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Quiet Time
by Lorelei

Part 1

Willow watched as Buffy danced with the captain of the tennis team.  Dante was a nice guy, athletic and smart.  Maybe Buffy was finally moving on and ready to give someone new a chance.

The past few days had been rough.  Two late night sessions of research in the library hadn’t allowed for any time with Angel, private or  otherwise.  Willow only hoped that Angel had checked his e-mail.  She’d filled him in on the late night research and the fact that Xander was now privy to their relationship.  And, of course, she’d told him she’d promised to go Bronzing with Buffy and Xander. Willow hoped he’d show, otherwise it would be another night before they’d have any time alone.

Willow didn’t have to wait long.  She’d taken the sofa facing the front door to the Bronze.  Willow turned to look briefly at Buffy and when she turned back, Angel was standing in front of her.  She felt that familiar flush she got whenever he was near.

“Hi.”  The greeting was casual, but her smile was full of promise.

“Hey, little girl. Long time, no see.”

Angel sat on the sofa opposite her, knowing that if he set next to her he wouldn’t be able to keep from touching her.

“You’ve seen *me *, I just haven’t seen *you *.  The drawings are beautiful.”

Angel gave her a warm smile.  She had no idea how hard it was for him to watch her sleep and not touch her.

“How soon can we get out of here, Willow?” He spoke in a low rumble that sent a tingle down Willow’s spine.

“You know I’m here with Buffy and Xander.  We’ll have to make a graceful exit.”

“How’s Xander taking things?”

A voice from behind Angel startled him. “How’m I taking what?  That you’re screwing around with my best friend?”

Angel was at a loss for words. Xander and Angel’s relationship had always been strained.  This new turn of events probably weren’t going to help matters.

Xander handed Willow her soda and sat next to Angel.

“Actually, Angel, if you’re what Will wants and she’s happy, I can live with this.” He paused for a moment. “But if you ever do anything to hurt her, I’ll make sure you die, even if I have to stake you myself.”  The last words were spoken cheerfully enough, but Angel knew that Xander was completely serious.

Willow started to speak, but Angel shook his head at her.

“Xander, I love Willow.  I’d never do anything to hurt her.”

Xander snorted. “You loved Buffy, too.”

Willow finally spoke up, “Point taken, Xander, now let’s drop the subject.”

The three of them sat in uncomfortable silence until the song ended.  Buffy came over to join them.

“Hey, guys… Angel.” Buffy smiled at the vampire.

Willow stood up.  “Xander, dance?”

Xander looked at her in surprise. “You want to dance with me?  Have you got a thing for pain, Will?  Last time you claimed I broke your toe.”

“It healed.  Let’s go.”  Willow grabbed Xander’s ear, like a mother reprimanding a child, and led him towards the dance floor.

“Ow! Leggo!  I’m dancing, I’m dancing.”

Buffy looked over at Angel.  “Willow’s not too subtle, is she?”

“Apparently not all of the time.”

There was silence between the former lovers for a minute.  Both started to speak at the same time.

“Buffy, I…”


Angel grinned at her, “Slayers first.”

Buffy took a deep breath and started. “I’m fine.  I mean, in case you were wondering, I’m doing okay.”

“I knew you would be.  You’re too strong not to be.”

Buffy fought the tears that were welling up in her eyes.  “Not that strong.  I still miss you, but it doesn’t hurt as much.  It’s more like a dull headache instead of a swift kick to the stomach.  I can’t forget.”

The words didn’t come easily for her, Angel knew.  She was a proud woman, as well as strong.  Buffy was full of courage though, something he had and always would admire in her.

“You’re not supposed to forget, Buffy.  You always remember your first love, that’s just the way it goes.”

“Sage advice.”  Buffy thought for a moment, wanting to change the focus of the conversation from herself.  “Do you remember your first love?”

“Moiré. She was kind, sweet, and had raven curls.  And she could ride better than any man in the county.”  Angel smiled, remembering the love of his youth.

“What happened to her?” Buffy half feared to ask the question.  Angelus had not been kind to his family and friends after he was turned.

“Her ass of a father married her off to a rich old man when she was sixteen.  She died in childbirth, her third son in four years.  She was only twenty-one.”

“I’m sorry.  But you still think of her?  Does it still hurt?”

Angel shook his head. “No, it doesn’t hurt.  That was a lot of years ago.  I’ll always remember her though. It gets easier with time.  Before long, you only remember the good things and none of the bad.  Some things are just not meant to be.”

Buffy nodded, a poignant look on her face. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

Willow and Xander walked back over to their friends.  Willow was limping slightly.

