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Hide in Plain Sight
By:  Lorelei

Part 1

"So, we're all clear on how much we've got to get done and whose supposed to do what before Mayor McDemon ascends, right?"

Buffy stood with her hands on her hips, surveying the Scooby Gang, her former watcher and her former lover.  All of them were nodding their agreement with her.

"Ah, yes.  We'll all be here tomorrow then at sundown, shall we? Buffy, isn't it time for your patrol?" Giles nodded towards the door.

"Already gone.  You tagging along tonight, Oz?"

Buffy picked up her blue coat, slipped it on and headed for the door, Oz trailing behind her. Giles turned to the remaining four people, noting the concerned look that Willow threw Angel's way and the shrug of the vampires shoulders.

"Xander, Cordelia, you're excused.  I wish to speak with Willow and Angel alone, please."

Xander stood and offered his hand to Cordelia. "Sure, G-man. I'll just walk Cordy to her car."

Cordelia brushed his hand aside. "As if I'd even let you walk my dog anywhere, let alone me." She strode towards the door, Xander on her heels.

"You got a dog?  I'm betting on a pit bull. Something that matches your charming personality."

Cordelia's retort was lost as the library doors swung shut.  Giles turned to the remaining couple in the room, noting that Angel had already edged his chair closer to Willow's and was caressing her knee.

"Tomorrow night should prove to be a bit awkward.  I'll enlist the help of the others. I'm sure that we'll be able to keep the truth from Buffy, as long as the pair of you maintain some modicum of decency.  It won't do to have her upset and distracted this close to the Ascension. You will, however, need to be here. Your assistance is required and any excuse for your absence would not be acceptable to Buffy."

Angel spoke up first. "Of course, Giles. You do realise what night tomorrow is, though.  Can't we find some..."

"No." The watcher was adamant. "And while we're on that subject, the two of you were supposed to avoid seeing one another.  How could you have been so careless as to fall in love? I *told * you I'd find some way to break the obsession. Couldn't you have kept your relationship on a sexual level?"

"Are we that obvious?" Willow's tone of voice was a mixture of embarrassment and defiance.

"Perhaps not to the untrained observer or the unbelieving observer, in Buffy's case.  But you must curb your emotions. At least until after graduation.  Then I suggest you tell Buffy, if you plan on continuing your romantic involvement.  This charade canít continue for long after that. Buffy deserves the truth."

Angel and Willow's heads nodded and voices joined in unison. "Of course, Giles."

The English man shook his head as the couple left the library and muttered, "Next they'll be wearing matching sweaters."

Part 2

Giles was absorbed in one of his tomes and everyone else was involved in their various assignments.  He finally looked up when he heard a subtle clearing of a throat.  Angel was seated across from him, his knuckles white as he tightly gripped the book he was supposedly researching.  Giles looked over at Willow.  The hacker was in her usual place at the computer but her brow had beaded with sweat, her face was flushed and her nostrils flared.  He glanced at his watch.  Had they really been here two hours already?

"Yes...yes. This would probably be for the best.  Willow, there's a cleansing ritual mentioned in this book.  Would you be so kind as to run over to the shop and pick up some herbs? I'll jot down a list.  Xander can... no, best if Angel goes with you. You might have a run in with Faith." Giles said.

Willow jumped up from her seat. "Great idea. I could use a little fresh air, anyway." She went to Giles and took the list. "C'mon, Angel. We need to hurry, s-so we can get back sooner."

Xander and Oz exchanged a glance, but Buffy barely looked up from what she was doing, calling out an absent-minded, "Be careful."

Willow and Angel made it out the library doors and about twenty feet down the hall before stopping. Putting her arms on his shoulders, Willow vaulted onto him, wrapping her legs around him.  Angel grabbed her ass through the material of her skirt and plundered her mouth with a vengeance.  Somehow, he managed to make it to the door while carrying her.  Once outside, he broke the kiss.

"It's a damn good thing you wore anklets instead of your tights tonight, little girl."

"I always plan ahead.  Where to?" Her voice was muffled as her face was buried in his neck.

Angel looked around and made a decision.  As he headed for their destination, his hand slipped under her skirt and he slid a finger in and out of her grasping wetness.

"No panties, either? You do think ahead."

Willow tried to answer, but her voice was a strangled gurgle.  She was coming, her muscles clamping down hard on Angel's fingers as he carried her up the stairs.  She shuddered and bit down on his neck.

They made it up the stairs and Angel pushed her skirt up around her waist and sat her on the ledge of the covered walkway.  Willow shivered as her hot flesh met the cool stone.  She scooted near the edge, close to him and quickly undid his jeans, his huge erection springing to attention.  She tried to grasp it, but he caught her hand in his, bringing it up to his mouth and biting into the thick pad of flesh under her thumb as he drove into her.  Willow clutched his back with her free hand, terrified that they'd tumble over backwards.  Her stomach was churning with a mixture of fear and desire as she tilted her hips, giving him easier access to her core.

