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Of Hacker Bondage

Willow looked around her as she walked to her next class.  It was the same old Sunnydale High.  The same faces, the same classes, everything the same. Well, almost everything.  Willow knew, that at least inwardly, she was changing.  She was still the same old Willow to her friends ever the Research Girl, who was always speaking before thinking.  She was developing a certain confidence, though.  It was about time.  Angel was the reason.  He made her feel like she could be, like she was, so much more than a geeky little computer hacker.  With Angel, she could be anything that she desired. Or anything that he desired.  The last thought made her smile.

A voice made her pause, "Willow?"

Willow turned.  It was Oz. <Gosh, I've missed him.  More than I thought I would.> "Hi, Oz."

"Um, hey.  Going to class? I mean, of course you're going to class. You have you're books and everything and this is school."

Willow grinned at him, "Yep. Classes are the one thing that there's no shortage of at a school.  How've you been?"

Oz looked down at his sneakers, then studied his fingernails, now covered in a midnight blue polish. "Good.  I've been good.  Dingo's are keeping me pretty busy." He paused, "I was sort of wondering if maybe we could go get some coffee after school. To catch up on things. I've... I miss talking to you Willow."

Willow missed that, too.  But, she wasn't about to get caught up in dating him again.  "Oz, I don't think a date is such a good idea, considering that we're not doing that anymore."

Willow spotted Cordelia walking their way.  So far, Cordelia had managed to control the gossip demon that seemed to dwell within her. She hadn't said a thing about seeing her and Angel kissing.  Cordelia noticed Willow, their eyes meeting, briefly.  Cordy moved as close to the wall as possible, avoiding even looking their direction again. Angel had been right, she was too scared to tell anyone.  Willow could deal with Cordelia avoiding her, as long as she kept quiet.

Oz noted the brief exchange, but really didn't think much about it. After all, Willow had been making out with Cordelia's boyfriend, and Cordy had almost died trying to rescue them.  He'd gotten over it,
though.  Too bad she couldn't.

"Willow, I'm not talking about a date, I'm talking about coffee. You know, that wonderful elixir that you love, even if it does make you twitchy?  I never see you, anymore.  I just want to talk.  I miss
having you as a friend."  Well, most of it was true.  Oz did miss her, and was willing to be with her on whatever terms she needed. He also was still head over heels in love with her and wanted to insinuate himself back in her life.

Willow thought a moment.  Coffee was just coffee.  Okay, coffee was more than that, it was like a drug she craved and was afraid give in to.  But, coffee with Oz didn't have to be a date. "Okay, coffee it is. When?"

"I was thinking today after school."

Willow balked at that.  She hadn't gotten to see Angel last night. She was in the library, researching an old prophecy for Giles and Buffy. She and Angel had developed a pattern.  Willow would take her books and laptop to his place as soon as school was over, and do homework until Angel woke.  Then the rest of the evening was theirs.  Of course, there were nights like the last, when she didn't get to see him at all. Those were the worst. Besides, she should tell Angel about seeing Oz.  He'd
understand, but it was only fair.

"Not tonight, too much to do.  Why don't we meet around six tomorrow night?"

"Well, I have practice at eight.  But, that'll be great.  The little coffee shop off Main?"

"Perfect."  In more ways than one.  She could go to Angel's, wake him up, go spend a couple hours with Oz drinking coffee, then be awake all night with Angel.

Oz allowed himself to relax. She'd said yes, to coffee, at least.  Who knew what might happen after that?  "'Kay. I'll see you then."

Willow went on to her class, thankful that she'd be with Angel soon.

Willow sat her things down and walked quietly into the mansion.  She'd set up her laptop later. Now, she just wanted to have a peek at Angel. She headed for the bedroom, then stopped, when she saw he was sleeping on the sofa.  She tiptoed over to him, wanting to give him a brief kiss.  He was so beautiful, if a little eerie, when he slept.  She moved her hand to touch his cheek.  With a quick move, Angel's hand had grabbed her wrist, staying her.

He lay there, eyes still closed. "Friend or foe?"

Willow smiled, "Neither."

Angel still didn't move. "Then who?"

"It's Willow, silly."

His eyes remained closed.  "Okay, wrong question.  Then what?"

Willow was confused for a moment, "Um... Hacker?  Witch?"

"No, wrong answer, this time."

Realisation dawning on her, she answered, "Lover?"

Angel opened his eyes and looked at her. "Correct.  Tell the little lady what she's won, Johnny."

