Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB.

by Lorelei

Willow pointed the remote towards the television turned it off, and then started to rewind the tape in the VCR.  She and Angel were curled up on the floor together, his head on her lap.

She looked down at him. "So, what did you think?"

"Well, it was cute.  Thanks for showing it to me."

"Cute? Is that all?"

Angel smiled, "Oh, alright, really cute. Is that better?"

Willow shook her head. "Don't you see the parallels?"

"To what?"

"To us.  All of us, the Scooby Gang, Giles, you, even Dru and Spike."

Angel sat up and looked at her in astonishment.  "You're kidding, right?"

Willow lightly smacked his arm, "No, I am not!  Who am I?  C'mon, guess."

Angel thought for a moment. "Um, since there are no sensual, stunning, intelligent red-heads, I'll guess…Piglet?"

Willow grinned, "Now you're getting it.  I'm the shy, timid one."

"And since Pooh is Piglet's best friend, I'm guessing that's Xander."

"Right again, the bear of very little brain.  Plus, he only thinks about one thing.  Of course, Pooh thinks about honey, not sex."

Angel chuckled, "I've always thought Xander was a bit of a pooh."

"Guess who Buffy is."

"Christopher Robin.  Has to be.  Always the one everyone else turns to when there's a problem.  Giles is easy too, the all knowing Owl."

Willow smiled, "See, you're getting the hang of it.  It's tougher from here on out.  Want me to tell you?"

"Maybe you'd better."

Willow took a deep breath and started, "Well, Cordy is Rabbit, a little snippy, always having to have things their way.  Oz is Tigger. Partly because he's always in a happy mood, and partly because Tigger's the closest thing to a ferocious werewolf.  Buffy's mom is Kanga, of course, and, since Faith could use a little mothering, I want her to be Roo."

Angel laughed, "Okay, you said Dru and Spike.  Who are they, and the rest of the demons and vamps."

"Well, all the other baddies are Heffalumps and Woozles, the unseen scary things. And Spike has to be Gopher.  Always, planning and digging. More evil, of course.  And Gopher has that little whistling
'S', which is close enough to an accent.  And Dru…

"Can't wait to hear this one."

Willow straightened her posture and proclaimed with great pleasure, "Dru is the name that Pooh lives under. Y'know, the sign that reads 'Saunders'. Because that's weird, just like she is."

Angel howled, "Perfect. Just perfect."

"I thought you'd appreciate it."

Angel asked the question that Willow had been waiting for. "So, who am I in the grand scheme of your twisted version of the Hundred Acre Woods?"

"Easy.  Eeyore!"

Angel's jaw dropped, "Little girl, are you calling me a depressed jackass?"  He started tickling her, unmercifully.

"Stop, stop it!  I had to do it."

Angel stopped his tickling onslaught and waited for her to recover.

"Sorry, Angel.  It just fits.  Besides, I'd already assigned characters before us, when you were always in a broody snit."

Angel leaned in and kissed her.  "Forgiven.  But, it makes for a different spin on Piglet's and Eeyore's relationship, don't you think."

Willow climbed on his lap and kissed him erotically.  "Definitely, a whole new dimension."

"Willow? Can I ask a favour?"

"Mmm. Anything!"

"Let's watch it again!"