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Tequila Sunrise
by MidnightGirl

Willow groaned hoarsely as she broke through the haze of sleep. Her head was pounding. She licked at the dry walls of her mouth. He tongue felt like sandpaper and her mouth was filled with a foul taste.

(Oh, El Toro, how you have betrayed me, her mind wailed.)

She rolled on her stomach, but as waves of nausea and dizziness washed over her she desperately wished she had never moved. Her shoulder bumped against something smooth, cold and firm. Her eyes snapped open.

(SPIKE?!) What was Spike doing in her bed? She looked around. Where was her bed? She rolled away from him and bumped into another body. What the- ?! She lifted the blanket from his face. (Angel!?)

What did she do?! What had she done!?

Suddenly the memory of what happened the night before bombarded her. She moaned. The tequila. The botched love spell. A night she was sure she'd never want to forget.

She prepared for the onslaught of guilt she knew would come. A few seconds passed... nothing. Nothing except the pleasant sensations the memories brought flooding back to her.

And she was a little sore.

Her stomach suddenly lurched. She was boxed in on either side. She contemplated trying to climb over one of them. She couldn't do it without
waking them. Instead she decided to get under the covers and scoot along commando-style until she reached the foot of the bed. She slunk from under the covers and onto the carpet.

She laid on the cold marble floor, immobile as her head throbbed mercilessly. (eeuurrggg.) She half-crawled, half-dragged herself to the
bathroom. She was thankful Spike and Angel had heavy curtains covering the windows. She really didn't know if she could handle bright morning sunlight.

She pulled herself up to the sink and began splashing water on her face. She drank greedily from her cupped hands. She was so thirsty.

(Never again, I'm never drinking again. Ever.)

She looked in the mirror. Other than a bite mark on her breast, she didn't look any worse for wear. In fact, she had a sort of rosy glow about her.
She smiled weakly.


She crawled into the sunken tub. Where the hell was the shower head? She looked up, it was in the ceiling over the tub.

(Interesting.) She turned on the shower and let the water beat down on her tight back muscles. (Never. Drinking. Again.)With great effort, she stood up and drew the curtain. She lean her head against the cool tile. (Ever.)

Angel and Spike rolled closer to the warm spot Willow's body heat had left in the middle of the sheets. Soon they were snuggled against each other. When the shower came on, both their eyes fluttered open.

"Auggh!" Spike shrieked as he realized it wasn't Willow's lovely body he was tucked against, but Angel's. He scrambled back across the sheets and landed on the floor with a thud. Angel grinned and peered over the edge of the bed.

"Morning, Spike," he said cheerfully.

Spike grumbled something unintelligible. Angel thought it was probably better that he couldn't understand. Spike sniffed at the air.

"Where's the little woman?" Spike asked, rubbing the elbow that had absorbed most of the impact of his fall.

"Shower," Angel said. "Her head's probably killing her."

"Probably needs some company," Spike jumped up off the floor and started towards the bathroom.

"Spike, she just woke up hung over as hell between two vampires," Angel grabbed his arm. "She probably just realized what happened last night. She's going to need a little pampering."

"What did you have in mind?" Spike sighed.

After a few moments of preparation, they entered the bathroom. Steam rolled out of the shower in fragrant waves. Willow's scent seemed to curl around them, pulling them towards the tub.

Willow was still slumped against the wall, mentally declaring her permanent sobriety when she felt a pair of cool hands stroking her back. She moaned. The contrast of the stinging hot water and Angel's icy hands caressing her skin brought everything she felt the night before flooding back.

"Good morning. How are you feeling?" Angel asked, pulling her back against him. Spike stepped around them, in front of Willow. He had grabbed some of Drusilla's shampoo and soap from the medicine cabinet. He soaped up a thick washcloth a began massaging it against her palms.

"Tequila...bad," Willow groaned as Angel titled her head back. He brushed kisses along her throat as the spray hit her face. "The juice of the

"Poor, pet." Spike chuckled. He looked up at Angel "Remember that time we were in Cape Cod and we fed on that Kennedy chap? I never woke up feeling worse."

"Ewwww," Willow wrinkled her nose. She reached out and lazily stroked Spike's abdomen. They didn't seem... upset with her. In fact, they were
being rather solicitous. Like they didn't want her to just get out.

Angel laughed, taking the washcloth and rubbing Willow's neck. "I never knew blood could have a proof."

Spike poured a little shampoo into his hand and massaged it into her hair. He amused himself by making little frothy spikes around her head. He smiled at his work.

"Can I help you?" Willow asked, flatly.

He grinned sheepishly and cupped water over her head to rinse her hair.

