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by intell

Willow looked into his dark eyes and gulped. This was not the sweet lover that she had spent the weekend with. This was the man who tried to kill her almost two years ago. She moved back, away from him.

Angelus smiled. "I smell your fear, Willow. Why are you afraid of me? I promise that I would never hurt you." He sniffed the air, "It turns me on. Seeing you trembling...hearing your heartbeat....your shallow breathing...I'm getting hard just thinking about what will be coming."

Willow tried to ignore his words. "I...I... I'm sorry.....I wasn't trying to leave...." she felt tears on her cheek.

Suddenly, he frowned. He came forward and wipe one of the tears across her cheek, caressing her face as he went. "I know you weren't going to leave. I wouldn't have allowed it anyway. You are mine. Forget any thoughts of calling the slayer and begging her to save you. Who would she save you from? Yourself? You want this as much as I do. I know you, little girl." He brought his finger up to his mouth, his tongue coming out to lick away the wet saltiness from his finger. "I don't want anymore tears."

Willow just looked at him in silence.

He smirked. "Do you know how pleasurable it is going to be? When your fear is forgotten and you lie under me, begging...writhing in ecstasy...pleading with me to fuck you....wanting nothing more than for me to fill you completely.... calling out MY name as you cum....allowing me total possession of not only your body but your mind and your soul....I can't wait to see you tremble with desire instead of fear....Willow?"

She had closed her eyes as his words washed over her, her mind picturing what he was describing. Her fear was forgotten as her arousal took shape. When she heard him say her name, she opened them.

He reached forward and ran his hand beside her face, close but not touching. "What do you want?"

The End