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Part 14

"What?  No!  No... that was... great..."  He turned to his side again and kissed her.  "Everything you were doing felt ... amazing..."

"Oh. so that was a ... um... a good... ah ... grip and, ah... sound?  Okay, good..."  She became unsure of herself.  "Angel... I know there are a lot of ... things... you would... like me to do... and I would like to ... um... do... but ... some of it is ... well... gonna take me time... to ... learn..."

"Oh God, Willow... we don't have to do anything you aren't ready for... nothing more than you want, okay?  Okay?"  He cupped her face in his hands. "What do you want... to do... or feel... ?"

"Can you just kiss me?  And we can take it from there... I mean... now... like right now..."

Angel gently pushed her back onto the bed and stuck like a snake.  He captured her lips.  She opened her mouth to him, allowing his tongue to delve deep.  He moved over her, never leaving her lips.  His legs slid easily on
the silk between hers as she opened them to him.  His lips moved over her face, covering it in kisses warmed by her own lips.  His mouth trailed down her jaw to plant light nips on her neck.  Quickly, one of her hands found his
back while the other ran down his chest and stomach between them.  He shifted onto the other elbow to give her better access.  With that, she slid her hand lower and took hold of his erection.  She moved her hand from tip to base slowly in fear she may hurt him.  Before long, Angel's hips began to thrust slightly pushing him further in to her grip.  He leaned more to the side and placed his hand over hers to show her the rhythm he desired.  This reaction thrilled her.  When she picked up on it he moved his hand  to her core.

He softly ran his fingertips along her moist folds. "Oooooohhh." a quiet cooing sound began forming on her lips.  She followed the same tempo he was setting with her own hand on him.  He felt her body react to his touch and
her rocking hips beckoned for more contact.  With great pleasure, he provided that contact. He slipped a single finger into her slowly.  She moaned and pressed her pubic bone into the palm of his hand, tightening her grip
slightly on his shaft.  She rocked against his hand and he withdrew and quickly inserted another finger into her now wet tightness.  This time his moan over-powered hers.   "Angel... ooooh... I ... want ... you..."  Her breathing was labored and raspy, "You... need ... you..."

He removed his fingers and took her hand in his.  Sweeping it along her wetness, then back on his erection, he moved her hand down wetting himself with her juices.  He guided himself to her entrance still holding her hand in
place on his shaft.  Pressing his hips forward, he moved his hand to open her to his head, then pressed more until he felt her folds open to him.  "Willow..."  His voice husky and soft,  "Put your hands on my bottom.  When you are ready just give me a nudge.  Sweetheart..."  She opened her eyes to see him hovering above her,  "I'll only push when you do... okay...?"

"Umm hmm."  She released her answer in a moan.  He waited, unmoving until she pulled his hips down. He pressed into her with a animal like groan and stopped.  Waiting again for her readiness then pressing to her again when she signaled.  After four small, gentle pushes, she pulled with more strength.  That was his cue.  He pushed harder in a slow, loving manner until the head and half of his shaft were in and he felt the thin barrier give way.
"Ssssssssttttt." < Oh God... ow, ow, ow, ow... oh God... >

"Are you alright, Willow?  We're half way there... okay...?  Do you want to stop?"  He was concerned when she didn't reply right away.  Then she drew a deep breath.  A small sob escaped her.  "Oh God, Willow. are you okay?"

"I'm ready... I'm okay..."  Angel hesitated,  "I'm fine... well... I have a big ow... but that will go away, won't it?"

"It shouldn't hurt once we get all the way in.  Do you want me to stop?"

"NO!! I-I want you ... all of you ... in... side ... me.. Please."

"Okay... but you tell me if it doesn't stop hurting, okay?"  She nodded.  He pushed again.  Then pulled back just a bit, then plunged deep into her.  "Okay, I'm in. side of you... all of me, but I'm not moving until you let me know."  Willow pushed on his backside again.  Angel tilted his hips rubbing his pelvis to hers. She moaned from the friction that created.  He slid back out until only the head remained inside her heat. Then he began to pump into
her with care at a slow tempo.  Soon Willow was lifting her hips to encourage him.  On each downward thrust, he rotated his hips slightly to come in contact with the spot she needed the attention given to.

