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By Lorelei

Part 1

Intently reading her psychology book, Willow was sitting quietly on the sofa.  College was turning out to be a lot more challenging than high school had ever even thought of being.  Willow liked it that way.   Absentmindedly, she stroked Tupelo Honey’s soft fur.  The cat was perched on the arm of the sofa, feigning interest in Willow’s homework.

Sighing deeply, Willow finished the chapter and closed her textbook.  On cue, Angel wandered into the room.
Willow smiled faintly.  He had an uncanny knack of disappearing when she had work to do then reappearing
the second she was done.

Angel stood behind her and massaged her shoulders.  Relaxing, she allowed herself the tranquillity his touch brought.  She’d been increasingly nervous around him this past week, but Willow was finally calm.

Then he spoke.

“You smell good.  Are you using a different shampoo?”

Willow immediately tensed. “No, no new shampoo, no perfume.”

Instantly, Angel knew why she smelled so wonderful andthe reason she’d been acting off this week.  She’d
started her period and he smelled her menstrual blood.   She wasn’t going to be late like she had been hoping.
 Her time coinciding with their time…Angel felt a tingling in his groin, but knew he had to be sensitive to her needs.  He walked around the sofa and sat beside her.

“I’m sorry, little girl.  I know you were hoping for something different.” He said.

“It… it’ll be okay.  I knew this was going to happen. I wish it were different, but it’s not.”  Her voice cracked slightly as she finished the sentence.

Calmly, Angel took her hand in his. “Look, we did it once before when you were on your period.  It’ll be okay.” He paused a moment, then went on. “Is this because of your religion?”

Willow snorted, “And which religion exactly would that be?”

“Definitely not Wiccan.  I was thinking Judaism.  It’s forbidden, right?

Willow shot him a bemused look. “Yes, it’s forbidden by Jewish law.  But I’m not exactly orthodox.  I don’t think vampires would be considered dating material if I were. I’m a conglomerate. Jew, Wicca, and I carry around the holiest of Christian symbols to ward of nasty vampires. You, being a non-nasty, cheesecake sort of vampire.”

“You can’t tell me that that isn’t part of it.”

“Maybe.” She conceded. “But really, it’s just so…ick.”

She stood up, the cat at her heels, and started gathering her books.

“Where are you going?” Angel asked, a little anxiously.

“To my dorm room.  I hear the dorm beds are quite comfy, even though I haven’t been in one more than once a week since school started.”

“Don’t you want to…” Angel began.

Willow interrupted. “No. Not before tomorrow.  I think we can manage to last that long.  Besides, Buffy thinks it’s kind of weird that I have such a great relationship with my parents now that I’m in college.  She’s beginning to think I’m a mamma’s girl.” Her brow furrowed. “We’re going to have to tell her soon, I think.” She quickly shook the thought out of her mind and leaned over to kiss him. “I love you.  And I’ll be fine by tomorrow. Really.”

Their lips brushed briefly, much to briefly for either of their tastes.

“Okay.” I’ll see you tomorrow. Early, please.”  Angel grabbed her hand and quickly pressed it against the erection he’d been sporting through their entire conversation.

Willow could feel the heat rising in her face and in her loins.  She hated that he could still make her blush after all this time.  He, on the other hand,  loved it.

“Early. I promise.”

Willow removed her hand and Angel watched her walk out the door, then bounded off the sofa and into the
kitchen.  He would have a little surprise for Willow tomorrow.

Part 2

Less than twenty-four hours later found Angel pounding on the bathroom door and trying very hard to keep his
voice level.

“Willow, open this door. Now.”

The words and tone were very mild as Willow answered, “No.”

His patience was wearing thin after a half an hour of this.

“Dammit, Willow!” Angel realised he’d shouted and lowered his voice. “You know you can’t stay in there.  You’re body won’t let you. Please.”

There was no answer.

“Willow?  Please, little girl. We’ll do this however you want.  I was going to sit you down and tell you that, if you hadn’t have headed straight for the bathroom and locked yourself in.”

Angled waited.  One minute passed and then another.  Finally, he heard the sound of the door being unlocked.

“Can I come in now, Willow?”

“Y…yes.” Was the soft reply.

Angel opened the door.  Willow was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bathtub.  He knelt next to her, lifting her chin so that she had to look him in the eye.

Willow shuddered at the gentle touch; her body already raging with extreme need for him.  She met his dark gaze and the lust and love there made her weak and excited at the same time.

He kissed her softly and whispered, “We’ll do this your way…anyway you want. If you want to spend the next sixteen hours making love in the shower so you won’t have to see the blood, that’s fine.”