Willow stared into his eyes.  She felt lost in them every time he looked at her.  She leaned forward and kissed him, softly.  He responding by deepening the kiss, snaking his tongue gently between her

She finally broke the kiss, "Boy, I missed you last night.  You'd think that only one night wouldn't be so bad, but, all I could think about was you, wondering what you were doing, if you were missing me, if you were just glad to have some time to yourself..."

Angel interrupted her, "You're rambling, again.  Have you been to Starbucks?  And of course I missed you."

Starbucks... coffee... Oz.  Now was as good a time as any.  "No coffee. But, I am... well; Oz wants me to have coffee with him tomorrow night.  I said yes.  I'll come here after school, then meet him, and then come home.  Okay?"

Angel was silent, thinking about what she'd said.  He didn't like the idea of her being alone with Oz, but they were friends, so some allowance should be made.  And she said she'd come home afterwards. The significance of that remark made him feel such love for her.

"So, you made a date with another man? Are you two-timing me?"

"No!  I'd never do that; I want to be with you, really!  Oz just seemed so... and I do miss talking to him.  Are you angry?"

Angel smiled, "No, I'm not.  A little jealous, maybe.  Well, a lot jealous.  Just don't make it a habit, please."

"Good.  About the not being mad part.  And the jealousy thing."

"You still haven't claimed your prize yet."

The statement was lost on Willow. "What prize?"

"The prize Johnny was going to tell you about."

Willow ran her fingers through his hair.  "Does it involve you?  That's a prize I'd like."

Angel stood, taking Willow's hand, leading her towards the bedroom. "Well, it involves us, really." They reached the bedroom door, and Angel walked behind Willow, covering her eyes with his hands.  He moved her through the door, turned her towards the wall, and removed his hands.  "Surprise."

It was a computer.  A new one with a seventeen-inch screen.  Willow moved towards it, drawn like a bee to a flower. "Angel, oh, wow.  Is it for me?"

"Yes, but you have to show me how to use it.  It came with a software package.  We can get more, if you need it."

Willow ran her hand over the keyboard. "Thank you, this is perfect."

"You haven't looked at the bed, yet."

Willow looked.  There was clothing all over it.  New clothing, from the looks of it.  Girl clothing.  She went over to the bed.  There were several pairs of jeans and tops, two skirts, a cute little black knit
cap, four sets of matching underwear, and a few boxes.  She picked up a pair of the jeans and checked the size.

"They'll fit.  When did you get all this?  Why did you get all this?"

Angel was pleased that his guess about her size had been correct. "I went shopping last night.  You weren't here, but I couldn't get you off my mind.  I... I think you should have some things here.  You shouldn't have to run home and change clothes before school on the nights you sleep over, and I don't like you dragging your laptop everywhere.  You might get mugged."

Willow couldn't believe how sweet he could be.  And to worry about her getting mugged when the town was full of demons... that was just too much. She hugged him to her. "Thank you.  I don't think anyone has ever done anything so nice for me, before.  It's perfect. The clothes, the computer, everything."

"Don't you want to see what's in the boxes?"

Willow grinned, "You bet.  I'm beginning to understand why everyone gets so worked up over Christmas."  She opened the lid on the first box.  It was a satin pyjama set... no, just the robe.

Angel put his hand on the small of her back. "I didn't get the night-gown.  Didn't think you'd need it."

Willow blushed at his words, a trait that always served to further endear her to him.  He handed her the next box.  She opened it and found a black garter belt and a pair of nylons.  Willow looked at Angel and raised her eyebrows.

"Are you sure you bought this for me?  I think these are really for you.  Um, for you to look at me in, not for you to wear."

Angel laughed, a full rich sound. "Okay, you're right.  Open the last one."

Willow opened the final box.  Three black silk scarves were inside. She looked at them for a moment. "Scarves are really more Buffy or Cordelia's style, but I'll wear them if you want."

"No, Willow.  These scarves are your style, too.  I'll show you."

Angel began removing the clothing and boxes from the bed, piling them on the floor.  When he was finished he took the scarves from Willow and began to undress her.  Willow suddenly realised what the scarves were for and flushed.  She helped him remove the rest of her clothes, then started helping him take off his own.

"Too snug?" Angel asked, as he finished tying the scarf around Willow's eyes.

"No.  I can't see anything, though."

Angel laid Willow down on the bed. "That's the point.  Give me your left arm."