Angel shifted his weight to his forearms burying his hands in her hair and crushing his mouth to hers.  She returned the kiss and his tongue darted to hers.  Her hands kneaded the taunt muscles of his cheeks as they flexed each time he pressed deep into her womb.  He removed one hand from her hair, slipping his arm under hers.  He curled it around the small of her back.  With each tender downward thrust, he pulled her up to meet him.  He broke the kiss as her back arched and her head fell back exposing her neck to him.  He kissed the hollow of her throat, working his way up to nip at her chin while he waited for her to signal him to speed his rhythm.

Willow lost herself in the feel of his shaft impaling her. the sensation he created with his pubic bone as it rubbed the swollen bundle of nerves above her core. the way the muscles in his chest twitched every time the bare flesh
of her breasts pressed against them. the world ceased to turn when his audible pleasure met her ears.  The thought elated her that this was Angel, in all his beauty, filling her with is desire as her name slithered over his
lips in a small grateful whisper.

"Willow... . ummm... ... my. ummmmm.. Willow.. let... it go. ummm. my. sweet. ummm. Willow."  He cried her name with each plunge.  His moans as he pulled from her depths were like poetry hypnotically willing her to release.  She splayed her hands across his back when the first wave hit, drawing her to climax.  Deep gasps drew in air that burned sweetly in her lungs.  Feeling his hand run from her hair to cup the side of her face, she forced her eyes
open.  She found his heavy-lidded eyes roaming her face. She slid her hands back to his ass pulling him deeper into her.  Angel felt her walls clench him and pushed into her again with a hint of power and need inciting repetitious moans to pour from her mouth. His eyes locked on hers.  He fought the urge to let them flutter shut and stared intently, peering into her soul.

Willow slid her legs down and locked her ankles around his calves.  Her body froze. Her eyes widened and tears teased at their corners.  Angel picked up his speed knowing she was ready.  He plunged into her with care not to
frighten her.  She held her breath and remained still.  "Let... go... love...  give your...  self to. me. You. I need ..you.oooh... my. Willow..."  She drew a deep breath and it happened.  Her eyes slammed shut and her legs
slammed tight against his.  Her head fell back as he increased his thrusts in speed and power.   He tightened the grip on her back. With each swift downward thrust he brought her midsection off the bed to meet him.  A
pleasured cry tore from her lips as her walls began contracting around his engorged member.  The sound of her pleasure and her walls clenching around him was more than he could bear.  Tears streaked down her flushed cheeks from fluttering eyelids.  Emotion and sensual thrill overwhelmed him as he joined her in release.   Willow wrapped her arms around his waist as lightening sharp sensations shot through out her small body.  With an erotic growl, Angel spilled himself, filling her womb with cool fluid.  He collapsed onto her, wrapping her in his powerful arms.  "Oh, Willow,"  He whispered into her hair as he rested his head on hers.  Her core continued to contract causing her to twitch with after shocks.  She returned his embrace.  He pulled back to look into her eyes, their bodies still joined.  "Are you... alright?"  She looked shocked by his question.

"A-ah... ah... pppfft... a-alright??  Heh... Oh... WOW... heh... Yep... . um... A-angel... should . the world... be ... bl-blurry?  I-I think... I... WOW... so... um... that's ... ah... heh... sex... huh?"  She looked dizzy and confused... happily confused.

"Yes... well. part of it..."  he smiled and kissed her.

"Oh... WOW... part?  More, huh?  Like... that... I, ah... mean... WOW,"  Angel chuckled and placed a light kiss on her nose and started to pull out of her.  "Oh... oh... do you have ... to,  um... move??  I-I'd ... kinda... like you to stay... in... um... me.  I like you ... there,"  she whispered.

"Aren't I heavy?"

