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Fanning the Flame
by Karen

She could sense him.  She wasn’t sure why; maybe it was because she now knew he could be out there, watching her.  She had come to expect it.   No matter the reason, Willow knew for sure that Angelus was following her as she made her way home.  She continued down the street, oddly grateful for the vampire’s protection.  She picked up speed as her house came into sight
and briskly made her way to her French doors.

“Invite me in?” the silky voice called from the darkness.

Willow turned and directed her response to the shadow that seemed to be Angelus.  “I wasn’t aware you needed an invitation.”

“I don’t,” the vampire replied as he walked into the light so she could see him.  “I just thought it might be nice to ask.”

Willow snorted.  Now that she knew Angelus didn’t intend to harm her, she was no longer as frightened of him.  “You’re not nice.”

The vampire came closer, stopping when they were so close they were nearly touching.  “Aren’t I?” he asked as he brushed his lips against hers,  just a whisper of contact.

Willow shivered at the sensation evoked by the almost-kiss, and Angelus smirked.  He was beginning to get to her.

“Why don’t we go inside?”

Willow simply nodded her answer, and the two entered her room.

“Why are you here?” the redhead asked as Angelus prowled around her room, picking up various items and moving them around.

“To see you.”

“You mean to stalk me.”

“Something like that,” the vampire conceded as Willow sat down on her bed.  Unable to resist, he sat down beside her.  He smiled when she stayed  put, not even flinching at his closeness.  He was definitely making progress.  “What’s a nice girl like you doing out so late?”

Willow glanced at her clock, slightly surprised to discover it was after two in the morning.  “Research, as usual.”

“Oh,” Angelus replied as he lay down on her bed.  Inside, he was fuming over the thought that the idiot Slayer had allowed his Willow to walk home by herself.  The girl would pay; he’d make sure of it.  "Researching anything in particular?”

Willow lay down beside him, completely oblivious to the effect she was having on the vampire.  “Like I’d tell you.  You’re evil, remember?”

“That’s right, I am.  Want to know something about us evil guys?”

“What?” Willow asked nervously.  She wasn’t sure she liked where this converstion was going.

“We always take what we want.”  Before Willow could even breath, much less think, the vampire pounced on her.  But he didn’t bite her.  No, he did something far more dangerous to her senses.

He kissed her.

It was nothing like the brief kiss he had dropped on her lips a few days earlier.  No, this was completely different.  His lips were soft but cool, and he applied just enough pressure that Willow felt compelled to open her mouth.  She moaned as she felt his tongue sweep inside in a gentle caress, and she ran her fingers through his spiky hair.  She began to tremble as she felt his hands start to move under her shirt...

“Oh, my God!  Willow!”

The couple on the bed leapt apart, and Willow whirled around to see Buffy at her door.

“Oh, Lord,” Willow managed between gasps for air.

Buffy just stood there, shock and pain evident on her face.  Seeing his chance, Angelus leaned down to Willow, whispered the word “soon” in her ear, then ran by the Slayer, knocking her off balance.  After a few moments of stunned silence, Buffy finally spoke.

“What the hell was that all about?”

The End