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The Old College Try
By Midnight Girl

Willow stepped out of Buckner Hall into the crisp chilly night. She shivered and flipped the collar of her jacket up.  Her 5-8 p.m. Mythology class had been entertaining to say the least.

She had managed to answer every question Professor Solomon had and some that he hadn't.  All of those hours of researching had finally paid off.

"Excuse us, miss, could you show us to the student union?" a smooth familiar voice sounded behind her. "We were looking for a late-night snack."

Willow giggled and turned around. Angel and Spike were waiting for her by Buckner's main entrance.

"No snacking on my classmates," she said. "I may need them for group projects later."

"I think you could hold your own, pet" Spike grinned, kissing her.

"Have you been waiting long?" she asked, tangling her fingers in Angel's hair and drawing him into a deep hot kiss.

"Not too long," Spike said. "Any price is worth paying knowing that you're not walking home alone.  There are a lot of creepies out here."

"Spike, I'm known as the property of the meanest vampires in history, what night-creature would be dumb enough to mess with me?"

"I wasn't talking about the undead, love," he said, possessively pressing her to him as a gaggle of frat boys walked by.

"Stop manhandling the little woman, Spike," Angel laughed. He took her backpack and shouldered it. "Let me take those, Will."

"Such the gentleman," Spike rolled his eyes. "Let me take those, Red."

"I don't have any books left," she said.

He grinned and swept her from her feet and somehow slid her into the piggyback position. Willow laughed and nuzzled Spike's neck.

"That is not, fair," Angel grumbled.

"Chivalry has its advantages, love," Willow grinned and pulled Angel into another pulse-stopping kiss- well, if he had a pulse it would have stopped.

He grinned and kissed the tip of her nose. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

"And what about me?" Spike asked.

"In my world, we ride people like ponies," Willow whispered against Spike's neck, imitating Evil Willow's throaty voice. She gave him a gentle slap on the rear. "You make a very nice pony."

Spike tried ignore the new tightness in his jeans. "Let's get the wife home, eh?"

Willow giggled and reached for Angel again, kissing him as Spike started towards the car.

"Willow?" A voice sounded behind them. The trio turned to see a very confused brunette behind them. It was Sandra, one of Willow's Mythology classmates. Willow had taken a real liking to her in that first class. She was very sweet, reminded Willow of herself in high school.

Spike loosened his grip on Willow's legs  as if to set her down, but she tightened her grip on his shoulders.

"Hi, Sandy." Willow laughed.

"Hi." Sandra gave her an unsure smile. She looked from Angel to Spike, which one could be Willow's boyfriend? Not that she could decide herself, they were both drop-dead gorgeous.

"Um, Sandy, this is my boyfriend, Angel. And this is my -"

"brother, Spike." Spike reached out and shook her hand.

Willow shot him a dirty look.

"Do you always carry your sister around campus on your back?" she asked. Spike nodded. "While she's kissing her boyfriend?"

"We're a very close family," Spike grinned. Sandra cocked her eyebrow.

"Alright," Sandra laughed. "Willow, I'll see you in class next week. Spike, Angel, if those are your REAL names, it was nice meeting you."

She turned and walked to her car.

"I like her," Spike grinned.

"Me, too." Angel nodded. "Reminds me of -"

"Willow when she was in high school and ignoring us?" Spike said.

"Ignoring YOU?" Willow cried, socking Spike in the shoulder. "The only time you paid any attention to me is when you tried sticking a bottle in my face. And YOU, Angel. You were so busy chasing Slayer-tail, I might as well have been a coat rack."

"Willow, I told you, the reason I kidnapped you and almost performed amateur plastic surgery on you is I liked you and didn't know how to tell you," Spike said, setting her down by Angel's car.

"And even when I was with Buffy," Angel kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her lips as he spoke. "I noticed you. Believe me, I noticed you. Remember when we were first getting to know each other and the first time whole group spent the night at the library researching? You were wearing this cute little blue skirt and a white sweater. You were sitting right across the table from me, and your hair kept falling over your face. I had to slap my own hand a couple of times to keep myself from brushing it back. Believe me, if I didn't seem to be paying you attention, it was only because I didn't think you'd have me."

"Why don't I believe you..." Willow's eyes narrowed. Angel growled and tossed Spike the keys.

"Spike, would mind driving? Seems I have a point to prove to Willow."

Spike grinned and started the car. Angel opened the car door and pushed Willow into the backseat. A dangerous glint flashed through his eyes. "Buckle up."

She gasped as his mouth clamped down on her neck, sucking and licking fiercely at her pulse point. He ripped at her clothes mercilessly, pulling her down to grind against his bulging zipper. He claimed her mouth, exploring her depths with his wildly lashing tongue. She pulled back, fighting for breath. He pulled at her shirt, sending buttons flying. Spike winced as one of them
bounced against his head.

