefly and continued looking through the lingerie.   “Willow, you haven’t..it isn’t possible...right?”   Willow remained silent not able to meet her gaze.
“No...you didn’t...but....the curse...isn’t their a clause or something...Willow?”

Willow didn’t want to lie to her. She was tired of it. She needed someone to talk about this with.  “Remember when I found the disk and went over to your house to work on it, well, I found a way to change it.”


“I did some research on it and changed some words, added what I thought it missed and what it needed. I didn’t know if it could work, so I never told anyone about it”.

“Are you crazy!?”

Willow pulled her to the side as she saw everyone turn to look at them.

“I know, but...”

“He could have changed back to Angelus, Willow. What were you thinking?”

“How happy I was. I  know it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but it was worth the risk. I made a choice and if I needed to do it again, I would.”

Amy didn’t know what to say. She was envious of Willow. She had the guts to go for what she wanted. Perhaps if Amy had that same determination, that same conviction, then she wouldn’t be in the mess she was in now. Her shocked expression changed to that of a smile.

“I’m happy for you, Willow. I hope you can teach me how to do that.”

“Do what?”


“Angel helped me with that.”

“I’m sure he helped you with a lot of things,” Amy told her mischievously.

Willow couldn’t help blush a deep red.

“Let’s get those garters belts. I’m sure Angel would love them,” Amy teased.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

They had spent most of the day shopping for clothes and had found some great shops. After a light lunch and some mocha, they walked down the Riverwalk talking about Paris, Angel and them. They walked over to a bench and sat down, taking in the wonderful scenery around them.

“You know Oz still wants you back.”

“I have Angel, that’s who I want.”

“No more Xander?”

“Best friends only.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, Amy. You can have him.”

Amy looked at her shocked.  “How did you....?”

“A guess. The way you looked at him at practice. All the questions you asked about him,” Willow replied with a smile.

 “And it’s okay with you?”

“Of course. Anything I can do to help, let me know.”

Amy smiled and nodded.

“We should get back. They should be up by now.”

“What did you guys do last night?” Willow asked curious.

“They all got smashed. We nearly had to drag Buffy and Xander back. All Oz did was talk about you, Xander about how many chicks he could have instead of Cordelia and Buffy about Angel.”

Amy noticed as Willow tensed at the sound of Buffy’s name with Angel.

“I didn’t mean to...”

“No. Buffy was a big part of his life just like Angel’s was in hers. She still loves him, I know.”

“But he wants you.”

Willow smiled and thanked her. She tried to repress her insecurities as they decided to go back to the house.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Willow and Amy entered the house and were greeted by a half dressed Xander.  “Where have you guys been?” Xander asked as he threw his towel over his shoulder.

“Shopping. Where are you headed?” Amy asked him, as she tried to look him over discreetly.

“Angel has a big pool in a back house. Everyone is heading over there. Get ready ladies, time for some splashing around”.

 Willow and Amy looked at each other and smile.

“So, who’s with me?” Xander asked, excited.

“Just need to change,” Amy replied, happily.

Xander told them where it was and would see them there. They headed up the stairs and halted as they reached the hallway.

“What’s wrong, Amy?”

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit. Shorts and a shirt don’t really look sexy.”

“I have an extra one. Both are really cute. I bought then in Paris. Come on.”

Willow pulled Amy to her room. Once she retrieved both garments from her suitcase, Willow left Amy alone to change. She headed down the hallway and knocked softly at a familiar door. To her surprise no one answered. She turned to leave, but was stopped by Oz, blocking her way.

 “Hi, Willow.”

“Hi, Oz.”

“Looking for someone?”

“I was...I needed to find....,” she wasn’t sure what to tell him.


“Yeah...Buffy. Is this her room?” she asked, trying to act confused.

“No, it’s Angel’s, but she was in there. They just left.”

“Yeah, I think he’s coming around. She was able to get him to the pool with her.”


“Yep, at the pool. I think they’ve been there for half-an-hour.


“I was going to join them. Did you want to come?”

Willow felt nauseous. “I will...in a little.”

“I can wait for you if you want?”

“No....no, go Oz. I’ll go over with Amy.”

“I’ll see you there then.”

Willow nodded, her body refusing to move, still shocked about Buffy and Angel. Oz took the opportunity and kissed her quickly on the cheek. Willow didn’t react to the small kiss, her mind thinking a thousand thoughts. He left her in her daze, as she closed her eyes. She slowly made it back to her room, her insecurities flouting up
to the surface.

*       *       *       *       *       *

“You don’t think it’s too much?” Amy asked her as she took a look at herself in the mirror.

