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Awakened Light
by Jane and Octavia
Part 1

Willow woke up in a cold sweat, her body trembling from fright. She looked around her room, making sure no one lurked about as she tried to calm down.

“It was a dream,” she told herself. “Only a dream”.

She turned to her night stand and saw the large red numbers on her alarm clock.  It was only three in the morning. Four hours until school. She didn’t want to go back to sleep. It meant she might dream. Dream the many nightmares that had bombarded her this past week. She was tired. Tired and sleepy. Her head began to hurt as her
eyes drooped.  They were soon closed and she drifted back to sleep, hoping the nightmare would not return.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow rubbed her red eyes. She had not been able to rest. She looked at the mirror in her locker and saw her puffy face. She needed rest. Sleep without fear. Buffy awaked her from her thoughts.

“Giles has wiged out. He’s called an emergency meeting tonight. He wants everyone at the library no later then seven.”

Willow looked at her catching the last part of what she had said.

“Are you O.K.?” Buffy asked a bit concerned.

“Couldn’t sleep.”

“Another nightmare?”
Willow closed her locker.

“Yeah”, she replied, not wanting to get into detail about it.

“The same one?” she asked her as they began to walk down the hall.

“No. It was another one. Just one though.”

“Not as bad as the first?”
“No..no not as bad,” she lied.
“It helps when..,” Buffy began to say.
“So why is Giles so wigged out?” Willow asked, hoping to change the subject.

Buffy understood. It was rare when she ever spoke to her about her own.

“I’m not sure. But it smells like another prophecy.”

“I hate those. There so..... cryptic.”

“I know, that would explain why he wants for all of us to come tonight. He even extended the invitation to Angel,” she told her with a grin.

“It’s serious then. How’s Angel?”

“Good. It’s been good”, she told her with a small smile.

“I’m happy”, she replied with a shaky smile, trying to hide her own disappointment and pain about her dismal love life.

“So did Mark ask you out?” Buffy asked, hope in her voice.

“He’s seeing someone,” she replied, avoiding her eyes.

“Oh...I thought he was solo...I could have...,” she said, trying to remember.

“I have to get to class Buffy. I’ll see tonight,” she told her and walked faster, disappearing down the hallway.

Buffy looked to see where she had gone, but it was to late, she was gone. <What happened last night with Mark?> She would talk to her tonight she decided as she headed off to class.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“So what do you think?” Xander asked her.
“What?” Willow asked coming out of her thoughts and sleepiness.

“Have you been listening?” he asked her as he ate his sandwich.

“Didn’t catch the last part,” she told him, not wanting to tell him she had missed it all.

“About Kim?”

“Oh yeah. I think so?” she replied, remembering he had asked some kind of question before.

“I’ve already accepted that Buffy doesn’t have the same feelings for me.  I just never thought it could hurt so much when you’re thought of as only a friend.”

“It hurts. Hurts a lot,” she told him knowing exactly what he meant. <To love and never be corresponded>. She knew it too well.

“And Kim looks interested,” he told her with a smile.

Willow could hear her heart break once more as she held back tears.

“She does. She seems nice”, she told him softly.

“Hot is a better word, nice would be an added bonus.”

Her self-esteem crashed. It became a struggle for her to blink the fresh tears back.

“I’ll ask her then. A movie after Giles. Thanks Willow,” he told her as he got up and left.

Willow looked on in confusion, her eyes following him. He walked over to Kim, taking a seat next to her. Then she remembered what he had told her, ‘after Giles’. She couldn’t help it. A tear ran down her cheek. She gathered her books and left to the bathroom in a rush.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was the last person to arrive at the library. She had gotten home right after school, not wanting to see anyone. She had started her homework when she had drifted off into a light sleep. She awoke to semi-darkness, her clock flashing 6:55 p.m. She raced over to the school and crossed the doorway to the library at 7:15.

“It’s nice of you to join us”, Giles commented as he saw her enter.

She apologized and took her seat next to Amy. Giles started his speech over for Willow. She tried hard to listen closely to what he was saying, fighting back her yawns and drowsiness. The nap she had taken had not been enough.

“As I was saying. The prophecy is vague. But it mentions Buffy, so I need your help to de-crypt the rest”.

“What is the prophecy?” Willow asked.

“The crescent night will come. The golden arrow shall fly to strike her. And from the darkness she shall be born as the “Gifted” and rise to be united with the shadow. It shall open, making dark into light”, he recited from memory as he looked them.

Everyone remained quite, absorbing the words.

“Angel, have you heard this before?”, Giles asked him.

“No...not that I can remember.”

Giles looked desperate.
“The chosen is Buffy?” Amy asked.

“I believe so,” he told her.

“And the golden arrow...it’s going to kill her,” Xander asked concerned.

“Strike her,” Giles corrected him.

Buffy shuttered as Angel touched her hand.

“What about “she”?” Willow asked.

“Buffy reincarnated?” Amy commented.

“I don’t think so. Buffy isn’t the darkness. That’s want she fights against,” Giles told her.

“The “shadow”?” Xander asked.

“A second person,” Amy expressed. “I think”

“The darkness and the shadow unite,” Willow muttered.
“But aren’t they the same?” Buffy asked.

“Not necessarily,” Giles told her.
“Once they unite, it shall open, making dark into light,” Willow said as she looked at Giles for some explanation.

“So if the darkness and shadow unite, it will make dark into light,” Angel reasoned.

“What open’s?” Xander asked worried.

“Crescent night,” she told Giles, figuring out what it meant.

“In three days. That’s when we’ll have a crescent moon.”

“In three days!” Buffy said horrified. Angel squeezed her hand.

“That’s why I called the meeting tonight. We need to find out what this means and protect you, Buffy.”

“How can I hide from something I don’t know?” she asked him.

“Willow, would you mind searching the Internet to see if you can find anything about this?”, Giles asked her.

<Super nerd to the net> she thought.

“Right on it”, she replied and got up from her chair and headed to the computer.

“Everyone else, grab a book and start reading. We might be able to find something.”

They all agreed and began to read.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow couldn’t take it anymore. The words started to blur. She was tired. She looked at her watch. It was 9. She could hardly keep her eyes open. <One more search> she told herself. She typed in the word, but her head began to drip forward. She felt a hand on her shoulder shake her.

“Willow, are you O.K.?”, Angel asked.

Her head sprung up and looked at him.

“I’m fine. Just sleepy,” she told him as she gave him a little smile and took a deep breath.

“You look tired, maybe you should head home.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t find anything. Tell Giles I’ll come back tomorrow morning to look some more,” she said.

“Did you want Buffy and me to take you home?” he asked sensing she was very tired.

“No..no..I’ll go with Amy”, she told him.

She was not in the mood to walk with a happy couple. She said goodbye and walked over to Amy.

“I’m going. Did you want to join me?” she asked her.

Amy looked at her and placed down the book down.


*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Willow how are you, really?” Amy asked as they walked down the street.

