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 Sink When You Get Close
by Lorelei

Willow watched silently as Angel hurriedly dressed and left the room.  God! How could this be happening to her?  She twisted her fingers, trying to reach the knot in the scarf, without luck.  Unbelievable! She was going to have to lie here stark naked and listen to her lover and her best friend, his ex, make polite conversation.  Why did this have to happen to her?

Angel walked from the bedroom and into the living room.  He wanted to do this quickly.  Willow was not a happy camper.   Buffy had seated herself on the sofa.

"Um, Hi, Buffy.  What's up."   He remained standing, trying to keep his distance from her.  Angel could still smell Willow's scent on him, and didn't want Buffy suspicious.

"Hey.  Nothing's up.  I just thought I'd come by and see how you were. It's been a while since we talked."

Angel acknowledged this with a nod of his head.  He hadn't seen Buffy since the night he'd broken things off with her.  Willow had kept him up to date on what had been going on.  He hadn't needed or wanted to see Buffy.
Buffy gave Angel a falsely cheerful smile. "So, do you want to work out with me?  Giles just doesn't have the stuff to keep up with me."

"Buffy, I don't think that's a good idea.  We're supposed to be keeping our distance, remember?"

Buffy was silent for a moment. She watched Angel, taking in his dark good looks, staring at his hands and imagining them touching her.  "You're the one who said we could be friends.  So, this is me being friends.  I miss you, friend.  I'd like to be able to see you, sometimes." <Liar, you want to see him all the time> "You never even patrol with me anymore.  It's not as much fun with the others."  She
pouted, knowing how cute he use to think that was.

Angel thought about what he should say.  He had suggested they remain friends, but didn't want to give her any hopes of reconciliation.  "I'm busy tonight.  I have things I need to take care of.  Maybe
tomorrow night, I could patrol with you for a couple of hours.  Around six?"

"You're busy?  Doing what."  Buffy looked at his dishevelled appearance. "Or should I ask, doing who?"

Angel was getting weary of the conversation, and angry at her intrusiveness.  What he did and whom he did it with wasn't any of her business, anymore. "That's right, Buffy.  I'm just itching for you to
leave.  I have a gorgeous woman tied naked to my bed and I'm dying to get back in there and do things for her that I'd could never do with you."

Willow thought she'd choke.  How could he?  She'd been lying quietly, listening to them, but now she started working her wrists, trying to get free.  She was not going to let her best friend, who just happened to be one very strong woman, find her in this position.  She quieted when she heard Buffy speak, again.

"Okay, I know I'm being stupid.  I just miss you.  I want to be with you."  She moved towards Angel. "I want us to get back..."

Angel cut her off and stepped away from Buffy. "No.  That's never going to happen.  The sooner you get used to the idea, the better.  I think you should go. Now."

Buffy's shoulders sagged.  It was useless, and she was embarrassing herself.  "All right.  But will you still patrol with me tomorrow? Please?"

"Yes, Buffy, tomorrow.  Now please go."

Buffy walked towards the door. "Thank you, Angel. And I'm sorry."


Buffy turned expectantly; sure he was going to ask her to stay. "Yes?"

"Next time, knock. This is my home, you can't just wander around as you please."

Buffy gave a half-hearted nod, and left.

Angel walked back into the bedroom, removing his shirt as he entered. "She's gone."

Willow was angry, very angry. "I know that. Now untie me."

Angel was next to the bed, taking off his pants. "No, not yet, I think."

Willow twisted on the bed, bringing her leg around and kicking him broadside on the flank.  Angel lost his balance and sprawled on the floor.

"Shit! What in the hell was that for?"  He got up off the floor, rubbing his elbow.

"*You* leave me naked on the bed, not even bothering to cover me up, go make nice with Buffy, make a date with her, and then practically invite her in to get an eyeful. What do you think it was for?"  Willow was surprised at the intensity of her anger.  Maybe it was terror channelling itself into a more suitable emotion.

