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“Damn it, where is she?”Xander’s voice echoed through the empty bus terminal.

“I have no idea,” Buffy replied, looking around.

“It’s already Sunday, you don’t think..?”  He refused to finish the thought.

“No, let’s not think like that. Her note said she would be gone for a week. Her parents are already here, so maybe she called them already”.

“Then we should call...”

“And maybe alarm them, no, no way. If she doesn’t show up by tonight, then we go to them.”

“Where’s Oz?”

“Oz went to train station and Giles headed over to the airport.”

“All areas covered, good.”

“She’ll come back,” she assured him.

“I know.”

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow nibbled on her sandwich in silence. Angel looked over at her a bit worried. “What’s wrong?”

“Angel, are we a *couple*?” she asked him serious.

“I think we’re a bit more than just a couple, Willow”, he said with a smile.

“You know what I mean, like boyfriend and girlfriend”

“Shackles and chains and all”, he teased.

“Too kinky.”

“For now?”, he asked, his eyebrow raised in interest.

Willow simply blushed a bright red.  “Going back to what we were talking about, that means your off limits
to everyone, but me” she said rather proudly.

“Exactly, I’m yours, your mine”

“Ohhh...possessive”, she said with a smile.

Angel climbed on the sofa with her and tossed the sandwich in her hand to the side “Wait, wait”, she said as Angel pushed her gentle back on the sofa.

“Yes”, his mouth drawn to her neck.

“Do we tell them tomorrow? Do we not tell them at all or do we break it to them gently?”

“Your call”

“They’re still our friends, but we have to make it clear to Buffy and Oz that its over, no chance”.

“None”, he replied, his body beginning to grind into hers.

“Then we break it to them gently” she said, trying to keep her train of thought.

 “But no longer then a week. I want them to know your taken”.

“And that your only mine”, she replied as pulled his head up for a kiss.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow called her parents from the plane. Everything seemed fine. They did not suspect their daughter had run off to Paris with a gorgeous man. Angel had a car waiting for her once they left the plane. To Willow’s complete shock, she had  returned to Sunnydale with seven suitcases, seven large suitcases, full of clothes and trinkets. Angel had the driver only place one in the car.

“I’ll keep them in the new apartment I rented, then we can sneak them into your house later.”

“You might want to keep them there, I might be there more often then my house.”

“I’m keeping you to that.”

“When did you move out of the mansion?”

“Three days ago. The mansion isn’t safe for you to come and visit. I even got a phone line”, he said proudly.

Willow kissed him. “Can I get the number?”

“Only if I can have yours.”


“I’ll unpack your other stuff there.”


With a final smile, Angel kissed her and sent her on her way. He gave further instructions to the co-pilot and went into the airport.  He headed to the information desk and waited for someone by the name of Carol to come out with information on Willow’s original suitcase.


Angel turned recognizing the voice. “Hello Giles.”

“We’ve been looking for you, we had begun to think the worse.”

“Did anything happen?”

“No, well yes, Willow’s missing”


“She left us all letters telling us she would be going away for a couple of days. We haven’t heard from her since.”

“I didn’t know, is there anything I can do?”

“We think she should be back by tonight.”
“Well if there’s anything I can do”

“I’ll call you if anything comes up. I hope everything is fine?”

“It is.”

“Good, should you see Willow...”

“I’ll let you know”, he told him as he returned his attention back to the woman at the counter.

Giles once again began his search, looking on discreetly as Angel thanked the woman and took a suitcase. He watched him leave, and pushed away the thoughts in his head.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was greeted with open arms by her parents. They had returned from the retreat *rediscovered and rejuvinated*, which led them to the need of spending more quality time together.  After three hours of family time, they let her retreat to her room. She flopped on her bed and grabbed her phone. She dialed the number she had memorized in the car. After five rings, she heard his voice.

“Everything fine?”

“Hello to you too. How did you know it was me?”

“You’re the only one that has this number, Willow.”

“I bet you say that to all the women who call you.”

“Only those that have a designated number,” he teased.

“Well Casanova, did anything interesting happen to you.”

“I ran into Giles.”


“He was looking for you, they all are.”

“I’ll call him, I don’t think I can handle talking to the rest of them tonight.”

“Good, now go to bed. You were tired on the plane.”