Willow fought whether or not to tell her.

“I keep on having the nightmares.”

“It’s been a week”.

“It’s terrible Amy. I can’t sleep. There horrible. I’m scared to go to sleep. There horrible....... Horrible”.

“You don’t know why you’re having them?” she asked concerned.

“I don’t know. I wish I could stop them”.

“I’m sorry, Willow. I wish there was something I could do”.
“Just listening to me is enough,” she told her.

“I wish there was more.”

“I know...”

Willow was cut off as they both jumped back as a vampire emerged from an alley.   Amy looked on, too scared to move. Willow searched for her stake. He snarled his fangs at them and jumped after Willow. She pulled out her stake and told Amy to run. She did as she was told as Willow stabbed the vampire on the arm. That had not been
her intention. The vampire stepped back in pain. Willow turned and ran. She searched for her second stake frantically as she heard the vampire cry out in pain. She looked back quickly and saw him pull out the stake from his arm. He would run after her. <They run quicker> she thought. She had no choose. She would not be able to make it back to the library in time. She found the second stake in her jacket and looked around for options, but found none. It was up to her. She stopped, turned around and saw the vampire snarl at her once more and began to move forward. She was too far, she thought, but she could not wait.   She threw the stake through the air as far as she could, then closed her eyes. <Please> she pleaded. She opened them and saw the stake land and the vampire combust. Her head began to throb and the world around her begin to spin, then heard her name. She turned around and saw Angel a few feet away. She felt exhausted. She closed her eyes and fell to the ground.

Part 2

Angel couldn’t believe what he had seen. <It’s not possible> he thought. Willow had turned around and saw him, then fainted. He rushed over to her and gathered her in his arms, taking her back to the library where everyone had been relieved to see her alive and unhurt. Giles tried to wake her, but nothing seemed to work. Willow was in a deep sleep that no one could wake her from. Buffy elected to take her back home. She needed to sleep, she had told them, informing them that Willow was having trouble sleeping, not wanting to tell them why. Angel accompanied Buffy, helping in holding the petite redhead.

Angel felt odd about entering her room, without her knowing. She had invited him come in once, but he always like people knowing. Buffy tucked her in and Angel noticed something in top of her headboard, a dream catcher. He looked around the room and saw a large one on her door. His curiosity getting the better of him, he asked
Buffy about them.

“Must be new. The only I’ve seen is the one on the door. We should get out of here.”

He hesitantly agreed and went out through the window, making sure not to wake her parents.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel lay in bed recalling the events of the evening. He had seen it with his own eyes. He had passed by Willow’s house after he had taken Buffy home. She had continued sleeping. He had waited for an hour, hoping she would wake, but she did not. He would talk to her tomorrow. Talk to her and see what had happened. How she had done it.

He had been there. Seen it. Willow had thrown the stake in the air, hitting the vampire, straight in the heart, dusting it. One shoot, right on target. The only problem was the distance between them. He was at least 10 feet away. It could be called luck, if only the vampire had not been running, making it close to impossible for anyone
to see without a trained eye. Buffy never would have been able to make that shot. He was not sure he would have been able. Something was not right, he could feel it. <It’ll have to wait until tomorrow> he thought as sleep claimed him.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

At exactly 6 a.m. Willow awoke screaming. She sat up, looking around, making sure no one was there. Her door suddenly opened, her mother rushing to her on the bed.

“Willow, are you all right?”, she asked her.

“A nightmare. Only a nightmare,” she told her, trying to catch her breath.

“It’s your fourth this week,” she reminded her.

Willow agreed, not wanting to tell her the real truth.
“What are they about Willow?” she asked her, holding her hand.

“I can’t really explain it. It’s a different time. People are suffering. They need help and I can’t help them. They call to me. I see the torture. The humiliations.  Their faces. They’re suffering so much”, she told her in tears.

Her mother put her arms around her, cradling her in her arms. <It can’t be> she thought, but all her mother had told her was coming true. After all the effort and struggles, it was happening.

“It’s going to be O.K.,” she told her as a tear fell. She had seen the signs. Noticed the patterns, but had ignored them. She had even gone as far as to repress them in her and Willow, but she was not strong enough.

“In the dream, what are they asking from you?” she asked, still holding on to the hope it was just another normal nightmare.

“They all look to me to save them. They ask for my help. I try..... but I can’t. I can’t move. I can’t see the person’s face. It’s hidden, but I see the torture. This time it was coming after me. I ran.... ran.... trying to get away, but the people circled me, asking for my help. Then it appeared. It wanted me dead. I knew it. Then I woke up”, she told her as she began to cry harder.

It was true, there was no way around it. She had tried to shelter her, but knew she would no longer be able to. <It is meant to be> she remembered her mother tell her.  She would need to call her aunt in New York, and perhaps her sister. There was nothing she could do. She could, however, help stop the nightmares. She just hoped it was not too late.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was at the library early by seven. After she had woken up from the nightmare, she had decided not to go back to bed. She got ready and headed to school.

The search ended as it had last night. She was not able to find anything. If the net had nothing perhaps the books did. She picked up one of the them hidden away in one of the piles on the floor. She skimmed the book, but did not find anything remotely interesting. She placed it back down and skimmed through the shelves. A blue book
caughting her attention. She pulled it out and blow off the dust. She was about to skim through it when she heard someone come in.

“Giles?” she asked as she walked over to the stairs.


She smiled once she saw him.

“How are you?”

“You scared us last night. You refused to wake up,” he told her as he put his things away.

“I was really tired. Then the vampire. It must have been pretty overwhelming,” she reasoned.

“It must have been. Buffy told us you were having problems sleeping. I hope it isn’t anything serious?”

“No..no I’ll be fine.”

“Good. Did you find anything?” he asked as he motioned to the computer.

“Nothing. Were you able to find anything?”, she asked hopeful.


“I’m sure we’ll find something,” she encouraged..

“I hope so.”

“How’s Amy?”

“She looked rather scared last night, but once Angel brought you in, she seemed to calm down.”

“I’ll talk to her in class.”

“Talking about class. The second bell rang. If you don’t going, you’ll be late,” he told her.

She nodded and went on her way with the book in her hand.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was able to speak to everyone in her classes. Buffy and Xander had been relieved to see her well. They even commented how rested she looked. Amy apologized for running and not staying to help. Willow did not accept it.

“You got help for me. You helped me”, she told her.

Throughout class, Xander spoke to her about Kim. It took all her strength not to break down and cry her heart out. Kim had said yes to his invitation to the movies. They had caught the late show last night. He spoke about her wonderful quality’s and then spoke about the kiss.

“It was magical”, he had told her.

She was glad Mr. Peterson stopped the conversation, threatening them with detention. He had even dumped her for lunch. Kim had invited him to a picnic on the grass. She was just irresistible, he had told her. Willow felt nauseous.

She went to eat lunch on the grass. She would have a change to skim through the book she had taken from the library.