"Yep... but it's nice... I like the way you feel... on me. inside... me."  Her voice was small and held a hint of remaining shyness that he couldn't help but smile at.

"Whatever you want.  Just push me off if I get too heavy... get some rest, love."  He planted small kisses on her lips, and cheeks.  "Sleep.  Now... my Willow."

Part 15

Bradley paused at the oak door.  Facing Mayor Wilkins was never a delight.  Being the bearer of bad news was certainly a dangerous position to be in.  He grasped the handle and knocked lightly with his free hand.

"Come in."  The mayor was sitting behind his desk with his arm perched on the rests of his chair.  "Ah Bradley... is... Hmm. don't appear to be very chipper this morning.  It's a beautiful day.  Birds singing, the sun high
shining rays of joy on our lovely little town, Angel is neatly packed away and you should have news of my barter."  He moved from his chair briefly glancing out the window.  Bradley jumped as he left his chair.  "See, there is even a happy little squirrel shimming up that branch."  He turned to face the Deputy Mayor.  "Well... I trust you have what I need?"  The peppy smile lit up the mayor's face like a Cheshire cat.

"U-Um, there had been a delay in ... the ... ah... our committee has yet to retrieve your... the glove.  Sir."  He stumbled over his word dreading the response. "I-it  i-it seems... the watcher has um... um. interfered." The
mayor slammed his hands together with a firm clapping sound that cause Bradley to jump again.

"Well... am I being overly pessimistic to assume that the party that has the glove is... unharmed?" He moved back to his chair. "Well... I am confident that you have everything under control.  You know how gosh darn peeved I'd be not having my trophy.  I'm sure you'll make all the necessary calls and contacts to insure I have the glove in time for my meeting this evening."  Bradley was dismissed with a sadistically pleasant wave of the Mayor's hand.


Sometime during the night Angel had slipped away from Willow's grasp and fed.  When she awoke she found herself laying curled against his side, his strong arms snugly holding her to his bare chest.  < Wooh... okay... not a dream... which is good... oh skin... bare... skin... MY bare skin... oh... gotta pee... >  She tried to squirm from his grasp but his hold only tightened and a soft murmur of her name came from him. "Angel"  She whispered into the
channel that ran between his pecks.  "Angel, I need to get up... for a second. ... hello... human... have to... ah... GO!!"  Lazily his arms opened and allowed her to slide out of them.  Even in his sleep, the sound of her voice brought a smile to his face.

Willow crawled off the bed grabbing the silk robe as she went and made her way to the washroom.  After taking care of the business at hand she paused at the huge tub.  < Wow... that's where it all started.  Yeee, I can't believe I did that.  Oh God... Wow... >  She headed back to the room where, just hours before she had lost her last string on childhood.  Reaching the door, she leaned against the frame.  <Wow, look at him... he's ... he's... perfect.  He
doesn't snore... he ... wow... he's ... wow. >  Her thoughts seemed to be consumed by Angel.  Everything about him caused warm tingly sensations to flood her body.  She gave in to them as she started to enter the room.


Angel rolled over searching for the small body he held in his arms through the first night of comfort since his return from Hell.  Panic struck him as he bolted up and his eyes flew open.  "Willow? Willow?"  He called her name knowing all too well that she would not answer.  <Oh God, where is she ... what time is it?>  He glanced at the clock.  "Oh God."  The fear crept into his mind. < It's been...  hours... Christ! >  He left the bed and pulled on a
pair of pants.  Angel moved though out the enormous house.  To his surprise not only was Willow gone, but his home had been rummaged through.  On the table there was a note.

 'Bring the glove.'
The only words on the paper.  Jagged scrawl he knew she had written.  Anger ripped though his soul.  An inhuman growl tore from his body as he lifted the table and sent it hurling against the far end of the room.


Willow awoke for the second time to find she was no longer in the mansion.  Sudden pain rippled though her body as she lifted her head.  She peered around the sparsely lit room. < Ow... ow... where... OH, oh... what
happened?? >  The thoughts hurt.  < Doorway... thud... big owie. ... A dock ... was it loading ... a loading dock...  where am I? >  She pressed her hands tightly to the cold stone floor for leverage as she tried to push into
a standing position.  The world spun and she collapsed.