“That would because you wouldn’t let me sleep.”

“I didn’t hear any complaints.”

“O.K. I’ll head to bed, see you tomorrow”.

“Goodnight Willow.”

“Goodnight Angel”

Willow hung up, and smiled. Angel had that effect on her. She hesitantly dialed the next number and was grateful when she got an answering machine.

“Hi Giles, it’s Willow, just wanted to let you know I’m back. See you tomorrow.” She hung up and began to unpack. An hour later she went to bed, hoping to fall asleep, her thoughts consumed by the man that had changed her life.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow headed to school with a smile on her face. Her confidence was at an all time high, more so after she had talked to Angel. He had called to wake her up and wish her luck. As she reached the school, she knew they would be waiting for her at the library and headed to her locker instead. She didn’t notice the stares she received or hear the whispers around her. She took out her books and headed to her first class. Willow took her seat and waited for class to begin.

“Willow?” Willow looked up and smiled.



“What’s wrong Amy?”


“Sit, Amy.”

Amy sat down, but was not able to talk to her. Class had begun. Lunch came sooner then she would have liked. She had avoided the familiar route she usually took to classes. She was just too nervous to face them. Now
it was time. She headed into the library and was surprised to see no one there. She called out, and saw Giles step out of his small office.


Giles took a closer look at her, cleaning his glasses for a better look.  “Come, come sit”, he motioned for her, still looking her over a bit. Willow was still not sure why she was being greeted in that way. She had already gone to inspect herself in the bathroom in case she had something glued to her face, she was thankful to have found nothing.

“Giles, are you O.K.?” she asked, worried over his silence <he should be scolding me by now>

“Yes, yes...are you fine?”

“I’m good, a little tired, but good”, she said with a smile.

“What you did....”

“I know, I should have at least told someone about it, but it was something I needed to do...I needed to..”

She was caught off by two people rushing in.

“Giles have you...”, they both began to question, but stopped once they saw her.

“Hi Xander, Hi Buffy”

“Will?” Xander asked, making sure it was her in front of him.


Everyone’s reaction was staring to freak her out.

Xander instantly went to hug her on the chair, followed by Buffy.

Willow tried to hug them, then softly began to push them back. She was being squished on the chair, making breathing a bit hard for her.

The barrage of comments and questions began.

“Are you stupid?, something could have happened to you.”

“Do you know how worried we were?”

“You should have told someone about it.”

“Leaving in such a way never solves anything.”

“We looked everywhere for you”

“Why didn’t you even call?”

“At least a postcard, a fucken postcard.”

“A word that you were fine.”

“Why didn’t you tell any of us about it?”

“We were all worried sick about you.”

“Collect, I would have accepted a collect call.”

“Did you even think about us?”

“How this would effect us?”

“We were scared you weren’t coming back.”

“Is that anyway to treat your friends?”

“After everything we’ve gone through, you should have told me.”

“What has gotten into you?”

“You should have thought about us.”

“You shouldn’t be so selfish.”

“You should never leave without telling us.”

“This isn’t like you.”

“You never would have done this before.”

“We needed your research capability”

“Your computer know how”

Willow was never given a chance to answer. Her head began to hurt and her patience was running out.

“How would you have liked it if we ran off ?”

“You should have talked to me”

“This isn’t you, Will”

That was the comment that set her off.  She got up, smiled and walked out, never looking back.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Willow slammed the locker door closed. After leaving them in the library, she had grabbed something to eat and headed to class. She avoided all contact with Buffy and Xander in the rest of her classes, the anger in her still at a boiling point.  Now she stood at her locker, looking over the letter she had found inside of it.
We need to talk, please come to the library after class - Buffy

Willow was contemplating not going. <It isn’t like their going to listen to me> But she knew she needed to face them <The sooner, the better>. She headed to the library, her thoughts too distracted to notice the person in front of her.

“Watch were you’re walking!” Harmony complained.

Willow looked up and apologized.

“Willow?” Harmony asked, not sure if that was really her.

She looked up and saw her entire group staring at her. “That would be me,” she replied, not liking the stares she was getting.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Harmony asked, looking her over more intently.

“I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking,” she explained.

“Do you think that missing a week and “changing” will make you cool?”, Cordelia asked.

 “What?” she asked confused.