Willow’s eyes gleamed as she stroked his strong forearm. “The shower sounds good.  I really hadn’t thought about it.  I was just so anxious about… the yuck factor.”

“Willow, please don’t worry about it.  If you’d stopped to look at the bedroom you’d notice that I have burgundy coloured sheets on the bed for tonight.   You don’t need to worry about that.  And no part of you could ever offend me.  I’ve actually been looking forward to this.”

“I know.”

Angle searched her face, realisation dawning on him.  “You’re worried about me liking it too much? Of my losing control?”

Willow nodded. “Sort of.  I’m…it’s…you know I have nasty cramps…and I’ll be tender…and messy…and I don’t
want to do this every month.”

“Only when we have, too. Promise. Willow, I’d never, ever hurt you.  True, we get a little rowdier during our time, but I swear I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

Willow’s voiced was hushed. “But I might want you to.”

There it was, the last of it finally in the open.  Angel kicked himself mentally for not figuring it out.  She was more afraid of her primal urges, of wanting this, more than anything else.

“Little girl, you are what you are.  I love you and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body, what it does and what you want me to help you feel with it. Okay?”

Willow smiled, “Okay.”

Angel swooped in for a kiss, drawing her up into his arms and standing, his lips plundering hers.  Briefly, Willow wallowed in the kiss, pressing against him as his hands roamed over her body, caressing all of the right spots.  She finally pulled away.

“G…give me a minute to take out…take care of things.”

Angel grinned, “Can I help with that?” He immediately regretted it when he saw the horrified look on her face. “I’ll wait outside, but I’m not shutting the door.

Willow waited for him to go and then took care of what needed to be done. Turning on the water, she undressed
and stepped in, then called him to her.

Outside the door, Angel had stripped down after retrieving a small object from the kitchen.  He sat it on the counter before he joined her in the shower.

The steam rose up around them as he pulled her back against him, his hardness fitting neatly into the small of her back as his hands went around to caress her breasts.  Willow tilted her neck for Angel, silently urging him to kiss her there.  He obliged happily, nipping and sucking along the line of her shoulder.  She wriggled slightly, applying pressure to his straining erection; her breath coming in short gasps.  Angel couldn’t be sure if it was her desire or
the steam that was causing her erratic respiration. He did know that it was always like this the first time during *their * cycle...little need of foreplay, their bodies already bursting with want, always heady and deeply satisfying…for awhile.

His hand found her clitoris as he pushed her slightly forward, bending his knees and bringing his cock to her entrance.  Angel fought the urge to bring his fingers to his mouth to taste the tangy essence of the blood that had flowed from her.  He thrust into her as Willow braced her arms against the wall, her body already jerking in orgasm.  She groaned mildly and he stayed still in this awkward position, his hand gently stroking her as he prepared her for another peak.  Willow always had a marvelous capacity for orgasm and he suspected that it would be even truer now.  When he felt her body responding to his, Angel pulled almost completely out and then slowly entered her.  He repeated the action and was rewarded with a small sigh.  That was the pace he set, the withdrawal and then the leisurely stroke back inside her.  The strain on his knees would have been unbearable for a human and for once he was grateful to be a vampire.

With Angel wedged inside her, Willow couldn’t do anything but brace herself and let him administer his sweet, slow torture.  She tried pushing backwards, but Angel quickly grabbed her around the waist and controlled the movement.  He started placing kisses on her back and shoulders, sucking the steaming water from her skin.  Willow’s stomach had been tensing for a good five minutes as he held her at the brink of her fulfilment, refusing to go any harder or faster than when they’d first began.

“Please, Angel.”  She pleaded hoarsely.

Angel’s cock twitched at the sound of her voice.  He quickened his pace, just enough to send them both over
the edge, Angel clutching at her hips and Willow shaking her head from side to side as she emitted a low groan.

Slowly, they separated, Angel standing and taking the pressure off of his legs.  Willow turned around and
rested her head on his chest, so used to the silence there that it no longer even registered in her unconscious.  He stroked her back lovingly, waiting for her to make the next move.  When she didn’t he finally spoke.

“So…are we for the shower all night or can I interest you in the bed?  I don’t think your skin will prune quite as much there.”

Willow looked up at him, searching his face for some sign of what he wanted her answer to be.  His expression was totally non-committal.

“The shower.” She said, waiting for a look of disappointment to cross his face.  Finding none, she spoke again. “The bedroom.” Again, he gave no signal as to what he desired. She smacked him lightly on the arm. “Stoic, aren’t we?”

Willow turned the shower off and grabbed the lush orange bath towels they’d bought recently to make the
bathroom more festive for Halloween.   She handed one to Angel and wrapped the other around her wet hair.
He began drying her off, something he insisted on doing every time she bathed.  When he finished, he took care of himself and they both got out of the shower.  Willow immediately noticed the small glass jar on the counter.

