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I Know All About Blood
By Lorelei

Angel rolled over on his back and stared at the ceiling.  His vampire senses let him know that it was around ten o'clock in the morning. Willow had been groaning in her sleep for awhile.  He gently reached over and shook her awake.

"Willow... Little Girl... wake up.  You're moaning in your sleep.  I can't sleep when you do that."

Willow answered groggily, "Hhmm?  Don't feel good."

"That's because you started your period last night."

Willow bolted upright in bed, drawing the sheets around her. "Oh... Oh, my God!  I am so sorry! I... Oh... I'm early. It's early! It wasn't supposed to 'til tomorrow.  I would have never..."  Willow stopped, suddenly very ashamed.  Her whole body felt like it was glowing with her embarrassment.  Except for her abdomen.  It just felt like someone had it in a vice grip and was slowly twisting it down harder.  She groaned again, slightly, pressing a hand to her stomach.

Angel caressed her shoulder, pushing her back down on the bed.  "Don't be embarrassed, Willow.  You're a woman.  It's just part of nature. Besides, I'm a vampire.  I like blood."

She flushed anew, remembering what he'd said to her at the Supercenter. 'I know all about blood.'
It had made her uncomfortable then and it was making her uncomfortable now. "I need to go get cleaned up and take some Midol.  The sheets! I am so sorry, I'll buy you new ones."

"I have more sheets, Willow.  And we can wash these. You're getting all worked up over nothing."

Willow felt him stir against her leg. "Apparently you are too."  She sat up again. "I'm going to go..."

Angel pushed her back down.  "You're not going anywhere right now." He captured her mouth in a hard kiss, his tongue seeking hers.  Despite herself, she responded.  His kiss deepened, and a little of the pain she had been feeling was replaced by tingling.  It didn't really surprise her.  Before, she'd realised that she was easier wound up during her cycle.  Willow had never planned on acting on it though.

Angel was moaning low in his throat, the smell of her blood and his love for her driving him into a frenzy.  She gently pushed him away.  He allowed it, but made a small sound of protest.

"Angel, I really don't think I want to do this. It's just too..."

Angel interrupted her, "It's not too anything.  I love you and I want you.  You want it to, maybe not quite as much as I do, but you want it. I can smell that, too." He brought his mouth to her nipple, caressing the erect bud with his tongue.

"It's not right."

He stopped his caresses.  "There's nothing wrong with it.  Besides, what if one of our times coincides with one of your times?  What then? You won't be able to say no.  Better we do it now, so you'll be used to it."

Willow looked at him sheepishly.  "That won't happen until October.  I counted."

Angel smiled knowing her resolve was weakening.  "You see?  We should do it now."

Angel returned his mouth to her breast and Willow was lost.  She touched his erection, gently stroking him.  He pushed himself into her hands, his blood lust almost getting the better of him.  He began kissing his way down her body, trailing his tongue down to her navel and below to her soft curls.  Willow quickly grabbed his head.

"Uh-uh. No way.  Not that, not right now.  I don't think I can let you do that."

Angel shrugged, mildly disappointed. "Have it your way.  But I want you to know that there is no part of you, ever, that offends me or that I don't adore."

"Please... just make love to me.  I can't deal with anything else."

Angel shuddered at her words.  He was beside himself with his need of her.  He moved between her legs, slowly entering her, knowing that she was even more tender there than usual.  Willow groaned, loving the feel of him sliding in and out of her slick-with-blood center.  The pain she had felt before was replaced by an unbearable pleasure. Her every nerve ending seemed to be tingling.

Angel became more aggressive with his strokes as she moved beneath him. Her blood was calling out to him, willing the demon in him to take control.  He surrendered, burying his fangs into her neck, tasting her sweet, hot blood, and savouring the feel of it sliding down his throat. Willow screamed in a loud voice, her orgasm fuelled by his bite.  She writhed; clutching him to her, raking her nails in a long line down his back to his butt, drawing blood herself.  Angel gave one final thrust, ripped his mouth from her neck and howled, emptying himself into her. He collapsed on top of her, his shaft still twitching inside of her.

Willow held him to her, marvelling at what she had just done, what she'd allowed him to do.  She had never imagined that anything so seemingly distasteful could make her feel so aroused and so loved.

Angel lazily rolled off of her, stroking her hair, and licking her neck.

Willow smiled at him. "That was... intense."

"I think you've got that understatement thing down pat, Little Girl"

Willow snuck a quick look at their bodies. "Ugh.  It looks like there's been a double homicide in your bed."

"But what a way to go."

Willow sat up.  "Hey!  My cramps are gone!"

Angel grinned, "Yeah, an unexpected benefit, isn't it?"

Willow pulled him to a sitting position.  "C'mon.  We need to shower and then we can burn the sheets.  And I'm starving.  Are you hungry?"

Angel raised his eyebrows. "Well, maybe a little peckish.  I just had a snack, though."

"I'm thinking omelette.  Guess who gets to make it for me."

Angel kissed her. "I love you, you know."

"I know.  And you are the most wonderful man on the planet.  But, you still have to make me breakfast."

"I just did."