“It’s about attitude, style, grace - something you don’t have”, Harmony added.

“And you have that?” Willow asked with a laugh.

“More then you do,” Cordelia replied.

Willow couldn’t help but laugh.

“Is that Versace?” Harmony asked surprised as she looked at her outfit a bit closer.

“Actually, yes it is Versace, from Paris in fact,” she replied with a smile.

“If you think a simple stupid outfit is going to make you popular think again.”

“Or even allow you to breath the same air as us, as if,” Cordelia added.

Willow could feel her blood boil. “You’ll always be nerdy, mousy, boring Willow.”

Then it happened. Harmony fell to the floor. Years of teasing and belittling had finally taken its toll. Willow glared at the rest, her hand still clenched in a fist. They stepped back, not wanting to be punched.

Willow looked back down at Harmony and smiled. “You know what your right Harmony, I never could be part of your group.  I’m not snobby or selfish, not full of myself”, she explained and began to walk away.  The rest of the girls began to mutter under their breaths as they heard Willow’s fading voice.  “Oh and Cordy, that purse is so yesterday”.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was fueled for battle as she entered the library. She was tired of having everyone walk over  her. Her brash entrance startled everyone inside. The first one to approach her was Oz. She backed away from his embrace.

“Willow, I’ve missed you”

“I...I...”, Willow wasn’t able to respond.

Oz stopped, feeling her hesitance. “I know your confused right now, but we can help you..”

“We’re your friends...”, Xander added.

“We want to help you Willow...”, Buffy continued.

“We know you aren’t yourself,” Oz concluded.

“And who I’m I, Oz?” she asked curious.

“Not like this, this isn’t the Willow we know”

“But did you ever know the real Willow?”

“We know it wasn’t Willow with an attitude”, Buffy remarked,  a bit angered by her attitude.

“No, Buffy, that wouldn’t be attitude, this is actually my opinion, something I was never allowed to give before.”

 “Willow, baby, everything is going to be all right”, Oz told her as he began moving towards her. Willow backed away.

“Oz, don’t.”

“But...baby, I’ll take care of you,” he tried to reason.

Willow knew this was a mistake. It was getting no where fast. There was only one person who could take care of her.

“No, Oz, you can’t. I know I should have told someone I was leaving, or maybe leave a letter of some kind, but I didn’t and I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry I left. This was something I needed to do....”

“Sympathy isn’t going to get you anywhere right now.” Buffy told her.

“Buffy..”, Xander said, hoping to quite her.

“I’m trying to explain to you why I left...”, Willow began to explain.

“Being a bitch about it isn’t helping,” Buffy added.

Willow eyes began to get watery, but she couldn’t allow them to see her tears.  They wouldn’t cry for them anymore.  “Go to hell, Buffy”

She turned and walked out, leaving a stunned group behind.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
She looked at the piece of paper in her hand once more and looked up at the abandoned warehouse. She stepped over to the door and pressed the intercom button. “Angel?”

A moment later she heard the door unlock and a buzz. She pushed open the door and went in. She went up a flight of stairs and entered the large living room. She looked around hoping to see him. She walked over to the large black sofa and sat down.  “Willow”

The voice sent a chill down her back. She got up and turned around to face him.  Angel saw the look on her face and rushed over to her, pulling her into his arms.  “I missed you”, she muttered against his chest.

“What happened Willow, what’s wrong?” he asked her worried.

“Everything” she replied, pulling back and looking up at him.

Angel kissed her softly on the lips. He touched her hand and felt her pull back.  “Ouch.”

Angel looked on confused them looked down at her hand. He took it in his and looked at it closer. To his surprise he saw a bruise on her knuckles  “What happened?”, he asked alarmed.

“I punched someone”, she replied rather embarrassed.

“Are you O.K.?” His hands began to trace her body, seeing if he got another hurtresponse.

His reaction made her feel warm inside.  “I’m fine, I punched her, she didn’t punch me.”

Angel’s face turned to relief.  “Tell me, who did you punch?” he asked as he went to the kitchen.

Willow remained standing, her eyes on the floor. “Harmony”

“Harmony? Is it that girl that Cordelia always complained about?”

“That’s Harmony”

“Why did you punch her?”

Willow hesitated in answering. She had never really spoken to anyone about her taunting before. Angel walked back to the couch with a bag of ice and sat down, pulling her on his lap.

