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By Jane and Octavia

My body trembles as the cool breeze hits my body. The white satin sheet wraped loosely around me sways in the wind as my thoughts drift off to replay the beginning of this magnificent night.

A jump slightly as a feel his arms envelope me against his cold hard chest.  I lay my head against him, letting his hands travel up my form, his fingers lacing into mine as theyreach the gathered material that holds the sheet against my now trembling body.

It falls to the floor, polling at my ankles as he softly pulls my hands apart, placing them securely to each side. I can feel his nose lightly dig into my hair, as his mouth begins to leave a trail down my fiery locks. I tilt my head, as his arms tug at my waist, pulling me back in the room with him. My feet follow as my warm skin tingles as it
touches his nude flesh against me fully. I canít help but let out a whisper of his name in the dark. My eyes open wide as I notice we stop and I look up to see us in front of the antique cherry oval full length mirror.

The moonlight cascades our nude forms from the open French windows, giving my sight enough light to see my reflection. I look intently in front of me as a chill runs down my spine as I see that my loverís handsome face and strong arms absent in the mirror. But it doesnít matter, not in the least, because I can feel him, and that is the
most important.

I see as my hair is swept to the side and feel his cool lips place intent kisses on my neck. I see my arm raised to his waiting mouth and feel his tongue lick my pulse point, my neck already missing the attention he had ravished on my neck just seconds ago. My eyes begin to drift as my legs begin to weaken at his touch. His sudden jerk of
my body againsthis elicits a moan to escape both our lips, mixing with the air around us.  His other arm remains wraped around my waist but his hands remain far from idle as it rubs small circles around my bellybutton.

His lips leave my wrist as his skillful mouth returns to the crook of my neck and nibbles on the soft skin beneath it. Once again his name leaves my lips as my arms begin to move. But he stops me, telling me to watch. I comply, too lost in the pleasures his delicate touch has begun to arouse in me. His hands meet on my stomach and trail up
my now burning skin and cup my waiting breasts.


The fascination of seeing myself being fondled by him keeps me from closing my eyes as I feel his lips suckle my pulse point. My nipples tightened as his fingers begin to circle around them, teasing me to whimper and squirm against him. I slowly begin to lose myself as his fingers begin to mimic his talented tongue, pulling and
rubbing the hardened tips. His mouth, now firmly in place by my ear begins to whisper Gaelic verses as one of
his hands leaves my breasts and moves down my soft skin, past my navel to the mound of glistered red curls. I sense myself losing control as his hands feels my length, teasing the already swollen lips. He denies me the cool feel of his fingers inside my wet warmth. His tongue licks the lope and traces itís outline as his hand retreats a bit,
his tips now only touching my slick folds. I arch my hips, needing much more attention and let out a cry as
his fingers invade me. His thumb finds my aching nub as his other fingers lose themselves inside me.

I am captivated in seeing my body whimper against his hands and face yet not able to see him in front of me, not able to see his hands and mouth manipulate my body to his wants. My hips begin to rock against his wonderful hand as I struggle to keep looking at the mirror in front of me as he commands me too.

Soon it is too late as I fall over the bliss of contentment and scream his name. I see my face flush, my body tremble, my chest rise and fall as my lungs struggle to take in air.

But I can feel his *need* pressed against my back. Once I recover, my arms try once more to touch him, but they are blocked away by his.

ďI am far from done,Ē his sultry voice tells me.

I canít help but quiver as his hand moves out of me and hear the smack of his lips in back of me. The only thing holding me up is his hand on my swelled breast. He  moves us sideways, finally letting my see his angelic face. How many nights hadnít I dreamed.....how many nights hadnít I wish to see him before me so. He smiles, perhaps
able to read my thoughts. He falls to his knees as I moan, waiting, yet yearning to know what he intended.

My nipples shined out, beginning him silently for the haven of his warm mouth.  I yelled his name as I felt his tongue lave my tip, urging him to take as much of my small globe in his mouth. As he suckled my breast, my hands disobeyed him as my fingers laced through his wild soft spiky hair. He groaned at my contact, put did not push them away from him. A feel the rage of an ache as his mouth leaves my breast, but whimper in joyance as a wet warmth envelops my other breast, treating it equally as it had the other.

A rush of cold air hits my body as his mouth travels downward, leaving my skin glistering with his saliva. I part my legs as he takes a deep breath, then blows it back onto my scorching mound. He parts me with his nose, as his hands encircle me, holding me up at my buttocks.

His tongue begins his assault as it swirls inside me, teasing me as I begin my string of moans, pants and groans. I nearly scream as his lips capture my nub between them, suckling on it. I protest as I feel his lips move and begin a series of swipes inside. But it is when his tongue finally flickers over my clit that I release my juices to his waiting mouth.  He grinds my hips against his faces as he laps up my nectar like a greedy man. My hands remain firmly on his shoulders as I try to remain standing as I call out his name various times.

As I close my eyes, I am swept up into his arms. He carries me to the bed that devoured me for the first time just hours ago. He hovers over me as he lays me down carefully onto the soft mattress. I part my legs, urging him home. My arms wrap around his strong body as he enters me in one clear hungry thrust. My body arches
into him as hefills me with each wonderful thrust. I chant his name as his lips seek mine.   My tongue seeks his as he parts my lips. We wrestle as I grind my hips against him. I wrap my legs around him, not able to get enough of him. He lets my lips go and moves down to my neck, placing long wet kisses along itís path.

His thrusts grow harder, quicker and I know he is near as I. My hands grip his back as I rub my sweaty body against him, wetting him. I began to feel the tips of his fangs touch my skin and my fingernails leave there print behind. I urge him on as I squeeze my walls around his hard, long shaft embedded deep within me, begging him to
join me in the flames of ecstasy.

Then it happens, a constrict around him as I become slicker, and fall into the promise of heavenly rapture. My eyes clench shut as my arms hold him tighter against me.  With a final thrust, he joins me, his fangs piercing my delicate skin and taking me with him deeper into the abyss of beatitude.

He trembles above me as my small hands caress his back. I open my eyes to see him looking at me intently. I place a tender kiss on his lips, my breathing still struggling to calm, the overwhelming sensations still coercing through our bodies.

He rolls onto his side, his arms welcoming me into his arms and holding me tightly against me. I repeat his Gaelic words to him, our gazes locked.

ďA ghrá mo chroíĒ

We drift off to sleep our future as bright as the day, leaving the dark, troubled past behind.