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Madness Kissed
By The Wicked Sluts

“Willow?  Hey, earth to Willow?”  Buffy shook the redhead’s shoulder.
“Yeah?  Huh?”  Willow snapped out of her hazy daydream to meet the eyes of her best friend.
“Saturday night, Giles has released us from researching for the rest of the night, your boyfriend is at the Bronze getting ready to go on stage, my boyfriend is going to meet us there, and if we don’t hurry, we’re going to be late!”
Buffy’s boyfriend.  Angel.  It had been nearly three weeks since their night together at the mansion.  Willow was certain that Angel had realized what a huge mistake he had made.  She had seen him several times since that night, but he was as stone-faced as could be towards her.  At first, Willow thought that he was avoiding her, but she came to realize that he was treating her the exact same way he always had.
Willow knew that the night at the mansion had to be kept an absolute secret, but she still thought that she would see some sign of recognition from him… a smile, or a wink, perhaps, but she had gotten nothing.  Being around him was hard.  Her dreams were occupied by him, and the way he had made her feel.  She wanted that again, wanted more of it.  Never in the wildest stretches of her imagination had she ever entertained the thought that pain could feel so good.
What she wanted from Angel wasn’t romance.  Those feelings hadn’t changed a bit.  Oz gave her all she could handle and more.  And she loved it, as she loved Oz.  Her future was with him, and perhaps one day she would be brave enough to trust him with all her secrets and desires.
But not yet… For now, her dark needs belonged solely to Angel.  Or, they would if he’d show any sign to her of wanting a repeat performance.
Willow was on the dance floor with Xander dancing to a song that Oz had written for her.  At one point, not too long ago, Oz would have been insanely jealous, but in his heart he knew that all her things were for him.  Besides, she never took her eyes off him.  She was merely using Xander to prop herself up while she made goo-goo eyes at her boyfriend.
Angel hadn’t shown up yet, which was nothing unusual for him.  Buffy sat alone watching her friends dance, a teasing grin on her face.  She loved seeing Willow happy.  Now that Oz and Xander had gotten over their jealousy of each other, Willow seemed freer and happier than she had in a long time.  She seemed to be so at ease with herself, as if she had suddenly found the key to being comfortable inside her own skin.  Thankful for whatever the reason was that brought her best friend out of her depression, Buffy headed to the bar for another latte.
Angel strolled through the door of the Bronze and his eyes immediately fell upon Willow on the dance floor.  He leaned back against the wall watching her.  He wondered if anyone else could see the changes that he could see.  She had cut her straight red hair a little shorter, and instead of wearing it brushed straight and tame, it was slightly mussed, giving off just a slight hint of the fire that burned inside of her.  It was a subtle change, but to Angel, it spoke volumes.
As if she could feel his eyes, she pulled herself from Oz’s gaze and her eyes met Angel’s.  The dreamy look on her face turned dark as her expression tightened slightly.  Angel refused to tear his eyes from hers as she adjusted her head on Xander’s shoulder so she wouldn’t have to break the gaze either.
She cast a spell over him, or so it seemed.  He felt that he was locked in her trance, and his cock stiffened in response.  He knew he had to have her, tonight.  He had to possess her again, to feel her hot flesh against his, and to hear her scream his name as he taught her to walk the line between pleasure and pain once again.
The song ended, and Angel reluctantly tore his eyes away.  He moved to sit on the couch waiting for Buffy to return from the bar.  Xander and Willow joined him, sitting in the chairs.  Buffy returned and sat next to Angel, grabbing his hand.  Willow was grateful for Buffy’s return.  She knew that Buffy could babble and make conversation with Xander, because Willow couldn’t seem to form a single word.
After a few minutes of discussing the latest baddies to settle on top of the Hellmouth, Buffy finally stood.
“Bathroom, then I’ve got to patrol.”
“I’ll go with you,”  Angel said.
“To the bathroom?”  Buffy giggled as she walked off.
“I’m heading home,”  Xander said, standing to leave,  “You coming, Will?”
“N-no,”  she stumbled over the word,  “I’m going to wait for Oz to finish.  He can drive me home.  Be careful, Xander.”
He left, leaving Willow and Angel alone for the first time in weeks.  Nervously, she met his eyes as he stood and moved towards her.  He knelt by her chair, placing his hand casually on her knee.  Suddenly, his hand slid further up her leg, grasping her inner thigh just below her sex.