Willow leaned her head on his shoulder as he mended her hand. Angel waited for her response.

“Everyone’s been giving me weird looks today. More then before. They’d stare at me and start mumbling things, I tried not to pay attention to it, but even Giles looked at me funny.”

“That’s understandable” he replied, knowing what she meant. He had taken a good look at her when she had come in.

“Why, it there something on my forehead or something.”

“You don’t see it do you?”

“See what?”

“Your beautiful Willow. Look at you. That’s what there seeing.  Apparently you haven’t noticed what a cute waist you have, not to mention how memorizing your hair is, or the way you smile and light up a room, but then again if they could only feel those curves of yours, which they won’t. Then there are those expressive eyes of yours. Your wonderful soul. The way you walk with confidence can be it too”, he told  her as his free hand began to move up and down her back, his neck lurking by her covered neck.   He looked back up at her when he didn’t receive a response and saw tears in her eyes.

“Do you really think that?” her voice full of hope.

Angel smiled and kissed her softly. “Every bit.”

A tear escaped her eye as she smiled.

“I just didn’t just punch Harmony” she said guilty.

“What did you do?” he asked with a smile.

“I walked out on Buffy and Xander the first time. Then the second time I told her to go to hell and then I walked out”.  Angel couldn’t help but laugh. He would have paid to have seen their faces.  “It isn’t funny,”  She hit him playfully on his chest, trying to picture the faces she was sure she had left them with. A small chuckle left her mouth.  “It was a mess.”

“What did they say?”

“They scolded me, but they never asked me about me.”

“They are pretty self-absorbed”, he thought a loud.

“Their acting like I’m crazy or something. Like I’m in some king of phase. Buffy even called me a bitch.”

“I’ll punch her.” he said with a smile.

Willow looked at him surprised then smiled. Her hand caressed his cheek.

“Thank you”, she whispered.

“I’ve missed you”

Willow kissed him, needing to taste his lips. Angel gently parted her lips, his tongue seeking hers. His hand rested on her hip, as Willow began to fall back on the couch. They didn’t bother listening to the phone as it rang, but did stop as they heard Giles voice fill the room.

“Angel, this is Giles, when you have a moment could you please call me it’s rather urgent. We’re looking for Willow. She seems rather upset and we can’t find her. There is also some other rather urgent issues I would like to speak to you about. I’ll be in library.”

Angel looked down at Willow disappointed. “There looking for you.”

“I should talk to them.”

He kissed her and reluctantly pulled himself up. “We’ll go to the library together.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“I found you at the park and I convinced you to go the library with me. Anyway, there’s no way I’m leaving you alone with those wolves.”

“We still have twenty minutes until the sun sets”, she said seductively, as she wiggled her body, tantalizing him.

“Wicked woman.” Angel managed to mutter, before his body covered hers.


 “Angel was in the airport?” Buffy asked surprised.

“I saw him there last night, while I was looking for Willow,”  Giles replied.

“What the hell was he doing at the airport?”

“I don’t know, I really didn’t bother to ask. What Angel does is his business.”

“Can we get back to Willow here? She’s the one that’s messed up,” Oz said, rolling his eyes.

“Did he tell you why he was gone, why he left, who he saw?” Buffy persisted.

“I didn’t really think to ask.”

“He disappears for a week and hasn’t even bothered to call me?”

“Buffy, please sit down and calm down. Angel and Willow will be here any minute, you can ask him then.”

Buffy pouted and sat down.  A minute later, the doors to the library opened.

“Willow, how are you?” Giles asked concerned.

“I’m fine, Giles.”

“Thanks for finding her,” Oz said as he moved toward them, looking at Willow with a smile.
Willow didn’t want to encourage him and remained expressionless. She walked over the table with Angel and took a seat. Buffy grabbed a hold of Angel and pulled him to a chair next to her as Xander and Oz sat on either side of Willow.   They weren’t happy.  Giles broke the awkward silence that had developed around them.

“Willow, I’m glad your back.”

“Thank you, Giles.”

“Did you miss us?”

“Of course I did, Xander, but it was something I had to do.”

“We know that now, and though it was hard on us, we’re willing to put it behind us. Now we can go back to what’s normal,” Buffy told her with a smile.

