Los Angeles

by Angelluv

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Rating:  NC-17
Classification:  Willow/Angel
Disclaimer:  All characters belong to Joss Whedon.  I'm just borrowing them temporarily.
Summary:  Willow goes to LA and stuff happens.

Part 1

Willow was excited.  Angel had called and invited her to come for a visit to LA during her summer break from college.  As soon as finals were done, she was leaving good old Sunnydale, at least for a little while.

She was running down her check list to make sure that she had everything.  Suitcase, money, house locked up and secure, magic books and supplies, laptop, and last but not least the keys to her car the mom and dad had bought her for graduation.

Willow was ready to go.  Her bags in the trunk and the house locked.  She got out her map to double check her planned out road trip and took off.

Willow had changed a lot over the year Angel had been gone.  Oz and her had broken up.  He dropped out of college to go full time with the band.  She had broken loose a little herself.  She no longer dressed like a mouse, but not quite how Buffy would dress.   It was a mixture of Buffy  style and Willow style.  It was comfortable, yet more her.  She had gone on a shopping spree after Angel had called her and gotten a whole new wardrobe.  Willow giggled, her dad was gonna have a heart attack when he noticed the bill.

Willow turned the radio up loud.  She loved to listen to music loudly when she drove.  It helped to keep her relaxed.  Singing along with a song had other people staring, but she didn't care.  She was going to LA, to Angel.

Willow had always had a secret crush on the vampire, unknown to Angel.  Willow wanted it that way.  She still thought of him as Buffy's.  Willow loved to see him in leather and velvet.  It was such a turn on for her.  A lot of her clothes now consisted of leather.  It felt so, so delicious against her skin.  Something about it molding to her every curve just felt so erotic to her.

After arriving in LA, Willow promptly got lost trying to find Angel's home.  Instead of driving around and getting lost further, she decided to pull over and call Angel to get directions.  After the call had been completed, she continued on her way to Angel's business and home.

Angel greeted Willow at the door to his office.  Upon seeing Willow, he broke out into a huge grin. Willow was floored, Angel smiling.  This was Angel and not Angelus she reassured herself.  After a moments hesitation, she didn't care.  She threw herself into his arms and hugged him.

Angel showed her around the office and then took her downstairs to the basement, where he lived.  Willow liked the place and told him so.

"So what do you want to do tonight Willow?"  asked Angel.

"I haven't eaten anything so something to eat would be good."

"Okay we can go out to eat and then maybe take in a movie.  I haven't gone to a movie in ages."

"Let me take you to your room and you can get ready.  The bathroom is right in here.  Just help yourself.  What's mine is yours."  He smiled at Willow.

Willow felt her stomach feel like it was going to take off and fly.  It had so many butterflies in it.  She couldn't believe how different Angel was.  She thought he would be shocked by her, but she was the one that shocked.  This Angel appeared to be light hearted and fun.  Not so into brooding.  She liked it, a lot. Probably more than she should, but she was going to have some fun this summer if it killed her.  She was away from the Hellmouth, so hopefully there would be no vampires for her, present company excluded.  She giggled again.  She was so excited to finally be here in LA with Angel.  Who would have thought about it happening?  Certainly not her.

Willow was getting ready to go out.  She wanted to wear something special.  What to wear?  she asked herself.  She finally decided on a forest green leather mini and a cream colored sink tank with her black leather jacket.  To top it off she put on her strappy black heels.  She liked them, it helped to boost her small stature in height.  She looked good and she knew it.  She wasn't being egotistic about herself, but it was something she just knew.

Finally ready to go, she went in search of Angel.  She found him ready and waiting for her in his library.  Willow stopped in the doorway and just drooled over him.  He was absorbed in the book he was reading didn't notice her approach.  He looked sooo delicious.  He had on his skin tight black leather pants and a blue velvet long sleeved shirt with his engineering boots.  He looked so hot.  Finally she cleared her throat so not to startle him.