He squeezed her hard… she knew his handprint would be left behind, and whispered to her,  “Be at the mansion at 1am… And, Willow?”  he squeezed harder before releasing her thigh and briefly rubbing his hand against her core,  “Don’t be late.”
Angel paced back and forth in front of the fireplace.  It was ten minutes after one.  She was late, damn it! He’d had time after patrolling with Buffy to get home, shower and change, and ready a few things for tonight. Patrolling…that was one word for it.  Their passionate kissing had left him more than a little aroused.  That combined with the thought of what he was going to do to his redheaded pupil tonight was making him tense.  Waiting so long would make her even more pliant to his demands, but it had been almost too much for him to handle.
The door to the mansion opened and Willow rushed in. She shut the door behind her and leaned against it, trying to catch her breath.  Angel’s anger momentarily flew out of his mind and he went over to her.
“Was something after you?  Did it follow you here?” Angel gently touched her arm, meaning to comfort her.
Willow shook her head and finally spoke, “No, no chasers.  I knew I was going to be late so I ran most of the way here.”
Angel immediately stiffened, reverting to his former mood,  “That’s right, you’re late.  I told you not to be late, didn’t I?”
“I’m sorry.  Oz took me home after he did the last set.  We… talked for awhile.”
There was hesitation in her voice.  Angel knew she was lying.  He grabbed her shoulders, pinning her against the door and captured her mouth in a hard kiss.  His tongue forced her lips open as he ran his hands down between her legs, roughly rubbing her at the junction of her thighs.  Willow groaned softly, low in her throat, and moved to touch him, but Angel abruptly moved away from her.
He spoke in a menacing tone, “Is that how you and Oz talk, Willow?  What would your boyfriend think about you getting him all worked up and then coming here to fuck me?”
Willow stared at him for a moment,  “You… you never said I couldn’t kiss Oz.  He’s my boyfriend…we’re supposed to kiss.”
“Was kissing all you did, Willow?  I’ll know if you lie to me.”
There was no shred of doubt in Willow’s mind that he was speaking the absolute truth.  There was something about him that seemed to peer inside her mind and know what she was wanting, what she was thinking, before she knew herself.
“Just kissing.  I swear,”  She touched her middle and index finger to her lips and then brought them down to cover her heart.
Angel smiled at her,  “I believe you.  Kissing is fine, but if you want to continue our sessions, you’d better keep the action above the waist.  I’m willing to share, up to a point, but I won’t have any boy ruining what I’ve worked so hard to create,”  As he spoke, he ran his fingers up her jaw, cradling her face in his hands, running his thumb across her lower lip.
Willow leaned her head into the caress,  “It’s not the same when he kisses me.  I mean, I like it…I just don’t need him to kiss me…not like I need you to.”
Angel moved as if to kiss her, letting his lips hover millimeters from her own.  He suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the couch.  Willow stumbled after him as he dragged her towards the couch.
Angel positioned her so that she was facing the sofa, then sat down,  “Let’s see…you were late tonight, weren’t you, Willow?”
She flushed slightly, knowing what was going to happen soon,  “Yes.  I was late.  I’m sorry.”
Angel gave her a stern look,  “And you disobeyed me last time, Willow.  That’s twice now that you haven’t done what was asked of you.”
Willow studied the floor, not speaking.
“Look at me when I’m talking to you, Willow, unless I tell you otherwise.”
Willow’s head snapped up, her green eyes meeting his dark ones,  “Sorry.”
“Well, Willow.  Sorry isn’t good enough.  You know what happens when bad little girls don’t obey, don’t you?”
Willow could feel her knees start to quiver in anticipation of was coming next,  “Yes.  I know what happens when I don’t obey.”
Angel could see her trembling.  His mouth twitched slightly, but he refused to smile.  He shifted a little on the sofa, his pants suddenly too tight in the groin,  “Strip, Willow.  Everything off.”
Never letting her eyes drift from his, Willow began to remove her clothing.  She consciously tried to make her striptease as sensual as possible, but knew she was probably failing miserably.  Angel was scaring her slightly, and she couldn’t quite decide if she liked it or not.
His warnings about Oz had startled her.  This was about sex, not love.  Why would he care what she did with Oz, as long as when she was with Angel, she was with him totally?  Was this part of the game?  She hoped it was simply part of her lessons.  Obey Angel… allow Angel to possess her.  The thought frightened her until she remembered his words,  “I could never… would never… hurt you, Willow,”  and she knew he wouldn’t.