“We can do that, but it won’t all be the same.”

“We can try.” Oz said hopefully.

“Look, no more arguments. We each need to talk to Willow individually,” Xander commented.

Neither were thrilled by the idea. Willow nodded, knowing that would be the best way to start, especially with Oz.
As Willow nodded her head, Buffy noticed something on her neck. “Will, your neck, are those cuts?”, she asked her worried.
<Well, Buffy, I had a quickie and Angel bit me>  “Oh, those...those..darn scissors”, she replied trying to think of an excuse, as she pulled her collar higher.

“Scissors?” Xander asked worried.

“Yeah, scissors...I was cutting...my...hair..yeah cutting my hair.”

Angel smiled, amused.

“Oh, why were you cutting your hair?” Buffy asked confused.

“Split ends, you know how much I hate split ends and I got a pair of scissors and started snipping them off and I wasn’t really paying attention and my hand slipped and I cut skin instead.”

It sounded stupid, but she hoped they believed her.

“Did you go to the doctor, it might be..,” Oz began to ask.

“No, no they heal.”

She almost kicked herself for that comment, though she would have liked kicking Angel instead. She was sure he was enjoying this too much.

“It’s happened before?” Buffy asked concerned.

“Clumsy?” Willow replied turning red.

“Willow you might not want to do that anymore,” Xander told her.

“I might stop *it* completely”, she told him with a smile.

“You still might want to have it checked out and...” Oz began once more.

Angel’s smile disappeared. He knew what she meant. It was time to help her.  “Giles, you wanted to tell me something urgent.”

“Yes, well it’s more of a favor then anything. Angel, Willow, I’ve already spoken with the others and they have agreed to come with me...,” Giles began.

“Go where?” Willow asked.

“I received a letter from the Watcher Council last week. They want to meet with everyone.”

“Why?” Angel asked a bit confused.

“Well, you see, The Council has always had internal conflicts of sorts, but now, they have escalated. There’s always been a select few that have believed the organization must change to survive, the New Generation. What started out as a handful of people has grown rather quickly over the past few years. I was part of that movement, and when the Council relieved me of my duties I was unaware that this group challenged the Council. My case is now under investigation and some of my diaries seized.  They have asked me to present my case before them.”

“That means you might get your job back?” Willow analyzed.

“I might, but I have to show them the essence of my work. The Council has acknowledged that Buffy and I as one the most successful pairings of Watcher/Slayer in history. But the New Generation has taking into account everyone that  helps us. They believe because we have a support group, per say, we have been successful. I am to meet with both parts of the Council and demonstrate to them why it would be beneficial for the change.”

“We’re going to talk to them too?” Willow asked surprised.

“They would like to speak with everyone involved.”

“Giles, how do they know about them?” Buffy asked a bit confused.

“It seems they have been watching us since Wesley came to town.”

“Is Wesley part of the New Generation?” Xander asked curious.

“I’m not sure.”

“You said something about coming with you?” Angel asked, not wanting to deviate from the conversation they were having.  “The Council will be selecting a location were to meet next week, which coincides with the school’s spring break”.

“So instead of a beach full of babes we spread a whole week with a bunch a tweeds,” Xander said aloud, still not happy with his new plans.

“Its to help Giles,” Buffy defended.

Willow quickly made up her mind.  “I’ll go with you Giles.”

“Thank you Willow. Angel?”

“If I can help, I’ll go.”

“Then we have to start training” Buffy said enthusiastically, looking at Angel.

“Training?” Angel asked, as he looked over at Buffy uneasy.

“That was my other favor, Angel. I wanted to see if you would be able to give them a basic training course. I’m not sure what the Council has in mind, but I want to be prepared for anything.”

“Everyone?” he asked rather surprised.

“I know it’s a lot to ask for....”

“No, it’s not that, I’m not sure how much I can teach them in a week.”

“You’re a great teacher, Angel, just look at me”, Buffy said with a smile, her hand touching his arm.

Willow’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Angel briefly.

“Anyway, as much as you can teach them could be fine, I can help you as well.”

“When do we start?” Willow asked.

“Preferably tonight. If Angel is available.”

“That should be fine.”

“Good, then everyone meets back here in an hour for basic training.”