Angel looked up when he heard her clear her throat.  Oh my God he thought.  When had Willow grown up and become a woman.  He couldn't help but look her up and down slowly.  Starting at her feet and worked his way past her shapely calves to her well formed thighs, to her pert looking breasts to her delectable neck.  Angel paused and watched the blood throb through her jugular.  Continuing up to eyes.  There his eyes met her and as they gazed into each others eyes, Willow spoke in a husky voice.

"Like what you see Angel?"

Angel could only smile and nod his head in the affirmative.  Willow gave a soft, husk laugh.  She held her hand out to Angel.


Angel walked toward and took her hand in his own.  He slowly raised her hand to his lips and spoke.

"Your carriage awaits, milady."

Willow laughed again.  Taking is offered arm they walked out into the night.

Part 2

They didn't walk to far.  Angel had his car parked in his underground garage.  Willow was surprised.

"I didn't know you had a car!"  exclaimed Willow.

Angel laughed.

"There is a lot you don't know about me, Little One."

Willow got a funny feeling again when he called her Little One.  Most people just called her Willow.  She really never had a nickname before.  She decided she like it.

Angel escorted her to his car and opened the door.  Willow was blushing at his courtly manners.  She never had a date open a door for her. But wait where did date come from she thought.  This is Angel, her friend, not a date.  God she needed to get a hold of her blossoming emotions before she made fool of herself.

After seeing her into the car, Angel came around to the drivers side.  He started the car and tuned the radio station into a classic rock station.

Angel loved classic rock.  His favorite was the Grateful Dead.  Not many knew of his tastes.  He preferred it that way.  This way he could keep things to himself.  It also helped to play cryptic guy, when the need arose.  Nobody would know things about him that could be used against him.  He thought of himself as a loner.

"Angel, are you brooding?"  asked Willow.

"I was just thinking."

"No brooding.  This is one rule I call for my visit here.  Also, no sulking or lurking."

Willow laughed at the expression on his face.

"You're acting like I took your best friend away."  Laughed Willow.

Angel smirked at her.

"Old habits are hard to break."

"Angel can I ask you a question?"

Angel looked at her.  Not sure what to expect, but definitely something serious by the tone of her voice.  So when she asked,

"Do you cause many accidents?  You know because people won't see you in the rearview mirror?"

He couldn't help but bust out laughing.  Willow looked at him and started to laugh too.  She couldn't help it.  She starred at him in amazement.  Angel looked at her.


"Your laughing."  was all she said.

"Willow, I think you and I are going to learn a lot about each other this summer."

The dinner they had was lovely and the conversation between them never lacking.  They decided to forgo the movie and went to an all night coffee house.  They talked and learned things about each other that no else knew about.  Willow learned a lot about Angel that night.  She learned about the night he was turned, about his family, about him embracing Spike and Drusilla, about his rampage across Europe, and finally about his life after being cursed with a soul.  In turn, Angel learned about childhood antidotes, her increasing talents of the Wiccan arts, and about her break up with Oz, and her dying love for Xander, and her own secret wants in needs from life.

The night was a start of something special, but neither realized it at that time.  They just thought it was the start of a very good friendship and they weren't wrong, just a little off.

They left the coffee shop about an hour before dawn.  After parking the car, Angel walked around to Willow's door and opened it for her.  Willow thought to herself that this is something she could get used too.  Angel held out his hand and she placed her own in his.  Angel slowly drew her up.  He turned her hand over in his and bent his head to her hand, softly placing a kiss in the palm.

"Thank you for a lovely evening.  It has been the best that I have had in a long time.  I am proud to call you my friend."

Willow smiled a soft smile and reached up to place a kiss on his cheek.

"Angel don't you know you have always been my friend."

Angel smiled down into her eyes.  He turned her hand back over and interlaced her fingers with his own.  Slowly they walked into the building, not really wanting the evening to end, but knowing that all good things must come to end.  He walked her to her bedroom door.  He bent down and placed a kiss to her forehead.

"Goodnight Little One."

"Night Angel."

Part 3

Willow like Angel, slept most of the day away.  She woke up at one in the afternoon.  Angel was up and about already.  She was still very tired and headed to the coffee machine.  After her jolt of caffeine, she decided it was time to face the day.

