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Part 2

Willow walked home in a daze.  She couldn't believe that she had spent most of the day with Angel, sitting on his lap, kissing, and talking.  She felt that she should feel a little guilty, but she had no such feelings, only feelings of intense desire.  She didn't know where things were going, but she was really interested in finding out.

Then there was Spike.  What did he want from her?  His kiss told her he wanted her and he did say that he wanted only her when she had asked him, but what about Dru?  She was still in the picture wasn't she?  Willow had a lot of questions, but no answers.

When she got home she decided to take a bath.  She added some of her favorite bath oils.  She loved the smell of vanilla and strawberries.  She ran the water hot.  Once she got in the tub her mind started to wander.  Thinking about Angel and Spike.  She closed her eyes and let her hands wander over her sensitized body.  She glided a caressing hand up her wet body to her perky breasts and pinched the nipple between her fingers.  She arched her back at the feeling of exquisite pleasure that shot through her body like lightening.

She imagined it was Angel's hands and lips caressing her with such soft touches.  She trailed her hands down to her throbbing engorged bud.  She lightly touched it and moaned out loud.  She continued to squeeze her tits.  Then she imagined Spike had his hands on her clit.  She inserted her middle finger and started to thrust in and out in a slow, steady rhythm.  She imagined Angel kissing her down her neck to her breast.  Spike was licking her throbbing clit with slow sensuous nips and kisses.  She was on the verge of climaxing and sped up the thrusting of her fingers.  When she reached her orgasm she screamed out Angel and Spike's name.  Slowly she came down from the heaven's and sighed.

Rising from the tub, the water streamed from her flushed body.  Slowly she dried her self with a towel, thinking of Angel and Spike.

Angel was lying in bed thinking of Willow and all that had happened that day.  He knew that she would be passionate, but didn't realize just how much passion she kept hidden.

As he thought of her he ran his hands down to his still throbbing cock.  With images of her in his head, he began to slowly stroke up and down his shaft and lightly squeezing and caressing is heavy balls.  He imagined what it would be like to taste the essence that was all Willow.  He imagined her hot mouth engulfing his huge cock in her small, sweet mouth.  Her running her tongue on the under side to his aching balls.  He imagined her raking her nails down his chest and across his nipples.  Not breaking the skin, but causing welts to raise up.  He imagined her raising herself above him and slowly lowering herself down upon his aching shaft.  He imagined himself grabbing her hip and thrusting up into her hot, tight tunnel, touching her cervix.  He imagined her screaming his name in climax.  At this thought, he came all over his hand and stomach, shouting out her name.

Angel rolled over on his stomach and moaned.  He had to have Willow and soon.  He had no doubt in his mind that soon she would be his.  He had no thought of Spike and what would happen in the future.

Spike was up in sitting in his room in a chair.  Thoughts of Willow occupied his thoughts.  Sleep was being illusive.  He had to have her soon.  The kiss they had shared the previous night was still making him hot and bothered.

Thoughts of her continued to haunt him.  He didn't know what it was about her that made him want her so.  Dru had left him in Brazil for a Chaos Demon.  That didn't bug him as much as it should.  After all she was his Dark Princess.  When Dru left, he came back to Sunnyhell to get Willow out of his system.  Even if he had to kill her, he was going to get her out of his mind.

With this resolve in his mind, Spike went to bed.  Tonight my love, he thought, I will have you.

The sun had set 15 minutes ago.  Willow was nervous.  She didn't know what to expect, but she could feel the tension in the air.  She wondered how she would react to seeing Angel again.  She wanted to run her hands and mouth all over is delectable body.  Trying to get away from her thoughts, she walked over to the stereo in her room and put on a CD.

Willow was slowly swaying to the music.  She was losing herself to the sweet sound.  Slowly she brought her hands up and started to caressing herself to the throbbing beat.  She ran her hands down her hips, sweeping them to her ass, slowly rotating her hips in an erotic circle.

Outside the window on the balcony, Angel watched her mesmerized by the sight before him.  He was so captivated by her, he didn't see Spike come upon him.

"Peaches, what are you doing here?"  asked Spike.

"Watching Willow.  What are you doing here?"  asked Angel.

"I'm going to claim what has been haunting me."  said Spike.