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow walked silently next to Oz. He had insisted he walk her home, as Buffy had insisted that Angel join her for patrol. They had looked at each other and consented. They were half way to her house when Oz broke the silence.

“Willow, I know that before you left, there were things that we said and we never got to finish.”

“Oz, you walked away. You didn’t want to listen to what I had to say.”

“But I’m here now, we can talk about it, now that both our heads are clear.”

“Oz, I meant everything I said to you that night. I know I can’t give you what you want.”

“You’re probably still a bit confused, still need a little time to yourself.”

“I found a part of me that I liked while I was gone. A lot of  things happened, a lot of things changed. I’m still Willow, I’ll always be, just a bit different.”

“Different is O.K. I can handle different.”

“Oz, we need this time apart. It’ll be good for us.”

“Willow, we can...”

“This is my stop. I can make it back to the library alone. Thanks for coming with me.”

She hurried up the walkway and was about to take out her keys, when the door swung open, her mother greeting her with a smile.   <This is going to be a long night>

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“So, pretty quite tonight.”

Angel simply nodded.

“You were gone last week.”

Angel again nodded.

“Where did you go?”

Angel continued walking, his eyes focused straight ahead.

“I went to visit a friend.”

“What kind of friend?”
“I really don’t see why that’s important.”

“I do.”

“Who I know and what I do on my time is personal.”

“I was worried sick about you. When you didn’t come looking for me I went looking for you.”

“I had important things to do.”

“I know, with your *friend*.”

“You know what Buffy, I don’t need to tell you when I leave, or who I’m seeing, that’s my business, not yours.”



“The hell you don’t, I’m your girlfriend.”

“Really, and when exactly did we get back together again, Buffy?” he asked curious.

“We’ve always been together.”

“Buffy, we don’t even go out. We patrol, that’s as far as we’ve gone. This isn’t a relationship, you were right when you said it would never work between us. Your a slayer,  I’m a vampire. It’s not going to work. I’ve accepted that.”

“But Angel...you love me.”

“I’ll always care about you, Buffy, but everything changed when I came back from Hell. Nothing is the same and you have to stop acting like it is.”

“You seem to have accepted it rather well.” Buffy commented, wondering why he was doing this.

“Buffy, I don’t want to argue about this...”

“Whose the whore Angel, who is she?” Buffy yelled.


“You heard me? Who is she, who’s your *friend*? Who stole you from me?”

“No one stole me from you. This is my decision.”

“You’d never do this to me. She put you up to this? Who is it damn it?”

“Are you listening to me Buffy? This is what I want.”

“What you want is me.”

“I’m not having this conversation with you anymore. I’m heading back to the library.”

With that said, Angel turned around and left, leaving a stunned Buffy behind.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was the last one to arrive at the library. She entered to see Angel and Giles moving the table to the far side of the room. To her surprise she noticed Amy had joined them and set up her place next to her. Before they could start chit chatting, class had begun.  Angel took complete control of the class and began showing them the basic
defense techniques. Two hours later, they were able to take their first break. Everyone left to get some water, except Willow and Angel. Once it was clear, Angel pulled her in hisarms for a hug.  “Willow, what are we going to do?”

“What if we tell them and ruin everything for Giles?”

“One way or another, they aren’t going to take this well.”

“I know.”

“Do we tell them after we get back from the trip?”

“I know Giles wants to be reinstated and I don’t want to ruin those changes for him.”

“I don’t either.”

“But I don’t want to keep us a secret.”

“Me neither.”

“Then what do we do?”

“Make sure Buffy and Oz know we are off limits to them or anyone else for that matter. And once all this is over, we tell them, not a minute later, no matter what,” he told her.  Willow smiled at him and kissed him, put soon pulled away as she heard voicescoming closer.

“I know I was doing something wrong..” Willow began to say as the library doors opened.

 “If you stand with your left foot back further a bit, then your stance will  be stronger,” he said following her lead.

“No more about the footing, I just might have to cut mine off,” Xander said as he heard their conversation.

“Willow, can I speak with you privately?” Oz asked as he entered the library in back of Xander.

Willow didn’t want to, and looked over at Angel a bit nervous.  Oz understood and asked.  “Angel, it’ll only be a couple of minutes. We won’t hold up class that long. Do you mind?”

Angel controlled himself from telling him his real response. <The hell I do> “No, but only a couple of minutes. We have a lot to go over.”