Angel paced back and fourth in front of the open door, stalking his boundaries like a caged cat.  His jaw clenched tightly as the shadows cast from the retreating sun crept away.  Images of Willow, helpless in the clutches of undead cronies devoted to Sunnydale's Mayor tormented him.  Mere moments created the feel of eternal torture.  He grasped his in fists growling and muttering plans of the pain he would inflict if she was harmed.  The demon he fought with no great ease for possession of his body showed no patience beneath the surface.  Angel felt it too had an attachment to the witch despite the fact she was the one who ended his reign.  Visions of the demon kills flooded his mind.  < When I get my hands on that bastard... If she is harmed...  >  The occasional random wave of pain washed over him as her mind unknowingly filled him with the clues he needed to find her.  Confusion ruled his soul with a protective nature that came deeper than any he'd ever known.  The sun finished it's decent and Angel tore from his shelter with the speed and agility of a panther.

"Get up.  It's almost time."  Willow felt a cruel hand on her arm that jerked her from the floor.  Her still-spinning head throbbed with intense waves of pain.  She braced her legs to steady her weakened body. Peering over her
shoulder she squinted and looked around the room.

It appeared to be a warehouse of some kind.  Walls lined with boxes, a forklift, and three game-faced vampires stood in what appeared to be posts.  They stood in defensive stances one on each door.  The fourth continued to
hold her arm fast.  "Time??  T-time for... W-what do you want... ???"  The fear was evident in her shaky voice. < Oh God... how did I get... Oh god... note... a note... ah... the glove... oops no glove.. Yeeee. >


Giles sat in his office listening to the sounds of Buffy sparing with Xander as her punching bag. "Ow... Ow... Come on, Buff... it's me. Ow... here... No. ow. Need to get... Ow!  Whoa... Whoa. ... stop... enough!  Book guy... help. Ow... me out here..."  Xander has been taking a good beating for about an hour and the repeated blows were beginning to hurt despite the padding.

"Ah, Buffy..." Giles called to her from his desk. "I-I think that is enough for today... ah... let's give Xander some... time... to regroup."  The grin of revenge and relief was clear in his voice.  It was no small pleasure to have the young man offer to stand in for him regardless of his motives.

"Okay... okay... You gonna live there, Xan??"  Buffy helped him remove the heavy padding flashing a pout.  She leaned on his shoulder and looked up at him with huge eyes. "I'm sorry... am I forgiven?" Xander rolled his eyes and grinned back at her.

"I suppose if... you were to... okay, so that may be pushing my luck... um... Yes!"  They both moved to sit at the table when the doors burst open.

"Buffy, where is Giles?"  Angel strode into the center of the room, his panic showed on his face and though out his tensed frame.  "I-It's ... something's happened. Someone has... its Willow."

"What!  What did you...?"  Xander was about to heighten the stress by assuming Angel had hurt her when Giles emerged from his office and held his hand up to silence him.

"What is it, Angel?"  Angel explained the note and the fear he felt.  The small details she had projected.

"Why does that sound like... Hey... isn't that the place where all that mojoed candy came from?"  Buffy said as she pieced together the slight description.  "There aren't a lot of empty warehouses in Sunnydale. That has
got to be it."

"What about this glove?  How are we going to get her out... once they... know that it was destroyed?" Xander offered.

"I don't plan to have time to tell them."  Angel countered and his voice grew harsh.  "I don't plan to have anyone left to explain myself to."  He turned exiting the library closely followed by the others.