She sat under a large tree and started her research.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was anxious to get the library. Her last class wrapped up and she bolted to see Giles. To her surprise she found no one. She went back into the hall and began to look for people. She found Amy at her locker.

“Where’s everyone?”

“They decided last night to go to Angel’s apartment. He had some other books they could look through,” she replied as she closed her locker.

Giles had not bothered to tell her this morning, or anybody else. <No need for Willow the hacker if there’s no need for a computer> she thought.

“I found something,” she blurted out.

“Then we should join the party,” Amy told her with a smile.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

It took them about  two hours just to find out where he lived. Xander had informed Amy about the meeting during last period, but failed to tell her where he lived.  They looked through every notebook, paper pile, and book, searching for at least a phone number or address that might be Angel’s. There was no luck.

It was evident to Amy that Willow was angry. Angry at her friends abandonment.  It wasn’t the first time they had done it. They seemed to have forgotten about her and she knew that had to hurt her, do it did not affect Amy . She was Willow’s friend.

Willow called her mother to see if anyone had called her. She informed her no one had.

“I’m glad you called Willow. I need you to come home early tonight. Maybe around eight. Your father and I have to go on a business trip.”

“I will mom.”

A second later the phone rang.



“We’ve been waiting for you.”

“I’ve been waiting for you”, she informed him.

“We’re at Angel’s apartment. I take no one told you,” he realized.

“No. I have no idea where Angel lives, ” she informed him.

“Write the address down..,” he told her.

She did and soon was on her way with Amy.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow felt a bit ackward about being in Angel’s apartment. It was her first time there and everyone seemed to have made themselves at home. Angel sensed her dilemma as she took a seat next to Xander on the leather sofa.

“I found something. It seems to be a continuation to the first prophecy,” she told them as she opened the book and turned to the page.

“The shadow shall protect the dark. Guide her in the open. The final fate shall decide - death or life, damnation or escape.”

They looked at her confused.

“So the first prophecy isn’t about Buffy?” Xander asked.

“I’m sure it does, but there might be two underlying tones to it. Two meanings,” Giles reasoned.

“That isn’t possible, Giles. She might be a part of it, but not the important one in the prophecy.”

“So she is being replaced for another Slayer to come?” Amy asked.

“It still doesn’t make sense. The Slayer fights the dark, doesn’t come from it,” Willow explained.

They continued on, searching for an answer.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel was not sure how to approach her. She was always very nice to him. She treated him like a person, unlike other people he knew. He needed to talk to her. There had to be an explanation. He had stepped out for a moment to get another book and when he returned Willow was gone. She had had a family event tonight and needed
to get home.  That eliminated any thoughts for a talk with her. That also meant he would not be able to go and visit her. He would talk to her tomorrow night, no matter what.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow’s parents would be gone for only a night. They had business to take care of in Los Angeles. They had dinner and played scrabble for a while. Her mother asked her to stay home for the rest of night and to call her on the cell if she needed her. By 10 they were on there way. They would be back by tomorrow night.

Willow felt energized. Such a difference from the past week. She wasn’t tired or sleepy. She took a bath, finished her homework, and picked her clothes for tomorrow. She didn’t fall asleep until 3 a.m. She only hoped she had this much energy tomorrow.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow woke up desperately needing to see him. To see him once more, to touch him one last time. To hold him until she could no longer. She pulled off the covers from her and walked to her closet to change clothing. She would not be able to present herself like this to him. Something green, yes green, the color he loved to see her
in. She found a sweater and jeans. What would she do with her hair. She looked into the mirror and decided to leave it down. How many times had he not played with her loose hair. The feel of his fingers caressing it. She missed him so much. She hurried up and decided to leave through the window. It would be morning soon. She knew where he would be.  She unlatched the French windows and went out, looking up into the sky, day not
yet rising. She raced down the street, hoping to find him before the sky arose. She was not sure why, but her mind told her to hurry if she wished to see him so, one last time.

Part 3

A pounding on the door stopped Angel in his tracks. A pounding that would not cease. He couldn’t tell who it was. It was a familiar scent, but it seemed two, yet only one heart beat. He went to the door, knowing the sun would soon arrive. He had just come back from patrolling with Buffy and was headed off to bed. The pounding
increased with urgency. He went to the door and opened quickly. She entered his apartment quickly still not seeing who had opened the door. He stepped away, almost being trembled over by the person entering, he closed the door behind him, making sure the beginning rays of the sun did not enter.

“Willow,” he said as he turned around and saw her.

Her green eyes looked at him tenderly as a gentle smile appeared on her face. Her eyes had begun to water, making him  look at her concerned.

“Willow are you O.K.?”

Her response shocked him.

“Is it really you?” she asked him, with an accent.

She stepped up to him, looking at him more attentively.

“What?...Willow are you O.K.?” he asked once more trying to find out what was wrong with her.

“It is you. I cannot believe it, ‘tis you Angel, my poor dear Angelus,” she said a tear escaping her eye.

She placed her hand carefully on his cheek, making sure it was really him in front of him. He pulled back a bit as he felt her hand on his cheek.

“After so long. You are here. Here in front of me,” her cracked voice said as more tears began to fall.

Angel did not know what to say. Why was she doing this?

“I can still remember the night you asked me? Remember, under the dowry tree?  You were so nervous asking me? Did ‘cha think I would say no?” she asked him moving closer to him.

He moved back each time she moved forward.

“I can’t see how you would forget. Your father gave ‘ya a whipping that night for skipping your chores. You sat me down and fumbled with the bracelet and the words.  I can still remember the way the sun set as you told me you loved me. That you loved me and how we would be together forever...it seems so long ago....,” she said
as her voice began to fade with the memories.

She stopped moving toward Angel, realizing how painful the outcome was.

Angel was speechless. Something inside of him yearned. He was confused, but yet it seemed so familiar. Her accent, it sounded Irish. Irish.

“You grabbed my hand and kissed the inside of my palm. Then you slipped it on.  It was so beautiful. You looked at me and asked me. I had no words to reply.  I showed you. I kissed you”, she said as she closed her eyes, drifting off to that day, hunting the feel of his lips on hers.

Angel remained silent. It would not be. <Why is she doing this?> he asked himself as his eyes began to water.

“I never got to say good-bye to you,” she spoke as she opened her eyes, looking at him sadder then anyone had ever looked at him before.

“I miss you so much angel of mine. I never forgot you. I never will, you are my angelic light.”

He looked at her as soon as he heard those final words. It was not possible. No one had ever called him that, only once. A very long time ago. No one else knew. He was confused, not wanting to believe. Tears began to fall. He moved towards her.  Not knowing what to expect. He placed his hands on her face.

“Victoria?” he asked, hoping perhaps.

“‘tis I my love”, she replied as she placed her hand on his wet cheek.

“How?...I lost you so long ago....if only...,” he began to say looking into her green eyes and seeing the love in them. It was her.

“‘tis not your fault. You could do nothing. Never blame yourself. I am here now.  To see you one last time. To feel you once more”, she said.