Angel sat on the edge of the bed. "First, there wasn't anytime to untie you or cover you up.  Did you want her poking her nose in here? Second, you are the one who's been so concerned with Buffy's feelings. Third, I knew she'd think I was being sarcastic about a naked female on my bed, and lastly, do you or do you not have a date with Oz tomorrow night?"

Willow could see the sense in what he was saying, but she was still too peeved and humiliated to admit it. "It is not a date.  We're friends, that's all. Untie me."

Angel leaned in close to her, "We may think of them as friends, but that's not how they see us, and you know it.  You're jealous, Willow, your green eyes have gotten the better of you."

Willow knew he was right.  She didn't want him anywhere near Buffy.  It didn't matter that he loved her, she wanted him as far away from Buffy as possible.  Tomorrow night needed to be the last time that they saw Oz or Buffy, alone.  She just didn't want to admit that she was being unreasonable. "Fine, have it your way. I'm jealous.  Now please untie me."

Angel grinned, "Not just yet, little girl.  I like you there, helpless."  Truthfully, he liked it when she was aggressive, her anger and the physical manifestation of it turned him on.  He lay next to her, running his hands over her body, cupping her breasts and caressing her backside.

Willow loved it when he put his hands on her, she just didn't want to let him have his way.  Even as she could feel her desire return, she tried to push him away from her, using her body to try and force him off the bed.  Angel responded by rolling on top of her, and wedging himself between her legs. He caught her face between his hands, holding her still and kissing her passionately.

Willow kissed him back, despite herself.  She wasn't truly angry anymore, but a part of her wanted to punish him for the situation he'd left her in.  As Angel entered her with a quick thrust, she bit down on his lower lip, drawing blood. He stiffened and drew his head back, bringing his hand to his lips and touching the blood there. He looked at his red stained finger and his eyes darkened with lust and desire. He touched the finger to Willow's lips, and groaned as she sucked it into her mouth, licking the tip.

Willow tasted his blood in her mouth, and arched upwards, demanding more contact.  She rocked her hips back and forth, urging him to continue.  Angel began thrusting again, sliding in and out of her, moving his hips in a circular motion.  He kept his eyes on her face, watching the colour begin to flush her cheeks. Her breathing became shallow and ragged, and she struggled against her bonds.  She opened her eyes and pleaded with him. "Please, I need... I need to touch you."

Angel relented, briefly stopping his movements, reaching to untie the scarves with nimble fingers. As soon as she was released, Willow put her hands around his back, tilting her hips, compelling him to
continue. He moved with urgency, wallowing in the feel of her body.  He could feel her muscles contracting around him and thrust deeper, willing her to come.

Willow's senses were spinning out of control as she raced towards her orgasm.  She moaned, unable to stifle the emotions welling up in her. "Angel, oh, Angel, I... I love..." She caught herself before she allowed the words to pass through her lips.

Angel moved faster, "Say it, Willow. Please."

Willow shook her head and bucked her hips. She shouted out at her fulfilment and dug her nails into his back, breaking the skin.

Angel shuddered at the slight pain and came. His motions slowed and he buried his face in her hair, repeating again and again, "Willow, I love you.  I love you."

Willow soothed him, running her hands over his back in a fluid motion.

Angel propped himself on his elbows and looked down at her, a wistful smile on his face.  "Not even then, huh?"

"I want it to be right.  Anything you say during sex doesn't count.  I read that somewhere."

"Okay.  But don't forget to tell me.  When it's right, I mean."

Angel moved to her side, drawing her into his arms.  Willow rested her head on his chest, enjoying the coolness of his skin against her face. She finally spoke, with a sigh.

"I should do my homework."

"Yes, you should.  We've got more shopping to do."

Willow raised her head and looked at him. "More? What for?"

Angel touched her cheek, tucking her coppery hair behind her ear. "You need to have some personal stuff here.  Girlie things, witch things.  I couldn't buy those for you.  And I think I should get some deadbolts for the doors."

Willow laughed and settled back into his arms, "You always have the best ideas."