Oz grabbed Willow’s hand and headed to Giles office.

“Oz...” she started protesting as she saw him close the door.

“Privacy. Just a little. Willow, I wanted to ask you out on a date.”

“Oz, we’ve already talked about this...”

“To start over, I know that these past three weeks I’ve been a bit distant, paying more attention to the band than you, but...”


“It’ll be a new start, then we can go back to normal, the normal couple we were,” he interrupted.

Willow didn’t want to hurt him.  “Oz, we’ve been drifting about for the past three weeks, maybe even before then. I can’t go out with you tonight, it wouldn’t be fair.”


“Oz, let me finish. I met someone while I was gone. Someone that I have feelings for.”

“I see. So this guy, is it Xander?”

“No, no, we’re only friends.”

“Willow, we can make this work...”, Oz tried to convince her, not accepting defeat.

“Oz, please listen to me...”

“I am Willow, your confused. That’s what I’m hearing. I’m just trying to help you. I know it’s scary not knowing what you want, but I’m here for you. I’m trying to help you avoid a mistake that you’ll regret later...”

“I know what I want.”

With that said, she walked out of the office, leaving Oz alone with his thoughts.  He was forming a plan in his head, a way of getting Willow back.

*       *       *       *       *

Angel volunteered to walk the teens home, happy to see Buffy go patrolling with Faith.  Being the first dropped off, Willow rushed into her house, by-passing her parents, who were snuggled in front of the television. After yelling goodnight to them, she rushed to her room, waiting for the visitor she knew could come. Fifteen minutes later he appeared, carrying a rose in hand.  Willow opened the window, admiring his mysterious beauty in
the moonlight.  She wrapped her arms around him, enjoying him so close to her.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asked, stroking her hair.

“I was thinking about it,” she teased.

She took his hand and extended her invitation.  They snuggled on the bed, holding each other tightly.

“What did Oz want?” he asked a bit nervous.

“He wants to go on a date with me.”

Angel tensed at her response, Willow felt it.

“I told him I was seeing someone else.”

Angel felt relief wash over him.

“What did you and Buffy do?” Willow asked worried.

“I told her their was some else.” he said with a smile as his hand caressed her hair.

“How did she take it?”

“Not well, she kept yelling.”


He felt her tremble a bit and pulled her closer to him.

“I’m yours Willow, you’re the one I want, only you.”

“Good, because I don’t plan on letting you go.”

She looked up at him and was greeted with a smile. He kissed her softly, knowing she was tired. She laid her head back on his chest, falling asleep securely in her lovers arms.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

It was the longest week of Willow’s life. She had not seen Angel alone since the night she slept in his arms. It was true, they called each other and e-mailed each other, and though that brought her happiness, she missed seeing him, touching him. She missed his arms wrapped around her.  Her parents had insisted spending their evenings with her, so for three straight evenings after self-defense class she went home to the waiting arms  of her parents and played Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry and Life. Her mother had gone as far as tucking her in, something she had never done since she was five.  School had gotten back to normal, as normal as it could be.  She had spoken with
Xander and Buffy individually and had cleared up must of the hurt feelings and confusion between them. She still wasn’t used to the stares she received or the fact that boys wanted to talk to her willingly. Harmony and Cordelia stayed a safe distance from her, making Xander and Buffy laugh. Right after the last class ended, she would rush over to the library, research until class began, once the sunset. Every time  she saw Angel emerge from the stacks her stomach flip-flopped and her heart soured. Then after class she rushed home, opening her e-mail, silently hoping to see his name across her screen. He never disappointed. She didn’t fall asleep until she heard his voice, so each night before she fell asleep he called. But tonight it would be different, it was Friday. She took a final
look at the mirror and headed off to school.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel laid in bed looking up at the ceiling. He had missed Willow, more then he had ever thought possible. Seeing in her class wasn’t enough. He wasn’t sure if she knew, but Angel would visit her at night, lurking in the shadows, seeing her sleeping, usually with a pillow tucked in her arms. He had always been tempted to wake her, but wanted her to get the rest she deserved.  He looked over at the clock and jumped out of bed. He headed over to his computer and logged on.  He heard the familiar voice telling him he had mail. He opened it urgently.