He was overwhelmed with emotion. He loved her so much. He placed his lips over hers, kissing her passionately as she placed her arms around him. He let go of her lips reluctantly and placed his arms around her.

“I have looked for you so long,” she told him, hugging him tightly, never wanting to let him go.

“So much time,” he commented.

“I knew I would find you again. I saw you in my dreams before I left. I knew I would be able to see you one last time,” she told him, her head resting on his chest as she smiled.

“But how...I was still not......,” he was about to say but stopped.

“I know my love...I know. But I knew what you were to be, where you would come..I just did not know how long it would be,” she told him.

He tighten his hold on her. He did not want to let her go.

“I have searched long for you. So long and I have finally found you,” she told him.

“I have missed you so much”, his Irish accent resurfacing.

“Just to have seen you one last time,” she told him, knowing it would soon be time, time for peace.

“I do not want to let you go,” Angel told her, his heart breaking once more.

“I shall always be with you. When ever you need me, close your eyes and I shall be there my love, forever,” she told him as she pulled back to look into his dark brown eyes.

“Please do not leave,” he asked her, remembering this same conversation they had so long ago.

“Angel, I have come to ask for your help. My people, they are dying. A curse placed so long ago on them. You must help them. All will be gone and there souls trapped forever, as mine.”

Angel could see the panic in her eyes.

“You must stop the woman with bewitching eyes. If the last of my people die, her powers shall grow. Grow into something much too powerful. She shall have all our gifts and complete the curse. You must stop her. Stop her and set us free,” she told him.

“I shall, but how will I know,” he asked her caressing her cheek.

“The one you call, Willow. The person you see before you. She has the answers to all the questions you seek. Help her and she will help you. You both must defeat her my love. Only you can help me,” she said as she looked at him with love in her eyes.

“I will, I promise,” he told her. He leaned in and kissed her tenderly.

She pulled away, looking at him one last time and hugged him tightly once more. She laid her head on his chest and whispered.

“Everywhere I am, I shall always have my angelic light”.

He hugged her tightly as more tears came down his face. He felt her body go limp. He sobbed softly, knowing she was gone. He was not sure how much longer he held her for, standing in the middle of the living room. It didn’t matter to him. He had held her once more, kissed her a last time. There was nothing more he could ask for.  He would keep his promise to her. He would not let her down.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow awoke hours later feeling satin sheets beneath her. She looked around the room and panicked, knowing she was not in her room.<It wasn’t a dream> she thought as she turned around and saw Angel lying next to her on the bed and ran her hands through her hair. It had all seemed like a dream, every touch, every word, she felt.
<I kissed him> she thought, feeling guilty as she thought of Buffy. She would not believe it. She refused to. She crawled out of bed, making sure not to wake him. She raced out the door, and out the front door, to her house.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“Willow, where have you been?” Xander asked as he saw go up the stairs to her house. She turned around with a guilty look on her face.

“I was...I was...sending off my parents...you know..long plane trip...I went to the airport with them..right,” she replied, hoping he had not noticed that her parents had left last night.

“Good enough of an excuse to miss school. So how long your parents out this time for?” he asked as he walked up the path to her house.

“Two days. Business,” she replied quickly.

“Don’t worry, two days aren’t anything,” he told her trying to comfort her. He knew how she hated her parents traveling.

“Yeah good...well I should go in...,” she told him, panicking a bit.

“So did you want to go to the Bronze?”

“Sure...I should change first,” she told him.

“You look nice, come on,” he said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her with him.

She only hoped she didn’t see Buffy.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel awoke to an empty bed. He looked frantically around the house for her, but she was gone. He was not completely sure what had happened last night. If he was confused, he was sure Willow would be more. He looked at the watch on then nightstand, relieved to see it would only take ten minutes for the sun to set. He was not sure where to find her, but he was certain he needed to find her soon.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

As they sat all around the Bronze, Willow felt rather strange. It got worse when she saw Buffy. She had a guilt in her she had never experienced before. They remained at the Bronze, playing pool. Willow was beginning to feel a bit more relaxed until she saw Angel enter the club. She tensed up, wondering what he was doing there. He
seemed to be looking for someone. Buffy, she hoped, but wondered if it was for her. He came towards them and Willow looked away. He greeted Buffy, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Hi Angel”, Buffy said turning around and greeting him with a hug.

She placed her arms around him, as he looked at Willow, noticing she had not changed since that morning.

“Hi Willow,” he said hoping to get her attention.

“Hi,” she muffled, still looking attentively at Xander.

“Right pocket,” he called out.

He hit the ball, but it did not seem to have enough speed. Willow looked on, wishing it went in, that way he could keep playing and distracting everyone, including herself.

“Wow,” he declared, surprised the ball went in with ease. The rest had been easy.   He shoot balls into the holes effortlessly.

“Wow Xander, you might actually be getting good,” Buffy said surprised at his game.

“That or your cheating,” Cordelia told him.

Angel looked at Xander in surprise. There was no way half the shoots he took should have entered the pockets, unless he had help. He remained looking at Willow. She had not looked at him once since he had come in. He could sense she was nervous.  Nervous and a bit scared. He needed to talk to her, but was not sure how with everyone around.

Willow felt tired. Her head had began to hurt a bit. It had to be sleep, the lack of, she thought. The game soon ended, deciding her time to leave. She looked at Xander, then at Buffy, averting Angel’s gaze which seemed to have been on her since the moment he had arrived.

“Well got to go,” she said, surprising everyone, then turning to leave.

Xander grabbed her by the hand, halting her escape.

“It’s early,” he said, then leaned in closer, making sure no one heard him, but her.   “I know your sad about your parents leaving..”

“It’s O.K. Xander. I’m tired....didn’t sleep much,” she said out loud, blushing at the last comment.

She broke away from Xander and started heading for the exit.

“She shouldn’t go alone. I’ll walk her home,” Angel said quickly, pulling Buffy away from him and heading toward Willow.

Willow heard him and decided to change exits. <If only he could not see> she thought to herself. Then the lights went out. She thanked the miracle and changed directions and headed to the back door.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

<What does he want?>  she asked herself. She was confused. Every time she thought about what had happened with Angel she remembered fragments. Fragments she could not understand. It did not make sense. What was wrong with her? Why had she kissed him. Why had he been so willing? Then a name appeared. Victoria. Who
was Victoria? She shook her head. She was going crazy at last. <It was a matter of time> she joked to herself.

