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by Inell

"Angel....I can't go. School remember?"

Angel frowned. She wouldn't look at him. She hadn't since Cordelia had phoned. He would have to kill that bitch. She had ruined it all.

"Willow....look at me."

She did, tears in her eyes. "I hurt her. She's my best friend and here I am screwing the love of her life. I love you Angel, but I love her too."

"What are you saying? You know she'll get over it. She needs you."

Willow shook her head. "I lied to her."

"I know. But she should understand."

"No. She and I promised that no matter what we would never lie to each other. It was shortly after her slayer ritual, when Giles helped the council. I betrayed that. I should have told her this morning. I lost her."

"You have me."

"Yeah....you're in LA. She's here. I can't do this. It is too soon. I just got over Oz. Buffy hates me. I'm sorry." her voice trailed off.

Angel felt the demon trying to break its cage. "No." he said quietly.

She looked at him. "Yes. Maybe another time...another place."

He smirked. "You've seen Casablanca too many times Luv. I love you. You love me. There is no problem. Buffy will get over it. She's a big girl. Not like she hasn't fucked anyone since me. I mean, she's not mourning or anything."

"That was crude. Your leaving hurt her a lot."

"Willow....I am not spending the last few moments I have talking about my ex-lover. I will not let you go. Now, come here."

Willow felt a rush of fear at his words. She had read about Angelus, but assumed it was the demon. Now, she wasn't so sure. She wondered if he had been that obsessive while human. The thought terrified her.

"Willow" he said softly, sensing her fear,"I will never hurt you. You are mine now. I'm not leaving until you accept that we have a relationship."

Willow nodded. "I love you Angel....it's just hard. I have to see her tomorrow. What am I going to say? Hey, by the way Buff, you know now that the stud is Angel. Doesn't he do great things with his tongue? Hell, I can't do this. Love bites. I hate it."

Angel went to her and claimed her mouth. Her desire for him overruled her thoughts. He might scare her, but she loved him. She had for years. She gave in to his demanding mouth.

"Come with me....just for a few days. Give her some time to think. Then, you can come back and talk to her." he kissed her again, bringing his had up to knead her breast. "Please" he whispered huskily.

Willow nodded. She couldn't tell him no, especially when he was doing such wonderful things with his hands. "I'll go with you, but only for a few days. I can't miss that many of my classes."

He pulled her into his arms and smiled. He had won this round. She was going with him, where she belonged. He would never let her leave him. She meant too much to him. He was hers. She was his. Forever.