Willow's captor dragged her to a table against the wall furthest from the main loading doors and bound her with a coarse rope.  "You... will make a nice snack once your boyfriend is out of the way..."  Willow closed her eyes
tightly avoiding the images of this thing sinking his teeth into her. < Oh God, Angel, hurry... oh, oh... >

"Oh!"  The last one slipped out verbally.  "T-these um... ropes... um... hurt,"  She made effort to cover her revelation.  < Stupid ... shesh... yeah, that's it... tell them Angel does the Jedi thing... that will help... God...
okay... think what did I see... okay... loading dock... hmm, one baddy there.>  She looked up a metal staircase leading to an office of some kind.  < Okay... I hope you are listening... or... what ever... Office door upstairs... one baddy... one more... um... where did he go...?? >  She peered around the room  <Oh God... Angel... where is he?  Four in all... one by me... one... I lost... Hurry, Angel ... please, hurry... >  The room was quiet accept for the faint clicking sound the time clock behind her was making.  The wait was unbearable.  She closed her eyes again as tears of fear, pain, and hope slid down her face.

As if the Gods heard her pleas, the three doors burst open. Angel took on the bay door vamp, the one closest to Willow as Buffy came crashing though the one at the office.  The vamp guarding the door was caught by it as she did so.  Giles and Xander entered the unguarded one with ease.   < Angel... Buffy??... >

Angel caught the vamp easily in one long stride by the back of the head.  Slamming it into the wall with a loud crunch as its head bounced off the concrete.  Without pausing he made his way to Willow and the vamp that stood between them.  Angel let the demon slide into place as he dove at him taking them both to the ground.  The action from above was oblivious to Willow as she watched the blur of clothing and heard the growls of the battle taking place mere inches from her feet.  Angel gained control of his opponent lodging a knee into his back.  With a swift twist of his shoulders, Angel snapped his neck violently causing the spine to protrude from the side.
Quickly, he tossed him aside and rushed at Willow.  Overcome by the rage he had been venting, he yanked hard on the rope releasing her from her bonds with a scream.  "Oh my God," Angel's handsome visage slid back replacing the ridges.  "Willow... I'm sorry... are... Oh my God..." He pulled her off the table and looked her over to assess for damage.  Her head was hung low and her small body shook with sobs.  "Willow, answer me, please... did they... did I hurt you?"  She nodded and tilted her head toward her right arm.  "Did I break ... oh God... Giles..."  Angel backed away from her shaking his head.

"I-I... think my wrist... ... it's... well. hurts... moves but .hurts,"  She pulled her arm up and cradled it to her chest.  "Angel..."  She moved to him but he backed away.  "Angel... it was an accident... I'll be okay. God, you saved my life... AGAIN... it will heal.  I don't ... think it's ... ah... broken... just... sssssst."  Angel, still shaking his head, moved again.

Giles and the others disposed of the other two vamps and met them.  Giles took a look at her arm and agreed that it was indeed, not broken.  "W-we need to get that set.  The hospital... y-yes... the hospital."

"Ah... Giles... hospitals... um... yuck... not going back there... any time soon . I, ah... hope,"  Willow protested.  "I just got out of there.  It's... I-I ... don't make me go."  The small sound of her voice and the pleading tone told them all she was going to make it hard to convince her.

"Ah... v-very well... I believe we should w-we should at the very least ... um, set it.  I-If you are certain that it is not broken. " Giles looked at Angel who had put several feet of distance between himself and Willow. "A-Angel... could you ..."  Giles stopped mid sentence when Angel backed further away.  Willow, glancing quickly toward the door motioned to Buffy, Giles and Xander to give them a moment alone.  "Hmm... oh..."  Giles nodded and moved.  "W-we'll wait outside..."

Willow remained as her friends exited out the large door of the loading dock.  Angel looked on dreading what was to come.  He yearned to slink into the shadows and escape the oncoming battle.  She took a deep breath and a step forward.  "Angel?"  The tears ceased to fall as her only concern rapidly became his pain.

"I'm sorry... I-I don't know what to say to you.  I c-can't believe didn't ... I should have..."  He paused when Willow held her left hand out to him.  He looked at it as if the grief was giving way to his will to touch her.

"It was an accident!  Not anything else.  I'm fine.  I'll have to type one handed but. it's sprained or...  something... I could have been... doing a, ah... cartwheel or... or... gotten wacky with my mouse... Wild with the clicking... and done the same thing... it isn't a big deal."  She tried to sound playful and hoped he'd laugh or crack a smile but he held his resolve.