Willow hid her worries and tried to smile at Amy.  “No. Xander will drool.”

“Do you think? she asked her happily.

“Unless his’ blind,” Willow reassured her.

“Why don’t you put your on. I’ll go get the towels.”

With that said, Amy left Willow alone in the room. Willow took a look at the bathing suit on the bed. Her thoughts revolved around Angel....Angel and Buffy. Buffy had been in his room, even took him to the pool. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was jealous, but even her worry overrode that feeling. She was worried this had all been a dream, a dream that she had now awoken from. What if Buffy was really what he wanted and just realized it? She knew Buffy was prettier then her, she even believed she was stronger then her, but she had hoped that Angel had preferred her instead. That she was the one he wanted, not her. That perhaps, he was falling in love with her,
just like she was falling in love with him. Tears filled her eyes at the thought of losing him.

She snapped out of it and wiped the tears from her eyes. She was overacting. Just because she was with him this very second, half naked, meant nothing. The more she thought of it, the faster she changed. She took one quick look at herself in the mirror and rushed out the door. She bumped into Amy at the door. She hurried her to the
pool, walking in record speed to the pool house. They both hesitated entering and draped their towels around their shoulders for cover. Amy gave her a shaky smile and entered first.

Willow followed and entered the largest pool house she had ever seen. The wood beams on the ceiling, made the room look larger and high. The Olympic sized pool was on the far end of the room, as Sauna rooms were built on the side she had entered. Willow followed Amy down to the long chairs. She bit down on her lip as she saw Buffy and Angel talking together as they say next to each other on one of the chairs. She swallowed hard and kept
walking. Her eyes moved to look at Oz and Xander on the other chair.

“Yeah, about time you two joined us” Xander yelled at them.

Everyone turned to look at them and greeted them. Willow avoided them as she picked out which chair she wanted, trying to keep her mind occupied. Amy pulled off her towel to expose her bare shoulders. She turned to look at Xander and smiled, then looked away as she noticed how his mouth had dropped to see her in her two piece.  She laid out her towel on the chair and laid down.

Xander’s eye widened, his mouth dropping further down, Angel and Oz joining in, as they saw Willow take off the towel from her shoulders. The blue and yellow sun and moon gold pattern bikini top showed off her perky breasts, even pushing them up a bit for a better view. Her hands moved to her skirt wrap and untied the knot that kept
it closed.  Hungry eyes looked over her well toned calves and thighs, their eyes drifting up to her hips were her French cut bikini bottom offered a wonderful eye full to the imagination. Her flat stomach and small waist were admired.   She sat down on the chair, finally looking up and seeing their expressions.  Her face turned a bright red, her hands fidgeting in her lap.  Angel fought the urge to carry her away, and then fought the urge to go and
hurt Xander and Oz for looking at his girlfriend that way. He had been waiting for more then an hour for her arrive and now that she had, she was seated as far from him as possible.

Willow asked Amy to join her as she took a couple of laps around the pool. She couldn’t stand the way Buffy was flaunting her black bikini at him. She swam four laps, Amy had left after two to talk to Xander by the pool. She had tried to block out Buffy’s laughs and voice, her self conscious fighting with her fear and heart. She swam to the
steps and walked up the stairs. Oz met her and handed her a towel. She thanked him and walked over to a chair.

Angel’s eyes were clued to her. She hadn’t spoken to him since last night and seemed to be avoiding him. He had noticed how Oz had been looking at her, and how attentive he was and that angered him. Willow wasn’t his anymore, she was his. Once he saw her exit the pool and go and sit, he stood up and started his walk toward her.

Willow looked up and saw Angel walking toward her. It was the first time she had taken a good look at him. Her eyes traced out the curve of his broad bare shoulders. Her eyes traveled down to caress each of his sculptured pecs, moving lower, her mouth going dry as she saw his toned abs. His black trunks hide the treasure she loved
to hold. Her gaze drifted lower to his partially covered, smooth strong thighs, down to his perfect calves. Even his bare feet look scrumptious. Her heart beat faster, her mind telling her to be calm. But then it happened.

Angel fell into the pool, being pushed into the water by Buffy. Angel had grabbed Buffy, dragging her with him. Willow quietly stood up and rushed over to the pool to see them standing in the clear blue water, Buffy hugging him tightly. Angel just remained still, looking at Buffy, never pushing her away. Willow’s heart began to tear. She
stepped back, never noticing that Buffy’s top had come off.

Angel had grabbed onto Buffy, hoping not to fall in. Now, he struggled to get her off of him.

 “Angel, don’t. I lost my top.” Buffy whispered in his ear. He stopped moving and remained still, his eyes looking around for the top she had lost.