"Ah, Spikey, your to late, she is mine already."  said Angel.

Angel and Spike started to fight at that comment, drawing Willow to the doors of the balcony.  Hesitantly she peered out the window.  Willow drew back with a gasp at the sight before her.  She was afraid for Angel and Spike.  She had feelings for both and didn't want to see either of the vampires come to harm.  Throwing caution to the wind, she threw open the doors.

"Angel, Spike, what are you doing?  Stop it right now!"  shouted Willow.

Ignoring her the two vampires continued to battle.  Willow stepped out on the balcony.  Not sure what to do, but knowing she had to stop them, Willow pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her only in her black satin bra and jeans.

"Angel, Spike, look at me." said Willow in a calm voice.

At her voice both vampires looked at her.  Both eyes going wide at the beautiful sight before them.  They untangled themselves from each other and rose to their feet.  Once standing Willow turned her back to them.

"Angel and Spike, you are invited into my home."  said Willow in a nervous voice.

"Willow what are you doing inviting him in?  Do you realize what you just did?"  asked Angel in frustration.

Willow kept her back to the two vampires as they came into her room.  Once they were in the and the doors had been closed, Willow turned to face them.  Both of their eyes dropped to her lush chest.  As they looked at her, her nipples pebbled into hard points, poking through her bra.  Willow watched them watching her.  This excited her beyond anything she could have imagined.  Angel and Spike could smell her arousal.  Willow slowly slide her hands up to her breast, watching them through half lowered lids.

"Do you like what you see?"  she purred.

At her voice and actions, the two vampires felt themselves harden.  Angel glanced at Spike and Spike looked at him.  An understanding happened between them at that moment.  Both realized Willow would be claimed by neither of them, she was claiming them.

"Can you boys play nice together?" asked Willow as she continued to play with her nipples, slowly rubbing them between her fingers.

Angel and Spike were speechless.  They did the only things they could do and nodded their heads yes.  Willow brought a finger to her mouth and stuck her tongue out to lick slowly up and down her finger.  Seeing she had their full attention, she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked.   Angel and Spike just stared at her mesmerized by her actions.  Willow brought her finger out and crooked her finger in a come forward motion.  Both vampires were at her side in an instant.

Once at her side, Willow brought both hands up and caressed their faces.  Turning her face to Angel, she pulled his face to hers, giving him a mouth full of tongue.

"I want you to fuck me."  she whispered.

Turning to Spike she repeated her actions and words.  Angel and Spike were eager to take her up on her offer.  After all, they had been lovers before and the thought of being so again was not unappealing to them.

Angel undid her bra and Spike was busy with her pants.  Willow was pulling Angel's shirt over his head and then she turned to Spike.  Not wanting to take the time to unbutton his shirt, she ripped it apart.  Buttons went flying every where in her room.  After stripping her, they stepped back to admire her body.  Starting at her feet, their eyes slowly traveled over her long, shapely legs to her thighs which were glistening with her secreting juices.  Their eyes continued their journey past flat stomach to her taunt nipples.  Willow thought she could climax from just their eyes caressing her in such an intimate way.

Angel was the first to get his clothes off.  Willow's breathe was taken away at the sight of him in all of his glory.  She never knew a body could be so beautiful.  His legs were powerfully built with muscles and his stomach was a washboard.  Lovely ripples leading down to his very erect cock.  Willow's eyes grew large.  She had felt him the night before and knew he was large, but she had no idea how it would fit into her.  He was huge.  His cock was long and broad.

Spike was watching Angel strip down to nothing.  Spike knew what his sire's body was like.  He had loved his body for many years.  He never tired of watching him undress.  He could still take his breathe away, if he had any, that is.

After Angel had stripped, Willow turned her attention to Spike.  Spike gave her a sexy smile and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, prolonged her pleasure.  Willow watched him with hooded eyes.  She was breathless with anticipation.  Straightening up after getting his clothing off, Spike brought his eyes to her face to see her reaction.  Willow had a lusty look on her face.  Spike wasn't as broad as Angel, but he was long and slender.  She looked at the rest of his body.  He was as muscular as Angel was, but he was beautiful.  His stomach was flat and rippled.  He was paler than Angel in coloring, but no less breath taking.