Willow obliged and felt him tying one of the scarves around her wrist and securing it to the bed frame.  She offered the other hand to him, this time not waiting to be asked.  When his task was completed he stood up and away from the bed.

"Try to get up now, Willow."

Willow tugged against the soft restraints, trying to sit up.  She couldn't.  "I'm apparently not going anywhere."

"Good.  Now just relax."

Angel stared at Willow for a few moments, the sight of the shapely red-head, tied to the bed and at his mercy, had already given him a raging erection.  His predatory senses had taken over again, leaving him with the urgent need to take her.  Angel had wanted to take this slow, to lead her to the brink over and over.  He knew now that it wasn't going to be possible.  Still, for her sake, he'd try.

Willow lay on the bed, her breathing shallow.  Angel had been right. This was her style, too.  It was a little scary, but, a good scary. Her relationship with Angel had always had a dangerous edge. He was a vampire, after all.  Not being able to see him, bound to the bed, unable to move, was making her very excited.

Angel began.  He sat on the edge of the bed, and began to touch her with one finger.  First, the tip of her nose, then her kneecap, next her stomach stopping to draw circles around her navel, then he
continued.  Willow shivered, enjoying the touch of his hand, and the thrill of not knowing where he would caress her next.  She felt a dampness between her legs, and wondered how much of his fondling she would be able to stand.

Angel was in ecstasy.  Willow was lying before him, open to his hands, his body.  He could do anything he wanted to her, and she wouldn't stop him.  Her skin was like ivory, soft and supple.  There was a fine sheen of perspiration covering her skin and he could smell her arousal.  He replaced the movements of his hands with his lips, drawing first one, then the other rosy nipple into his mouth.  He was rewarded with a soft moan and felt her tug against her bonds, trying to bring a hand down to touch him.  Angel smiled at her useless efforts.

Willow was dying, she was sure of it.  Each touch of his hand or mouth was exquisite torture.  She wanted nothing more than to be able to stroke the hardness that was butting against her thigh.  She pulled against the scarves again, trying vainly to free herself.

Angel chuckled and moved his hand between her legs, stroking the wet auburn curls.  Her little motions to free herself were enflaming him and he knew that this time, at least, he wouldn't be able to deny her for long.  He rubbed his thumb against her clitoris and pushed two cold fingers into her hot entrance.  He growled as she arched her back and pressed herself into his hand.  Angel continued pleasuring her for a moment, then moved between her legs, his own need too great.

Willow sighed as he removed his hand, but moved her legs further apart to accommodate him.  She tried to thrust upwards, to bring him into her, but he denied her.  He held himself steady, slowly rubbing the tip of his erection against her slit.  She groaned and rocked her hips, waiting for him to enter her.

Enough was enough, he plunged into her.  Willow quivered and met his downward stroke with an upward thrust.  She whimpered, "Angel, please."  He instinctively knew what she needed, and pushed the scarf covering her eyes off of her head. They looked into one another's eyes, building the rhythm that had become familiar to them.  Angel moved in and out of her, filling her, then retreating.
He could feel her walls starting to clasp at him, knew she was close.  He increased his speed, and lowering his head, took a nipple in his mouth and began to suckle it.  Willow arched her back, crying out.  She closed her eyes and let the orgasm wash over her, the sensations carrying her to some higher place.  Angel brought his hands under her, grabbing her shoulders.  He pulled down on them with each inward thrust, forcing himself further into her.  He let himself go, spilling into her, his fluids mixing with her own wetness.

As Angel collapsed on top of her, Willow began to laugh.  A sweet sound, low and throaty.  Angel smiled into her shoulder and then kissed her, with genuine love and tenderness.

"So, little girl, do you think that scarves are to your liking?"

"Mmmm. I liked it.  Next time it's your turn, though."

"Willow, you know that they wouldn't really be able to hold..." He paused, listening.

"What? What is it?"

Angel didn't get a chance to answer her question.  Another voice from the living room did.

Quietly, from the other room, came a sound. "Angel?  You home?"

Willow looked at Angel, her eyes widening in horror with recognition of the voice.

Angel motioned for her to be quiet and got up to quickly dress.  Willow jerked her head over to her bonds, indicating that she wanted him to free her.

Angel shook his head and spoke quietly, "No time.  I'll make it quick."

Willow resigned herself to the fact that she was stuck for the duration.

Angel slipped on his pants and shirt.  He called out, in a loud voice. "Just a sec, Buffy.  I'll be right out."