"No, Willow.  It is not the same thing.  I was in game face... demon mode... I hurt you... It doesn't matter how badly... I don't ever... didn't ever... want to hurt you."  Angel refused to meet her eyes.

"Angel!"  She spat his name and his head jetted up to look at her.  "Stop this!  Now... God... this is crazy. I-I... I can't stand this... Lov... ah... Like me. push me away, ah... thing... If you recall... we have crossed lines that can't be... um... uncrossed... So deal..."  < Oh God, I almost said the L word... the big L word... > Once the anger began to dissipate, her relief and the fear she'd been dealing with crept back into her mind. "I-I was so afraid... b-but part of me. kinda knew you'd find me."  She looked at her feet then back at him. "All I could think about was you finding me."  She started walking to him her voice almost a whisper.  "I called to you and you came... I reached out for you and you found me."

"I know... I-I...  it scares me that I could hurt you ... badly... Are you... okay?  Aside from your wrist?"  He slowly moved to meet her, mimicking her small steps.  "I'm sorry... I am very afraid of myself. sometimes."  They met.  Angel gently reached down taking her injured hand in his and placed a small kiss just below her wrist.  He bent, bringing the arm up around his shoulder and swept her up into his arms.  She placed leaned her head into his
neck and placed her free hand on his chest.

"You know... my legs are fine.  You don't have to carry me.  I can walk."  She teased.

"I know... I just spent the last several hours begging for the chance to have you in my arms again.  I'm not about to give up any opportunities."  Angel's mood lightened to a soothing protective one.  He placed a soft kiss on her
head and turned to meet the others outside.

Part 16

Once at the library, Giles attended  to Willow.  Angel hovered closely holding her hand.  Buffy joined Xander atop of the table with the knowledge that Giles was preoccupied and would pass on the chance to brush them off.
As they sat together, Willow noticed what appeared to be flirting.   She lifted her index finger of the hand entwined with Angel's to point in their direction and giggled.  Angel grinned and looked back to his main concern.

"There we are."  Giles began to pack up the medical supplies he had become quite handy with.  "Willow, I trust you will get some rest.  Buffy?"  He looked over to the couple getting chummy across the room.

"Yeah, yeah... I'll do a quick pass on my way home."  She jumped from her perch.  "Xan... gonna hang or want to patrol with me and grab a bite... oh... to eat... I didn't mean... getting bitten... or... whatever."  He followed to
catch her as she made her way out of the room.

"Night, Will... Angel... G-man..."  Giles rolled his eyes at the boy as he caught up to the slayer at the doors. "Who would be doing the biting in question?"  Buffy laughed as the doors swung closed.

"Angel, assuming the Mayor is keeping track of his... ah... people... he'll know soon enough what has occurred."  Giles said as they three made their way out.

"I'll make a call to Willy and get the word out that the glove has been destroyed.  That should get the mayor off my back for now.  If that is all he wanted."

"Yes... well very good.   I'll speak with you tomorrow."


Angel brought Willow back to the mansion.  He left her seated comfortably in the main room.  "I'll be right back.  Do you need anything?  I just need to make this call and ... feed... okay... lie down."  She gave him a suggestive
look and did as he asked.  "And rest!"  He added seeing her look as he left the room.  She giggled.

"No...  I mean... I don't need anything."  Willow let the exhaustion that filled her body take her.  She leaned her head over and surrendered to sleep. 

When Angel returned he found her curled against the arm of the couch.  He crouched beside her and brushed stay strands of her hair from her face.  His eyes studied the contour of her face as he absently traced the curve of her jaw with his fingertips.  "So precious."  His voice was a faint whisper as his thoughts were vocalized.  "Pure... Sweet... Willow."  His voice softened further to an almost in audible murmur.  "Why would such perfection ...
have... desire to bring such light.such hope to me despite what I am?  Oh, Willow..."  He bowed his head shutting his eyes tightly, his palm cupping her cheek as his fingers fanned through her hair.  "Please... forgive what this.
may bring... I... love you."

