My Awards

Torn between two loves award

1.  The site must have second for Willow/Angel/us or Willow and Spike. 

2.  Site must have stories dealing with Willow/Spike/Angel/us.

3.  Site must have a url to my site.

4.  But the site owner does not have to sign my guestbook


Hearts of Evil Award.

1.  Site owner  must have signed my guestbook 

2.  Site owner must have my banner on the site.

3.  Site must have either pics or fiction dealing with Angelus and or Vampire Willow.

4.  The site doesn't have to deal with Willow and Angel only

Wet and Wild Award

1.  Your site must be Willow and Angel.

2.  The webmaster/ess has to sign my guestbook and have a banner link to my site.

3.  The fiction subsection must have at least 10 or more R to  NC-17 rated fics.


Best Over all  Web Site

This award was already given to Angel of Mine.

Willow's Award

1.  Site has to deal with Willow from BTVS

2.  Site master/ess has to have signed my guestbook.

3.  Site has to have a banner for my site.

4.  Site has to have manipulated, promo, pics of Alyson  Hannigan.

5.   Site must have Willow fan Fiction on it. 


Cute and Helpless Award

1.  Sites that are just starting out.  The owners are as cluesses at html as I AM.  (which I am clueless at it.)

2. Site owner doesn't have to sign my guestbook.

3.  Site owner doesn't have to have my banner on their page.

4.  But they do have to e-mail me giving me the site url and I have to check it out.

5.  This award goes to any BTVS site.

Angels Award

1.  Given to Any  Angel site.

2.  Site owner has to have signed my guestbook.

3.  Site must have my banner on there site.

4.  Site must have fan fiction.

5.  Site must have pics of David.

6.  Site must have some Willlow and Angel fiction.  Whether its friendship or romance.


Sorry the only way you can get this award is if I give it to you.  If you want this award E mail me at Tinkerbell

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