“Found it.”

Angel reached over, becoming irritated by the way she was holding onto him so damn close. He handed it to her, and de-tangled her from him and quickly turned around.

“You don’t have to turn around,” she quickly said softly as she put her top back on.

Angel began walking back to the stairs, but was soon stopped because of the splashing. Oz and Xander had jumped in, Amy dragging Willow with her inside. A splashing game erupted and soon Xander grabbed Amy and slammed her in the water.  Willow never knew what happened as she was grabbed from behind by Oz and
slammed her into the water. Unlike Xander, Oz had kept his hold on his victim in the water. Willow slipped as she tried to stand up, hitting her shoulder lightly on the floor.  Oz was the one who pulled her up, spinning her semi-around in his arms unaware the small pain Willow was in.

Angel growled as he saw what he had done and how long they had stand underwater with each other holding. He was being pushed over an edge he had not felt in a long time.

The group remained in the pool for an hour, four of them having fun while two were trying to keep sane. Xander moved everyone to a private Jacuzzi hidden behind the saunas. Oz and Buffy pulled their respective loves with them, sitting next to them inside the large tub. Four pair of hands roamed under the water and two tried to keep them away. Buffy spoke about how special her love was for Angel as Oz commented about what he and Willow had. Anger now covered hurt feelings for Willow and Angel. The hidden insinuations and blatant comments were too much for both of them to take. Willow broke first. She stood up quickly and got out of the pool. Oz got up to
follow, as Angel stood up to go after them, then Buffy, wondering why he had left, leaving Xander and
Amy alone.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Willow had practically ran into the house and up her room. She slammed the door shut. Her mind raced for explanations as her heart ached more. She searched for a shirt and pulled it over her shivering and wet body. She needed to talk to him and find out what was happening. She hurried out of her room, moving to the parlor, hearing movement. Then she heard his voice.

“I didn’t....”   Willow entered, and saw something that broke her heart completely. As quickly as she entered she left, bumping into Oz by the stairs.

Angel had rushed to the house looking for Willow. Buffy had followed him. He searched the house, wondering where she would be. Buffy had commented that she had heard someone in the parlor. He ran inside, hoping to see her. Buffy stood in front of him as he turned. His words were stopped by her lips. Her action had left Angel surprised, laying his reaction. Without a further moments hesitation, he pushed her off him. He walked back out and stopped as he found his redhead. His blood boiled as he saw her lip locked with Oz by the stairs.

Oz pulled away to see a confused, hurt, numb, shocked, teary eye Willow. She hadn’t reacted to his kiss and wondered why. He let go her arms and stepped back a bit.  Willow turned, and found Angel’s eyes burning into hers. She froze, but soon got her sense back as she saw Buffy come out of the parlor. She turned and ran up
the stairs, to her room. Once inside she locked the door and fell on her bed, her tears falling freely.

Part 22

It took only a minute for the pounding on the door to begin. Her first visitor was Oz. Her cries to be left alone were ignored. It took Amy to come and take him away. The pounding seized and Amy spoke to her from other side of the room.

“Will, when you’re ready to talk, I’m here. I’ll take them out so you can have some time alone.”

Willow remained in bed, thankful for her help. Two minutes later her second visitor emerged from the fireplace. She knew he was there, she could feel him staring at her. She remained on the bed, not daring to look at him. Her hurt and tears quickly turning into anger.

“Surprised you aren’t with Buffy?” she told him, her voice steady.

“Don’t you dare turn this on me,” he warned her.

Willow remained silent, fighting back the tears that welled in her eyes. It was a harder task then she thought possible. She got up, staying close to the bed as possible.

“So this is my fault?” she asked surprised.

“I gave you everything and this is what you do to me?” he asked, his tone becoming harsher.

“I’m not your whore to keep on the side,” she yelled.

“Is that what you think this is? That your my private whore for my amusement? Or is that what you think about me?  A joke to keep on the side, while you tease Oz back to you?”

“Oz has nothing to do with this.”
“The hell he doesn’t. You avoid me all night, but smile, giggle and entertain him,” he yelled.

“Damn it, I won’t have you turn the tables on me. You and Buffy, pretty cozy. Did you already fuck her now that you used me as a test drive.”

Angel was close to the edge. His anger, his hurt, his pain was consuming him.

“That’s an idea.”

“Get out, and don’t bother returning! Keep Buffy in your bed, because you’ll never return to mine”

“I know, I’m sure Oz will be taking my place!” he screamed, his thoughts returning to the sight of Willow and Oz kissing.

That nearly killed her.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” she said as she grabbed a small vase from the nightstand and throw it at him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be returning” he said as he turned to leave through the passage he had entered.

