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An Errant Spark
by Karen

Buffy wouldn’t speak to her.  She had originally been willing to write off the kiss she’d seen as momentary insanity on both Willow and Angelus’ part, but Willow’s failure to show up the next day, as well as the inadequate explanation the redhead had given for both events, had changed her mind.  Willow, like Jenny Calendar, had been officially thrown out of the Slayer’s
good graces.  Giles, in a show of support to his Slayer, ignored her as well, and Cordelia acted pretty much the way she always did.  Quite honestly, Willow didn’t give a damn.  She had Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike.  Surprisingly, Xander had defied the Slayer’s wishes and continued to talk to her.  the redhead wondered if the boy had any clue how much that meant to her; she seriously doubted it.  And now that the hacker was being ostracized by Buffy, she was free to resume her friendship with Jenny.  All in all, Willow figured she had come out pretty well.

Sighing, Willow put her books down on her desk.  She could go over to the warehouse now if she wanted to, but if she did she wouldn’t get her homework done.  Between Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla, she’d be busy all night.  The four of them had become an odd little family, and Willow had to admit that she loved them all.  She’d play dolls with Drusilla, and she
would let the female vampire fix her hair for her.  Spike, on the other hand, was teaching Willow how to play poker.  Angelus... well, somewhere along the line, Willow had managed to fall head over heels in love with the vampire.  He was so different than she had thought him to be... but she could dwell on that later.  She had homework to do.  Wrinkling her nose in distaste, Willow picked up her Physics book and lay down on her bed.  She had a test the next day, and she knew she had to study for it.

The hours passed by quickly, and soon it was dark.  With a happy sigh, Willow shut her book - she had finished Physics and moved on to French long before - and headed out into the night to find Angelus.


It was a good night to be a vampire.  The Slayer was across town fighting some stupid demon bent on world domination, and the vampires were free to kill and feed as they chose.  Angelus was having a blast.  He had taken Dru out to hunt earlier, and the two of them had brought a wonderful kill back for Spike.  Angelus smiled as he thought about how much better things had
been between him and his childe since Willow had joined their little family.   Of course, it probably had something to do with the fact that he was no longer taunting Spike with Drusilla... oh, well.  It didn’t really matter why things were better.  He was just glad that they were, and he knew that at least some of the credit belonged to the tiny redhead.

With careless grace, Angelus stalked down the street, looking for all the world like the predator that he was.  He had time for one more kill before he went back to the warehouse to see Willow.

His Willow.

At times, the vampire still had trouble believing his good fortune.  Willow wanted him; she had chosen him over that stupid Slayer and her Watcher.  He was still planning to kill those two.  He was surprised that Xander was sticking by his redhead, though.  He’d thought the boy to be thoroughly whipped by the Slayer.  Oh, well, the boy had proven his worth, and Angelus
fully intended to turn him as a gift to Willow.  Perhaps the boy would like that Gypsy for a companion... yes, Jennifer Calendar would probably make a fine vampire.  So would Willow, of course.  But not for several more years.  He wanted to enjoy her warmth for a while before he turned her into a demon.

With that on his mind, Angelus grabbed a young girl - fifteen, perhaps sixteen - who just happened to be walking by him.  With a wicked grin and a snarl, he morphed into his demon face and drained her dry in less than a heartbeat.  Of course, neither one of them had heartbeats anymore.  Ahh, he loved the taste of fear and innocence.  A stunned gasp came from behind him,
and he spun around, hoping for another kill.  What he saw made him drop his victim and simply stare in shock.

It was Willow.

And she was crying.

The End