Disclaimer: Joss Wheldon, Mutant Enemy, and Fox own the rights to BTVS.  Use of the characters is purely entertainment.

by Inell

"Willow....I'm warning you....let me have the blanket."

"No. You're dead. You can't be cold. I am. I don't want to get sick. I have class."

"Will....ooooww" Angel said, in a sing song voice. "Don't make me take them...."

"Just try it buster."

Angel grinned before pulling the blanket with all his might. Willow let go of it right when he tugged. The result? An angry vampire on the floor with a blanket around him. He looked at her laughing face and moved quickly. Before she could react, she was over his knee.

"Angel! Let me up..."

"Don't think so....you were a naughty girl. Hmmm, how many do you think you deserve? First, you wouldn't share the cover. Then, you made me fall. I think fifteen ought to do it."

Willow felt a thread of fear race through her body. She didn't like that menacing, sexy tone in his voice. She shrieked as his hand came in contact with her bare rear.

"Angel! Stop this...I mean it. Let me up."

Angel thought about it a moment. He could smell her arousal beginning. He smiled. He bent close to her ear and nipped at her lobe.  "No" he whispered huskily before swatting her again.

Willow wasn't in pain. He was hitting hard enough that she could feel it, but not hard enough to hurt her. Soon, the fear was replaced with desire. (Goddess, I must be a pervert....I'm getting hot from him spanking me like I was some sort of naughty child...) She began to moan as he continued to spank her. Soon, she began to move on his lap. The tension was building.

Angel felt his cock harden as the nude girl writhed back and forth. Her pale ass was turning a rosy shade of pink. He leaned over and kissed the flesh. She gasped as his cold lips came into contact with her burning flesh. "Angeeeel" she pleaded.

He quickly moved them, throwing her to the bed. He entered her wet passage immediately. She clawed at his back, arching to take him in deeper. Their rhythm was wild and soon both found themselves on the verge. He bit into her breast as they both climaxed, she screaming his name.

He looked up at her sheepishly. "I'm sorry I bit you...it was intended."

Dazed, Willow looked down and saw that he had marked her breast. "Not a problem." she said shakily.

Angel moved to pick up the discarded blanket. He wrapped it around both of their bodies, as he pulled Willow closer to him.


"Yes?" she said sleepily.

"I never made it to fifteen." he warned silkily.