Willow lifted the lamp and threw it at him, glass falling everywhere, hitting him by his face.

“Go to Hell!”

“Been there, and it isn’t worth returning.”

With that said he left, but not before Willow threw all she could find at him, hitting the walls and crashing on the floors. The passage closed and she slipped to the floor, tears falling at a rapid rate.

Angel made his way to the lowest level of the plantation. He regretted everything he had told her the moment the words had left his mouth. But he was angry, furious, wounded, hurt. The moment he saw Oz and Willow kissing his entire world had come crashing down. He was dangerous right now, not solely because the demon had
gotten the better of him, but he had always had a bad temper when was a mortal. He reached the dishware cellar and opened it. Then the commotion began as all the glass began to fly everywhere.


Willow was awoken by a knock on the door.

“Willow, it’s Amy. Open the door.”

Willow looked over at the antique clock. It was morning. She staggered out of bed and unlocked the door. She walked back to the bed as Amy let herself in.  Willow sat down and pulled back her hair from her face. After Angel had left she had cried on the floor for what seemed like an eternity. She had managed to change and shower, before going to bed, her tears not able to stop.

“Willow, what happened? Xander told me you freaked out when Oz kissed you, then you....”

“Angel kissed her......I saw him,” she managed to chock out as she began to sob once more.

“Angel kissed who? What are you talking about?”

“He kissed her...Buffy. In the parlor...I saw him.”

“I didn’t know, Willow. I’m sorry...I....”

“I can’t let him go, Amy. I don’t want to,” Willow told her.

“Then don’t.”
Willow looked up at her friend, wondering what she meant.

“Come on, let’s get out of here before the rest of them wake up.”

Willow got dressed and left with Amy, the fresh air clearing her mind.  They walked down to the Garden District, taking in the beauty that was New Orleans. After some needed rest from the walking, they both sat down on a
bench, looking on as tourist took pictures of the surroundings around them.

“What are you going to do?” Amy asked her.

“I want him back.”

“Willow.....do you love him?”

Willow looked at her and gave her a weak smile.

“I do. That’s why I’m going to do it.”

“Let him go?”

Willow looked her, her face as serious as ever.

“No. I’m going to fight for him.”

Amy smiled, that was what she wanted to hear.

“All I did was cry last night, just like I did when I found out about Xander and Cordelia. It was all I thought I could do, but Amy, with Angel it’s different. I’ve never felt like this before, and I don’t want to lose that, I don’t want to lose him.”

“What are you planing on doing?” Amy asked a bit excited.

“I have any idea, but I might need your help.”

“I’ll help in anything I can. ”

“We start on it tonight.”

“What’s the plan?”

“We show him what he had.”

Amy and Willow left the bench, talking a bit more in detail about what Willow had come up with. Amy was proud to see the new fiery side of Willow, to see someone determined to battle for what she wanted, it gave her the inspiration she needed for her own conquest.

“This might just work for both of us,” Willow said with a smile, reading the expression on her face.

“Then let’s head back - We’ll just have enough time,” Amy said with a devilish grin.

Both women walked back to the plantation, both determined to get what they wanted.

Part 23

Before Willow would enter the house she was stopped by a familiar voice, Merle.  Amy left both women, giving them privacy as the two women left, and took a small stroll around the estate.

“I take it last night was disastrous.”

“How did...”
“With what I found in the cellar this morning and how remote Angel was last night, I put both pieces together. What happened?”

“It was horrible. The pool, Buffy....I saw him kissing her.”


“I saw Angel kissing Buffy.”

“What?” she asked completely surprised.

“In the parlor......I walked in and saw them....,” Willow said as tears began to form in her eyes.

“I heard you kissed Oz.”


“Xander was talking about it this morning with Giles. We were having breakfast and Giles walked in and asked him about the others and he started to explain. He said that he walked in to see you kissing him.”

“Oz kissed me. It was just after I saw Angel and Buffy.”

“Did Angel see you?”

“He did. Buffy was in back of him.”

“Willow, have you spoken to Angel?”

“It was more like yelling.”

“With glass?” she asked, remembering what the maid had told her about Willow’s room.

Willow could only nod, too embarrassed to admit what she had done.

“I’m sure that was not a talk.”

“Is Angel here?”

“He left last night with Buffy.”
“Where?” she asked worried.

“For the Council. I was with Giles when he received the call last night from the Council. They needed to see Angel and Buffy this morning at the Hotel, it seemed to be an emergency. They both needed to be interviewed this morning.”

“Was anything wrong?”

