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Umm Oops
by Reatha

Willow was walking back to her dorm room, after leaving Giles’, when a shadow detached from the dark trees around her. She walked along,
unaware of the figure following her, too deep in thought. She couldn’t believe how dumb she’d been. Casting that stupid spell. Look at all the
trouble she’d caused. Buffy had been making out with Spike, and from what Xander had said, it had been a _very_ frequent occurrence in the
last few hours. She just hoped that everyone could forgive her, and that she could forgive herself.

She was suddenly ripped from her thoughts, and brought back to the present, as a pair of arms circled her waist from behind, pulling her up
against a hard body. Struggling frantically, Willow was shocked to feel the prick of a something sharp in her arm, before everything went blank.


Waking up was not a very pleasant experience for Willow. Her head was pounding, her mouth was dry, and her entire body ached. Opening heavy eyelids, she slowly became aware of her surroundings. She was lying on a bed, covered in dark sheets. There was only one light source in the room, and her eyes were still blurry, so she couldn’t see anything else.

A dark form suddenly blocked out the light, moving towards her. Moving away from the approaching figure, Willow let out a tiny whimper,
realizing she was totally naked under the sheets.

“Shh. Don’t be frightened Willow.” said a calm and familiar voice.

“Angel?” she asked, some of her fear leaving her. She was with Angel. She was safe.

“Not quite, Little One.” he said, smirking as he heard her heart beat increase. He could smell her fear, and it was intoxicating. As he knelt
on the edge of the large bed, a strong hand shot out, grabbing her knee as she tried to scramble to the other side of the bed.

“Now, now, Willow. Where do you think you’re going?” he asked silkily, his voice washing over her in waves. He pulled her back towards him,
lifting his body over hers.

“Angelus...” she whimpered, fear filling her entire being. She could handle Angel, knew how to deal with him, but Angelus was another story.

“See, I knew you were the smart one.” he said, lowering his body down onto hers. Willow’s arms moved to his shoulders, trying to push him off,
as she realized his intent. There was no other reason for her to be naked in this bed. Especially since he’d put her there.

“Willow.” he said, drawing her arms above her head, clasping both wrists in one of his. “That’s not very nice.” was his condescending reply.

“What do you want.” she asked him in a quiet whisper, hoping to delay him. “How did you lose your soul?”

“Not too sure about that. One minute I’m sitting in LA, listening to Cordelia whine about something, and the next, here I am. Soulboy is gone, and I have a pretty good idea it was your doing.” he said, lowering his head down to her neck, his lips lingering on her pulse point.

Sharp bolts of electricity shot through her body, responding to his actions.  Her breathing increased it’s pace, as unfamiliar sensations rolled over her in waves. “Wh-why do you thi-think that?” she panted, trying to distract him.

“I was watching you, last night. Saw the demons going after that idiot, saw the Watcher go blind. I even saw my childe sucking face with the
Slayer.” a shudder of revulsion shot through his body, as his mind relived the sight of Spike and Buffy making out. Repeatedly. “I actually felt sorry for the boy.  Well, for a minute, anyways. Until I saw you.” His free hand traced a path down her body, taking the sheet with it, revealing her naked breasts to his appreciative gaze. “I knew I had to have you. It was like you were calling to me.”

Willow started to protest, but his mouth on her breast stopped her. A gasp emerged from her throat as his teeth gently bit down on the puckered nipple. She was trying desperately to control her body’s response, but it wasn’t working.

“Angelus.” she almost begged, his name coming to her lips as a whimper.  She remembered, now. It had taken her a while, but now she remembered what she had said while the spell had been cast. Buffy had ticked her off, and she was ranting out loud, to no one in particular, when she came upon the subject of Angel. She remembered thinking about how Buffy seemed to get all the vampires. If she wasn’t killing them, she was in some sort of sick relationship. First Angel, now Spike. Willow remembered thinking about how Buffy’d react to Willow getting a vampire of her own. But not one of Buffy’s cast offs. Like Angelus. Wouldn’t Buffy flip if she, little Willow Rosenberg, got big, bad Angelus, all to herself.

Now, it looked like she was getting her wish.

All thoughts of Buffy and the spell that went horribly wrong, were thrust from her mind as Angelus switch breasts, teasing her other one the same way.

“What do you want, Little One?” he asked her, moving up her body, his mouth so close to hers. He wanted to hear her say it. Hear her say that
it was _him_ she wanted, not that pansy, Angel. Willow just closed her eyes tightly, hoping he’d just leave her alone to her misery, but found she had no such luck as one of his knees moved between her legs, pressing the sheet against her hot core. A sharp gasp emerged from her mouth, allowing Angelus to capture her lips in an open mouthed kiss.

His tongue dominated hers, taking total possession of her mouth, all the while rubbing his knee against her heat. He could smell the waves of
arousal that flowed from this tiny red head below him, and growled in pleasure. He didn’t know why he was back, but he was just glad he was.

“What do you want?” he repeated, his mouth leaving hers gasping for breath and reason. His free hand went to her aching breasts, massaging
the soft mounds until her eyes glazed over completely. He wanted this red head with a passion, but wanted her to realize it was _him_, and not Angel. Not even the wolf or that idiot Xander.

“You.” came her breathy reply as she arched her chest into his hands, needing more contact with him.

Angelus could feel his hard erection ready to burst from his leather pants, and almost lost it as the young red head beneath him began thrusting her pelvis against his knee. Leaning down close to her ear, he asked her again, wanting to hear his name from her red lips.

“Angelus.” she gasped out. The sensations coursing through her veins had long ago demolished her will to resist, and she had surrendered to the feelings that this vampire, her enemy, evoked in her.

