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Rising Flame
by Karen

Willow let Angelus pull her into his arms.  She couldn’t believe she had traipsed across town in the middle of the night just to find him, but he was the only one she could talk to about this.  He was the only one that had a clue what was really going on.  In all honesty, she didn’t understand it herself.

“Come on in,” the vampire urged.  “There’s someone who wants to meet you.”

“If by ‘meet’ me you mean kill me, then I think I’ll pass,” the hacker returned nervously.

Angelus put his hand under her chin, forcing her to look up at him.  “I would never let anyone hurt you Willow; I swear it,” he told her vehemently.

Willow smiled slightly as she she lifted her hand to touch the vampire’s cheek.  “I believe you,” she whispered.

Angelus pressed a quick kiss to Willow’s lips, then took her hand and led her inside.  He led her to a small room, and Willow could see Spike inside, sitting in his wheelchair.  She sent Angelus a questioning glance; she seriously doubted that Spike was the one who wanted to meet her.

“I think you two have already met,” Angelus said, looking around the room for Dru.  Where had that lunatic gone?

Spike stared at Willow; she was cute, he had to admit it, but she didn’t appear to be Angelus’ usual type.  From what he’d been told, she was much smarter.  Of course, she had willingly come to the warehouse...

“Pleased to meet you, pet.”

Willow raised an eyebrow at the blonde.  “You’ll have to forgive me; I can’t say the same to you.”

Spike laughed.  The chit had spunk.  He turned to his sire.  “Oh, I like her.”

Angelus smiled.  “So do I, Spike.  So do I.”

“Is she here?  Did the little tree come?”

The dark haired vampire felt Willow stiffen at the sound of Drusilla’s voice, and he ran his hand up and down the girl’s arm in what he hoped was a soothing gesture.  Judging by the way Willow relaxed slightly and leaned into him, it was.

“She’s here, Dru.”

The raven haired woman danced into the room, carrying Miss Edith.  She stopped when she was barely a foot away from the redhead.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“You have?” Willow asked dumbly.  Had Angelus intended to make her come the warehouse?

“Miss Edith told me all about you,” Dru said in a lilting voice as she held the doll out and spun around.  She paused in her dancing and looked at Willow again.  “She said you’d be my friend.  She said I should to be nice to you.  Do you like tea?”

Willow allowed herself a smile small.  This was the terrifying Drusilla?  She was crazy as a loon, that was for sure, but if she took orders from her doll, that was fine with Willow.  Well, it was fine as long as the doll continued to like her.  “Actually, I do like tea,” the redhead told the vampire.

Dru immediately turned to her lover.  “We need tea, Spike.  We need tea.”

“Then we’ll have tea, ducks,” the blonde replied as he gestured to one of the minions, who quickly left the room in search of the item his mistress demanded.

“Now.  We need tea now, my Spike,” Dru whined.

Willow walked closer to the female vampire and placed her hand on Dru’s arm.   The woman whirled to face her, and Willow smiled gently.  “Do you have other dolls, Drusilla?”  When the demon nodded, Willow continued.  “Would you show them to me while we wait for our tea?”

With a smile reminiscent to that of a child, Drusilla took Willow’s hand and led her out of the room.  “Come, let’s see my dolls.  They want to meet you, too.  Miss Edith told them all about you.”  The vampire giggled, then whispered conspiratorially, “Then we will have are tea.  But the dolls can’t have any.  They’ve misbehaved.”

Spike and Angelus watched in stunned silence as the two women left the room.   After a moment, Spike gathered himself enough to speak.

“Did that really just happen?” the blonde asked his sire.

“Yes, Spike, it did.  I told you Willow was something special.”

“That you did, mate.  Remind me never to doubt you again.”

The End