She was bra-less. Angel grinned wickedly, cupping her breasts. She fumbled with the button of his black jeans. He bucked against her hand as she wrapped her warm fingers around his cool flesh.

"Still doubt me, sweet?" he growled.

"Don't quite believe you yet," she panted.

He hiked up her skirt and tore at her panties, tossing the sopping shred of material to the front seat for Spike to enjoy. Spike chuckled and tucked the panties into his chest pocket. He was painfully hard at the moment, skipping lights and turn signals in an effort to Willow and Angel home to their bed sooner. Willow moved to impale herself on Angel's still-growing erection.
He gripped her hips, stopping her.

"Ever since I first saw you," he purred against her throat, slipping a finger into her wet warmth. "I've wanted you like this. Understand?"

She gasped as he moved another finger inside her. "Understand?"

She nodded. He flexed his fingers around her hips and pulled her down, entering her in one fluid movement. She cried out, Angel caught the whimper in his mouth. She tried to move against him to relieve the aching inside her. He stopped her from moving again.


"Ah!" she cried in frustration. "Dammit! I understand, now make me cum! Please!"

Spike chuckled as he pulled onto their street. "Better do as she says, Angel, she might hurt you."


Willow rubbed her aching shoulders as she stood under the hot stinging shower spray. A new hickey was forming just about her hipbone. She grinned and rubbed shower cream over it. She relished in the feeling of showering alone for the first time in weeks. Not that she minded sharing the tub. In fact, communal bathing was one of the best things about being in a weird-ass vampire trio. But she occasionally felt the need to loofah alone.

She stopped the water and grabbed a towel from the warmer.  She sat on the vanity seat and combed through her hair. She stopped. She thought she heard a groan from the next room.  She stood up, pressing the towel to her chest.

Angel and Spike were still on the bed. But in an entirely different position than the one she left them in. For once, Spike was in the dominant position, pressing Angel's wrists against the sheets. He licked at Angel's lips hungrily, groaning as Angel denied him entrance. Spike ran his hand down Angel's smooth chest, tweaking his nipple. Angel bucked up, grinning. He pulled at Spike's lips with his own. Spike released his wrists, letting Angel tangle his fingers in his bleached blond hair.

Willow leaned against the door frame for support. She knew her lovers were together when she wasn't there, but she didn't know how erotic it would be to watch them from the outside. She ran her fingers along the contours of her body, drawing a ragged breath. She quietly crept to a chair in the corner and got ready for a show, her thighs wetting with her excitement.

Spike rolled Angel on his stomach and kissed the rippling muscles of his back. Angel sighed, stretching his arms above his head. He strained to rub his throbbing erection against the smooth sheets, for an available friction. Spike slapped his rear gently.

"I didn't tell you to move," he said.

"I'm sorry, Spike," Angel groaned. Willow marveled at the amount of control Angel was showing. She knew how much it took from him to be submissive, even for his mates.

"What do you want?" Spike asked, his voice edged with desire. He was rubbing lightly against Angel's smooth, firm ass. Angel fought the urge to buck back against Spike's cock.

"You inside me..." Angel moaned. "Please?"

"I don't know, you were awfully unforgiving of Willow..."

Spike turned. His smoldering eyes caught hers. "What do you think, pet? Shall we show mercy?"

"I don't know..." Willow stood, dropping the towel. "I should get something out of this, too."

Angel groaned again as Spike slipped a finger into him. "Willooooow."

"Wouldn't have it any other way," Spike grinned, kissing her as she approached the bed.

Spike pulled Angel back, letting Willow slide under Angel.

"Shall we let him kiss you, love?" Spike asked. Angel nodded furiously.

Willow wrapped her fingers in Angel's and kissed him roughly. Angel tried to push his hips forward into Willow's warmth, but Spike kept an iron-like grip on him. Willow winked at Spike, who suddenly entered Angel. Angel cried out, falling against Willow's aching body. Willow wrapped her willing legs around his waist. Spike started a slow rhythm, pushing Angel further into Willow. She groaned with the full force of two men coming into her.

Spike's game face emerged. "Can he have a bite, love?"

Willow's tongue over her lips as she nodded. Ridges in Angel's forehead emerged. He gently licked at her nipple, biting into the tender flesh. She cried out as she fell over the edge of orgasm. Spike sank his teeth into Angel's shoulder, pounding faster and faster into Angel.  As his blood flowed over Spike's lips, he could feel the tension in Angel. He wouldn't cum until given permission.

"Cum for me, Angel." he whispered, he could feel his own climax coming. "Cum for Willow."

Angel cold seed flooded Willow. She came again, pulling Angel's face against lips.  Spike felt himself coming against Angel's collapsed form. He licked at Angel's wounded shoulder.

"Mmm," Willow moaned happily. "Think I'm going to have take another shower."

"We miss you while you're at school, Red," Angel said, kissing her shoulder. "I can tell," she giggled.

"Think you could test out of some courses, graduate early?"