“I don’t think so. Giles came by this morning to fetch a book. He seemed fine. He told me the interviews would be running late. Some of the Council members had been called back to England. I’m sure they want to interview Angel as much as possible before they have to leave.”


“Willow, talk to him. Find out what happened. If he walked in like Xander, then he saw you kissing Oz, and maybe that’s what you saw as well, but you won’t know unless you talk to him.”

“I will.”

“Good, because I like you and I know you’re the person that makes him happy. No one else.”

“Thank you,” Willow said, as she hugged her.

Merle hugged her, hoping they found their way back to each other.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“You mean Angel and Buffy are going to a club tonight?” Willow asked in complete shock.

“That’s what Xander said. He said Buffy called and told us to meet her at the House of Blues around eleven. She said  Angel had invited her to go.”

“Angel invited her?”

“That’s what Xander told me.”

“I just can’t believe he would....”

“Willow, you know what we have to do...”

“I want to talk to him, Amy, before anything...I want to talk to him.”

“You can also do that. Come on, let’s get dressed.”

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel remained in the hotel room pacing all around his room. He looked over at the watch on the nightstand for the seventh time since he had entered it.  It was only 11:00 a.m. The Council had of yet to call him in for the desired ten interviews with various Council Members. Giles had left momentarily, needing to retrieve a journal
he had left at the Mansion. He was needed to present Angel to his ex-colleagues.  A representative of the
Council had informed Angel they were running late and had apologized for any inconvenience it would cause him. They could be lucky if they got to leave before mid-night.

The worse part of the unexpected trip was having to listen to Buffy talk about a possible ‘them’ and a reconciliation between Willow and Oz. That had pushed him to the limit of his patience. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. He had left last night not sure what to do. In all his years of existence, he had never before felt like he
did for Willow, not even with Buffy. But he refused to be a lap dog as he had been with Buffy. He had been at her beck and call and he would never return to that. His time apart from Buffy had made him realize how he had acted.

Buffy had told him about the House of Blues plan for tonight. He had been about to decline the invitation, but she had mentioned the possibility of Oz and Willow attending.  That had made his blood boil. In the end he knew what he had to do. He wanted her back. He wanted her to be a part of his life. With that in mind, he went to take a

       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel was glad to finally reach the club, but what he saw as he entered changed his mood dramatically. He saw Willow siting at a table, being entertained by Oz.  He automatically headed to the bar and ordered a drink.

Willow kept her eyes on the door, waiting for Angel to arrive. She felt bad about not paying much attention to what Oz was talking about, but she was too concerned about talking to Angel. She just wished Amy and Xander would return from dancing. She had tried time after time to convince Oz that the kiss meant nothing, that she
did not want anything more then friendship, but he didn’t seem to understand her.

Then she saw him come in with Buffy and head to the bar. Willow tried to control the million of emotions that  coursed through her body, her fear, her jealousy, her worry, her love. As soon as she saw Buffy leave, she got up and walked over to him, thinking of what to say.

“Angel,” she said a bit shaky.

Angel froze when he heard her voice. He slowly turned around, looking at the lovely face that was pale.

“Can we talk?”

“We said what we needed to say last night,” he replied coolly.

“No...what happened last night...we need to talk...”

Talking was something Angel had wanted to do since he had called her at the Mansion after he had taken his shower, but she had been out. Xander hadn’t been much help, telling him he she had most likely gone out with Oz or something since he couldn’t find either of them in the house. Now, as he entered the club and saw him with
her, all he wanted to do was leave.

“I really don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“But we...”

She was quieted by Buffy’s arrival.

“Hey, Willow. What about that dance, Angel?” she asked as she tugged on his arm.

Willow blinked back tears. She would not cry.

“I understand,” she said nearly in a whisper.

With that said, Willow turned around and left. Angel turned to glare at Buffy, then stood up, wondering where Willow had gone. His eyes shifted to where he had seen her last. The seat next to Oz was empty, but he was able to catch a glimpse of red hair that disappeared behind the closing entrance door. He rushed out, not paying
attention to Buffy who was headed towards the dance floor.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Willow ran down the street, not aware of all the people she kept bumping into. She didn’t bother to notice the drops of rain that fell on her as she crossed street after street.  She didn’t know where she was going and didn’t really care. Her tears mixed in with the rain that fell on her face. The rain fell harder as she began to slow down,
her legs becoming tired. She looked around her, recognizing nothing. She was lost,  wet and cold.  She turned the corner, frustrated to see it was a dead end, never sensing  the hand reaching for her and grabbing her by her shoulder. She was stopped abruntly, and swirled around to face the person who had followed her from the club.

The rain poured down harder as they stared at each other. Willow was the first to react, freeing herself from his trance and his hand.

