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by Intell

Willow waited until she was sure that Angelus was sleeping more getting out of the bed. She couldn't believe that she was still here with him. He was evil. He had killed her damn fish. He had killed Miss Calendar.  Yet, here she was sneaking out of his bed. Last night had been such a surprise. She didn't know what to do. Angelus was back and he wanted her. That was even more hard to believe than Angel loving her. She wasn't the type to inspire that sort of passion.

Angelus frightened her. She heard his promises, that she was safe, that he wouldn't kill any of her friends, but she wasn't reassured. She had read the diaries about him. She knew how manipulative and just plain evil he could be. You could look at what he did to Drusilla and recognize that. She had no intention of being another passing obsession. She knew that she loved Angel. She even was honest to herself and knew that she loved Angelus. It had been him that she had spent the weekend
with, not Angel. He was the man she had fallen deeper into love with.

She went to the phone and began to dial Giles' number. She didn't wantAngel's soul restored. It hadn't lasted the last time. She just wanted to know what Giles thought of this turn of events. Also, deep down, she wanted someone to know where she was in case he was lieing to her. The phone was answered and she heard Giles sleepily say hello. Before she could respond, she heard a click as the phone went dead. Startled, she turned around and looked into Angelus' sexy smirk. His eyes were dark.
She swallowed as she wondered what he would say.

"Tsk tsk...Naughty girl....."

The End