Angel watched his child undress for Willow.  He was still, if not more, beautiful.  Angel was remembering their time together in the past.  He hoped they could be together again at some point in time.

Once the vampires were undress they turned their attention back to WIllow.  Angel approach her and dropped to his knees before her.  Spike moved to stand behind her.  Angel was placing soft, open mouth kisses to her stomach.  Spike was caressing her breast and suckling at her neck.  Willow dropped her head back on Spikes shoulder.  Angel slowly lifted WIllow's leg to his shoulder once Spike had her supported from behind.  Willow about came unglued when Angel started to lick her thighs, slowly bringing his tongue to her engorge clit.  Angel inserted one finger into her.  Willow was rocking her hips into his hand.  Spike moaned every time her hips came back into him.  When she was on the verge of coming, Angel pulled is finger out of her.  Willow moaned in disappointment at his withdrawal.

Angel looked up at Spike and together they moved Willow to her bed.  Gently placing her upon the bed, Angel laid down beside her on one side and Spike on the other.  Angel and Spike lowered their heads down to her breast, each taking a nipple into their cool mouths.  Willow was beside herself with need.  Angel was sucking hard on her nipple and Spike was laving her with his tongue.  Angel brought his hand back down to her clit, lightly stroking her.  Spike slowly inserted a finger into her tight channel and began thrusting in and out of her.  Willow was rocking against there hands.  Spike could feel her walls starting to clench around his finger.   Inserting a second one, he increased his thrusting motions.  Willow had her hands buried into their hair, holding them tightly to her.

"I'm coming."  moaned Willow.

At her words, Angel gently bit into her nipple.  Willow screamed out their names when she came.  Angel and Spike milked out her orgasm.  When Willow finally calmed down,  Spike moved up her body, so he was above her head, face Angel.  Angel moved down between her legs.  Willow looked up at Spike when he brought his cock to her lips and gently ran the tip over her ruby red lips.  Willow thrust her tongue out between her lips to lick off the pre cum forming on the tip.  Spike moaned in ecstasy.    Willow took as much of him as she could in her mouth.  She swirled her tongue around the tip when he pulled out.  Spike began to gently thrust in and out of her mouth,  teaching her how to deep throat him.  Spike rubbed on her throat, relaxing her.  When she was relaxed enough, Spike thrust into down to the base.

Angel was between her legs, sitting on his thighs.  He was rubbing his cock up and down her slit, getting himself soaked with her juices.  Slowly he inserted the head into a little bit and withdrew.  Willow was rising her hips up to meet him.  Suddenly, Angel thrust into her deeply.  Willow gasped out around Spike's cock.  Spike wrapped his fingers into her hair, holding her head in place.  He was having a hard time not thrusting down her throat.  Angel was setting a slow, steady rhythm.  Willow wanted more.  She was rising her hips up into him, increasing their speed.  Angel and Spike bent over Willow to seal their mouths in a passionate kiss.  Willow on the verge of climaxing.  Spike and Angel sped up their pace.  Angel could feel her walls milking his cock.  Spike could feel his balls tightening up and knew he was close.  Spike looked at Angel he knew his sire was close.  Angel leaned in again and offered his neck to Spike as an offering of peace.  Spike in his true face, leaned over Willow and bite into Angel's jugular, drawing in on his sire's powerful blood.  Spike and Angel moaned at the same time.  Spike came, shooting hard down Willow's throat.  Willow swallowed all that she could, but some leaked around his cock, dribbling down her chin.

Spike moved over to the side of Angel and Willow, caressing their bodies with his hands.  Angel readjusted himself and started to thrust forcefully into WIllow.  He bent down and licked the cum off of Willow's chin, savoring the taste of his child.  Spike brought his hand in between their bodies and pinched Willow's clit and then rubbing her.  Angel was kissing on Willow's neck, softly sucking and nibbling.  At her climax, Willow turned her head into Angel's neck and bite down at the same spot Spike had bitten, drawing blood.  Angel screamed out her name.  Angel's true face appeared and gently he bite down into her pulsing vein.  Angel's was shooting his seed deep into her womb.  Willow was suckling at Angel's neck, making him purr.  Softly Angel was licking up the blood that was still leaking from the puncture wounds he had made.