She was half way home and deep in her thoughts when a vampire surprised her, jumping from some bushes nearby. She jumped back in surprise and pushed him forward or so she thought. She saw him fall to the ground, but she remained where she had jumped to. She was scared and turned around, bumping right into Angel. She jumped back a bit and the same thing happened. Angel was pushed back and onto the ground. Willow looked on with disbelief. <What is happening?> she asked herself. Turning around, she noticed the vampire get back up. She just wanted for him to leave her alone and from no where the vampire was pushed far away. She didn’t understand. Her head throbbed.   <How?> she asked as she saw the vampire fly through the air. All she wanted
to do was go home. Go home and hide. <I had to go home> she thought as she began running, feeling extremely tired. She did not get very far when she heard her name, which was the last thing she heard before everything got dark.
Part 4

Angel sat next to her as she laid peacefully on his bed. He looked at her in astonishment. He would still feel the bruises from the push. He would never had thought she would be that strong. Then he saw what had happened to the other vampire making him as he remembered seeing the vampire fly through the air. She had turned out to be a
hidden flame, something no one saw, not even himself. He looked down at her, imagining the confusion she was most likely in. If he still could not understand what had happened he knew she was completely lost. He still did not understand what was happening, but somehow Willow knew something. He needed to know how it was that he knew about Victoria, about every detail...and seemed to feel every emotion. Victoria was a past he never spoke of. Never had spoken about. What she told him only two people knew.

It was true, he had heard the rumors of the villagers and even seen it first hand, but he had never completely believed her stories.

But what he had felt was Victoria for one last time. He did not think Willow capable of such torment. It was true, he did not know her well, but she treated him different. He had a sudden urge to caress her hair and before he realized it, he was.

He heard the doorbell and was hesitant to leave her. On the fifth ring, he went to see who it was.

Willow awoke to a throbbing headache. She was not sure where she was or what had happened. As soon as she opened her eyes she knew she was not at home, yet the room looked familiar to her, then she realized it was Angel’s. She quickly got up and heard voices outside the door. She peered out and saw Buffy and Angel talking. She had the sudden urgency to leave, but there were no windows. She went back out the hallway and moved carefully down. She tried the second door and found it locked. The third was another bedroom, identical to his. She kept moving and found a dead end She looked over the rail, trying to see if she would be able to jump. It was impossible. She headed back to the bedroom, never seeing the small hall table.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Buffy came to see what had happened to Willow. They had called her at home, but no one had answered. Angel told her he had taken her home and she had told him she was pretty tired and was going start to bed. He hated lieing to her, but he needed to find out what was happening. Before Angel could close the door, they heard a crash come from upstairs. Angel turned around and raced upstairs, Buffy at his heels.

Buffy gasped to see the intruder. It was Willow. She pushed past Angel and stood between them.

“You said you had taken her home,” she reminded Angel.

Before Angel could answer, Willow offered the explanation.

“I told him to tell you that.”


“I was...tired...sleepy..and you know about the nightmares...um..Xander was busy with Kim...you’re patrolling...I was scared to stay alone,” she told her as she looked at Angel then at her.

“This is the story?”

Angel was about to reply, but Willow cut him off.

“Buffy...I..I asked him as a friend to let me sleep here...Maybe with someone in the room..I could...I could deal with then more...You know I haven’t rested and Angel offered to help me...It was my fault... Don’t get mad at Angel for a favor...I..I asked for”,  she told her with a small smile, hoping that sounded truthful.

Buffy looked at Angel then Willow.

“We should get going,” Willow told her.

“O.k”, Buffy agreed, a bit apprehensive to believe what had happened.

Angel narrowed his eyes at Willow, knowing what she was doing.

“You can even stay with me. A girl’s night,” she told her hopeful.

“All right.”

“Thank you, Angel”, she told him, making sure not to look at him and walked pass him.

Buffy joined her, but not before she spoke a final word to him.

“We’ll talk later.”

He did nothing, but looked on as they left. Willow had successfully left without talking to him and managed for Buffy to protect her from him for the rest of night, while covering him with another lie. He smiled, he would have to get to know her better.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow was tucked into bed by her mother. Buffy only stayed for about two hours, until her parents came.

“Willow, I want you to wear this. It’s a present from your Aunt Melissa,” she told her as she placed it over her head.

“What is it?” she asked as she looked at it.

“It’s a good luck charm,” her mother told her.

“I need some,” she told her with a smile.

“If you have anymore nightmares, you come and wake me.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Now go to sleep. You have to get some sleep,” she told her as she kissed her on the forehead.

“Goodnight, Willow.”

“Goodnight, mom”.

She looked at her daughter as she closed her eyes. This would be the final step.  This would prove it. She had small hope it wasn’t her. She would know in a couple of days.

Willow didn’t fall asleep right away. She was restless. Her thoughts surrounded around Angel. What she had done? She felt guilty. Guilty about kissing her best friends boyfriend, but worse, liking it. She had even slept with him on a bed. Just the thought made her blush. The Bronze. She had been a nervous wreck. Then Angel had
followed her. She was sure he was looking for an explanation. How could she explain something she didn’t understand. She had pushed him. How, she didn’t know. It was a jumble of thoughts that ended in confusion. She knew she would have to talk to Angel, she just hoped it wouldn’t be soon.

She drifted off into a dreamless night.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

The crescent moon arrived and everyone gathered at the library once the sun set.  The best thing was to guard Buffy and prevent her from going outside. At least inside they would be able to control the situation or so they thought. They were all armed with stakes, and crosses all the while continuing to research, until Angel ran in,
placing them in attack mode. Everyone’s stake was pointed at him.

“It’s me,” he told them placing his hands up.

Everyone placed there stack down but Xander. Willow looked at him and grinned.


“Fine,” he replied disappointed as he put it away.

“Sorry,  we’re a little on the edge,” Giles told him.

“I found something,” he told them.

Everyone crowed around him. To their shock, he took out a golden arrow from his coat.

“I found this on my door this evening,” he told him.

Every remained silent.

“It carried a message,” he told them as he took out a note from his pocket and threw in on the table.

Giles picked it up.

“A present. A momento for the beloved departed.”

It didn’t sound good.

“Do you know who left it?” Giles asked.

“No, It was embedded in the door.”

“And were supposed to believe that?” Xander asked.

“It’s the truth.”

“How many times have you told us the “truth”?” he reminded him.

“Why would I come here if it wasn’t?” he asked him losing a bit of his patience.

“To get to Buffy. Close enough to kill her,” he accused him.

“I would never hurt Buffy,” he told him with a deadly look.

Both men looked at over to see why Buffy had intervened.

Buffy looked down, the slayer in her telling her not to trust him. Giles showed the similar interest at the floor. Angel couldn’t believe it. They didn’t believe him, the disbelief evident in his eyes.

“I see,” he muttered.
“I say we stake him,” Xander said happily.

Willow could not believe it. She looked at Xander and gave him a sharp look.

She quickly moved and stood in front of him.

“You’ll have to get through me,” she told him.

Xander looked at her surprised.

“Angel wouldn’t hurt Buffy or any of us. Why would he have helped us.” she told them in his defense.

Angel looked at the redhead in front of him in amazement. It seemed Willow was always defending him.

“To trick us. Will, he’s evil. Or have you forgotten about his past. We’ve read all about Angelus,” Xander told her.

“Angelus is the past. He wouldn’t hurt us. He’s proven his a friend, at least to me,”  she told him.

