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Tis the Season
by Lore

"But Willow, it's really only a few decorations. Christmas comes but once a year, you know."

Willow giggled. "I'm glad I'm not Christmas. But the answer is still 'no'."

Angel sighed. "Not even a little tinsel?  It's not like I'm putting up a tree."

"No. Leave that stuff in the bedroom where you found it. I'm Jewish, remember. J-E-W-I-S-H...we don't do Christmas.  No celebrations, no figgy pudding...just Chinese food and a movie."

"You're Wiccan, too.  We celebrated the Winter Solstice, remember?  We're going to have to settle this before we have kids, you know."

Willow shot him a dangerous look. "Kids? No kids. You're a vampire, remember?  Apparently not, or you wouldn't be trying to celebrate one of the holiest of *Christian* holidays."

Angel shrugged. "I'm in the spirit of the season. I'm happy for once in my life. I just want to have a little fun.  You've *never* celebrated Christmas? Never?"

"Jewish, Angel. Jewish.  And not unless you count sneaking over to Xander's to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas Special. We already celebrated Chanukah, that's enough."

Angel wrinkled his nose. "How could I forget Chanukah.  The entire place still smells like cheese and onion latkes. And if I eat one more chocolate coin I'm going to pop." He paused. "You're right. I won't make you do something you don't believe in or don't want to do." He kissed the tip of her nose.

Willow looked intently at Angel for a moment. "I'm going to lay down for a little while.  I've got a tiny headache.  We'll do something fun though, okay?"

Resigned, Angel answered, "Okay. Go lay down."

Willow left Angel and went into the bedroom.

**One hour later**

"Angel." Willow called from the bedroom.

Angel rose from the couch and went to her, stopping in the doorway.  Garland and tinsel decorated the room that was lit by twelve candles. Willow sat on the bed, naked, excepting for a large gold bow resting on her...

"Willow!" Angel exclaimed with a smile, "You know that's going to sting when I pull that bow off."

Grinning, he started to shed his clothing.

"C'mere, Angel.  I have mistletoe."

"I see that.  Why is it on that long ribbon, pray tell?"

"The better to tie around your waist, my dear."

"I love you, little girl."

"And I love you. I couldn't ever deny you anything that  would make you happy. Besides, there's twelve days of Christmas, and I expect lots of...presents...from you."

It was quiet for a moment as she strategically placed the mistletoe.

"Merry Christmas, Angel."

Angel managed to gasp out as he received his Christmas kiss. "Merry...Christmas, Willow."