Disclaimer:  Joss Wheldon and Mutant Enemy own the characters that I am using.

That which lurks within
By Red

Part 1

“So we Bronzing tonight.” Buffy asked excitedly.

“Uh yes I believe you and Xander can have the night off.” Giles said distractedly.

“Who ho! lets go Buffstar.” Xander said grabbing Buffy by the arm.

“Hey guys can you..........” Willow trailed off as she realised Buffy and

Xander were already out the door and Giles had retreated into his office shutting the door. Its like they don’t even notice I’m here any more she thought sadly unless of course they want something done. Ever since Willow and Oz had broken up because he couldn’t handle seeing the vampire her they had been noticing less and less of Willow.

In fact Willow thought feeling a brief flash of anger I doubt they’ve even noticed that we broke up.

<Your vampire counterpart would never get herself into a situation like this.>  An inner voice sneered.  <why can’t you be more like her.>

<No!> her usual good girl voice shouted in protest.

<She was evil and bad she killed and maimed and plus she was really skanky throwing herself at any....well mmmm.> < You mean in choice piece of male ass?> The evil voice cut in maliciously.

Willow told both of the voices to shut up since when had she become scitsofrenic anyway?

<Since you started paying attention to me.>

The evil voice commented.

<And stoped pushing me to the very back of your being, you know its really inevitable.>

What was inevitable this was ridiculous she was having a conversation with herself she really needed to get more friends.

<That you will give into your dark side.>

The voice replied as if it was the obvious conclusion, Willow frowned and shook her head she needed some sleep maybe things would seem a little better in the mourning.

“Hey Buffy!” Willow called running up to her.

“Oh Wills where were you last night? Me and the Xandman didn’t see you at the Bronze.” Buffy said brightly.

“Anyway you should off come by.” she cut in before Willow could form a response. “Oh look at the time gotta go Giles has become ultro posso with cheeking in lately see you later!” she called hurrying off.

“Actually I got attacked by a vampire last night and managed to stake him......” Willow finished lamely to the empty air, staring at Buffys rapidly retreating form.

Willow turned with a sigh heading for her first class of the day.

Willow stared at herself in the mirror and gave a sigh of frustration, it  just wasn’t right she needed something......scarier. She turned around and dove back into her closet, her previously spotless room looked like a war zone clothes were strewn all over her floor and bed various rejected shoes and accessories right alongside them. She spotted something shoved to the back of her wardrobe and yanked it out, it was a present she had
being given for her last birth day. Her favourite cosin who was known for her wildness and unusual fashion statements had given it to her with a wink, ‘Just in case you ever fell the need to go a little Goth’ she had said. Willow now admired the outfit that lay spread out on the bed, it was and all black dress and cape combo, the dress was short about mid thigh and the cape swept back behind it ending in soft folds just below the knees. Willow
couldn’t imagine why she had stuffed it to the back of her closet and never thought of it again, it was beautiful plus it came with matching just above the knee black leather boots. In short it was perfect.

Willow strode down the street in the direction of the Bronze she had donned the black ensemble and swept her hair back like she had for Halloween, her nails were painted black and her eyes were outlined with black makeup. To top the look off her only piece of jewellery was a black velvet choker with pentagram hanging in the hollow
of her throat.  As she strode down the middle of the street with her cloak billowing out behind her like black wings, she felt her confidence build if they wouldn’t notice her she’d just have to make them. She came to a stop in the shadows just outside the Bronze and took a deep breath pushing aside the last of her remaining nerves, there was nothing to be afraid of she was just being herself.

Part 2

Willow walked slowly out of the dark calmly pushing down all her inhibitions and self doubts, for one night she was just going to do whatever she wanted and not worry about the consequences.

She approached the bouncer and saw his eyes widen slightly, shereached into her bag for the cover charge but was stopped when he shook his head and motioned to go in murmuring ‘on the house’ as she passed.

<oh well isn’t that interesting> the evil voice said gleefully. <See how much more respect you get when you listen to me?>

<No look how many people are looking at you what they must think they proberly see right through and see a little girl playing dress up! So just turn around and go home.>

Her good girl voice babbled on and Willow pushed it to the back of her mind before it could start to make her feel insecure.

Suddenly a very cool Goth song that Willow had always wanted to dance to but never had the courage came on, she looked out to the dance floor she was going to dance and have fun.

“Look at that girl Buffy said do you think she’s a vampire?” Xander asked pointing to the dance floor.

Buffy turned to see a girl dressed all in black in a Goth looking outfit.

“Wow who wears capes these days anyway? No I think she’s proberly some evil witch when Willow gets here we’ll have to ask her where is she anyway?”

They then went back to watching the mysterious girl.

“You know girls like that really annoy me.” Buffy abruptly said. “I mean who do they think they are strutting in here looking like something from the depths of hell, they don’t even try to fit in.

I mean I try really hard to fit in and then I see someone like her comes along wearing something totally outrageous and theres a pack of guys around her chocking in there own drool.”

Buffy said her tirant coming to a halt.

“Ah yeah Buff.” Xander said absently quietly drowning in his own drool.

“I mean wait till Willow sees this she’ll totally agree with me, you’d never fall for her act would you Angel honey?”

Buffy said turning to her sometimes boyfriend who was staring into space perfecting his brooding skills.

“Hu?” Angel said snapping out of his trance of boardroom.

“That girl the one on the dance floor you’d never fall for her act would you?” Buffy said impatiently.

Angel glanced out at the dance floor and felt his jaw drop as he watched the beautiful redhead dance to the pounding beat.

“Thats Willow.” he sputtered rising from his seat not quite believing her own friends hadn’t recognised her.

“WHAT!! that can’t be Willow she would never wear something like that! Unless its her evil Vampire counterpart. Angel? Angel!?!”

He vaguely heard the sound of Buffy screeching behind him but he was totally focused on the beauty on the dance floor as he made his way unerringly towards her.

Willow danced with her eyes shut to the beat of the music not noticing her crowd of admirers just focused on the song, she felt someone come right up behind her and there arms go around her waist.

She turned and wrapped her own arms around there neck all the while keeping her eyes closed and letting the music flow through her.

The person she was dancing with moved in perfect harmony with her his hard muscular body flush against her own.

As the last notes faded into the silence Willow slowly opened her eyes to look at her mysterious partner.

“Angel?” she said in surprise looking up into the deep chocolaty brown eyes, he gazed right back and Willow was unsure what she saw in them.

Just then he was ripped away from her and Willow was confronted with Buffys furious gaze.

“Come on you I don’t know who you are but we’ll get you out of Willows body if its the last thing we do!” She said glaring down at Willow.

“What?” Willow asked in shock then she threw back her head and laughed she just couldn’t help herself they actually thought she was possessed?

“Guys” Willow said still giggling “I’m not possessed.”

"Oh yeah.” Buff challenged “We know our Willow would never wear something like that and she would never dance with my boyfriend.”

“Yeah!” Xander put in.

Willow was beginning to get annoyed what was there problem, she wore something a little different and that instantly made her possessed?

“Look.” She said angrily “I’m telling you I’m not possessed so I wear something a little different and have some fun since when does that mean I’m instantly possessed?

And as for dancing with Angel I didn’t even know it was him until I opened my eyes!” Willow said then turned on her heel and stomped away.