Angel moved to her other side.  All three lay there, amazed at what had happened.  Angel pulled Willow into him to cuddle her.  Spike moved over close to WIllow.  Angel reached over Willow and caressed Spike's face.  Spike looked at Angel and smiled.  They knew there would still be problems between them, but with Willow with them, they would work them out.  Closing their eyes, they all rested.

Angel was the first to wake up.  Deciding to take a shower, he carefully got up without waking Spike and Willow.  Angel was standing under the hot spray of the shower when he felt a soft kiss being placed on his back.  Angel knew it was Spike, slowly he turned to face him.  Drawing Spike into his arms, Angel ran his tongue over Spike's lips until Spike opened to him, deepening the kiss.  Angel moaned into Spike's mouth as Spike caressed his ass.  Pulling apart, Angel grabbed the soap and lathered up his hands.  Angel ran his hands over Spike's chest, getting reacquainted with his body.  Angel knelt at Spike's feet, washing his legs, slowly traveling up his body.  Spike moaned again as Angel gently washed is balls, not touching what he wanted to be touched the most.  Finally, Angel touched his aching cock.  Spike thought he would climax from the touch alone.  Angel set a steady rhythm, stroking from tip to base.  Angel bent his head and suck a ball into his mouth, rolling it around his mouth with his tongue.  Spike had a hold of Angel's head and was thrusting his cock deep down Angel's throat.  Spike climaxed on a deep inward thrust of his hips, shooting his cum down Angel's throat.

Angel rose to his feet, to stand before Spike.  Spike started to caress Angel's body.  Dropping to his knees in front of Angel, he drew in his cock into his mouth.  Angel had missed Spike.  He never had met anyone who could suck his cock like Spike.  No one could compare.

Willow woke up in bed alone, wondering where Angel and Spike had gone.  She got up and walked to the door of her room.  Hearing the shower running, Willow smiled.  Opening the door she could see the silhouette  of Angel and Spike.  She could see Angel with his head thrown back and Spike's head bobbing back and forth.  Willow felt her juices drip down her legs.  Walking to the shower door, she opened it and stepped inside.  Angel looked at her and pulled her to him, giving her a kiss.  Angel was rubbing between her legs with one hand and the other was firmly on Spike's head, holding him to his cock.

Willow shivered, the water was getting cold.  Angel pulled Spike off of his aching cock.  Stepping from the shower, Spike picked up Willow in his arms and carried her to her room, placing her on her bed.  Angel followed close on their heels after shutting off the shower.  No one seemed to notice the bed getting wet from not drying off.  Spike and Angel were licking the drops off of WIllow.  Willow was more then ready for some more fun.

Spike moved between her legs and drove himself into her.  Willow raised her hips up to met his thrust, moaning when he hit her cervix.  Angel was kissing down Spike's back to his ass.  Separating his ass cheeks, Angel tongued Spike's anus.  Spike moaned at the contact, thrust his hips back into his mouth.  Angel reached between Spike and WIllow, getting his fingers saturated with her juices, and brought them back to Spike's ass.  Slowly, Angel inserted his middle finger into Spike's.  Willow could see Angel over Spike's shoulder and stopped moving.  Relaxing even more, Spike thrust against Angel's finger.  Slowly Angel worked in two more fingers.  Spike was trembling in ecstasy and anticipation.  Angel reached between them again, this time to coat is aching cock with her juices.  Angel grabbed a hold of his thick cock and brought the head to Spike's opening, slowly working the head of his cock in.  Spike's moaned at the penetration.  It had been a long time since he had been in this position.  Once Angel was into the base of his cock, he waited until Spike signal he was ready.  Spike moved his hips back into Angel, moaning.

Angel set the rhythm, thrusting in, pushing Spike into Willow.  She was very excited at seeing them together like this, heightening her excitement.  Willow raised her hips up to met Spike on every thrust.  Angel reached around Spike and rubbed Willow's clit.  She was panting out their names like a mantra.  Angel was on the verge of orgasm.  Angel pulled Spike up so he could reach his neck, causing Spike to clamp down on his cock.  Angel moaned at the tightness surrounding him.  Angel changed his face and sunk his fangs into his neck.  Angel moaned again at the blood running over his tongue.  Angel shot his seed into Spike.  Pulling himself out and falling to the side of them.