Willow pressed into his hand. Her eyes fluttered open as the words filled her mind.  "Angel?"

He lifted his head and winced with the realization that he had spoken aloud. "Y-you ... I-I..." Angel made to move away but was stopped by her hand on his.

Willow swallowed and drew a sharp breath.  "I-I l-love y-you."  She tilted her head and smiled as a tear slid down her cheek.  < Oh my God... oh... God... I just. .h-he just... >  He leaned in brushing his lips to her forehead, down her nose finally meeting her lips in a soft kiss.

"Oh Willow"  He kissed her again.  "I.. Love. You. I ... love ... you..."  Punctuating each whispered  word with a gentle kiss, he drew her head to his chest circling her with his strong arms.  Pulling from him she grasped the
hem of his shirt drawing it over his head.  He lifted his arms, allowing her to remove it completely.  Their eyes locked.  He stood pulling her with him.  Angel tugged at the belt securing the silk robe she wore and allowed it to
fall open.  The robe parted as he slipped his hands around her waist. Willow reached between them, unfastening his pants.  She placed her hands on his hips and slowly began sliding them down taking the pants with them.

She leaned in for better access to his lips. He willingly met hers, running his tongue between them.  Angel stepped out of the pants pooled about his feet as he turned.  Without breaking the kiss, he sat on the couch urging her
to join him.  Willow followed his lead, straddling his legs.  He ran his hands around to meet on her belly.  Slowly gliding them up over her breasts onto her shoulders, he kneaded the tense muscles at the base of her neck
causing her to moan and lean back into his hands, exposing the long lines of her throat.  Willow ran her fingers over his broad shoulders.  Her pelvis tilted forward as she arched back into his hands.  Her hands met the well-defined muscles of his chest.  Angel slid his hands to her hips and slid her further onto his lap.  Angel's mouth trailed soft wet kisses down her chin to the pulse point.  He nipped his way down to her shoulder inciting
whimpers to escape her lips.  The feel of his mouth moving over her, <Oh  God... Angel... Angel > her mind chanted his name to him as the scent of his hair filled her senses when the silken spikes brushed along her jaw while he made his way across her collarbone.

He guided his hands down placing one between her shoulder blades and the other on the small of her back. He slid deeper into the sofa raising his knees as he pulled her to him.  He could feel the heat and the moisture
building against him < Mmm... My Willow > her name silently chimed back to her.  He moved his hands to her hips.  He pulled her up onto her knees and looked up to find her wearing a mask of uncertainty.  "Willow?... Is . are... do you want me to. Stop?"

"NO!  I mean... um... NO... I just don't... I never... Angel... how... do I ... I mean... how do I know... when... how... You know...?"  she scrunched up her face in embarrassment.

"Oh..."  Angel's smile was sweet and assuring.  "Just do... what... um... feels right.  Or... would you rather... ah... go to the bedroom?  Or... um... lie down?"  His voice was soothing.  He leaned down and placed a kiss on her

"Well... ah... No... I'm kinda ... okay with... here... with... now."  She ran her hands though his hair and pulled his head to her chest cradling it.  He kissed the inside of her elbow then pulled back.

"Just relax... okay?"  He squeezed her hips and drew them forward until her pelvis was firmly pressed to his torso.  "You ..."  He kissed between her breasts.  "Are..."  His voice dropped to an erotic growl as his mouth moved
to the right leaving a trail of wet kisses.  "Pure..."  Like a cat he rubbed his cheek against her breast and purred.  "Perfection!"  His mouth captured her breast.  Willow gasped and tightened her grip on his head slightly.  Jolts of electricity shot through her and she shivered as nearly painful goosebumps covered her flesh.  He paid balanced attention to each breast, then he pulled back again.  "Are you ready for me?  Mon amour?"