Releasing her hand, Angel brought his mouth to her shoulder, nuzzling aside her blouse and avoiding her neck.  They wouldn't be able to easily explain away bite marks.  He pounded into her, neither of them seeking comfort, only release. Her slick walls were like velvet around him, welcoming each of his thrusts, tightening around him like a fist.  He'd never had much use for drugs, but thought he could understand addicts need for that next hit.  His need for this, to sheathe himself in Willow and bring them both to fulfilment had to be close to the desire that a junkie would feel.

For her part, Willow had already achieved one orgasm, but it was never enough at this time of the month.  She flung her head back and opened her eyes, staring at the stars as he drove into her.  As he ground into her, each thrust bringing her nearer to her next orgasm, she wondered briefly what Buffy would do if she saw them like this.  The thought flew from her mind as she felt Angel's cock twitch inside her. He leaned into her, his body wracked with spasms of ecstasy. The first spurt of his cold seed sent her over the edge, a guttural moan eliciting from her throat as she joined him at the pinnacle.

Slowly, they moved apart, Angel covering her forehead and cheeks with feather light kisses.  Silently, they adjusted their clothing and set off to the store in earnest this time.

Part 3

The herbs were bought and paid for and Angel and Willow were making their way back to the school, taking the long way around.  Both of them were already feeling the effects again and each was trying to think of  another place to consummate their desire.  They walked along, arms wrapped around each other's waists. Angel was listening to Willow's increased rate of breathing, his loins jumping to attention, knowing that she was more than ready.  He suddenly stopped, turning her to face him.  A wicked grin crossed his face and he started walking her

Willow's eyes gleamed as she turned to look over her shoulder. It was an alley, their alley.  The place that he'd bit her for the first time as he took her on the hood of a car.  Willow turned completely around, her mouth agape in surprise at what she saw there.

"That *can't * be the same car! Not after all these months."

Angel smiled. It did look very similar to the car they'd had sex on, but one telltale sign proved that it wasn't.

"Nope. It's not the same." He reached over and pulled the antennae on the car, released it and watched it bounce back and forth.

Willow gave a throaty laugh and seated herself on the hood, opening her arms and her legs in an invitation that he could never refuse. He moved between her legs and nuzzled her neck.

"Oh, Willow... do you know how much I wish I had you home in our bed so we could do this the right way?"

"I know. But it's always the right way when we're together. And it's just this way once. We can deal with it."

Her hands found their way down the waistband of his jeans, groping at his erection.  Once again, he stopped her, pushing her back onto the hood of the car and sliding down between her legs.  He spread her legs apart, exposing her folds to the streetlight that dimly illuminated the alley. She glistened, ripe and ready with desire.  Angel took in her scent, the flicked his tongue across her clit.  She groaned and clutched at his hair.  He waited a beat and then began his ministrations in earnest, stroking and probing with his tongue and fingers.  Willow writhed beneath him, groaning in her need, twitching with each touch of his tongue on her throbbing bud.

While he worked on Willow, Angel's hand went to his crotch, unzipping, unbuttoning and freeing his hard-on.  As he brought her closer to her climax, he pumped himself, her deep moans goading him closer to his own
orgasm. Willow's thighs were beginning to quiver and her breathing was shallow.  Angel straightened, keeping a thumb on her clitoris and a finger inside her.  He stroked himself more quickly, watching the delicate contortions of her face.  When the first wave hit her, he removed his hand and plunged into her.  Willow's eyes flew open and her hands went to his shoulders, and she dug in with her short nails. She contracted around him once, twice, three times as she whirled into oblivion.  Angel followed; losing himself in the deep sea green of her eyes, amazed once again at the power this woman had over him.

He collapsed on top of her, listening to her breathing return to normal. She lazily stroked the back of his head, trying to push the thought that they were practically in public to the back of her mind.  It worked for awhile, but Angel slowly felt tension seeping into her body and helped her up.  Willow dug into her little purse and pulled
out a tiny container of wet wipes, briefly cleaning his face and then their sexes, before tossing it to the ground.

"See. I always come prepared."  Willow tugged at her skirt.

"Litterbug. You always come, period." Angel smirked.

Willow playfully smacked his arm. "Well, it wouldn't be too bright to go back to the library reeking of sex." She paused and looked at the car. "At least the antennae survived this time."

Angel shrugged, reached over and snapped the aerial off the car. "For old times sake."

Part 4

Arriving back at the school, they found everyone pretty much as they had left them.  Buffy was still poring over one of the books, her fingers nervously tapping out a staccato beat on the table.  She looked up when they entered.

"Finally! I was starting to get worried." Buffy exclaimed.