She focused back on Angel watching her from the couch.  He was leaning back on the cushions, stroking himself through his leather pants.  Although he was trying to keep the look on his face passive, he wasn’t doing all that great a job of it.  While he still wore a tense frown, there was a slight twinkle in his dark eyes that showed her his approval.
Once she was naked, she stood shyly in front of him, fighting the urge to cover herself and keep him from realizing how wet she still was.
“Stand behind the couch, Willow, facing the back of the it.”
She did as she was told, relieved to be out of his line of vision for a moment.  Angel stood and walked over to his desk, opening a drawer.  Willow couldn’t contain her gasp as he pulled out a thin wooden paddle that resembled the ones that they used for table tennis in gym class.  Despite her fear, her nipples hardened and she felt her wetness seep down her thigh.
“Willow, bend over and hold on to the back of the couch.  Don’t move, or say anything unless I ask you a question.  Do you understand?”
“Yes,”  she braced herself, knowing what was coming next.
“You’ve disobeyed me twice… How many is that worth, do you think?”
Willow swallowed hard, knowing he expected an answer,  “As many as you think I deserve.”
Angel couldn’t hide his smile, although Willow couldn’t see it.  He was beyond pleased with his pupil.  He had been afraid that this would be too much, too soon for her, but she was barely hesitating at all.  He could smell her arousal, much stronger than it had been three weeks earlier.  Now that she had had a taste, she wanted more, and wanted it worse.
“How many did you get last time?”
“Five… Six!”  she said, remembering his final blow.
“Very good, Willow.  I think fifteen this time.”
Willow’s knees buckled for a moment before she steadied herself.  Angel took note of her stumble, promising himself not to be too hard on her.
He stood behind her, and struck her left cheek with the paddle.  Willow jumped, nearly moaning out loud at the sweet contact.
“Count for me, Willow.  How many was that?”
A little harder, he brought the paddle down on her right cheek.
“Two,”  she gasped.
He admired the way her white buttocks her already beginning to turn a very pale shade of pink, and fought the impulse to reach out and caress her.
Instead, he brought the paddle down again, harder still.
“Good girl,”  he whispered darkly.
He continued with his disciplining of Willow, alternating between her two quickly reddening cheeks, and alternating the strength of his swings.
He was amazed and incredibly turned on by her.  As he landed his blows rather hard, fully expecting her to use her safe word at any moment, she only became more aroused.  He had allowed her to rest her head on her arms, and could see the tears running down her cheeks.  She had to be hurting… while he certainly wasn’t using anything close to his full strength, he was hitting her hard.  She continued counting, sometimes in quiet gasps, other times hissed from between tightly clenched teeth, and once or twice had actually had the audacity to wiggle her ass at him, just slightly.  He answered her taunts with the hardest of his blows, knowing that this was what she was asking for.
“Twelve!”  she cried.
“Are you sure?”  he teased,  “I think that was only ten…”
“Twelve,”  she pleaded.
“All right… twelve.”
Her cheeks were bright flaming red now, as red as her hair.  He lowered the paddle for a moment and slipped his hand between her legs.  She jerked back against him, not expecting this intrusion.  She was incredibly wet… Angel couldn’t remember ever feeling so much moisture between a woman’s legs.  He ran his fingers along her slit before caressing her hot cheeks with his wet hand.
Willow was shaking, her need so great that she was certain that she was going to orgasm without ever having any contact to her clitoris.
Angel raised the paddle again and struck her harshly, the wetness on her cheeks causing the sting from the paddle to be intensified.
“Aaahhh… Fourteen,”  she moaned.
Angel’s cock was straining painfully inside his pants.  He had planned on taking this night slowly, teasing her, making her beg, but he didn’t think he’d be able to last that long, nor could she.  Maybe they would have time for two separate lessons tonight, he thought.
He raised the paddle for the final time, and hit her hard enough to make her cry out loud, her knees buckling beneath her.
Angel caught her before she could fall, steadying her easily.
“Count, Willow,”  he demanded.
“Fifteen!”  she sobbed, trembling in his grasp.
“You did very well, Willow.  Very well,”  he informed her, letting just a slight hint of admiration color the dark timbre of his voice,  “I think perhaps you should be rewarded… maybe.”
“Yes, please,”  Willow was unable to choke out anything else.