Sitting up abruptly, he left a bereft red head, removing his shirt quickly and efficiently. Upon seeing the expanse of his smooth chest, Willow rose up from beneath him, her hands moving over the strong muscles. Tracing the contours of the cool skin. Feeling brave, she leaned forward, her lips covering one of his male nipples, flicking it with her tongue before gently biting down, drawing a growl from the dark vampire.

Pushing the witch back down onto the bed, he quickly shed his leather pants, and got down to the job of seducing the gorgeous red head. He
kicked the sheet down to the bottom of the bed, stopping for a moment to take in her flushed skin, her round, passion filled eyes, and her
swollen lips. He ran a hand from her throat, over her breasts, across her stomach, stopping when he reached his goal. A finger gently ran across her wet slit,  feeling the juices that he had caused. Her whimper only goaded him further, as he pushed the digit past her swollen lips, to find the nub hidden in their depths. A slight flick of his finger caused the red head to shake violently on the bed, which sent more bolts of electricity to his hard shaft.

His finger swirled around her clit, sending the hacker up on the sheets, as her back arched in ecstasy, her hands digging into the bed beneath her, trying to ground herself against the sensations pulsating throughout her body. Her legs opened further in an invitation which the vampire
couldn’t ignore. A single finger, the same one that had been recently torturing her swollen clit, slipped inside her tight passage. Withdrawing for a second, he watched her face as he thrust the digit back inside her hot core. The moan she emitted was only surpassed by the look of ecstasy on her face, as she gave up total control to him.

What this man could do was amazing. He played her body like it was an instrument he needed practice on. She felt another finger join the
first, and then another, as he pumped his fingers in and out of her, feeling her thrust up against his hand. His thumb joined the rest of his hand, rubbing and circling her clit, driving her over the edge with a scream, her juices covering his hand.

Willow had never felt like this before. Oz had never made her feel like this, like she was dying inside, and couldn’t really care. Crying out his name as she came, Willow felt her entire body tense, as he worked her through her very first orgasm, and straight to the precipice of another. She looked at him in confusion as he removed his fingers, bringing them up to his lips to lick off her juices, all the while staring her right in the eyes.

He bent down, and slowly licked her tightly puckered nipple, giving it a gently bite before moving on to the other, her sounds of pleasure only
adding to his own.

Angelus felt like he was ready to explode. This little witch had him so hard, he didn’t think he could last much longer. Covering her body with his own, he settled himself between her thighs, his mouth joining hers. Willow wound her arms around his neck, holding him to her as he ravished her mouth, his hands moving up and down her body. She felt him shift, and then the unmistakable feeling of his cool shaft at the entrance of her pussy.  He teased her, running the tip up and down the soaking slit, making her want him even more. Finally deciding she’d had enough, Angelus spread her legs even more, and thrust deeply into very core of her being. Her tight passage grabbed him, and wouldn’t let go, the heat almost sending him over the edge.

“Willow.” he whispered, his mouth so close to hers she could feel his lips move as he spoke her name. Pulling out of her tight sheath, Angelus
slammed back into her, enjoying the look of absolute rapture on her face.  He began thrusting in and out of her, his pelvis crushing her clit,
adding even more friction to the movement.

In an unconscious movement, Willow brought her knees up, opening herself even wider for him, gasping at the pleasure the movement caused.

She could feel him even deeper inside her, filling her completely. Her walls clamped down around his hard shaft, her entire body tensing as she came for the second time that night. Bending his head, Angelus shifted to the face of his demon and sank his teeth deep into Willow’s throat. As he came, he took total possession of her body, her blood filling his mouth even as his cold seed flooded her spasming channel. He was vaguely aware of her screaming his name, as her whole body shook from her climax.

Lifting his head, he looked down into the face of his lover, and almost smiled. She was his. For now and forever. And not even the Slayer could
take that away from him.

Moving off the panting red head, Angelus reached an arm around her waist, and pulled her against his hard chest, holding her close. As the moments passed, Willow slowly returned to reality, realizing she’d just slept with a demon. And not just any demon, but her best friends ex-boyfriend.

“Your mine, now, Willow.” he said, pulling her close. He wasn’t about to let her go the Slayer and give him back his soul.

“What’s the matter?” he asked when she remained silent.

“I don’t understand it...the spell..it should have worn off...I revoked it...”  muttered the red head, wondering why this was happening, after she’d
broken the spell. The answer came to her in a very familiar voice.

“I thought you might like to see how good it is to be bad, so I prolonged this aspect of the spell. Enjoy it, dear girl.” said the voice of D'Hoffryn, the demon who’d kidnaped her, and offered her the chance to become a revenge demon. Then the voice left, laughing evilly, but with great
humour, at the entire situation. <The girl has more fire in her than I thought. Going to have to keep an eye on her.> he thought, leaving the red head in the hands of the soulless vampire.

“Explain.” demanded Angelus, as soon as the presence had left. He wanted answers. Now.

“Umm...Oops?” replied Willow nervously, looking up into his dark eyes, which were glimmering gold.

“Not good enough.” he growled, tightening his hold on the red head.

So she explained. About everything. The spell, what went wrong, even D'Hoffryn’s offer of becoming a demon. That the demon had accepted
Willow’s refusal surprised him, but not as much as the fact that that same demon had somehow messed with the spell.

“So I’m guessing that you’ll get your soul back soon...” said Willow, her nervousness returning at hearing his growl of anger. “I’m sorry, I can’t
do anything about it.” she quickly added, hoping he wouldn’t kill her and all her friends while he was still soulless.

“Well, then. I’ll just have to make the most of the time I have.” said Angelus, coming to a decision. Lowering his mouth to hers, he left no
misunderstanding as to what he had in mind, to occupy the time he had left. All Willow could do was moan in surrender, giving herself up to the
pleasure of his touch.

or is it???