Angel was apologetic, "Sorry. Willow was hungry so we stopped off for a quick bite."

Xander gave a quiet, derisive snort and was rewarded by a quick jab to the ribs from Oz.  Luckily, Buffy didn't notice.

Giles rummaged through the bag that Willow handed him.

"Very good. This should just about do it.  We'll prepare and have the ritual the day before the ascension."

Cordelia piped up, "If we're waiting 'til the day before the ascension, why did you make them go get the stuff tonight? Why do *they * get out of this boring research and actually get to see something besides the inside of this ratty library?"

Giles shot Cordelia a glance that would kill, "Because I *needed * to make sure we'd have the proper elements for the ritual tonight, Cordelia. Needed. Understand?"

Cordelia's eyes opened wide. "Oh. Right. Needed."

The next half an hour passed in quiet.  Willow finally rose and tapped Giles on the shoulder.  "You look like you need some tea." Her eyebrows rose and she looked at him intently, as if to say, "What's the plan *now *?"

"Tea. That sounds wonderful. No! It doesn't. I think some physical activity is more in order. Buffy, help me on with the padding and we'll spar for awhile."

Buffy hopped down from her perch on the table. "Sure thing.  Are you sure you don't want to go on patrol, though?  I'll be leaving in about an hour or so."

Giles quickly replied, "No. I need to do this now.  Get the blood pumping, you know.  The rest of you carry on.  Willow, there are several volumes on demon lore in the upper stacks.  The ones we were looking at yesterday? If you'll retrieve them, we'll go over that next.  One of you help her, the volumes are quite heavy."

Xander started to stand but Oz quickly grabbed him and pulled him back to his seat with a shake of his head. Angel followed Willow up into the stacks.

Turning to Oz as Buffy and Giles started their workout, Xander whispered, "You mean we have to sit here while they're having sex, like, forty feet from us?"

"Looks that way, man. Thought you'd be used to it by now."

Xander leaned forward and began repeatedly knocking his head against the table. "I need a woman."

Much to Willow's delight, she found the books that Giles had been speaking of in a neat little stack next to a chair. The chair had been at the table the night before. Quickly, she removed Angelís pants, pulling them down around his ankles, and pushed him back into the chair.

He whispered, "I'm tired of this wham, bam, thank you ma'am. You know Buffy, she won't be paying attention to anything else and they'll be at it for at least thirty minutes.  I want to enjoy this."

Willow smiled and sank between his knees. "My thoughts exactly." Her mouth closed over the knob of his penis, her tongue swirling around it. With long, slow licks, she worked her way up and down his shaft, his barely discernible moans making her more eager to please him. Finally, she took as much of him as she could in her mouth and started a fast pace. Angel's hips bucked slightly and for awhile he lost himself in the pleasurable sensations. Eventually, he pulled her up to him, not wanting to come without her.  He grabbed her by the waist, settling her on his erection and pulled down as he thrust upward.  She felt like hot, liquid silk and it was all he could do to keep from losing it right then and there.  Instead, he stilled her for a moment and then started a languid movement, their bodies rising and falling in time with one another.

Angel's hands found their way to her sweater and pushed it and her bra over her breasts and he began to suckle her nipples, one then the other. Willow bit her lip and stifled a moan. After all their time together, she still couldn't quite believe the way he made her feel.   Each time he came into her, it was like finding a lost piece from a jigsaw puzzle.

Down on the main floor of the library, Buffy and Giles continued their sparring.  Xander tried to concentrate, but kept glancing up to the stacks. His ears straining to pick up any slight noise.  He couldn't seem to help it.

He stood. "I think I'll try one of those books." Xander started towards the shelves underneath the second level.

Cordelia stepped in front of him. "You will *not * try one of those books.  Sit back down and pretend to be researching, you perv." She hissed. Xander did as he was told, but couldn't keep from glancing back. Oz gave a small chuckle.

Willow and Angel moved together as one, their bodies drinking in the delight of the act. Angel kept one ear cocked, listening to the sounds below them.  He could tell Giles was tiring.  He picked up his pace, brought his thumb to her clitoris and began stroking her in the way she loved best.  This time, she couldn't help herself. She was coming hard, her entire body shaking.  She let out a low guttural moan and reached behind her, squeezing Angel's sac.  Angel carried her through her orgasm and then allowed his own. He, too, couldn't be silent and made a sound that could only be described as a whimper.

Xander's face was flushed.  He'd heard.  Grabbing a notebook off of the table, he stood, covering his crotch. "Uh, bathroom.  I'll be right back."

Cordelia raised her eyebrows. "Yeah. Whatever."

Xander beat a hasty retreat, nearly running into one of Buffy's roundhouse kicks as he fled.

Part 5

Willow and Angel headed down the stairs, both looking too self-satisfied for people that were carrying large books that they were going to have to research.  Willow excused herself and went to the bathroom.  She and Xander returned at the same time.  Xander's face was beet red.