Spike going to come.  Bending over Willow, Spike was nibbling on her chest.  He bite into her on the under side of her breast, Willow felt his fangs sink in and started to climax, squeezing his cock like a vise.  Spike brought his lips to Willow, kissing her hard.  Willow could taste her blood on his lips.  Ripping her mouth from Spike's, she brought her mouth to Angel's puncture wound and bite down, causing him to bleed.  Sucking hard she drew his blood into her mouth.  Spike screamed out her name, shooting his seed deep into her.   Spike collapsed on top of Willow, thoroughly sated.  Angel kissed Spike and then Willow, sealing their lives forever.  Cuddling close together again they slept the sleep of contentment and peace.

Spike stirred at the ring of the phone.

"Who the bloody hell could be calling at this time of day?"  he mumbled, reaching for the phone.

"What?"  Spike snarled into the phone.

"Willow?  Who is this?"  demanded Giles.

"Who is this?"  growled Spike.

Hearing Spike snarling, caused Willow to wake up.  She uncurled her body from Angel's arms and reached for the phone.  Spike refused to give it to her.  She lunged over top of him and wrestled the phone from him.

"Hello?"  said Willow into the receiver.

"Willow, who was that and why is he answering your phone?"  asked Giles.

Willow blushed furiously, realizing the situation she was in.  She had a quick debate with herself, trying to decide to be truthful or not with him.  Willow decided to tell him.

"Ah, it's Spike.  Angel is also here."  mumbled Willow into the phone.

"WHAT?  ARE YOU INSANE?"  shouted Giles.

"No.  What do you need Giles?"  she questioned him.

"Oh yes,  I have discovered a prophecy.  I-I-I believe that it's about you.  Can you come to the library this evening?"

"Yes, but I'll have Angel and Spike will with me."  she told Giles.

Gently she placed the receiver back in place on her desk.  Angel and Spike looked at her with questions in their eyes.

"Giles says he has discovered a new prophecy which he thinks I'm apart of.  He wants me to come to the library tonight at sunset.  I told him you two would be with me.  Is that all right?"  she asked the vampires.

Angel and Spike agreed to go with her.

Angel pulled her into his body, kissing her gently on the lips.

"Until then, I think I can think of something to do to fill in the time."  he whispered seductively in her ear, gently nipping her lobe with blunt teeth.

Willow trembled in his arms.  Spike moved behind her and began to rock his hips into her lower back.  Spike brought his arms around to her breasts to gently knead their fullness, rubbing her nipples to tight buds.  Angel was rocking his erection into her stomach, while kissing down her jaw to her neck.  Willow could feel her juices start to drip down her thighs.

Spike slowly kissed his way down her back, nibbling her skin gently as he went.  Reaching her rounded ass, he pulled apart her cheeks.  Lowering his head he slowly dragged his cold tongue across her tight hole.  Spike grabbed the lubrication off of the night stand beside the bed.  He squirted some from the tube and coated his fingers, liberally.  Bringing his hand to her open ass, he slowly inserted one finger into her.

Willow thrust her hips into his finger and moaned.  Angel kissed his way down her body and settled in between her spread legs.  He watched for a moment as Spike inserted another finger into her.  He spread her inner lips apart and breathed in her scent.  He lowered his head to lick her hard pebbled clit.  She trembled in ecstasy at their ministrations to her body.

Angel inserted two fingers into her vagina and matched his rhythm to Spike's.  Willow was going wild, pulling at her sheets in abandon.  Spike and Angel looked at each other and decided it was time.  Both of the vampires climbed up the bed beside Willow.

Angel pulled Willow over top of him.  Raising her hips, he lowered her onto his painful erection, hissing as her heat consumed him.  He guided her up and down him a few times before raising her up and holding her in place.  Spike straddled Angel's thighs and kissed her back.  Grabbing a hold of his throbbing erection, he slowly started to penetrate her tight, grasping hole.

Spike gave a low growl, deep in his throat at the tightness of her surrounding him.  Once he was fully inside of her, he gave a slight nod to Angel.  Angel controlled her descent down his thick shaft.  Letting her hips go, he let Willow control further strokes.  She slowly raised herself up, causing Spike to thrust into her.  On her descent down Angel's thick shaft, he withdrew.  Soon all three were climaxing.