Buffy jumped up from the couch. “I’ve got to patrol.  Oz is meeting me at the library in half an hour.  We can walk you home, Will.”

Xander broke in; “You’re patrolling with Oz?  Since when?”

“Since he asked if I wanted any company on my patrols.  He’s pretty good, too.  Especially when it gets close to the full moon.” Buffy pulled on her coat.

The four of them headed out of the Bronze, two of them extremely grateful not to have to make up any excuses to cut the evening short.

Part 2

They arrived at Willow’s house without incident.  During the walk, Willow had managed to convey to Angel that she’d meet him on her balcony a half-hour after they dropped her off.  Willow went into the house, surprised that her parent’s had left the living room light on for her.  A voice stopped her as she headed up the stairs.

“Willow, can you come in here please?  Your father and I want to talk to you.”

Willow rolled her eyes and walked in to face her parents. “I’m really beat.  Can’t we talk tomorrow?”

Ira started to nod his head, but Sheila cut him short.

“No, we’re going to talk tonight.  You need to decide on a college.  You’ve been putting it off and a decision has to be made.”

Willow sat on the end of the couch, resigned to her fate.  She considered naming a college just to get her mother off her back, but knew she’d spend as much time justifying her decision to her mother as it would take for them to have the conversation.

Sheila began, “Now Harvard is probably got to be what you’re thinking, and I must say that I would be very pleased with that choice, but you also need to consider…”

Willow began to nod as her mother droned on.  For some reason she really was tired.  Maybe it was the subject matter, more likely it was the monotone her mother was using. If she could just close her eyes for a minute she knew she could clear her head.  Then she would be nice and fresh for Angel.


Willow woke with a start, a hand on her shoulder.  Her father was standing over her, gently shaking her.

“Willow, your mother went up to bed an hour ago.  I’m going up now and you should, too.”

Willow sat bolt upright. “An hour ago?  What time is it?  Why’d mom let me sleep?”

“It’s about one.  And your mother was quite peeved that you fell asleep.  I told her you needed the rest. Can’t have those migraines getting any worse.  Speaking of which, the Tylenol-PM is kicking in. Goodnight, dear.”

Willow waited until she heard her parents’ door close and then raced up the stairs, into her room, and threw upon the French doors.  No Angel.  Of course, she’d told him she’d meet him two hours ago.  Willow shut the door and went to her bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.  //There must be some sort of conspiracy to keep us apart. // Willow walked back to her bedroom and sat down at her computer.  E-mail seemed to be the only way she was communicating with Angel anymore.

“You like to keep your men waiting, don’t you?”

Willow spun around in her chair at the sound of Angel’s voice. She was up and into his arms in record time.

“I’m so sorry!  Mom and dad wanted to talk about college and I fell asleep and then came up here and checked outside but you weren’t there and I figured you’d gotten tired of waiting and had gone home.” The words poured from her mouth in a steady stream.

Angel brought a finger to her lips. “Ssh.  You don’t want to wake up your parents.”

“Eep!”  Willow jumped away from Angel as if he were on fire and ran to her door, turning the lock. She returned to him, hugging him fiercely.

“I missed you so much!  It seems like it’s been weeks instead of days. Do you want to go back to your place?”

Angel smoothed her hair back from her face and kissed her sweetly on the lips. “Nope.  You need your rest.  How about if I just sleep with you awhile?  I promise to behave myself.”

Willow considered his suggestion.  She’d really like nothing better than to go back to the mansion and make love until dawn, but she probably should get some rest.

“Okay.  But be quiet!  And have your clothes handy, just in case.”

Angel chuckled, “Who said I was taking off my clothes?  Besides, when was the last time your parents were in your room?”

“The time mom found the note… about a month or more. Your right, I shouldn’t worry.  And you are most definitely getting undressed.  I’m not sleeping in the buff unless you do.”

Willow began to strip, peeling her clothes of in a hurry.  Angel followed suit, neatly laying his clothing by his side of the bed.

They both climbed under the covers, Willow giggling like a naughty child.  She rolled over and into his arms.  Angel pressed soft kisses on the top of her head and ran his fingers down her back.

“Night, Willow.”

“Good night?  You haven’t told me what you and Buffy talked about yet.  Spill!”

Angel sighed, and rolled on to his back. “Not much, really.  I think she’s starting to move on.  That’s a good thing.  There are still a lot of feelings on her part, but that comes with the territory when your first love is over.”

“What about for you?  Are… are there still feelings for you?”  Willow whispered the words.

“Of course there are. You still have feelings for Oz, don’t you?  It’s just not love anymore.  I love you, Willow, only you. Now go to sleep, talking is kind of defeating the purpose of us not going back to my house.”

