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By:  Lorelei
Dedication:  This is for Renee the blackmailer. <g> And for my Smudge.

Angel padded softly into the bedroom, setting the cardboard box he was carrying gently down by the door.  He'd already set up the rest of his purchases.

He looked over at Willow, who was sleeping soundly in his bed.  Not a surprise, considering it was three in the morning.  A love affair between a vampire and a mortal created scheduling problems.  Especially when the mortal was still in high school. Both of them had developed strange sleep patterns.  He was awake more during the day now, while Willow stayed up later and later.  As long as her grades didn't suffer, they'd manage.

A small part of him wished she were more nocturnal.  He loved the freedom that the darkness allowed him and would like to share more of it with her.  Night revitalised him, filling him with energy that he wanted to share more with her.

Walking softly across the room, Angel shed his clothes and climbed in next to his sleeping beauty.  She was turned on her side, away from him.  He curled his body around her, enjoying the warmth of her body and the scent of her skin.  He willed himself to sleep, but her closeness was causing a reaction in him that did not lend itself to slumber.  Her vulnerability at this moment was too great a temptation. Despite his better judgement, he pressed his erection into the softness of her thighs.  Willow made a small sound, but continued to sleep.

Angel couldn't resist and knew that he'd have no rest until he had her. He brought two fingers to his mouth, drenching them with saliva, and placed them between her legs, slowly sliding them into her.  Another murmur, but she still didn't wake.  He moved his fingers in and out of her.  Even in sleep, her body responded to his touch, lubricating and preparing for his entry.

Positioning himself somewhat awkwardly, he pushed into her from behind, shuddering at the tightness that was engulfing him.  He held still, waiting for her to wake.  Her breath quickened and Angel knew she was no longer in dreamland.  Willow continued to lie still, feigning sleep. He wouldn't spoil her game.

Angel thrust leisurely, and brought his hand to her clitoris, gently pinching her.  She softly moaned and pushed back against him, moving her thighs apart to draw him in deeper.  He picked up the pace, and rubbed her harder.

Willow no longer pretended to sleep.  She had been startled when he first entered her, but now matched him stroke for stroke.  Pulling his head into the pulse point on her neck, she urged him to drink from her, desiring the gratification his mild wounding always brought her.

He gasped, "No, Willow. I'm too close, if I..."

"Please.  I need you to."

Angel sank his fangs into her neck, drawing her fluid from her, and spilling his into her. He groaned and fingered her frantically. "Now, Willow. Come for me," he mumbled against her skin.

But Willow was already there, her walls contracting around him, drawing the last of his semen into her.  She whimpered his name, "Angel," and felt the tension ease from her body.

They lay spooned together for a while, Willow finally breaking their embrace to roll and face him.  She touched her neck, bringing a few drops of blood to her lips, then kissed him, their tongues sharing the taste of her coppery blood.

Willow broke the kiss. "How's a girl supposed to get her beauty sleep when she has an insatiable lover?"

"I didn't hear you complaining a few minutes ago."

A sudden flash of green at the end of the bed made Willow stiffen with fright. Eyes.  It was a pair of eyes.

"Angel," she whispered, "There...there's something on the bed."


He moved and turned on the light.  On the edge of the bed sat a small grey and white kitten, calmly grooming itself.

Willow shrieked.  "A kitten!  Where did you come from?"  She scooped the small animal into her hands, stroking its silky fur.

"Actually, she came from the Humane Society.  Do you like her?"

"Oh, Angel.  She's absolutely perfect."  She rolled the kitten on to her back.  "Look, she has a belt on her stomach."

The 'belt' was actually a patch of soft grey with black spots that broke the white on her stomach.  There was another patch on her chest. Her paw pads were stained, black on white.

Angel spoke, "I think she's part tabby and part Siamese.  Look at the points on her ears and tail."

"She has more tail than anything else.  Wait... the Humane Society is not an all night institution.  Where did you really get her?"

Angel grinned.  "A few locks have never stopped me.  I'll anonymously mail in the adoption fee.  I've already set up her litter box and food bowls.  Is she better than a teddy bear?"

Willow continued to pet the kitten. "Much. Is that why you got her for me?"

"Partly. You're a witch.  Every witch needs a familiar."

Willow gave him a wry look. "I don't think that's exactly how it's done.  But, I don't care.  I've got to think of the perfect name for her.  She is so sweet."

Angel reached over to pet the soft ball of fluff. "She's incredibly sweet.  Her eyes reminded me of yours. And she didn't hiss at me when I picked her up."  He began to hum a soft tune.

"What's that song?  I know I've heard it before."

Angel sang a few bars in a full baritone.  His voice was pleasant enough. "She's as sweet as Tupelo honey. She's an angel of the first degree. She's as sweet as Tupelo honey, just like honey from the bee." He paused. "It's Van Morrison."

Willow whooped. "That's it!  Wonderful! Her name is Tupelo Honey."

"That's an awfully big name for such a little cat."

Willow shrugged. "She'll grow into it.  Besides, we can call her Tupelo, or Honey, or Tup.  Everyone should have a nickname."

"Oh, really?  What's mine?"

Willow didn't hesitate, "Willow Rosenberg's Personal Love Slave.  Mine, for short."

"I'll take it!  I also promise to take good care of her when you're not here."

Tupelo Honey had fallen asleep curled into a circle, and was purring quietly.  Angel flicked off the light and they all settled into a soft embrace.

Willow touched Angel's face, gently caressing his cheek. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Willow smiled and spoke quietly before drifting off. "Angel and me, and Honey makes three."