Willow fell to Angel's cool chest.  He wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss on her head.  Willow sighed into his chest, tired after their exertions.  Holding her to his body, Angel rolled his body toward the center of the bed.  Spike snuggled into her back.  All three falling asleep.

Part 3

Later at the library

Sitting around the table was Xander, Buffy, and Giles, when Willow walked in with Angel and Spike on each arm.  Buffy glanced up and frowned at seeing Spike.  She wasn't surprised at seeing Angel.  They had ended things awhile ago.  She was happy Angel and Willow were a couple now.  They deserved happiness together.

"So what is this prophecy about and how am I in it?"  asked Willow.

"Let me read it to you and you can see why I think it's you."  said Giles.

"In the beginning of the end, Kierthos will come, he The Dark Messenger will
arise, he will come forth from the pits of hell to lead the way.  Kierthos is
to kill the fiery light that rests between the darkness.  One darkness twinged
with light and the other is dark as night will be her protection against
Kierthos who will seek to steal her light.  If the fiery one should fall then
that will mark the way for Mechaka, The Destroyer of Worlds.  But if the fiery
one should succeed then she and her protectors alone she be left to stand
against the evil that will come.  The fiery tree will have great light and
shall she survive Kierthos, then the world will not see the dark reign of The
Destroyer.  This shall come to pass when the first millennium comes to its
end, it will mark the end of the beginning."

Willow was pacing trying to figure out what it meant.  She paused in her pacing to look at Angel and Spike.  Suddenly she sat down in a chair with a stunned expression on her face.

"What luv?"  inquired Spike.

"One darkness twinged with light and the other is dark as night will be her protection.  This is you and you."  Said Willow looking first at Angel and then at Spike.

"How do you know this Willow?"  asked Giles.

"Well, darkness twinged with light is Angel, because of his soul making him good, and the dark as night is Spike because he has no soul."  explained Willow.

"I think when the prophecy says 'the fiery tree will have great light and shall she survive Kierthos, then the world will not see the dark reign of the Destroyer' means I will save the world and be it's protector for eternity."  said Willow.

"We also know it will happen on New Year's Eve.  We just have to figure out where at."  said Willow.

Everyone was thinking about what she had just said.  Spike and Angel were wondering how they were going to protect Willow from the demon.

Suddenly Buffy got up from the table, surprising everyone.

"I need to go and patrol at the cemetery."  said Buffy.

"Why don't we all call it night, Buffy, I will go and patrol with you. "  said Giles.

"No that's ok.  I think I want to be alone if that's all right?  said Buffy.

"All right if your sure?"  asked Giles.

Everyone gets up and leaves the library wondering if the newest threat to Sunnydale can be defeated.

Angel and Spike where walking home with Willow, in the middle, between them.  Their arms protectively around her.  Folding her in a safe cocoon of love.   Willow sighed.  Spike looked at her with a raised eyebrow, silently inquiring of her thoughts.

Willow stopped at a bench in the park.  Spike and Angel both took a seat beside her.

"Tell us what is bugging you?"  asked Angel.

"This is going to sound very childish and immature, but what happens if I lose you two now that I have just found you?"  asked Willow in a soft, quiet voice.

Angel pulled Willow onto his lap and brushed a breath of a kiss to her lips.  Spike slide over next to Angel and placed his hand on Willow's lap, giving her comfort with his closeness.

"Make love to me."  she whispered to them.

Angel looked over at Spike and nodded his head.  They were in a dark part of the park and neither was worried about being interrupted.

Angel raised her face up to his and kissed her, slowly sliding his tongue along her lips, silently asking for permission to enter.  She opened her lips with a sigh of contentment.  Spike was unbuttoning her shirt and placing kisses to the areas he exposed to his gaze.

Angel stood up and brought Willow with him.  Quickly Spike unzipped her jeans and pulled them off of her.  Willow was rubbing Angel's hard on through his pants.  She reached for the zipper and lowered it slowly, causing Angel to inhale.  Spike quickly unzipped his pants and lowered them to his knees.

Angel positioned Willow on her knees on the bench.  Spike moved behind her, positioning himself for entrance.  Slowly he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, wetting himself with her juices.  Angel was standing in front of her slowly stroking his hand up and down in thick cock, watching his child rub himself on Willow.

