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Phone Sex
By: Lorelei

The two lovers lay wrapped in one another's arms.  It was the height of their cycle, and so far, they'd made love twice in front of the fire and three times in the bedroom.  The last bout of lovemaking had left Willow with a strong desire to bathe.  She planted a kiss on Angel's cheek and headed for the bathroom.

Willow turned the hot water tap and hummed to herself as the room began filling with steam.  Looking into a basket of bath goodies she'd brought over, she selected a few bath oil beads and plunked them into the tub. Finding a banana clip, she twirled her hair up onto her head, tested the
water with her toe and dropped into the bath.  Her muscles began to relax as the water caressed her body.  The sex she and Angel had during their 'time' was always indescribably wonderful, but their need for each other sometimes left her feeling like she'd ran a marathon.  //For Pete's sake, it's only two in the afternoon and we've already made love five times.  I'm going to need a medic before the day's over.   Gotta remember Gatorade, next time. // Her thoughts made her giggle, and just remembering the passionate sex was making her tingle again.  She sank further into the tub, closing her eyes and enjoying the memory of the past few hours and the anticipation of the rest of the day.

A soft electronic jingle from the bedroom broke her reverie.  //Damn.  I should have turned that thing off. //

She called out, "Angel, I'm in the tub.  Bring me my cell phone, please?"

The phone was on its fourth ring when he came in and handed it to her. "You should have turned it off."

Willow made a little face, and hit the 'yes' button. "Hello?"

The voice on the other end surprised her; she'd been expecting one of her parents.  It was Buffy. "Hey, Will!  Whatcha doing?"

Willow thought for a moment.  What she was doing precisely at that moment was watching Angel sponge water over her breasts. "I'm...grocery shopping."

Angel grinned at her response, guessing at the question she'd been asked, but unaware of whom she was talking to.  He stepped in and slid down into the water.  His already strong urges ran hotter on this one day a month, and the sight of Willow sitting naked in the tub, her face glistening with perspiration, had caused a surge in his body.  He wanted her again, now.

"Shopping?  That sounds like a real treat.  Why don't you come over after you're done?  Xander's going to be here. We'll watch movies and stuff ourselves on popcorn and Twinkies." Buffy waited for her reply.

Angel was stroking her clitoris, making her squirm with desire and some embarrassment.  "C-can't.  I'm... making dinner for mom and dad tonight. Hence the shopping."  Angel pulled her forward, despite the frantic shaking of her head.  He leaned back in the tub and positioned her above him, sliding into her.  He closed his eyes, and began to thrust, lost in his own need. Willow moved with him, trying to reserve a part of her mind to keep up her end of the conversation. //Oh, Goddess.  I need to get off this phone, fast. //

Buffy's voice broke into her thoughts, "Willow, what was that?  It sounded like water."

//Think, Willow, think// "Um, they're hosing down one of the meat cases, *Buffy *."  She said her friends name pointedly, wanting to make Angel aware of who was on the other end of the line.  Angel opened one eye and looked at Willow, then closed it, smiled, and continued his movements, his cock sliding in and out of her aided by the oil the bath beads had produced.

"You really need to find some other entertainment, Willow.  We have the whole day off and you're shopping and cooking for your parents.  You need to have some fun."

Willow stifled a giggle.  If Buffy only knew how much fun she was capable of having.  Angel brought his hand to her clit, rubbing and pinching lightly, making her buck her hips. She could feel her orgasm
nearing, and the tensing in Angel's body let her know he was close, too.  "Mm. Slippery." The words popped out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"They always get water on the floor when they clean the cases.  Sue 'em for a million if you fall, Will.  You sure you can't come tonight?"

Willow was twitching and shuddering, her whole body burning from the heat of the water and the sensation of her lover filling her. She tried to answer, but her orgasm hit her.  The only sound out of her mouth was a guttural, "Nnnnnggh."

"Nnnnngh?" Is that a no, Willow?"

Willow attempted to catch her breath as Angel plunged into her savagely one last time, emptying into her.  She watched his face as he came, loving the thought that she could make him feel this way.

"Willow?  You still there."

"Um, sure.  Sorry.  Got caught off guard by a jar of pickled pig's feet. How gross is that?" //Nice save, Willow//

"Well, if you can't come over, I'll see you at school tomorrow.  I really need help on my English."

"Sure, Buffy.  I'll help.  I should go now, my battery's getting low. Bye."  Willow waited for Buffy's goodbye and the broke the connection. She turned the phone off and set it next to the tub.

She and Angel were still joined at the pelvis.  He was laying back in the water, a peaceful smile on his lips.

"That was Buffy, you know." She thumped him lightly on the chest.

"Not at first, little girl.  By then it was too late.  Sorry.  You didn't seem to mind."  Angel grinned wickedly at her.  Willow leaned forward to kiss him, sucking his tongue into her mouth.  The action
caused an immediate reaction in Angel, making his member twitch and renewing his desire again.  Willow could feel his hardness return and clamped down on him, grinding her hips.

Angel broke the kiss. "You lied to Buffy."

Willow was amazed at his words. "Well, duh.  What was I supposed to say, 'Buffy, I can't come over because I'm screwing your ex at the moment?'"

Angel began to slide in and out of Willow as she reached over to turn on
the hot water tap, again.

"No, Willow.  I meant you lied when you said your battery was running low.  Seems like it's fully charged to me."

Willow squeezed her pelvic muscles tightly, making Angel groan. "Shut up and kiss me.  Nobody likes a smart-ass vampire."