She nodded.  He raised his head, catching her eyes as she stared down at him through glossy eyes.  He slipped a hand between her legs and took hold of straining erection.  His hand clasped around his shaft sliding down then up to meet her core.  < Oooooh... Wow > Willow felt herself quiver as her breath caught in her chest at the sight of his action.  Angel's lips twitched into a brief grin while he made a mental note of her interest.  He swept his hand
over her then returned it, lubricating himself.  Never breaking the contact of their eyes he glided his hand from her front to back pulling her hips down so his erection slid against her bottom.  A moan of anticipation escaped him.
 "See... just like ... that."  His voice was husky and sensual.  "... only this time... inside ... ... you... and you, Willow," Her name a forceful whisper.  "... lead." He pulled her back up placing his hand on her hip again.
Willow smiled shyly, taking him into her small palm and stroking him several times.  Angel dropped his head to the back of the sofa and moaned when she made contact.  His hips thrust slightly filling her tiny hand.  Their eyes
remained locked from beneath his half-lowered lids.  She placed him at her entrance and pushed down until the head entered her.   She paused, taking in the picture of desire and sheer artistic beauty their passion etched on his flawless face.  With patience that caused Angel to briefly release her and grasp the cushions of the sofa, Willow began her torturous decent.  Their bodies met, connected, as one mind, body and soul.

She dropped her head to his shoulder in attempt to catch her breath.  To take her time.  To milk every ounce of pleasure from their coupling.  Angel placed sweet kisses and murmured  words of praise and worship in Gaelic onto her neck as he rocked her hips with his.  With a deep intake of air, she lifted her head.  Placing her hands on his shoulders, she quickly rose up until only the head of his erection remained inside her. Angel pulled her unmoving hips begging her to allow him to bury himself deep inside her again.  When his silent pleas went unanswered, he looked up at her to see a smug smirk playing on her lips.  "Willow." His words nearly a whine.  She cocked an eyebrow, leaving a few seconds to watch his brow furrow to aid his pout, then began to slowly slide back down onto him.  His grip on her hips tightened.  A loud gasp of relief pushed from his un-breathing lungs as he dug his elbows into the couch for leverage to lift his hips to meet hers.  His hands slid down and gripped her bottom pulling her into his thrust.

Moans and gasps for needed and unneeded air filled the room as they slowly rocked together.  Willow impaled herself again and again controlling the pace in a tormenting, slow manner, Angel's hips meeting her thrusts.  She snaked her arms around his neck and pulled his head to her chest again.   Angel closed his eyes letting the feeling of her body begin to twitch and shudder.  Slowly, they moved in tune with one another's need for release growing.  "Oh .. God..."  Willow approached climax.  He pulled her body against his, rocking her slowly into climax.  All of a sudden she paused, unmoving as her vampire lover raised his hips off the couch to meet her hovering above him.  Giving in and feeling him tense, her head fell back, eyes closed and electric colors of light filled her soul.  With a small cry and a rumbling growl they met their release together.

Willow collapsed onto him. After a moment to come down back to earth, Angel stood, carrying her with him.  Their bodies still connected, he brought her to the bedroom and sat on the bed.  Refusing to break their bond, he laid back draping her over him.  He kicked up the blanket and kissed her forehead.  "Angel.. is... it. always... going to be... like. this?"  she sighed.

"Yes,"  he purred,  "It is when it counts.  Sleep now, love..."  He stroked her crimson hair, removing stray strands that clung to her moist cheek.

"I... heard... you."  Her words came out faint and mumbled.

"I know, sweetie... now... sleep."  He smiled and leaned to kiss her lips.

"No... I 'heard' you... or... whatever. ... we call it... my."  She yawned and continued to mumble into his chest.  "Not ... ears... mouth... speaking... I 'heard' ... I love you, Angel."  She turned her face and kissed his chest then returned to rest her cheek where his heard used to beat.

"Oh... and I you." <Now I'm in trouble... >
"Me, too... love you... not the trouble... although... I am probably... going to, ah."
"Sleep!"  He snapped with a hint of a laugh.  "Another time... now, sleep."

The End!!