Spike pushed into Willow and she moaned.  Angel moved up to her face.  Willow engulfed him into her warm mouth.  Angel moaned at the feeling of her hot mouth swallowing him down her throat.  Soon a rhythm was set between the two vampires.  Spike would thrust into her, causing her to go down on Angel.

The threesome was in their own private world and never noticed that Buffy was watching them from a short distance.  She watched as all three climaxed at the same time, shouting out her name and Willow shouting out theirs.  Turning, Buffy began to run, run from what her eyes had seen, but having trouble comprehending.

Buffy ran all the way to the cemetery.  She was so preoccupied with what she had seen, she ran right into someone dressed in a GI Joe outfit.  She fell to the ground on her butt.  Looking up she gasped out.

"Riley? What are you doing here and why are you dressed like that?  asked Buffy.

Riley was trying to decide what to tell her when the decision was taken out of his hands.  A vampire was attempting to sneak up behind him.  Buffy quickly swept out his legs from underneath him, causing him to fall to the ground.  Buffy sprung to a fight stance, circling around Riley to put him behind her.  Riley watched from the ground, curious as to what she would do.

Buffy wanted to get this over with quickly.  She knew that Riley was studying her intently.  Throwing a punch to the vampires face, and a second to his stomach, causing him to double over.  As he straightened up, Buffy raised a stake to his heart and plunged it in.  The vampire turned to dust.

Riley just starred at her not sure what to say.  Buffy looked at him.

"So, now you know my secret."  she whispered.

"What is yours?"  said asked, indicating his military uniform.

Riley decided to come clean with her about his secret life with the Initiative.  Buffy told him about her life as the Slayer.  They walked around the cemetery holding hands.  They were attacked by two more vampires.  Riley was taking care of one of the vampires.  Buffy was trying to keep and eye on him while fighting with her own.  She missed ducking the punch that the vampire threw at her.  It's nails cutting her face.  Riley killed his vampire off in a matter of minutes, leaving Buffy free to end the others unlife.

Riley seen the cut on her face.  He brought his hand up and gently caressed her jaw line.

"Are you okay?"  he asked her softly.

Buffy tipped her head into his caress, nuzzling into his hand.  Bringing his other hand up to her face, he tipped her chin up.  He lowered his head down to her up raised one.  Softly he kissed her lips.  Buffy moaned at the contact of his lips on hers.  She had wanted this for so long now.

At her moan he deepened the kiss.  She wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling herself into his body.  He moaned at her closeness.  He lowered his hands down to her butt and raised her up into his throbbing erection.  He thrust his hips into her in a steady rocking motion.  Raising her arms up around his neck, she lifted her legs around his waist, grinding her throbbing clit onto him.

Breaking the kiss off, he raised his head looking around them.  Seeing a large flat tombstone, he walked to it, turning so he was sitting on the edge of it.  He kissed her again.  He brought her down and ground his aching cock into her.  They both moaned.

Buffy unwrapped herself from him and stood in front of him.  Slowly she dragged her small hands down his chest to his waist.  Looking into his eyes she undid his belt and unzipped his pants.  At the first contact of her warm hands on him, he moaned out loud.

"Oh God, Buffy please."

She slowly pulled him forward to lower his fatigues and red silk boxers.  She caressed is long, thick length from base to tip.  Slowly she rubbed her thumb around in a circle on the tip, catching the drops of pre cum forming.

Falling to her knees, she licked the drops into her hot tongue.  He thrust his hips up at the contact.  She brought her eyes to his face, to see him looking at her with lust and love shining brightly in his eyes.

Lowering her mouth down on him, engulfing as much as she could.  He trembled at her tongue action.  She brought her hand to his balls and gripped them lightly in her tiny hand.  The other she brought around to his ass, slowly she inserted it to the first joint of her finger.

Riley was beside himself with pleasure.  Never had anyone made him feel this way.  He had his hands wrapped in her hair, slowly thrusting his hips into her mouth.  She was taking more of him into her mouth and down her throat.  Never had anyone been able to deep throat him.  He was moaning her name over and over.  He was close and was going to come in her mouth if she didn't stop soon.

"Buffy, you have to stop or it will all be over."  he said in a rough voice.

Buffy ignored him and speed up her actions.  Soon he was thrusting down her throat and shouting out her name and he shot his hot seed down her throat.