“She has a point,” Giles concluded. “I’ll hold on to the arrow.”

“But it was meant for Angelus,” a voice said.

They looked around but could not find the source.

“Long time no see, Angelus. Have you forgotten about your friends?” the voice mocked.

Angel knew who it was.

“You were always a coward Murius,” he yelled back.

A shadow appeared in back of Willow, grabbing her.

“Let her go,” Buffy screamed as she got up and was ready to attack.

Willow tried to break free, but would not.

“Let’s play a game,” it snickered as it completely appeared, then pulled Willow towards the door.

“Murius, let her go!,” Angel demanded.

“Pretty isn’t she?” he told him as his tongue licked her cheek.

She almost threw up as he continued pulling her down the hallway, gaining speed.

“I wonder how she’ll taste?” he mocked

He pulled her forward and headed to the door. He wasn’t strong enough to port to his lair with the girl, but he would, however run, as he began the race. Angel and Buffy ran after them, as Xander and Giles followed as they could.

Part 5 

 It was a maze through the sewers before they were able to catch up with Murius and Willow. They entered the glowing room prepared for the attack. He still had a hold on Willow, covering her mouth, muffling her screams.

“What do you want?” Buffy yelled, not sure how to help Willow.

“To join me in my feast,” it told her as the cement door closed behind them, trapping them inside.

“All I need is your soul and it’s complete,” he told her. “She’s an extra treat.”

“You won’t get away with this”, Angel told him.

“I think I will,” he told him as he held out his arm and shot an arrow at Buffy. It missed as they scattered around the room.

“If you want me, come after me,” Buffy told him.

“Oh, I will.”

He pulled up his arm once more and shot at her, hitting the wall. He was too distracted by Buffy to feel Willow open her mouth wide. He did, however, feel the bite in its fingers. It shrieked in pain, letting his hold loosen. She began to kick and punch as best she could and fell out of his hold.

Buffy saw the opportunity and went for it. She jumped on the demons back, stabbing it with a stake she had. His arms extended, shooting arrows everywhere. Willow was too late in ducking as one headed towards her. To her surprise she was pushed hard and hit the floor, hitting her head. She looked at who had pushed her and saw the arrow enter Angel in the middle of the chest. She screamed as she saw him fall to the floor.

Buffy heard the scream and was distracted for a moment. Just the moment the demon needed to pulled Buffy off him and throw her across the room ramming her into a wall. Her limp body fell to the floor, next to Willow. The demon smirked to  see both his preys together.

“You will pay,” he told her.

Willow stood up, blocking him from Buffy. She had an anger and energy in her she had never felt before.

“No, you will,” she replied in a deadly tone.

The demon laughed and slowly pointed his arm at her. She did not back away, nor did she hear her name called. She concentrated on his arm. He let go of the golden arrow, as Willow remained eerily calm. She waited for it then closed her eyes and caught it between the palm of her hands. She opened them once more, then threw the arrow back at the demon, hitting it in the middle of the head. It howled in pain as the fire consumed it alive. Then the demon disappeared. Willow came out of her trance and looked around to find Buffy lying lifeless on the floor. She would see the bruise on her head, and looked for a pulse. It was there.

<Angel> she thought. She saw him on the floor, blood spilling onto the ground, the arrow gone through him.


She rushed to him, cradling him in her arms. He refused to respond. She shook him, hoping he would wake up. He remained still as tears sprang to her eyes. He had saved her, pushing her and accepting her fate. She never would have survived the hit she realized as the tears began to fall.

“What can I do?” she screamed to herself.

How could she save him and Buffy? <Giles, Xander.> <The door> she thought.  She could not be able to open it.

Blood. That was what Angel needed. Vampires heal, but they need blood. She owed it to him. She looked around for something sharp, but found none. She searched in Angel’s pockets and found a small pocket knife.

“Don’t die,” she pleaded as she wiped away tears.

She unfolded the knife and looked at the sharp blade, then at her wrist. <He didn’t think twice about saving me> she thought, then felt the blade slice her skin. She screamed out in pain, then placed her wrist at Angel’s mouth. There was no response.

“Damn it.”

She opened his mouth with her other hand and dipped her finger in her blood then placed it in on his tongue. She felt it move. She moved her wrist back to his mouth and soon felt his mouth begin to move slowly. It began to suck slowly, slowly quicking.

<Enough for him to live> she thought. Sensations ran throughout her body.  The initial pain was soon being replaced with a pleasure she had never felt. She grabbed his hair as he sucked harder. She began to pull her wrist away from his mouth, but was stopped by the grip of his hand. She didn’t protest.

Angel slowly came to. His eyes lazily opened, as pleasurable sensations washed his body. They were soon replaced by buckets of guilt as he realized he was drinking from someone. He reluctantly pulled the wrist from his mouth and looked up to see Willow.  Her eyes were clutched close and lips parted. Her small cries were not that
of fright and disgust, but of pleasure and desire. Angel fought for control. To fight the urge of kissing her. To taste the sweet lips that beckoned him. Even in his weak state, he was aroused.  Aroused by the blood that now ran through his veins as well as the look of desire on her face.

“Willow,” he said softly.

Willow awoke from the cloud she was on and looked down to see Angel staring at her. She blushed a bright red as she pulled her hand away from his hair.

“Do you need more?” she asked him.

<More?> then realized what it was that she was offering.

“No..no..it was more then I should have taken,” he replied.

“You still look weak,” she told him concerned as she offered her wrist to him.

It was tempting. She was too tempting.

“I’ll be fine. Are you O.K.?” he asked concerned.

“A bit lightheaded.”

“Buffy?” he asked remembering what had happened.

“Alive. She hit her head on the wall.”






“I DON’T KNOW. I CAN’T SEE A SWITCH,” she yelled looking around the room.



She looked at her wrist which was still bleeding a bit.

“Help me sit?” he asked her as he started pulling himself.

She gave him a push, helping him sit up. He tore a piece of his shirt and carefully took Willow’s wrist and bandaged it. Her head began to hurt, as her eyes tried to remain focused.

“Willow, open the door,” he told her.

She looked at him surprised.


“You can open it.”

“There’s no switch,” she informed him.

“You can.”

She looked at him confused.

“Concentrate on the door. Think it open.”

“I can’t...” she began to protest.

“Yes you can. Close your eyes. Think it open,” he told her as he placed his hand in hers.

She could not.

“Just do it,” he encouraged her.

“Angel, I can’t do that. It won’t do anything.”

“Humor me.”

She looked at him crazy.


She did as he asked. She closed her eyes then visualized the door. If only she could open it she thought. She visualized it open and even thought it heard like it. Her head began to throb then opened her eyes and saw the door slowly open.

“How the hell?” Xander asked as he saw it open.

Willow felt dizzy and soon fell back, landing in Angel’s arms.

“How?” she whispered.