Angel leaned over her, gently kissing the rosy cheeks of her behind.  She shuddered as he rested his head on her back, covering her nipples with the palms of his hands.  She knew better than attempt to straighten up before Angel gave her permission.

Angel stood, drawing her with him and turning her to face him.  The flush in her face gave evidence to how turned on she was.  He stepped away from her.

“Undress me, Willow.”

Willow didn’t hesitate, springing at him and fumbling to unbutton his shirt.  Frustrated she tore it open and tugged the tail out of his leather pants.  Buttons scattered across the floor.

“I like this shirt, Willow.  You know I’m going to have to punish you for ruining it, don’t you?”

Willow looked at him with defiance in her eyes, letting him know that not only didn’t she care if he punished her for it, she’d welcome it.

Angel grabbed one of her hands as she worked to undo his pants, biting into the pad of flesh under her thumb.  Willow whimpered and he released it, allowing her to finish with the button and zipper.

She knelt to pull them off his body, but stopped when she realized she was at eye level with his enormous erection.  Her eyes drifted to his face, waiting for permission.  He kicked out of his pants and with a slight inclination of his head gave her the answer she wanted.  Tentatively, she brought her tongue out to taste the drop of semen at the tip.  Angel’s cock jumped and he tangled his hands in her coppery tresses.  Encouraged, she ran her tongue down the underside and back up again, and taking a deep breath, plunged her mouth over and down the length of him, setting a quick rhythm.  Angel thrust his hips forward, his hands clenching around her hair in time with her motions.  It wouldn’t take long for her novice mouth to bring him to orgasm.

Abruptly, Angel yanked her up by her hair, bringing her lips to his in a fierce kiss.  He sucked her tongue into his mouth, caressing it with his own.  Never breaking the kiss, Angel lowered their bodies to the rug on the floor and rolled so that he was on his back with her on top of him.   He moved his index finger to her entrance and plunged it in, checking to see if she was as ready as he thought she was.   She clamped down around him and groaned.

Withdrawing his finger, he finally broke the kiss and spoke,  “Know what you want and take it, Willow.”

Willow plunged down on to his erection with a wail, sheathing his cock inside of her.  Angel dug his fingers into her hips. She had been so ready for so long that she couldn’t take it slow and savor the control he was allowing her.  She began moving at a frenzied pace, grinding her clit into his pelvis with each thrust.  Her orgasm was starting and she cried out in her need.

Angel thrust upward into her.  She was so eager, so hot and tight. He’d waited too long to be inside of her again.  He could feel her walls grasping him as she reached her climax.  Angel let go, spinning into his own orgasm, his fluid mingling with hers.