“What do you want?” she asked, trying not to sound so hurt.

“You shouldn’t be out walking alone at night.”

“Thank you for your concern, but it isn’t needed.”

“You don’t know where the house is....”

“I can find it...I don’t need you to follow me...”

She tried to walk past him, but he blocked her from her escape.

“What do you want, Angel?” she asked more like a plea, the rain not able to hide all her tears.

Angel simply responded by kissing her urgently as his body pressed against hers, pushing her up against a wall. Willow was caught up in a whirlwind, only able to respond to him, her mouth kissing him greedily.

Part 24

 He pulled away, burying his head in her hair, his cheek brushing her ear.

“Why, Willow? Why did you kiss him?”

“Angel, I didn’t kiss him...you kissed Buffy...you’re the one that wants her and not me,” she whispered as her fingers dug into his wet hair.

“I saw you...by the stairs..I saw you...but I won’t let him have you...I won’t let you go...,” Angel muffled against her ear.

“He kissed me after a ran out of the parlor...where I saw you kissing Buffy...but I’ll fight for you Angel...I want you..only you...,” she whispered in his ear.

“Buffy kissed me...the only lips I want are yours...only yours...”

“The only person I want is you...only you...”

Angel pulled back and looked into her stormy green eyes, then he kissed her with all the emotion he had. Willow matched his need, want, longing, love and lust with her mouth as her hands pulled his head closer to hers. Angel plastered his body against hers pinning her to the wooden wall he had captured her on. His hand instantly ran up her thigh and pushed the silkily black material of her dress up, making it possible for him rip off her panties. Willow pulled away from his mouth as she moaned a loud to his attack on her body. Angel ground his hips against her, and began to plant wet kisses around her jaw, moving lower to her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist, as his hand moved to slide between her slick folds. His mouth captured hers, muffling her cries as
his thumb began to rub the small nub, making her hips rock against his hand. Two fingers filled her hot passage, teasing her, as his thumb began to rub harder.

Willow was lost in all sensation. Her hands ran though his wet hair, her body gaining heat from his touch. She tore his mouth away from hers, gasping for breath. The droplets of rain showered her face as she felt Angel’s mouth on her neck, nuzzling her.  The contrast between the rain and his touch were exquisite. Her hands
clutched his jacket, holding onto him as her lifeline. He pulled his head back a moment to see her face, their
gaze met with an intensity unknown to them before. He kissed her passionately, as her orgasm neared, then
pulled back as it began to wash over, and nuzzled her neck once more. She soon felt his fangs pierce her skin and was doubled over by complete ecstasy.

Angel’s mouth was filled with the most intoxicating wine he had ever tasted. His soaked fingers remained swimming inside her, enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm. His tongue licked the final drops and looked up, seeing Willow’s head arched up, her eyes tightly closed. Her moans began to soften, as he wrapped her trembling body in his arms.  He pulled her skirt back down, caressing her wet thigh on its way. Willow regained her
composure, and opened her eyes to find his. He kissed her tenderly.

Words would not explain what they felt, so Angel did the next best thing, and carried her in his arms, disappering into the rain.

    *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Did anyone see Angel? I lost him on the way to the dance floor,” Buffy asked the group at the small table.

“Nope, didn’t see him,” Xander replied

“Did Willow go to the bathroom with you?” Oz asked Amy.

“She did, but I lost her at the bar,” Amy lied.

“I wonder where she went? She was pretty excited about being here with me.”

“I know what you mean. Angel was anxious to come clubbing with me.”

Amy looked in complete awe at them. Was it possible they didn’t understand that Angel and Willow did not want to be with them. She shook the thought out of her head and looked over at Xander who was smiling at her.

“Did you wanna dance?” he asked.

She gladly accepted, leaving the partner less couple behind.

“So, how are you and Willow doing?”

“Good, I think. What about you and Angel?”

“Soon we’ll be back to normal, just a few bumps, that’s all.”

“I’m glad.”

Buffy looked around, wondering where Angel had gone.

“Did you want to go look for them?” Buffy asked.

“I’m sure they’ll be back soon.”

The silence between them soon became unbearable.

“I think I’m gonna go look,” Buffy said as she got up.

“I’ll join you.”
The couple returned to an empty table.

“I wonder where they went?” Xander asked, happy to realize this meant he could spend some alone time with Amy.

“I don’t know,” she replied, looking around.

“Maybe they went out to dance?”


“Or they went to go look for...”

The thought immediately sent her into action.

“I ‘ll be right back. I have to go to the little girls room.”

“Sure, I’ll get us something to drink,” he said.