Angel looked down at her amazed. Giles and Xander rushed over to Buffy andmade sure she was fine. They found a pulse happily. They rushed over to see Willow who was close to losing consciousness, but fought to cling to it. She would not make out what it was that Giles was asking her, but Xander soon caught sight of her wrist.  She only heard pieces of words being said.

“Bit her.....stake.......monster......blood”.
“I feed him....I feed him....I did..”, her final words revealed as she drifted off into the dark.
Part 6

Willow could hear the yelling. She thought she had entered into the nightmares that haunted her, but then heard the familiar voices. She was too weak to open her eyes.

“What happened?” Giles asked impatiently.

“I pushed Willow out of the way. The arrow went through me. I passed out, then the next thing I knew I was drinking from her.”

“You bastard you bit her,” Xander lashed out as he grabbed a stake.

“I would never hurt her,” he yelled at him.

“Willow would never do anything like that. Why would she want to save you?”  Xander asked ready to attack.

“I don’t know..... but she did.”

“I don’t believe him. Willow shrieks at the sight of blood. She’d never slice her wrist. Dead boy’s lying. He bit her!” he yelled as he advanced towards him.

Giles pulled him back.

“We can’t be for certain, the slash seems to be self-inflicted,” he told him sternly.

“I’d never hurt her,” he told them angrily

Everything inside of him was a jumble. He would still feel Willow’s blood intoxicating him. He was hungry, hurt and pleading to keep his life. Having a bit of trouble controlling the demon was an understatement.

Buffy felt she like she had hit a bus head on, but more correctly it was a very solid wall. She had a huge bump on her forehead, swelling more by the second. She didn’t know what to think.

“What happened Buffy?,” Giles asked, hoping she would have an answer to this delicate problem.

“I can’t remember. If only this damn headache would stop,” she growled.

“She helped me,” he told them as he looked at her on the library table.

“Just say it, you didn’t want to die so you grabbed her and bit her, because you knew she wouldn’t be able to stop you, you bastard. You should have died.”

It was all Angel would take. He was about to attack Xander when Buffy stood in front of him, stopping him. He looked down at her eyes and what he saw cut him deeper then anything.

“Dammit, Angel, did you bite her?” she demanded.

He looked at her in disbelief.

“No..... I never bit her,” he told her.

“Or sliced her wrist right?” Xander asked sarcastically.
Angel gave up. He was too tired. Buffy had broken something in him, wounding him deeper then staking him. He slumped down into a chair, looking down into his hands.

Buffy, Giles, and Xander had condemned him. His final expression was enough to strengthen their believes of his guilt. Giles loosened his tight hold on Xander.

Willow had to open her eyes. She heard the voices mute and her blood froze. She began to grab onto the boat that seemed to float slowly back to reality.

She stirred and called out softly.


Everyone turned to Willow and soon rushed over to her, everyone, but Angel.

“Are you all right?” Giles asked.

Willow blinked several times trying to focus on the person in front of her.

“Willow, can you hear us?” Buffy asked.

“Angel?” her voice louder.

As he heard his name for the second time he rushed over to her.

“Willow,” he said with a concern look, splashed with guilt.

“Fine. Good. How are you?” she asked, ignoring everyone else.

“Thank you,” with a tenderness in his voice she had never heard before.

“Enough?” she asked him sensing he was still weak.

He looked tired and paled, combinations that scared her.

“What?” Giles asked.

Willow ignored his question as well as everyone else’s and soon saw the shocked faces of everyone around her. She pulled herself up, climbing off the table.

“Take me home?” she asked him.

“I don’t think...,” he began to say.

“Please?” she pleaded.

“O.K.,” he replied with a small smile, completely taken back by her.

“WILLOW!” they all screamed in unison.

“He never touched me. I wanted to feed him. It was my decision and my alone. I saved my friend and if I need to I’ll do it again,” she told them over her shoulder as she  took his hand and walked toward the door with him.

She left them with their mouths wide open and too shocked to move. She left with Angel without looking back, and meaning every word of it, never knowing how soon again she would have to.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Angel was too weak to walk. In only the block they had walked, Angel was leaning on Willow for support. He had lost a lot of blood back at the cave.   One of the reasons she had asked him to take her home was for him to be able to leave.  He had stayed there when he should have left to recover or they had kept him there.  She feared he
might die. A tear slipped down her face. She stopped and changed directions to a secluded tree on the block. Angel looked confused. She sat him down under the tree as she sat next to him.

“Your weak, too weak,” she told him worried.

“I’ll be fine,” he told her, hoping she didn’t know he was lying.

“You won’t if you don’t drink. I know you won’t hurt anyone, but if you wait any longer, I don’t think you’ll make it,” her voice strained.

He looked at her shocked to the core. She seemed to be having that reaction in everyone tonight.

“Just enough for you to make it home, Angel. You might not make it if you don’t,” she told him as she began to take off the bandage from her hand.

She moved in front of him, straddling his legs. She did not want anyone to see them and see what she was offering. This way both of them would be safe.

“Willow, no”, he said as he looked at what she was doing.

“Just enough,” she said as she pulled off the scrape.

She cried out a bit in  pain as she it began to bleed.

“No, Willow, no”, he said, trying as hard as possible to fight the urge.

She moved her wrist up to his mouth. Offering it to him with tenderness in her eyes.

“It’s O.K., Angel. I want you to live,” she told him as another tear fell.

That was more then the push he needed. He took her wrist and began to suck on it lightly, slowing deepening. He tried to make it as pleasurable for her as he would.  He did not want her to feel any pain because of him.

He was succeeding. Willow’s small whimpers and moans of delight and desire would not be stopped. Her body arched into him slightly she rocked herself  on his staining pride.

The taste of her was delicious. She tasted so sweet, so warm. He did not want to let her go. He would taste the fire in her and it took him to a higher level. Such pleasure he had never experienced from just a taste. He would only imagine how the rest would belike. He groaned and slowly stopped sucking, but unable to lick off the small drops around the cut. He looked up at her seeing her parted lips and closed eyes. He couldn’t resist. He pulled her lips onto his. Willow did not resist, instead leaned deeper into him.

He needed more, wanted more. His lips parted, his tongue seeking access.

“Open my sweet,” he pleaded.
She complied and opened the nectar he seeked.

It was too much for Willow. She had never kissed anyone like this. Never. New emotions, uncontrollable ones ravenged her. She yearned, craved.

“Give me your tongue,” he becocked in her mouth.

She haply supplied. Awkward at first, but soon met his thrusts. She could taste hints of her blood, it didn’t bother her, only arouse her more. Her body seemed to call out to him everywhere. His own responding to hers. It took all his self-control not to rip off her clothes and take her there.

Then Willow and Angel remembered she had to breath. He retreated from her reluctantly. Willow gasped for air. Her eyes becoming heavy. She laid her  head on his shoulder, placing a kiss on his neck, then slowing falling into sleep. He caressed her hair, cradling her, her kiss sending a shiver of delight through him. He had taken enough,
making sure not to drain her. He kissed her hair, thanking her. They would talk tomorrow.  He carried her to her house, entering through the French doors that had once invited him in. He laid her on the bed, making sure she was nicely tucked in. He stepped back and looked at her lovely face. <She’s amazing> he thought and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Until tomorrow.”