“Willow,”  He groaned her name as she continued to grip him with her muscles, drawing out their pleasure.

Angel slowly released his hold on her as they both relaxed.  Willow remained straight on top of him; her head bent forward, her hair partially covering her face.  There was a look of serene contentment on her face.  A thousand different thoughts were flying through his mind as he stared at her. //Does she realize how beautiful she is?  My god, she looks like something from a painting by one of the old masters.  What is this girl doing to me? // Angel pushed those thoughts down and spoke in a gruff voice.


Willow’s eyes flew open to meet his and her head snapped up.

“Go into the bedroom.  You’re ready for your next lesson.”

Wearily, she began pulling herself off of him.

“Whoa, wait a minute, Willow… we can stop now, if you want to.”

“No, Angel… I don’t want to.  I very much want to keep going.”

“Then how come I just saw this look cross your face that said that you most certainly didn’t want to?”  he asked, brushing her hair out of her face.

“These are my lessons, Angel.  You’re teaching me.  It’s what I’m here for.”

“Willow… I’m afraid you’ve got this all wrong,”  he said with a sigh, pulling her flat against his body, cradling her in his arms,  “We really need to talk.”

“Ok,”  Willow whispered hesitantly, tensing against his body.

“In a little bit, Willow.  Just relax for a few minutes,”  he gently caressed her back, soothing the strain from her tired muscles.

A few minutes later, Angel pulled himself up off the floor, lifting Willow with him.  He carried her to the couch and gently set her down.  She watched him with wide eyes as he covered her with a fuzzy blanket and lit the massive fireplace.

“A-Angel?  What are you doing?”  she asked.

“Getting ready for our talk.  There are some things that I don’t quite think you understand.”

He lifted a corner of the blanket and slid down beside Willow, pulling her back against him between his legs.  Again, he sensed her tense.

“Willow, are you afraid of me?  Right now?”

“No, Angel… it’s just… I didn’t think… I mean, what are you doing?”

“This is just as important as everything else we’re going, Willow.”

“But I thought… we agreed… this was just about sex.”

“It’s all about sex, and I think that’s what you don’t understand.  What we’re doing isn’t about degradation and pain—it’s about pleasure.  I’m not trying to humiliate you.  I’m trying to teach you about reaching out for whatever brings you gratification.”


“But nothing.  You asked me to teach you., and that’s what I intend to do.  You don’t know what you are yet… You saw a side of yourself in the vampire-you that intrigued you, a very dark side of you, and a side of you that is very sensual.  But you’re a complex young woman, Willow, with many sides.  If you’re willing, we can explore all of it.”

“I want to,”  she settled into his arms, relaxing,  “I just don’t want you to feel like you have to…”

“I don’t have to anything, Willow.  I want to.  I can’t deny that the dark side of you excites me, just as it excites you.  And we’ve gotten off to a fine start in exploring that.  There is so much more to sexuality, though.  I’m not trying to break you.  I’m trying to help you.  I want to help you.  You know I can’t do the things I can do with you with Buffy.”

“Because you’re not in love with me.  I’m not going to give you that big happy like she can.”

“No, not in love.  But don’t think for a minute that I’ve forgotten that you’re the one that gave me my soul back.  I care about you very much.  You’re a good friend.”

“And you’ve saved my life on more than one occasion,”  she added,  “which makes me like you an awful lot, too.”

“I’m sorry I got so possessive about you being with Oz earlier.  You love him, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I think I do.  I mean, I’m not sure if I really know what love is.  I loved Xander for years, and then this guy just sort of showed up in my life and turned everything upside down for me.  I… I guess I do love him.”

“How far have you and he…?”

“Not very.  I tried to once, but he didn’t want to.”

“Didn’t want to?  I find that hard to believe,”  Angel brushed her hair away from her shoulder, bending down to plant a soft kiss on it.