“What’s that?”

Angel picked it up and handed it to her.  It was very ornate, made from varied coloured glass and had a stopper in it.

“It’s a tear catcher.”

“It’s gorgeous!” Willow exclaimed.  “But why is it full of red stuff? Have you been crying bloody tears?”

Angel chuckled, “Uhm…no.  It’s full of liquid lubricant, three bottles worth. It’s clear but I used food colouring to make it dark red. I thought we could use it tonight and maybe you wouldn’t be so self-conscious if you couldn’t tell what was real blood and what wasn’t.”

Willow hugged him tightly, careful not to drop the beautiful gift.   “You are too sweet.  Why is it called a tear catcher, anyway?”

“In ancient times…I think it started in Arabia…warriors would leave these with their betrothed when they went off to battle.  The women were expected to catch the tears they shed for their lovers in it while the men were gone.  If it wasn’t full when the men returned, then the woman’s love wasn’t a true one.”

“Neat! Now let’s go to bed.”

Angel was used to Willow’s mood swings during her cycle and during their time of the month, so her reaction didn’t surprise him at all.  She’d been rubbing Angel’s butt with her free hand, the obsession already starting to work on her.  Angel picked her up and carried her to the bed, gently laying her down, taking the bottle from her and sitting it on the table.  Willow held out her arms to him, but Angel shook his head, instead going to the
foot of the bed and spreading her legs apart. Willow immediately started to tense, but Angel merely rubbed her thighs until she relaxed again.

Slowly, he began kissing his way up her limbs, giving full attention to each inch of skin.  He took her entire left kneecap in his mouth and she giggled at the sensation.  Before long, Angel was at the junction of her thighs.  He’d promised to do this her way, but the heady aroma of her core was calling to him.  He glanced up and found that she was totally at ease, a blissful look on her face.  He still felt the need to ask, though.

“Little girl, can I…?”

“Yes.”  Her tone was light and airy, almost as if she were drifting off to sleep.

Gently, he parted her outer lips, delicately laving the tender skin.  A small trickle of blood had made its way down her passage and he could taste it mingling with his seed. A low, shuddering groan began continually emanating from deep inside him. Angel began loving her with his mouth in earnest, his tongue flicking between her clitoris and her opening. Against his will, his game face emerged. He wanted nothing more than to devour her, but kept his movements easy, afraid of scaring her, although her gentle sighs and hands twisting in his hair assured him that she was anything but frightened.

Angel bathed her with his tongue, finally settling with his thumbs alternately brushing against her throbbing nubbin and his tongue pushing in and out of her core.  His cock was pulsating and he kept time with his hips, rubbing against the cool sheets.  Willow squirmed and clutched at his head, her thighs tightening around his ears, pressing the ridges in his forehead harder onto her fiery sex. Her hips bucked, once, twice, then a final time as she came, a long wail ringing through the bedroom. Angel could feel her pulling the sheets off the bed as he let her ride through her climax.

Willow’s back slowly lowered to the bed, and then she was drawing her up over her, her hands urging him to
enter her.  He covertly wiped his face on the sheet, not wanting to put her off with any fluids that were there.  Taking her legs and draping them over his arms, he sank into her with a quick thrust of his pelvis and she was arching again, once more falling into a mind-numbing orgasm.  This time, Angel followed her, his entire being seemingly centered in his groin as he drove into her again and again; each stroke punctuated with his sighing of her name.

Angel dropped her legs and lowered himself onto her, never withdrawing from her body.  Willow wrapped her
arms tightly around him, and he sensed rather than saw the tears leaking from the corner of her eyes.  He raised up on his elbows, gently kissing away the tears, wondering at the cause.

Willow spoke, “I’m okay. Really. It’s intense, that’s all.  I love you and I can’t believe the way you make me feel sometimes.”

“I know.”

Angel’s reply was short, but Willow knew what they meant.  He knew, because he felt the same things.

Willow’s eyelids fluttered as her breathing became even. Angel rolled off her and pulled her into his arms.


“Just a fifteen minute nap before the next round, I promise. And would you…” She started.

“Get you something to eat? Like I always do when you have to have your little naps during this time of the
month?” He replied.

“Nobody likes a know-it-all vampire, mister.  I was going to ask if you could warm up the oil in the bottle.  And then get me a snack.”

“Your wish is my command, my Willow.  Tuna or turkey on rye?”

But Willow was already dozing.  Angel padded softly from the room, pausing at the door to look back at the
beauty slumbering in his bed and thinking that maybe he’d order her an extra cheese pizza instead.

The End