Buffy was sitting on the counter, drinking a bottle of water.  Giles was leaning against the same counter, definitely looking the worse for wear.

Buffy spoke, "See, Xander.  I told you not to eat those lunchroom burritos.  I could hear you groaning over the sparring. Next time, stick to the soup."

Xander flushed anew. "Yeah.  Bad burritos. Not a good idea."  He quickly took his place back at the table.

Buffy hopped down. "Well, that was fun, but I barely broke a sweat.  Anyone patrolling with me tonight? Angel? Oz?"

"I'll go."  Everyone turned to look at Oz. His voice had been filled with an enthusiasm that usually wasnít there.

Buffy smiled. "'kay.  Let's go, wolf-boy."


After the slayer had left, Willow looked at Giles, then at Angel. "Well, I think Giles could use a soda.  Why don't we go get him one?"

Xander almost shouted, "Oh, c'mon!  Who do you think you're pretending for?  Buffy's gone and the rest of us know that you two are at it like minks. Geeze!" He turned to Giles. "Why couldn't you have told them to stay home tonight?"

Giles took out his handkerchief and began cleaning his glasses. "I must admit that I had no idea that your...dependency... on one another was so great.  I had planned on the two of you...running an errand...only
once tonight and not until now. Hmm, perhaps your feelings for one another has worsened the problem."

Angel growled, "It's not a problem.  It's the way things are."

Giles stuttered, "Of..of course. I meant no harm.  I must admit to being curious about the phenomena, that's all."

Willow curled her arm around Angel's waist, hugging him to her. "It's okay, Giles. Both of us get a little touchy around our time of the month, especially when we have to deal with other people."

She looked at Angel, "Now how about that soda?" She whispered in his ear, "There's a couch in the lounge."

Xander looked to Giles as they left. "Isn't your sex drive supposed to stop when you get older? I mean, c'mon, Angel's nearly three-hundred."

Giles viewed him disdainfully. "I really wouldn't know."

"Oh, hey, G-man. I wasn't saying that you..."

"Xander, do shut up."


Angel and Willow were on the couch.  Again, Angel had her bra and sweater around her neck and was laving each breast in turn.  Her hands were working his erection, each upward tug eliciting a small grunt from the vampire.

He mumbled into her chest, "You know, I really wish that we could take this slower.  As soon as Buffy gets back, we'll leave. Then I'm taking you home, running us a hot bath and we're going to make love for hours.  But, since we don't have that option right now..."

Angel got on his knees and flipped her over on her stomach, then drew her up on her knees as well. He ran his finger along her sopping cleft, checking her to see if she was ready, so Willow thought. Instead, he gently started circling her anus with that finger and slowly edged it inside of her as he thrust his erection into her other entrance.
Willow's eyes popped open in surprise.

Angel asked huskily, "Is that okay or should I stop?"

"N...no.  Don't stop. It's good. Different, but good." Her voice trailed off into a low moan as she pushed back against him, urging him on.

Angel continued.  He moved in and out of her in a smooth motion, his cock tingling as she surged against him.  Willow leaned forward, biting her arm, trying to stop the moans.

"Don't. I love to hear you.  No one else is hear now.  It's like music, like you're singing to me.  I need to hear you."

Willow closed her eyes and let go. Her entire body was throbbing with anticipation of her climax.  Guttural groans came from her lips and she reached beneath them, her hand touching the base of his penis.  Angel moved faster, feeling the familiar prickle in his testicles that signalled his own orgasm.  He gritted his teeth and held off until he
felt her tightening around his finger and his erection.  Willow's body shook and she screamed out his name. His name on her lips was all it took. Angel thrust one final time, shooting his semen inside of her accepting walls.  Removing his hand, he lowered them onto their sides on the couch. He stroked her hair while she lay panting, recovering from their tryst.


"Did you hear that?" Xander was extremely agitated. "He doesn't hurt her, does he? I'll kill him...again...if he does."

Giles gave him an exasperated look. "No, Xander. I do not believe he hurts her. As a matter of fact, I think hurting her is about as far away from what he makes her feel as possible. And as soon as they reappear, I'm going to send them home.  This has been a trying evening for us all."

Cordelia just nodded her head, refusing to look up from her book, although a slight flush was creeping up her neck and onto her cheeks.

Xander was hesitant. "Well, if you're sure.  Should I go check..."

Giles and Cordy answered as one. "No!"


In the lounge, Angel readjusted Willow's clothing and his own as she lay dozing.  Enough was enough. They were going home where they could deal with this in the way they were used to.  He smiled down at the sleeping redhead, marvelling again at the changes the young girl had wrought in his life.

"I love you, my slumbering angel."

Willow mumbled, "No, you're *my * Angel. Love you..."

The End