Angel reached around her, his gentle strokes reaching her breasts. She leaned back against him. He nuzzled her neck. She reached up and pressed his head down harder. She wrapped her other arm around Spike's neck and pulled him to her. She stood on her tippy-toes and kissed him. Tentatively at first. One because she was unsure of what the morning breath situation was and two, she didn't really know how to act now that she was sober and ... aware of what she was doing.

Spike's kisses wandered to her throat. Having a vampire kissing either side of her neck was interesting new experience for Willow. She was caught between fear that they would bite her and a hope that they bite her.

Spike kneeled in front of her, his tongue caressing the contour of her hipbone. She shivered, bucking instinctively away from the cold contact,
right into Angel.

Angel gasped against her neck. He was determined not to let his wanting Willow overtake his self-control. He and Spike wouldn't take her until she was feeling better, right now their job was to pamper her.

Spike gripped Willow's waist and gently pulled her hips toward him. He brushed kisses along her inner thighs. Willow sighed and laid her head back against Angel's shoulder.  He reached around her, cupping her breasts, marveling at how they filled his hands perfectly.

Spike eased her legs wider and kissed her sex, tenderly as he would her cheek. She moaned and thrust towards him. He seized the opportunity, well, to seize her. His tongue stroked her entrance, begging to be let in. She leaned back against Angel for support opening her thighs wider for Spike. He lapped at her core, she rocked against his mouth begging for more contact.

"Spike," she whined. "Angel... please."

Spike continued to nibble and kiss, occasionally brushing her clit and eliciting the cutest little purrs from her throat. She turned at an angle
that would make a contortionist proud and hungrily claimed Angel's lips.

Spike's attentions brought her to orgasm quickly, she slumped back against Angel. Spike grinned up at her, giving her sex one last kiss. He stood and kissed her, letting her taste herself on his lips. She moaned sleepily and smiled.

"Best cure for headache," he winked at Angel.

Spike reached back and turned off the shower. Angel pulled back the curtain and reached for a couple of towels. He squeezed the moisture from her hair while Spike buffed the water droplets from her skin. He paid particular attention to her breasts.

"Uh, Spike, I think she's dry," Angel said.

"I'd bet you she's not," Spike grinned wickedly, wrapping the towel around her like a sarong. "Besides, any job worth doing is worth doing right."

Willow giggled as they helped her out of the tub. Angel  grabbed a hairbrush from the counter as they shuffled back into the bedroom.

"Um, where are my clothes?" Willow asked.

"The living room, love," Spike said, holding out one of his red shirts for her. He brushed her hands away when she tried to button it herself. "But you won't be needing them for a while, just let us take care of you."

Angel handed her a glass of orange juice and two aspirin.

"For your head," he smiled and kissed her temple.

Willow cocked an eyebrow. They weren't telling her something. They were trying to make her comfortable before breaking some sort of bad news. Oh God. Had they turned her? She held her breath for a moment, and still needed to take another. Okay, so she wasn't a vampire. What?

"What's going on?" she demanded.

"What do you mean love?" Spike asked, grabbing the brush from Angel. He made her sit on the bed and brushed through her hair with smooth sure strokes. Angel tried to reach for her cheek, Spike struck the back of his hand with the brush. (Back off, pouf.)

Angel yelped and shook his hand. He glared at his impudent childe.

"There's something you're not telling me," she said, narrowing her eyes at Angel. She let out a nervous giggle. "What happened last night? Did we accidentally complete some sort of vampire love ritual or something? Am I the bride of Dracula?"

Spike dropped the brush. Angel winced.

"What?" Willow asked. "WHAT?"

Spike leaned her back against him, Angel settled next to them on the bed.

"Well, love when we answered your spell last night, we didn't know you were.. uh.."

"Inexperienced." Angel put in politely.

"What does that have to do with anything? Do you guys have some sort of anti-virgin policy?"

"Quite the contrary," Angel laughed. "But when she took you, in fact right as we took your virginity, we fed from you, which wouldn't in itself have been so bad except well, you bit me and took my blood."

Willow blushed. "I'm sorry, I got sort of caught up in the moment."

"Ohhhhh, trust me, I didn't mind," Angel grinned. "But when you did that you completed a ritual we call 'lifemating.' Vampires can have immortal human mates. And now you're mine."

"Ours," Spike corrected. "You took my blood, too."

Willow was stunned, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Does that mean I'm a vampire?" Willow squeaked. Maybe the breathing was an involuntary response to 17 years as a mortal.

"No, no, no, no," they chorused.

"You're immortal, love," Spike said, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. He placed his hands on either side of her head, putting pressure on her aching temples. She felt it slowly ease.

"Immortal?" she echoed.