After carefully selecting what she was going to wear, she ventured up the stairs to the office part of Angel's home.  Cordelia noticed her first and jumped and screamed.


She was taken back a little as she was wrapped in a bear hug from her.

"Cordelia, how have you been?  You look great.  LA must be agreeing with you."

"Me!  Look at you.  Leather, Willow I never would have guessed."

And with all the tack that Cordelia had she said,

"What happened to the softer side of Sears clothes?"

Willow just laughed and said,

"I started to buy my own clothes."

At the commotion, Angel and Doyle had stepped out of Angel's office.  Doyle starred at her.  He couldn't help himself.

"You must be the famous Willow everyone here talks about?"

Willow blushed when he said that.  She was annoyed with herself.  She had out grown a lot of things, but that annoying trait still remained.

"All good I hope."

"Yes, never a bad word."  said Doyle as he walked up to her with his hand extended.

Willow placed her hand in his and he raised to lips to kiss the back of her hand.  Willow's skin flushed again.  Willow raised her eyes to Angel's and saw he was annoyed.  She really hoped it wasn't something she had done.  Cordelia interrupted Doyle by saying,

"Willow this is Doyle.  Just ignore him."

Doyle got an annoyed look on his face as Cordelia walked over and pulled her away from him.  Cordelia spoke over her shoulder as she pulled Willow along behind her.

"Were going shopping.  I will be taking a long lunch."

Willow just looked over her shoulder at Angel and shrugged her shoulders.  With a smile she said,

"See you later."

"What a looker."  said Doyle after the girls had left.

Angel looked at Doyle and said,

"Don't even think about it.  She is a sweet innocent girl and not for the likes of you."  stated Angel.

Part 4

Willow was tired.  Cordelia must have drug her all over LA to shop.  She had fun, but because of the late night before, she was bushed.  They had stopped for dinner.  Now all she required was sleep.
Cordelia had dropped her off and let her into the building and then drove off to go to her own apartment.  Willow was drop dead tired and not even thinking about it, she began to strip on the way to the bathroom.  When she opened the door, she was wide awake, because before her, lounging in the tub, was a very naked Angel.  Willow gasped.  She couldn't even form words.  She just stopped cold in her tracks.  She even forgot that all she had on was her thong, lace underwear.  Angel could only stare at her.  If he had any breathe it would have been long gone.  Angel couldn't help but react to the erotic sight before him.  His blood surged through his body, creating a huge, painful, but pleasurable hard on.

Willow was still incapable of any movement.  Angel slowly stood up from the tub and casually grabbed the towel from the rack beside the tub.  Willow just watched him as he wrapped it around his muscular hips.  She told herself to turn around and move, but her body was not listening.  It seemed to have a mind of it's own.

Angel stepped from the tub.  He had water running in rivulets down his body.  Willow followed one with her eyes until it disappeared into the towel around his waist.  After is was gone she got sidetracked again by his washboard  stomach.  Angel just let her stare at him.  All the while he was studying her body.  He didn't think that he could get any harder, but he did when she dragged her eyes to his.  Angel could see desire, need, want, and love written clearly in her eyes.  Angel desperately wanted what she was offering.

He held out his hand to Willow.  She didn't do anything at first.  Then as if in a dream she saw herself reaching out to place her hand in his own.  Slowly to not startle her, he drew her to him.  She felt like lightening was grabbing a hold of her body.  She was trembling with the force of her need.  He leaned forward and touched his lips to hers.  Nothing else was touching, but she wanted to wrap herself around him and never let go.

"Do you want this Little One?"  he whispered against her lips.

"Yes, oh God yes.  I have dreamt about you for so long.  Am I dreaming Angel?  Because if I am please don't wake me."

At her reply, Angel pulled her into his arms.  Willow moaned at the contact of skin against skin.  He bent and wrapped his arms under her shoulders and knees.   She wrapped her arms around his neck.  He carried her to his room and placed her on the bed.  She watched him as stood up and walked away.  Confused at first she saw a match flare to life.  Angel walked around the room lighting vanilla scented candles.  The sweet smell filled the room.