Riley reached for her and lifted her into his arms.  He gently laid her down on the cool stone.  He lifted her shirt up and over her head, leaving her in a pale pink lace bra.  Lowering his head he suckled on her nipple through the bra.  She had her hands in his hair, pulling him closer and raising her chest up to meet his mouth.  He gave the same attention to her other breast.  Reaching behind her raised back he undid her bra.  Slowly he took it off her.  He stared at her in the moonlight.

"Your so beautiful."  he whispered to her.

Lowering his head again he laved her erect nipples with his tongue.  She was in heaven.  He trailed kisses down her stomach to her belly button.  He twirled his tongue around it a few times, causing her to raise herself up to him again.  He brought his hands up her thighs and bunched her short skirt around her hips.  On his way back down he brought her underwear down her legs.  He stuffed them in his shirt pocket.

He lowered his head and breathed in her scent.  She had a heady aroma, smelling of strong arousal.  He couldn't wait to taste her sweetness.  He had one hand under her hip to raise her to his waiting mouth.  The other was separating her swollen lips.  At his first taste of her he moaned.  Buffy whispered his name and withered on the cold stone.

Riley licked and nibbled on her erect bud.  He was pushing two fingers through her wetness to her hot core.  She was thrusting her hips up to meet the movements of his hand.

"Riley, I need you inside me.  Now please."  she moaned to him.

He grabbed himself in his hand and brought it to her hot opening.  Slowly he pushed into her tight channel, her heat engulfing his aching cock.  She moaned at the fullness filling her to over flowing.  Both stopped all movement to enjoy the contact of the joining.

Lowering his lips to hers, they shared a soft kiss.  Gently they began to move together to a slow rhythm.  Buffy was in heaven.  She never dreamed it could be like this.  Even with Angel it was never like this.  She felt loved and cared for in his arms.  The joining was beautiful and brought tears to her eyes.

Riley seen the tears falling from her eyes and placed a soft kisses over the trail, licking the saltiness from her skin.

Riley kissed his way down her neck to her breasts.  He sucked one into his mouth hard.  Buffy felt it travel from her tit to her core.  She dug her nails into his back.  Soon the new lovers were climaxing, moaning each others names.

Riley moved to her side and placed a kiss to her swollen lips.

"I love you, Buffy."

"I love you, too, Riley."

Angel and Spike had gotten Willow home safely.  The next day was New Year's Eve.  They were worried.  They hoped they could protect the love of their unlife.  Both knew they would do anything to protect her, even give up their own lives.

Snuggling between the vampires, Willow feel into a deep sleep.  She was dreaming.  In the dream, Willow was shown where the demon was going to appear and how to kill it.  She saw herself with a sword.  Angel and Spike beside her with their own swords.  All three needed to stab the demon in the heart at the same time.  Willow saw this and knew they would defeat the demon Kierthos.  The world would not be ending any time soon.

Smiling Willow woke up.

Willow woke up feeling refreshed and ready to face the demon.  Spike and Angel woke with her.  They were worried until she told them of the dream and how to kill the demon.  They knew it would not be simple, but they would succeed.

As they prepared to go to the cemetery to face the demon, Buffy went and found the swords that they would need.  Angel had them at the mansion.  All three were dressed in black leather.  Angel was dressed in black leather pants and a black velvet shirt with his black leather duster.  Spike had on black leather pants and a black satin shirt with his leather duster.  Willow was dressed in a black leather mini skirt, and a black leather corset with thigh high black boots and a leather coat.

All were ready to go.  They arrived at the cemetery at dusk, not sure what time the demon would make an appearance, but wanting to be ready.  The small group waited patiently.  An hour before dawn the gate from hell opened and out walked the demon, confident in his ability to defeat the vampires and the human witch.

The battle was long and hard, but slowly they were defeating the demon.  Each had drawn blood several times.  Just before sunrise all three drove their swords into the demons heart.  The demon disappeared as if he was never there.  The sun was breaking over the horizon.  The three stood together and watched the day approach.  The vampires had there arms around Willow, thinking this would be the end for them.

The day dawned a beautifully with purples, reds, and orange colors.  The three walked off knowing they would never be separated again.  They had eternity to love and be loved.