“Sleeping isn’t what I call quality time with you.”  Willow lay her head on his chest.  It still slightly unnerved her that there was no heartbeat under her ear.

“We’ll have plenty of quality time.  Rest now.”

Willow lay still, trying to sleep.  Not an easy task when Angel was lying naked next to her.  She began running her fingers in widening circles over his stomach, feeling his muscles tighten. She ran them a little lower and bumped into his erection.  She smiled against his chest and moved her hand to cup his scrotum, squeezing the sac. Taking
the sheet in her hand, Willow pulled it up over her head and dove for his cock, tracing lines with her tongue along the underside.  Taking the tip in her mouth, she sucked harshly, roughly running her tongue over the slit and tasting the drop of moisture that had formed there.  Angel tangled his hands in her hair, allowing her to continue for while longer, then pulled her off of him.

Angel groaned, “Willow.  That’s not what I call sleeping.”

“Don’t want to sleep.  I’m too tense. Can’t we…?”

“You are not the quietest lover, little girl.  Do you really think we can do this without waking your parents?”  His tone was even, but he’d already grasped her breast in his hand, rubbing the underside of the smooth mound.

“I promise I won’t make a sound…if you won’t.”

Willow kissed him then, her tongue darting out of her mouth and into his.  Angel gave in.  It was what he’d wanted from the moment he’d entered her room.  Moving over her, he trailed his tongue down the side of her jaw, continuing down to her breasts.  Willow sucked in her breath as he twirled the aureole in his mouth, biting down on the hard nipple.  He switched sides, giving attention to the other breast, then licked his way down to her belly button.  Angel’s hand went between her legs, sliding against her damp clitoris.  He entered her with two fingers, his tongue dipping in and out of her navel in time with his fingers. Willow arched against his hand, wanting more contact.

“Please, Angel!”

Angel abruptly stopped, clamping his free hand over her mouth.

“Shh!  Do you realise how loud that was? If you can’t be any quieter than that, I’m going to have to stop.”  His voice was chiding, but he hadn’t stopped sliding his fingers in and out of her.

Willow growled at him, pulling him with determination over her body. She moved him between her legs, thrusting upwards, trying to force him to enter her.  Angel resisted and slid the head of his penis up and down her slit, nudging her sensitive nub with the tip. Willow groaned in frustration and tried to squirm enough to make him come inside her.   Pulling away from her, he roughly grabbed her hips, holding her still.  With one quick thrust, he stabbed into her, finally giving them what they both needed.

Angel started to move within her slowly, rolling his hips from side to side.  Willow was gasping for breath, the intensity of the sensations running through every nerve ending in her body.  She wrapped her legs around his back, locking them at the ankles.  They moved together with a practised ease that belied the urgency of their coupling.

Willow was making a soft-pitched keening sound.  Angel tried to quiet her with gentle words of warning in her ear, but she was too lost in her own need to listen to him.  She was clenching around him, her muscles contracting as her climax started.  Angel covered his mouth with hers to muffle her scream as she reached the peak. Willow
shuddered and shook beneath him, her nails raking down his back as the tension in her body reached its limit and finally broke.  She bit down hard on his lip, drawing blood.  The taste of his blood on her lips drove Angel over the edge.  His arms were around her back, grasping her shoulders and pulling her into each of his frenzied thrusts.  With a loud groan, he released his seed into her depths, his body going stiff as he spasmed inside her.

Willow almost glowed with her satisfaction.  She’d needed this more than any amount of sleep.  Angel rested on top of her, kissing the side of her neck.

“Go ahead, Angel.  I know you want to.”

Angel hesitated.  He’d never bitten her before, except in the throes of passion.  Her voice was so loving that he couldn’t resist.  He pricked the skin, softly suckling a small amount of blood from her body. For some reason, hers was the sweetest he’d ever tasted.  Willow sighed her contentment.  Angel drew away, nuzzling and licking the
tiny wound at her throat.  He rolled off her and they moved on their sides in a spoon position, Angel’s hand wrapped around her stomach.  Willow lightly brushed the hair on his arms.

“See I told you I could be quiet.  I think I’m ready for sleep now.”

“You call that quiet?  We’re lucky your father isn’t standing over us with a shotgun right now.”

Willow giggled at the mental picture his words produced. “Never happen. Dad doesn’t believe in guns.”

“And I’m sure he doesn’t believe that his daughter has a man in her bed at this very moment.  His attitude might change if he knew.” Angel smoothed her hair down.  It was tickling his nose.



“Will you wake me up before you leave?” She snuggled back into him.

“I thought I’d just kiss you and sneak out.”

“Nope. I want to see if you can be any quieter next time.”