"As long as we live, you live," Angel kissed her cheek, trailing smooches along her jaw. "You'll never die, you'll never age. If we die, you become mortal again and age normally."

"So is this like a marriage?" Willow asked. "I'm seventeen and married to two vampires? I just learned to drive last year!"

Angel chuckled, he knew he should have put it in mortal terms. "Sort of."

"So which one of you is my husband?" she asked, her head spinning. "My mate?"

"Usually in a situation like this there would be a primary and secondary mate," Angel said. "But because we both fed from you and took you at the same time, you belong to both of us equally. Your ours as we are yours, for the rest of your life."

"But the spell, it'll wear off in a day or two," she protested. "Won't you get tired of me? You can't possibly want to be mated to ME for the rest of your life."

"Willow, the spell has nothing to do with this, it just made us express feeling that were already there," Angel said.

"Absolutely pet," Spike said. "I want you for the rest of my unlife, right here next to me."

"Us." Angel corrected.

"Us." Spike nodded. (For now.)

(That's still the spell talking, Willow thought. In a few days they'll be kicking themselves for tying themselves down to me.)

"This is just so much to absorb," Willow rubbed her temples.

"We know, pet, we know," Spike scooped her up into his arms and tucked her under the covers. Angel went to the bath and brought back a cool cloth for her head. They climbed in on either side of her.

"Poor little witch," Angel murmured, bending down to kiss her forehead.

"There are worse things that could happen," Willow smiled sleepily.

With the combination of a raging headache and information overload, Willow drifted off quickly. Spike wrapped his arm around her waist, curling his fingers around her hip. He couldn't explain it, he just knew that no matter what, he just didn't want Willow to leave. To go back to her normal life.

Angel chuckled watching Spike snuggle against Willow. She took the news a lot better than he expected her too. In fact, she didn't seem bothered by the idea of spending the rest of her life with them.

His unlife just got a lot more interesting.


"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??" Buffy bellowed.

Angel and Spike bolted up. They blinked sleepily. Spike yawned. Willow just rolled over and pulled the covers over her head.

Buffy was standing in the doorway, gaping at what she saw. Her best friend was sleeping, conspicuously naked, between her ex-boyfriend and her sworn enemy. Willow sat up slowly, careful to cover her self with the sheet. Xander rounded the corner and stepped through the bedroom door.

"So, Buff, did you find Deadboy- AAAACCCKKK!" he shrieked and fell to the ground unconscious.

Willow groaned.

"Buffy?" Giles and Cordelia entered the bedroom. Giles gasped. "Oh.... dear."

"Whoa." Cordelia said.

"And my humiliation compounds exponentially," Willow groaned again.


"Buffy, calm down," Angel said. "What are you doing here?"

"Willow was missing and we came by to ask you to help search for her." Buffy said. "But I GUESS WE FOUND HER!"

"Buffy, there's no need to yell," Giles said.

"No need to yell!" Buffy cried. "If this isn't reason enough to yell, I don't know what is! Willow's being a big ho!"

"That's enough, Slayer!" Spike shouted. "Either you stop insulting my mate or I rip your bloody throat out."

"There's no need for threats, Spike," Giles said.

"Bugger off, Watcher-"

"Don't you talk to him like that!" Buffy screeched.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!" Willow shouted. Everyone froze and turned to her. "Not that I have your attention.  Buffy, Giles, please go downstairs. We'll be there in a minute and explain."

"But-" Buffy began to protest but Giles pulled her from the bedroom.

"And take Xander with you," Angel yelled after them. The boy was still passed out on the floor.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod," Willow wailed into her pillow.

"It's okay, pet," Spike cooed. "I'm sure that's the worst of it."

"No, I think the worst of it is when we try to explain that this is a permanent situation." Willow said pitifully.

"It will be okay, Willow," Angel stroked her cheek. "They simply have to accept this. It's the way things are. If they can't understand and accept, they aren't the friends you thought they were. And we'll be right there for you."

"Well, I guess we should get down there," she said looking around. "Where are my clothes?" Suddenly she remembered. The couch, they would see when they went downstairs. She slapped her forehead. "DOH! Wait a minute, wasn't I wearing a shirt when I went to sleep?"

Spike grinned sheepishly.

"Spike!" she giggled and slugged him in the shoulder.

"Here pet, wear this," Spike threw her Angel's bathrobe.

"Thank you," she kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry about all this. I got us into this situation."

"No worries, Willow," Angel said. "We'll get through it."

Both men started towards the door.

"Um, boys? Don't you think maybe you should get dressed?" she looked their bodies up and down. "Not that I mind, in fact, I rather enjoy the two of you naked. But it seems to disturb Xander."

The End