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Burnt Out
by Karen

Willow sat on her bed, studiously avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.

“So he was here?” Giles asked.

“How did he get in?” Cordelia interrupted.  “I mean, doesn’t he need an invitation?”

“He has one.”

Cordelia’s eyes widened in shock.  “You mean you invited a cold-blooded killer into your bedroom?  Nice going, Willow.”

The redhead rolled her eyes.  She was starting to get angry.  This was her room, it was nearly three in the morning, and who she made out with was nobody’s business but her own, damn it.  “He wasn’t a killer when I invited him in.  He was Angel.  Will you people just go now?  I’ve told you everything that happened, and I really want to go to sleep.  Okay?  If you want to drive this whole thing into the ground, you can do it later!  Now will you just leave?”

Buffy glared at her friend; she knew there was more to what had happened than what Willow had said.  However, she had no way to prove it.

“Fine.  We’ll go.”

Willow stood up and opened her door.  “Good.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Or should I say later today?”

The entire group filed by Willow one by one, and Oz sent a sad look her way. Guilt surged through Willow as she realized how hurt Oz must be feeling, but she pushed it away.  She was confused enough by her own feelings; she couldn’t afford to dwell on anyone else’s.  She watched as the group headed out into the darkness, waiting until she knew they were all gone.  Taking a
deep breath, she stepped outside, glanced around cautiously, then went on her way.

To find Angelus.


Angelus stormed into the warehouse, throwing minions out of his way.  He was so furious, he didn’t even notice that he was in game face.  With a loud snarl, the vampire threw a lamp against the wall, shattering it.  Nope.  He still didn’t feel any better.  Maybe a nice, young kill...

“Did somebody have a bad night?”

Angelus turned and snarled at his childe, briefly contemplating throwing Spike’s wheelchair against the wall.  With Spike still in it.  With an effort, he reined in his anger.  He had to regain control; he hated it when others saw him lose it.  He usually killed any witnesses, but he couldn’t do that with Spike.  He needed someone who could deal with Dru.

“Actually, my night was going wonderfully until the damn Slayer showed up.”

“Ruined your kill, eh, mate?  Bloody bitch.”

“Not my kill, Rollerboy.  It wasn’t a kill.  I was with Willow.”

“And the Slayer interrupted you?  Did you rip her head off?”

Angelus snorted.  “Please.  I couldn’t do that in front of Willow.  I mean, sure, I’ll kill her, but I can’t let Willow see me do it.  She’d never recover from it, and I don’t want another Drusilla on my hands.”

“Daddy saw the little tree.”

The two male vampires looked up as Drusilla entered.  Angelus smiled at his childe.  He was curious to see if she had anything else to say about Willow.

“Yes, Dru, I did.”

“When will you bring her to me?  I want to play with her.  Miss Edith says she’ll make a good friend.”

Spike raised his eyebrows at Dru’s comments.  He’d heard his princess mumbling about trees earlier, but hadn’t realized she meant Willow.  Things were definitely beginning to get very interesting.  He wondered if the “little tree” was as excited about meeting Dru as Dru was her.  Somehow, he doubted it.

The female vampire came closer to the men, gliding gracefully across the room.  She let out a childlike giggle and spun around, her dress flaring gently.

“She’s coming, Daddy.  The little tree wants to see you... she’s coming to be my friend.”

Angelus straightened up, shocked.  If Drusilla didn’t have a knack for always getting things right, he wouldn’t have believed it.  Willow was coming here?  For him?  Without saying a word, the vampire flew out of the room and headed for the front of the warehouse.

To wait for his Willow.

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