They parted ways, as Amy frantically heading for the girls bathroom. She yanked the door open and began yelling out her name.

“Willow? Buffy? Are you guys in here?” she asked as she began knocking on the stalls.

“Excuse me, but people are trying to take a shit in here,” a voice yelled.

Amy quickly turned around and went out, heading for the sofas to see if they had changed seats instead. No such luck. She headed over to the only place they would be - the bar. But before she could search, Xander found her, taking her hand and pulling her with him back to the table.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Did you want to head back?” Oz asked as the rain began to fall faster.

“I just don’t know why they would have left like that.”

“Were not even sure they left. For all we know, they might be at the club looking for us.”

“Then maybe we should head back.”

“Just a few more blocks then we can head....”

They’re conversation came to a halt as they began hearing moans of pleasure a few blocks ahead of them.

“We’ll at least someone’s having a good time...,” Buffy commented as she heard the sounds. She stopped, and was surprised to see Oz still walking.

“Oz, I really don’t think we should keep going. I really don’t want to see a free show.”

Oz ignored her as he kept walking, smelling something familiar in the air.   He moved forward as he heard the moans grow louder. He tried to distinguish the smell, but the rain was making it difficult for him. He was surprised when Buffy grabbed his arm, stopping him from moving forward.

“Oz, what are you doing?”

“I need to know who that is?”’


“I think I know who it is?”

“Who do you know in New Orleans?”

“I don’t know, but there’s something familiar,” he said as he pulled out of her grasp and walked quicker down the street with Buffy right behind him.

Oz turned the corner and what he found surprised him.

“See, no one’s here,” Buffy said as she walked in back of him.

“But you heard...”

“Maybe they finished. This doesn’t look like the best place to hang out at night, if you know what I mean.”


“Come on Oz, let’s go find Angel and Willow.”

He agreed and left, looking back one more time, wondering who had been there before.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel fumbled with the doorknob a moment, but soon opened it and rammed in, slamming it shut with his foot, followed by Willow’s back. Willow moaned in his mouth as  she felt the rough contact with the door. He tore his mouth away, his kisses trailing down her jaw and chin, his hands breaking the spagetti straps of her dress,
making Willow moan louder as she felt her juices flow quicker. Her legs wrapped around his waist tighter as her
hands pulled on his wet hair roughly. His teeth grazed her neck, leaving tiny marks on her wet, smooth skin. He hissed in annoyance as he reached her covered bosum and instinctively ripped the material apart, exposing her taunt breasts to his hungry gaze. His mouth twitched as he saw her nipples tighten and become hard, begging for
his attention.

Willow was slowly losing her mind, the sensations he was creating, assaulting her body as nothing before. She felt pure pleasure and knew it was only the beginning. She screamed out as she felt his teeth pull on her nipple, and began to grind her hips against him as she felt his wet mouth cover it completely as his other hand teased
the other tip with his fingers. But something was missing, she wanted...no she needed to touch him.  She pulled his head away from her breast and pulled him up to her lips, kissing him open mouth, her tongue seeking his as it struggled for dominance. Her hands moved down to his shirt and pulled it apart, the buttons falling down to the floor. Her hands aggressively touched his chest, her fingers twisting his nipples, making him groan and  slam her body harder against the door. His head fell back, submitting to her want. Her mouth left his and licked her way down to his neck, were she began a series of bites, some harder then other.  Her lips settled on a particular sensitive area on his neck and began to suck on it hard, making him moan in delight. Her hands moved lower, her fingertips hardly grazing over his hard stomach, inching closer to the bulge in his pants, but before she could, one hand pulled her both hands away from him and placed them over her head, trapping them
His searing kiss, burned her as he ended it aburrntly and went back to breast that waited from him at attention. His tongue flickered across the tips, teasing her mercilessly.  His hand let her go and pried her legs off him and fell to his knees, pushing up what was left of the garment up her hips to her stomach. He began gently and slowly
swirling his tongue around inside me. His large hands grabbed her from behind, his fingers gently pushing on her cheeks, pushing his face in as far as he could as he began his feverish attack.

"Angel...yes...Oh God...Angel...yes...faster...please!," Willow yelled as she began to grind herself against his mouth.

He rammed his tongue up further in her and groaned, being turned on by her yells of delight. He flung her legs over his shoulders, leaving her with only his hands on her ass and her back against the wall to give her support. Feeling her vaginal muscles begin to spasm around his tongue, Angel knew she was moments from going over the edge and began to fiercely suck on her clit, his fingers moving in to fill her hot passage. Willow quickly grabbed Angel’s head just before she had her mind-blowing orgasm.

"ANGEL!!!!” she shrieked, releasing her  sweet juices into Angel’s eagerly awaiting mouth.