To: shadowraven250@hotmail.com
From: redspellscaster@hotmail.com

HI! ; )

Hope you slept well. Miss you, so is the plan still on? Did you arrange everything for the trip? Do you miss me? Did you tell Giles yet? Guess what I’m wearing? Remember that nice dress I wore that you pushed up in the

Missing you too much - Spellcaster

Angel smiled and quickly replied.

To: redspellscaster@hotmail.com
From: shadowraven250@hotmail.com

Which dress? If I remember correctly, I pushed up a lot of your dresses. I spoke with my friend Renee and everything has been set up. I haven’t had a chance to let Giles know. I did, however plan everything else.
Tonight’s plans have not changed, just been altered. Giles asked me to go patrolling with Buffy and Faith. I already have the tickets and we are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning.  And yes, I miss you, too much. Can’t wait to see you - So how many guys have you turned down today?

Contemplating going through the tunnels to see you  - Raven

Willow blushed and returned a response promptly.

To: shadowraven250@hotmail.com
From: redspellscaster@hotmail.com

Angel are you two timing me so soon?, but not just with one, but two - how cruel. Anyway, maybe I’ll wait for you at the apartment - Though Oz and Xander did ask me out to the Bronze. A girl can get lonely all alone.  No one asked me out today, it’s been a good day.

Lonely - Spellcaster

Willow loved teasing him. She waited in front of the monitor for his response. She switched screens as she heard Buffy and Xander’s voice.

“Hey Will, what you doing?” Buffy asked rather happy.

“Researching for Giles.”

“Sounds like fun,” Xander replied, “So, going with us to the Bronze?”

“Family night.”

“Even funner, well I’ll let Oz know your not coming.”

“What’s up with you two?” Buffy asked.

“We’re friends, nothing more.”

“No make up yet?”

“There won’t be any.”

“So this guy’s real?” Buffy asked with interest.

“Yes, he does. I have to get back to researching.”

“Okay, tell Giles I’ll be back later with Faith.”

“No problem.”

They walked out as casually as they had walked in. Willow returned her attentionto her mail.

To: redspellscaster@hotmail.com
From: shadowraven250@hotmail.com

Never Willow, who else would I want, but you better be at the apartment when I get home or I’ll just have to invite Buffy over, or I’ll just take her to the Bronze.  Hopefully, once we’re seen in public, no one will hit on you. They’ll all know you have a boyfriend.  And a guy can get lonely too, but all I have to do it think of you.

A man who will be patrolling very quickly tonight - Raven

 Willow’s heart beat faster as a large smile appeared on her face.
To: shadowraven250@hotmail.com
From: redspellscaster@hotmail.com

I miss you, Raven - Come home soon

She anxiously awaited his response.

To: redspellscaster@hotmail.com
From: shadowraven250@hotmail.com

  I’ll race over, Spellcaster - Can’t wait to see you - Be careful - Raven

Willow logged out of her e-mail and resumed her research for Giles. She couldn’t wait to see him tonight.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel walked along quietly next to Faith and Buffy. Buffy was talking about how wonderful their trip would be and what potential it had. Angel ignored the last comment, his thoughts were on a certain redhead who should be in his apartment at this very moment.

“I’ve been there, it’s crazy, you’ll have a lot of fun. You don’t even need a fake ID”

“Sounds like a great town, just hope Giles won’t completely wig out.”

“Just ditch him.”

Angel scanned the area, ignoring the conversation Buffy and Faith were having.  They had already covered the park and were more then half way done with the cemetery.

“So, Angel, do you have the tickets?”

“I was able to find five remaining seats on one flight, and two on a later flight.”

“That’s better then nothing, I guess you and me can go on the later flight.”

“In case I don’t see Giles, let him know that I found a place we can all stay at.”

“Are there enough rooms?” Buffy hinted with a smile.

Angel ignored the innuendo.

“We won’t be far from where the council has set up camp. Everyone needs to be at the airport by seven tomorrow morning. The flight leaves at nine.”

“Sounds good.”

“You’ll have to take a taxi. I’ll call Giles with the address tomorrow.”

“Okay. Did you want to go to Bronze after this?”

“Can’t, have to pack and finish with the arrangements. I think you both can finish up here, I’ll make one quick sweep at the park, then call Giles.”

Angel left, leaving both Slayers in each others company.