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In the Air

Angel was dreaming.  He'd had this dream before.  He was flying, soaring over the green valleys of Ireland. It was beautiful, just like he remembered it.  And the sunlight...the sunlight was dazzling.  Its
warmth beat down on him filling him with inexpressible joy.  The dream, the best one he'd ever had.

Something was different.  He felt a pressure on his hand.  Angel looked over. It was Willow, next to him, laughing in delight as they floated over the trees.  She pulled close to him, kissing him, rubbing against him in a fashion that was not discreet in the daylight.  He responded, taking her in his arms, filling her.  They were on the grass now, revelling in their nakedness.  Angel came, thrusting into her with a groan. "Willow"

He woke up, disoriented from the dream and the unfamiliar surroundings. Willow was lying on the bed next to him, her head resting on his stomach.  Angel was slightly taken aback.

"Willow, did you just..."

"Nice way to wake up, wasn't it?"

Angel laughed, "Better than an alarm clock." He looked over at the drawn curtain. "The sun's not down, yet?"

"About another fifteen minutes.  Thought I'd wake you up a little early."  She moved, snuggling against him.  "We won't have another night together like this one for a month. Didn't want to
waste it."

Angel sniffed the air, "Are you cooking something."

Willow grinned, "It's a surprise. Don't ask, you'll love it."

"Willow, I don't eat... I can, but it's not..."

"Ssh.  Trust me.  I know you don't eat human food.  I mean, you could eat a human for food, but you don't eat people food, like hamburgers and Twinkies and stuff.  But, this is different."

Angel knew she was trying to please him, following that age-old adage of the way to a man's heart.  He'd eat whatever she wanted to please her.

"Willow, I need to go out for awhile.  I need clothes, and... blood, and I'm going to talk to Buffy."

Willow stiffened, "Why are you going to talk to Buffy?"

"I'm going to set up a meeting with her the night after tomorrow.  I'm going to break things off, just like you're going to do with Oz."

Willow relaxed, "That's okay then.  Do you think they'll be suspicious if we both do it the same night?"

"I'm not really worried about it. It's not like they share a lot. Besides, it'll be easier on Buffy if she can cry in her coffee while you're going through a break up, too.  I know you care for her, I do too.  Let's make this as painless as possible."

Willow was running her hands over his stomach, making the muscles tense as his body responded to her touch.  The cycle was in full force, making her fingers feel like fire on his body.  It would be hard to leave her, even for a short while.

"I talked to Giles the other day, little girl.  About the obsession."

Willow's hand was making lazy, ever-widening circles on his abdomen.

"And what did Giles have to say.  It couldn't have been too important, or he would have told me himself."

"I wanted to tell you.  He found a reference to the obsession.  There apparently is one way for it to end."

"I'm not particularly interested in having this end at the moment. But, go ahead and tell me."

"One of us has to die for it to end." Angel hesitated, seeing the horrified look on her face. "It's very traumatic for the survivor, probably leading to a suicide."

Willow stuttered, "I... I'll take a pass on that one.  We'll wait and see if Giles comes up with something else."

Willow resumed her earlier activity, lowering her hand, drawing circles around his groin.

"Willow, I can't leave yet.  Do you want me to...?

Willow abruptly straddled him; "Does that answer your question?"

Willow was puttering in the kitchen, setting out the plates and silverware for dinner.  Everything was ready. She just needed Angel now.  Today had been an interesting day.  She'd slept late.  They had stayed up most of the night, making love and watching videos, finally falling asleep just before dawn.
The phone had rang at noon.  Oz had wanted to know how she was feeling.  Truth be told she had felt fine, until he called.  It was only a little lie to tell him that she didn't feel right, and was planning to stay in.  He'd understood.  He always understood.  The night after tomorrow was going to be rough, for everyone.  Willow was glad for tonight.  Tonight she could give in to the passion, and not worry about who was hurting.  Next week, though, everything would be different.