Then he was gone.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow thrashed in her bed. She clung to the bed sheets as small moans escaped her mouth. Sweat covered her body. She felt each touch, every kiss. It was mesmerizing.  He was so talented, skillful, careful. She wanted more, waited, needed, arched.

It was Angel. On top of her, the wet black silk sheet below her. He kissed her, capturing her breast in his hand and squeezing it roughly, then softly. Her hardened nipples grazing his chest. Her hands were all over his body, wanting to touch everything. Her hand trailing down under... and she felt it. So hard, smooth, big. She felt the length of it, Angel’s mouth never leaving hers. He bit her lower lip a bit, sucking on it lightly. Her nails marking his back as she felt the painful, but pleasurable bit on her lip. She wanted more.  Her hips thrusted forward, letting him she was ready. His hand traveled to her core, his finger teasing her clit. Her moans grew as she arched toward his skillful  hand. He let go of her mouth reluctantly and moved his hand to his mouth, licking her juices away.

“So sweet.”

Willow almost died as her hips once more thrusted to his. She spread her legs, begging him in. He claimed her mouth once more and positioned himself, ready to enter. In one single thrust, he entered her. He muffled her cries of pain as he waited for her to adjust. His hand traveled down, fingering her maddening. He slowly moved in
her, his hands cupping her cheeks, teaching her the ancient rhythm, meeting his thrust with her own. The pain was soon replaced by pleasure. Her moans turning to screams of delight, chanting his name as she felt herself tighten and build. She was on fire ready to explode.   Their bodies rocked in urgency, becoming quicker and rougher. She tore her lips from his, knowing it was coming soon.

“Angel, please, do it. Do it”, she panted as she tilted her head back.

He smiled at her request.

“ANGEL!” she screamed reaching her release.

He joined her a second later, biting her neck, increasing them to a much higher satisfaction.

Willow fell out of the bed and out of the dream, landing on the floor. She tried to regain her normal breathing, but found it too hard. The marvelous sensations still overwhelming her.

Her mother rushed in, switching on the light, rushing to her daughter on the floor.

“Willow..Willow what’s wrong?” she asked frightened.

Willow tried to breath and speak.

“I’m.....I.......I’m...ok....,” she told her turning bright red.

“What happened?” she asked as she looked over to the bed and saw the bed sheets and comforter wrestled off, as well as the sweat covering her face.

“Another nightmare?” she asked her.

“No....no nightmare....I was coming...”

She then slapped her hand over her mouth, turning a deeper red. She could not believe she had just said that.

“Coming where?” she asked confused.

Willow’s eyes grew wider.

“Coming...down a hill...I fell...off a hill..yeah..like when I fell off the tree...yeah like the tree...tree,” she told her.

“No nightmare then?” she asked a bit disappointed.


“Let’s get you back into bed.”

Willow complied, feeling rather lightheaded and strangely happy and satisfied, making her face remain red as they re-did her bed.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“WILLOW!” he screamed out as he sat up in bed, his eyes wide open.

He looked around him, wondering, and perhaps wishing, she was there. To his disappoint she was not. He shook off the fogginess and fell back onto the bed. His covers lay on the floor scattered, the black silk sheet torn. He looked up at the ceiling, still feeling her sensations run through him. It was wonderful. He closed his eyes, still
able to hear her cries of desire and fulfillment. He could still taste the sweetness and warmth of her blood
intoxicating him.

It felt so real. He felt her, tasted her, entered her, possessed her, claimed her. He would feel each thrust, each scratch. He held her, touched her. He felt her body against his, her desire, her want. And he had felt her hands, those delicate and soft hands over his aching body. It was so strong, so real.

He had bit her as he had wanted, as she had too. It was magical. His thoughts returned to the past hours. The taste of her lips. She was so willing, so trusting. He closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep, feeling her close, moving into her waiting arms, feeling her against him once again.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow had fallen back to sleep, returning back to Angel’s embrace. The rest of the night had been delightful and peaceful. Since it was Saturday her mother let her sleep as long as she liked.

The phone woke her up around nine. She could hear her mother in the hallway.

“I’m sorry, but she’s still asleep. She’s fine, just tired. I’ll let her know you called once she wakes up. I’ll also give her the other messages you left. Yes. Yes. All right. Good bye.”

Willow remained still. She knew who it had to be. Last night came back to her in flashes. The library...the demon...Angel...an arrow....slicing her wrist....the door...pain....passing out and waking up at the library...Angel......under the tree....the kiss....a dream...what a night. She pulled off the new covers and reached
for the phone.

“Hello?” she asked, not sure what she was doing. To her surprise there was a person the other end.

“Willow?” he asked not sure.

“How?...” she asked already knowing who it was.

“What?” he said as he realized he had heard no rings.

“I just grabbed the phone..” she said, trying to explain it to herself.

“I need to talk to you,” he told her.


“Can you come over? I would come over if I would, but the sun thing.”


“Please?” he asked knowing she had doubts.

She could hear the worry in his voice.

“Okay...” she replied lowly.

“Thank you. How are you?” he asked concerned.


“I’ll take that as okay,” he chuckled.



She laughed.

“How soon will you be here?”

“An hour. Why?”

“Wanted to tidy up for you.”

She chuckled, wondering if it was the apartment or him.

“Good ‘cause I’m about to jump in the shower for you,” she said then covered her mouth, embarrassed.

“I’m honored,” he said in a sexy voice <It’s a shame I’m not there> he thought.

He had to compose himself.

“Willow, I need to talk to you before you talk to anyone else.”

“I haven’t spoke with anyone else.”

“I know, you just woke up.”

“But how...?” she began to ask, but was cut off.

“Remember, in an hour. I’ll be waiting. The door will be open. I have to go, Willow. See you in an hour, Bye.”

Then the line went dead. She was left staring at it.

“Willow..are you awake honey?” she asked coming into the room.

“Just woke up,” she told her rushing to put the phone back.

“Well I’ve been busy. Twelve calls for you just this morning. Buffy called you four times. Mr. Giles, the librarian, called you five. Something about a book return and Xander called three times, even came over once. You seem rather popular.”

“Homework..book..more homework?” she tried to explain.

“I have to go out, but I’ll be back soon.”

“No problem”.
She smiled and placed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead then left.

Willow jumped up and headed to the shower. She had too many things to think about, but she knew it was time to talk to Angel. She knew he knew something. It was time to face her actions.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Angel felt bad about hanging up on her, but there was no other way. How would he explain that he knew she had just woken up.

“I felt you leave my arms and bed,” he said as he hung up the phone.

That was the only reason he had woken up. He had felt her in his arms, then leave.  It was crazy, he thought. Too crazy. <I need a shower>, then felt how nice it would be if Willow could join him.