He placed her legs down and stood up, grinning proudly from ear to ear, his eyes turning darker as he saw her shivering. Before Willow knew what was happening, Angel lifted her in his arms and carried to his bed, depositing her on the bed, tearing the rest of her clothing off. Seeing her on the bed, naked and waiting, made Angel’s
blood boil. He wanted her, wanted her so badly it scared him. His hands struggled with his jeans, but soon let them go as Willow’s nimble hands took over the task. She pulled down his jeans eagerly, freeing his throbbing erection to her warm soft hands, that began to stoke his length, making him moan louder. The moment he felt her wonderfully warm tongue and mouth taking him in, he fought against the release he needed. He wanted the
incredible sensation to go forever and ran his fingers through her hair, encouraging her to move faster and take him in deeper. His eyes were clenched shut, his head thrown back, letting out an animalistic growl as she took him in her mouth completely. He pulled her off, wanting to cum deep in her and not in her mouth, that could wait until
later. Willow knew what he wanted when he pulled her away and quickly fell back onto the bed, spreading
herself in invitation.

Angel buried himself in her in one quick thrust, enveloping himself in the wetness and tightness he craved. His hands took hold of her ankles, spreading her legs further apart as he thrusted in her, feeling himself moving deeper into her. Her moans and cries only made him slide into her harder. He held himself back, wanting the
wonderful sensation of her walls clamping down around his manhood as she climaxed. He let go of her legs and bent down to take hold of her hands.

Willow was in paradise. She met him at each thrust, welcoming him deeper inside of her. She felt herself near and saw the evident strain of Angel holding back. She moved a pair of their hands down between them and began to finger her swollen nub, bringing her over the brink to ecstasy, her vaginal muscles clamping down in him. Angel
nuzzled her neck as he followed her, his bite fueling both there orgasms higher. He fell on top of her, there wet, sweaty bodies completely exhausted.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Maybe we should head back to house?” Buffy elected.

“But it’s so early,” Xander complained.

“He’s right. We’re in New Orleans! Let’s take advantage,” Amy agreed.

“I’m not really up to it.”

“Come on, Oz. There’s a new band that’s going to come out, they may be good. We’ll dance, have more drinks, then once we’re complete spent - head back. If you guys head back, you’ll head to bed, probably what Willow did,” Amy said.

“She’s right. We can ask questions tomorrow,” Buffy told him, Amy’s advise sinking in.

Oz smiled and let them pull him to the dancefloor with them.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow looked down at the man in her arms. He had settled his head right above her breasts on her extended shoulder. How she had missed him. It had hurt more then she had ever experienced. She didn’t want to lose him, not now, not ever. Tears  began to fall, one splashing on Angel’s face.

He immediately looked up, smelling her tears. He pulled her down, his face level with hers, and cupped her face in his hands.

“Willow want’s wrong?” he asked worried.

“I...I...” she said chucking on her words.

“Willow, tell me. Was it...before...I know I was a little rough...if I hurt you...”

Willow shook her head.

“No...that was...that was incredible...it’s just...I missed you so much...and hurt...I thought you wanted Buffy...not me....,” she replied as more tears fell.

Angel knew what she was saying. Her feelings mirrored his own. He didn’t want to lose her, ever. He kissed her tears away, wrapping his arms around her tighter.

“I missed you, spellcaster. More then you can imagine. More then I ever want to hurt ever again.”

Willow kissed him tenderly.

“What do we do?” Willow asked.

“No more secrets. No more running around. We tell them tomorrow. Reveal all at the ball.”

“What ball?” Willow asked, her eyes lighting up.

“Your surprise,” he replied with a smile.

“My surprise is a ball?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes, and I can’t see a better time to let them know then.”

“Tell them everything?” she asked a bit worried.

“Not everything.  I don’t want to raise hell, we still have to finish helping Giles, but at least go to ball together, as a couple. Once we get to Sunnydale, we tell them everything. How your mine and I’m yours.”

Willow looked into his brown eyes and smiled.

“But you haven’t even asked me to go, Monsieur.”

Angel chuckled, realizing just how much he had missed everything about her.

“Will you do me the greatest honor and let me escort you to the ball, Mademoiselle?"

“I shall have to check if there are any other suitors....,” she teased

“Well, then perhaps I should have to ask someone else who is not.....,” he countered with a grin.

“That won’t be necessary. I would be honored to go with you.”

Willow hugged him, whispering into his ear, her voice cracking

“I missed you so much. Don’t ever let me go, raven.”

“Never, spellcaster, We belong to each.”

They held each other in the darkness, a new future for them forming.