She opened a drawer.  There, that was what she was looking for.  She pulled the large knife out, looking at the blade glint in the bright light of the kitchen. She thought briefly about what Angel had told her and shuddered.  Willow felt the tip of the blade.  Sharp.  Good.  She laid it on the counter, and walked into the dining room, taking the table settings with her.  She set the table carefully, the correct way, using their best tablecloth, like her mother had shown her when she was only eight years old.  She lit the candles and turned off the light. She looked over the table.  It was perfect.  She walked back to the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath, she picked up the knife on the counter, testing the edge with her index finger.   Ouch.  Definitely sharp.  She held her hand out over the kitchen sink, and before she had time to change her mind, ran the knife over the flesh.  The sting brought tears to her eyes.  She'd known she could do it, she could do anything for Angel.

Angel knocked on the door.  He stood waiting, thinking about his conversation with Buffy. She had not been pleased that he wasn't going to patrol with her.  The 'date' they had for the night after next had pacified her.  She'd kissed him goodnight.  It was a sweet kiss, full of hope, on Buffy's part.  All Angel could think of was returning to Willow.

The door opened.  Willow stood in the entryway.  God, she looked beautiful!  She moved to one side to allow him to enter.  He did, softly fingering the material of her dark green silk dress as he passed her.  She shut the door and was in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and showering him with urgent kisses. Angel let the bag he was holding drop to the floor and returned her passion, pressing her back against the wall.  Willow finally pushed him away.

"C'mon, dinner's waiting.  Eat first, sex later."

Angel retrieved the bag, thankful that nothing has spilled. "I need to put this in the refrigerator for later."

Willow took the bag from him and went into the kitchen.  She returned shortly and led him into the dining room.

Angel looked around.  The table was immaculately set.  China, silver, wine and water goblets.  She motioned for him to sit in a chair.

"I think you're going to like this. At least I hope you will."

Willow took their plates and headed for the kitchen.  She came back, smiling, set her plate down, then his.

"It's prime rib.  Yours is rare.  Mine's medium."  She looked at him waiting for his approval.

Angel picked up the knife and fork, cut off a small piece and put it in his mouth.  Chewing felt odd.  But, it was good, really good. The blood was warm in his throat.

He swallowed, "I like it Willow. Thank you."

Willow relaxed and cut into her own dinner. "I know it's not something you can do all the time, but I thought it might be nice, for a change."

They ate in silence for a moment. The only sound was the clink of silverware and the music that Willow had put in the CD player earlier.

Angel reached for his glass of wine, taking a sip.  It was a Merlot, but there was something else.

He reached over and stayed Willow's hand, removing the knife and turning the palm up.  There was a bandage on it.

Angel was slightly angry.  "Willow, why did you do that?  I don't want you to ever hurt yourself like that again.  Not for me, not for anyone." He raised her palm to his lips and placed a kiss on the

"It didn't hurt that much.  And it's only a little blood mixed in.  I just wanted you to enjoy this."

Angel shook his head at her. "Don't do it again."

"I won't. I promise."

Angel nodded, "Little girl, I'm not like other men.  I'm a vampire. You don't need to try and win me over by cooking for me.  It's sweet and I appreciate it, but you are already doing enough to make me happy.  And food is not what I have an appetite for when it comes to you. Okay?"

Willow blushed. "Okay."

They finished the meal in silence.  Willow stood to clear the table. Angel rose and helped her.  They carried the dishes to the kitchen and went back to the dining room to remove the tablecloth.  When they had finished, Angel grabbed Willow's arm and turned her towards him.

"Dinner's over. I want dessert. Now."

"Anything in particular?"

"Willow, I like that dress.  It looks good on you.  It'll look better on the floor."

Willow slowly unbuttoned the dress, letting it fall off her shoulders and onto the floor.  She stepped towards him, helping him take off the clothes he was already shedding.  They stood naked in the dining room.

Willow asked, "Do you want to go upstairs?"

"No, I told you, I want dessert."

