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Continuation of part 4......

Willow wasn’t sure if she was in a dream or a nightmare. She walked up to the podium at history class with applause. As she began her second part speech, she noticed just how attentive the class, well the male part. Once she began, she nearly fainted as the male population of the class shushed Cordelia before she would complete her derogatory comment, even receiving a warning on behavior from the teacher.

“Please continue,” the middle aged man urged on.

Willow turned her attention back to the class, by the end, receiving a round of applause for her performance. She left the class with two notes in hand, asking her to the Charity dance. She walked to her usual bench, dreading what was to come. She had managed to allude Buffy all morning, but knew she couldn’t continue to hide.   She sat on her usual bench and took out her lunch. To her surprise it was Owen who met up with her and not Buffy.

“Hi, Willow.”

“Hi, Owen,” she replied a bit surprised to see him seating with her, in public.

“Did everything go well last night in the morgue?” he asked softly, leaning closer to her.

“Yeah. Giles asked for us all to meet at the library after class. He wants us to do some research on what ever creature is killing all these girls.”

“I can come if you want.”

“You really don’t have to Owen.....”

“I’m sure you guy’s might need the help and I’m available...”

Willow smiled and thanked him.

“I have to get to class, but I’ll meet you in the library right after class, unless you want to meet at your locker..?”

Before Willow could answer, Buffy joined them.

“Hi, Owen, hi, Willow.”

“Hi, Buffy. Well I gotta get to class. See you after school.”

Owen left leaving the two girls alone.

“What was that all about?” she asked.

“Owen said he’d help us in the library.”

“That was so sweet.”

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy.”

“Talking about nice guys, you never did mention if Angel talked about me?”

Willow began to fidget around, not sure what to say.

“He did ask if Owen was taking you the Charity Ball..” she said with a weary smile.

“Really? What did you say?”

“That you were, right?”

“I’m still going with Owen. It’s too late to change plans. Did he look jealous?”

“Jealous?.....um.... you know.... he doesn’t show a lot of emotion...” she tried to reason.

“That’s true. What I’d give for him to see me dance the night away with Owen.”

Willow started to nervously laugh hoping she didn’t suspect that Angel had asked her. Buffy suddenly smiled, a plan forming in her mind.

“Why don’t you take him to the ball?”


“Come on, Willow. We’re best buds. I just want to know if he likes me.”

“Why don’t you just ask him?”

“I could, but I don’t want him to disappear on me or be freaked out each time we had to see each other.”

“Buffy.....I don’t know... I don’t even have a dress... or anything...”

“I’m sure you can find something to wear or rent something. Please for me?”


“You can ask him to go with you. The worse thing he’ll say is no.”



“Fine.... I’ll do what I can..”

“Thank you!”

Buffy hugged her, making her feel worse then before.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow walked to her locker alone thankful that classes were finally over. The entire day had been too weird for her. She unlocked the door to her locker and was surprised to see a small box on her lower shelf. She looked around for a moment then took the small envelope from the shelf and discovered a long blue box behind it. She
immediately took the box and opened it, revealing a beautiful silver bangle etched with different symbols all around. She placed it back inside the locker and opened the note which was elegantly written in Calligraphy.

Sweet one for whom I have long sighed,
O cast one loving glance on me!
Though all the world shall frown beside,
Thy love alone my crown shall be;

She smiled and looked back at the bangle, then inspected the note further, but found no name. So lost in her thoughts she never saw Amy next to her.


“Huh?.... Oh, Amy....”

“Where were you?”


“Wow, is that yours?” she asked as she eyed the shiny bangle.

“I think so..”

“You think so?”

“I found it in my locker with a note.”

“Good,” she replied with a smile.

“It’s even weirder, I got asked to the Charity Ball by three people today.”

“I’m so happy for you,” she told her genuinely.


“You don’t sound too happy.”

“It’s just.... you have to promise not to tell anyone..”


“Angel asked me to go with him.”

“Go where?”

“The Ball.”

“No?!” she asked surprised.

“And during lunch Buffy asked me to ask Angel to go with me so that he would see her with Owen. This day can’t get any weirder.”

Amy couldn’t help but smile.

“Come on Aphrodite, Giles is waiting for everyone in the library.”

Willow put her books away, thankful that none of her teachers had given her homework due to the ball.

“Aren’t you going to put it on?”

Willow looked at it once more, then smiled.

“I shouldn’t...”

“Someone gave it to you so you could wear it,” she commented.

She took the bangle out of the box and placed it on her wrist, surprised to see a clasp on it.

“Let’s go.”

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow skimmed through the row of books on the shelves, deciding which would be the best to read. They had researched for at least three hours, no one able to find any more information on the monster who was responsible for the murders.

The bracelet shined against the remaining sun’s rays which were rapidly disappearing. She didn’t mean to, but the bracelet always managed to grab her attention, it was the prettiest gift she had ever been given in her life. Not even her parents’ gifts were that thoughtful.

She was about ready to head back down when a hand reached from behind her and took a hold of her hand. She quickly turned around, holding her breath as she saw who it was.

“Hello Willow.”

“Hi, Angel.... you scared me,” she confessed.

“I never want you to feel scared around me, ever. I’d never hurt you.”

“I know. I meant you surprised me,” she corrected herself.

“Should always keep an eyes open around you,” he scolded a bit.

“Promise I will now,” she replied with a small smile.

“If not, then I’d have to be around you all the time,” he told her in a rather low tone that sent a chill down her spine.

“Um.... well... okay......” she managed to say.

“Willow!”, Buffy yelled out from below.

“Come on,” Angel told her as he pulled her down the stairs where they were greeted with a mixed reaction.

“Hello, Angel. What do we owe to for you presence.”

“Rupert, just thought you might need my help,” he replied as he pulled out a chair for Willow.

“I don’t remember calling him,” Xander added.

“Thanks for coming,” Buffy expressed happily.

He took a rather close seat to Willow, making her heart beat race.

“Well then, if our suspicions are correct, the demon will most likely attack someone at the Charity Ball. We all need to be alert for something out of the ordinary, keep out eyes open. We could be wrong, he may not need to feed for at least another night, but we need to make sure we pay attention.”

“Sounds cool. I can take Willow,” Xander volunteered casually.

“Well.... I....” Willow began but was cut off by Buffy.

“I thought you asked Jade?”

“I did... but she’ll understand...”

“We can’t have anyone suspicious about our plan, or of Buffy’s identity. I think the best thing to do is keep your currents plans and I shall escort her..”

“Or she can come with me....” Owen added then looked to find Buffy starring at him.

“.... and Buffy of course... we can all go together as a group..”

“Then she can come with us..” Jesse volunteered.

Willow tried to add her comments, but kept getting shadowed.

“I still believe the best option is for her to come with me.. it would be much safer as well...” Giles protested.

“That won’t be necessary,” Angel interjected, shifting everyone’s attention to him.

“Willow already has a date,” he complied.

“And that would be...?” Xander asked.

Willow gave them a weary smile and answered:


Xander growled, Buffy gasped, Owen frowned, Amy giggled, Jesse nodded, Giles scuffed.

And Angel simply smiled.