Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB.

by Lorelei

~~The bathroom…

"Scoot over, little girl."

"Did you finish up the sofa?"

"Yes…did you leave me any hot water?"

"A little bit. I'm getting out now."

~~One minute later…

"Oh, Angel."



"Willow!  You could have at least given me some warning.  What exactly do you think you're going to do with that?"


"I'm not sure.  Save it for blackmail?  You look cute with your hair all soapy."

"You're asking for it!"

"Yep…I'm definitely asking for it.  Finish up and you can give it to me."

~~A little later in the bedroom…

"Mmm…you smell good, little girl."

"You feel good…wait!  Raise up a second."

"What for?"

"Just do it."


"I think you're carrying these pictures a little too far, Willow."

"No, I'm not.  It's extremely sensual…the way we're joined…black on red.  I like it."

"You mean black on reddish-brown."



"Can I be on top?"

"Sure…hang on."

~~~A short while later…



"Willow…was that really necessary?"

"I want you to see how beautiful you are to me…especially…when you…you know."

"Have an orgasm, Willow?  You know, I don't understand how you're so comfortable with sex, but still embarrassed to talk about it."

"That's just me, I guess."

"You know…if you don't stop squeezing your muscles like that, you're going to have more material for your photo shoot."

"Mmmhmm.  I know.  No more pictures, though.  I promise…Oh!"

"I don't."

~~~Yet another short while later….

"Angel…oh, goddess…oh…uhm…ANGEL!"