Willow was titillated at the thought of making love in her family's dining room. She was also excited beyond belief.  Angel had barely touched her and she was already trembling with anticipation.   The thought that he would take her anyway, whether she consented or not was also a deliciously sinful thrill. She wanted him to take her, to own her.

Angel seemed to sense her need. He grabbed her and pulled her against him.  He held her face in his hands and kissed her passionately, with only a hint of the gentleness she knew he was capable of.  Willow raked her nails down his back, goading him to go further.  He squeezed her ass, pushing his cock up against her, rubbing it against her belly.  Willow responded by arching against him and pulling his head down to her breasts. He bit down, hard enough to leave a mark, soft enough to
make her moan, and began swirling his tongue around the nipple. She held him there with one hand, grasped his hardness with the other, and began to pump him roughly.  He shuddered and turned his attentions toward the other breast.

Willow pushed him away and moved over to the table. The wood was cold against her as she hopped on to it.  He moved to her, trying to position himself between her legs.  She clamped them together tightly.  The music from the stereo seemed to get louder.

"You wanted a challenge that's calling you higher
I landed on my feet by crawling
I remember standing alone trying to forget you idling
I hate to admit that that's my reference point but there it is
You say you want me
I'm what you found I'm upside down
You're in the air
You're in the air
And I'm breathing"

Angel ran his hand the length of her thighs, trying to gently pry them apart.  Willow would have none of it.  She pressed her legs shut.

"Brighten the stars
The weather is lifting the heavens
Love a love like this
It's pulling you higher
Twist it and turn this around its lights
From within it dribbles your chin
Now brings a smile
I'm lost again
I'm lost again
I'm what you found I'm upside down
You're in the air
You're in the air
And I'm breathing
Angel looked at her, his eyes full of urgency.  "Willow...please." She shook her head and ran her fingers over his nipples twisting them. He tried again to ease her legs apart.  She held them together.  Angel couldn't stand it anymore, he tightened his grip and yanked her legs apart. He moved between her legs, thrust into her, burying his cock inside her wet warmth. He held her ass firmly in his hands, denying her any movement of her own. Willow moaned his name, "Angel."  This was what she wanted. She wanted him to take her.  She wanted to look in the mirror next week and still see the bruises he was leaving on her body.
"I want the stars to know they've won if only to beguile
The sky has opened up again in heaven reconciled
I want you naked I want you wild
I want the stars to know they win
Give me that smile just give it me
Just turn it on I is lost again
I'm what you found I'm upside down
You're in the air
I'm what you found
I'm upside down
You're in the air
I'm what you found
I'm upside down
You're everywhere
You're in the air and I'm breathing you."
Willow pushed against him and clawed his back, leaving marks of her own. Angel was thrusting harder, sliding in and out of her. She was slick and hot. Her nails in his back sent him spinning, he morphed and bit down into her neck,drinking from her.  Willow was turning inside out, clenching and unclenching on him.  She came, her head pounding, screaming a loud, "Oh, oh."

Angel pumped into her furiously, feeling his own release nearing.  He gripped her back and came, feeling his seed spurt into her.  He threw his head back and roared.  There was no other way to describe the sound coming from his body.

Willow clutched him to her, laughing.  It had been wonderful, just what she had wanted.  Angel kissed her neck, tasting the blood he'd taken from her.  They moved to the floor.

Angel pulled her on top of him. "So, you like it a little rough sometimes?"

Willow giggled, "Guess so.  I'd never really thought about it before." She paused, "I wanted you to leave marks.  I want to see them, and remember, when we're not together."

Angel kissed the top of her head. "I remember everything about you, even when we're apart; your smell, your touch, your taste.  It stays with me all the time."

Willow's finger played across his chest, then stopped abruptly.

"What is it, little girl? What's wrong?"

Willow hesitated to tell him, "Well... it's... I just hope we have Seder at Nana's this year. I can't imagine having it in here, now."

Angel grinned at her, taking his hand in hers, urging her to continue her caress.

"Angel, which was better? Dinner or dessert?" She gave him a lascivious grin.

"Dessert.  Definitely.  I think I'm developing a sweet tooth."