Willow relaxed against the mounds of pillows and watched him.  When he was done he came back to the end of the bed and stared at her.  Willow raised her arms to him.  Angel pulled the towel from around his hips and started to crawl up the bed to her.  Along the way he would  kiss and nibble the soft supple skin before him.

His first stop was her feet.  He licked up the insole of her feet and she shivered at the sensation.  The next stop was at the back of her knee.  The closer he came to her blood engorged mound, the more she moaned.  Hoping and praying he would make a stop there.  Finally he arrived.  He slowly ran his tongue from her anus to the top of her clit with one long slow sweep.  She was thrashing against the pillows and grabbing at the bedding with her hands clenched tightly in the sheets.  Angel continued up her body, loving how she responded to him.  He paid special attention to her breasts.  Taking one at a time into his mouth and sucking hard, nibbling, then softly laving it with his tongue.  She was going out of her mind.

"Angel."  she moaned.

Angel lifted his head.  He then made his way to her neck.  She drew her head back, giving him access to her throat.  Angel moaned at her complete trust in him.  Savoring the taste that was WIllow, he kissed and sucked on her neck.  Willow couldn't take anymore, she had to kiss him.  With a strength she didn't know that she possessed, she pulled his head up and locked her lips to his.  Angel deepened the kiss.  Their tongues were dueling, but both would be the winners in this round.

Willow wrapped her leg around Angel's waist and flipped him over on his back.  Angel was surprised.  Willow sat up on his stomach.  She could feel his erection pressing into mound.  She couldn't help but rock her hips against him.  He moaned.  He wanted her so bad, but he wanted their first time to be special and not rushed.

Willow leaned down and kissed him with everything she was feeling.  Everything that he made her feel.  She left is lips to work her way to his neck.  Once there she did something he never expected her to do.  She bit him hard.  Hard enough to break the skin.  That act alone pushed him over the edge.  He grabbed her under her arms and raised her up to impale her on his cock.   Willow screamed out her pleasure when he was inside of her.  She rocked her hips against his, rubbing her clit on his pelvis bone.  Angel grabbed a hold of her hips and thrust up into her.  Willow was beside herself with pleasure.  She moaned over and over again, saying his name like a mantra.


Angel flipped them over so she was again on her back.  He reached down and grabbed her leg at the knee, pulling it up so he could penetrate her more deeply.

Willow was close.  He could feel her was convulsing around his cock.  He reached down between their bodies, finding her clit he gave it a tug with his finger and thumb.

"ANGEL."  she screamed.

At the Angel thrust into one more time, spilling is cold seed, deep within her pussy.

"WILLOW."  moaned Angel.

Angel leaned down and kissed her with everything he was and could be.  Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.  Slowly they came back down to earth.  Angel realized he was still lying on her.

"Are you okay, Little One?"

"I'm beyond okay.  I feel wonderful, magnificent, superb in fact."

Angel laughed and rolled over to his back, pulling her with him.

"Stay with me?"

"Of course."

Willow cuddled into him and promptly fell into a deep sleep that was filled with images of Angel.

Part 5

The summer, unfortunately, seemed to go by very fast.  Willow didn't want to leave.  She had found her true love and never wanted to be parted.  Angel was also starting to grow desperate.  He didn't want her to leave.  Angel had found his soulmate.   With her he had everything he had every dreamed about.  He was complete.

Willow accepted him completely.  Every part of him.  She met every need he had as a vampire.  After all vampiric love did involve blood letting.  She didn't mind his feeding from her or from a bag.  He couldn't lose her now that he had found her.

They had decided she would transfer to a school here in LA.  So at the end of her time in LA, she went home to pack her things and moved in with Angel, her Angel.

When the time was right she would be embraced.  Willow wasn't afraid of it any more.  She knew that Angel would be there to guide her and show the way.  It was a given that she would also be cursed with her soul and it would be permanent like his.

Everything in life was good and would remain so until the end of there lives.

The End