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Continuation of Part 4

 Xander looked down at his naked legs as the rain began to pour down harder, wondering where his pants had gone. He was caught off balance as Buffy pulled him into her house, making him stumble to the floor. Without warning, Buffy joined him, tumbling on top of him. They crawled over to the living room, seeking the plushiness
of the rug.  Without truly paying attention, Xander had managed to crawl on top of her. He was surprised to see her there.

“How’d you get there?” his sobering voice asked confused.

Buffy simply replied by kissing him, and flipping them over.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow couldn’t believe what was happening. Angel was finally kissing her. After so many dreams, illusions, and hopes, it was finally happening. Her lips parted, inviting him into her warm mouth. His tongue soon joined hers as they met softly, taking time to taste each other.

Angel was lost in the emotion of having her in his arms after having craved it so long. His hand began to move up her thigh, caressing her over the wet leather. As their kiss turned deeper, one of his hands moved to her corset and began to unlace it, as his other hand buried its fingers in her fiery hair, pressing her mouth as close to his as

Willow’s hand trailed from his hair, down his face, to his shoulders, lower to his arms, until they found the bulge of his sweater and began to pull it up, her hands touching his cold stomach. Angel moaned in her mouth as his skillful hands hurried to touch her breasts. Willow began to pull up his sweater, as she began to feel lighthearted, her body responding to her lack of oxygen. Angel tore his mouth away and helped her pull the sweater off his body. His mouth sought hers, and when they met passion flared, as they tried to devour each other. Angel was finally able to pull the last lace out. He opened the corset and slide it off her body. He changed her position, his hips never leaving hers, her knees straddling him, and pulled her warm wet breasts against him.

Willow moaned as new sensations evoked her body. Angel’s hands began to roam around her body, caressing her back, moving lower to cup her firm cheeks. Willow pulled back, her head arching back, moaning his name as she tried to take in air for her burning lungs. She felt Angel’s mouth move to her neck, suckling her neck. Willow
tensed a bit, her hands moving to his head, holding him there, offering her neck to his want.

All he wanted was a taste, a simple taste of the hidden liquid that coursed through her body. And it was at that moment, that he realized what he was about to do. His mouth reluctantly stopped, his hands stopped and moved them up to her waist and looked up at her. Willow looked at him confused, with a mixture of fear. Did he not want
her anymore?

“Willow...I can’t...,” his voice still hoarse.
“Why?” she asked sadly.

“Because...you’re so young...so trusting...so beautiful...so desirable...I have nothing to give you and all you offer me is too much.”

“But I want you. All I ever need. I just want to be loved by you”

She kissed him tenderly, showing him how much she wanted him..how much she cared..how much she loved him. To her complete delight he offered her the same. He stood up and held her firmly against him as he carried he to the bed and laid her down carefully. He joined her, covering her body with his. Angel could sense her sudden
nervousness, her virginal fears coming to the surface. He kissed her softly, letting her get used to the feel of their naked flesh against each other. He felt her stiffen a bit more, sure she had come to realize his painful erection pressed against her. He looked down at her, his eyes shining with love for the ravishing red head below him.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“I want you, Angel. Please make me yours,” she pleaded.

Her words had made his usual cold body, shiver with delight. His mouth locked to hers as his hands began to trace each curve of her wonderfully velvety body.

Part 5
Xander rubbed his head as he laid happily on the rug in the living room. His other hand caressed the back of Buffy’s smooth back. The alcohol was wearing off and a headache was forming. He would not believe what had just happened. It had once been a dream, a dream he never thought would happen. Now, here he was, laying on
the floor,naked with Buffy Summers. He just had one question.



“What happened?”

“What?” she asked shocked as she sat up and looked down at him.

“How did I get the rug burns on my forehead?”

Buffy giggled as she remembered.

“Let’s just say you were a little too excited and missed me the first couple of times.”

Xander decided not to question her further and gave her a smile as his eyes trailed down her face to her breasts, centering on the nipples he had bitten, licked and teased.  Buffy would feel herself getting wet as she saw how Xander’s eyes moved down her body.  She turned to look at his newly formed erection, never seeing Xander’s hand reach for her, his fingers moving quickly into the warmness of her folds. Buffy turned back to look at him and moaned.

“We should go to your room,” Xander told her as he took out his fingers from her core and licked his them.

Buffy quickly stood as she pulled Xander up with her with all her strength and led him up the stairs to her bedroom. Xander happily followed knowing what the rest of the night had in store for him.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Willow trembled as his hands moved across the side of her stomach, up to cup her breasts. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his fingers tug lightly on her hardened nipples. She pulled back from his talented mouth, moaning louder as she felt his hands engulf both her breasts. Her eyes closed as she felt his fingers flicker
lightly over her tight tips, his mouth beginning to trail down her neck, his mouth finding her delicate spot, his
teeth grazing over it. Willow moaned louder as his tongue swirled around her neck, placing pressure where she needed most. Her hands grasped his hair, keeping him close to her body.

Angel’s lips left her neck, licking his way down the valley between her breasts, biting down lightly, making Willow jump against him, making him groan deep in his throat. His hands massaged her small globes as his mouth reached her right nipple, his mouth taking the tip into his wet, cool, mouth.

Willow ground her hips against him, making Angel’s erection strain against the wet material. In the urge to have him near, Willow’s arms wrapped around him, one remaining in his hair, as the other traveled down his back, her nails grazing his skin, lightly.

Angel moaned as his mouth sucked on the tip roughly, his teeth biting down a bit. Willow was lost in all sensation and parted her legs as his knee beckoned between them.

As his mouth moved to suckle her other breast,  his hands traveled down her stomach, gently massaging the tense muscles, reaching down to the button of her leather  pants.

Willow began to moan louder, fueling Angel towards the ecstasy they both craved. His nimble fingers pulled down the zipper and pulled her pants low enough for one of his hands to sneak down to her sex. His mouth left her breasts and captured her mouth, his tongue plungering deep inside as his fingers parted her folds and entered
the wet warmth of Willow. She moaned in his mouth as he felt his intrusion and by instinct began to rock her hips against his hands, seeking the attention she so needed. Angel pulled back, letting her take in the air she so needed and fastened his moist mouth once more of her rosy tip.

Willow was lost in all sensation, her senses became overwhelmed with pleasure she had never known possible. Her moans quickened as she felt his fingers quicken in her, his thumb placing enough pressure in circular motion around her clit, as his other fingers began to prepare her passage for his entry. His mouth left her nipples, placing a final kiss upon them as his mouth traveled lower, placing wet kisses around her navel, finally dipping his tongue inside, making her moan louder.

Angel hands moved quicker, willing her to cum in his hand. His free hand struggled to pull down the tight material, as she felt her walls begin to spasm, his thumb moving even quicker to pleasure her. Once the material was off, he felt her walls begin to spasm around his fingers and pried her legs open as her orgasm began to rip
through her only to become more painfully pleasuring as she felt his tongue suckle on her nub, tasting her juices, prolonging her orgasm to wave over wave of complete rapture. His own painful need became too much to bare as his mouth climbed up to her, her body still shaking underneath him.

“Willow...” his urgent voice pleading, needing to know if she wanted to continue.

Her cloudy glazed eyes opened, seeing the need in his. Without needing to think further, she pulled his head down, kissing him with a passion that he had never felt from another lover. He rolled them over, letting Willow lie un top of him, fighting against the need to just posses her.

As his hand pressed her head closer to him, his other hand found hers trying to open the button of his pants. Helping her, they pulled his zipper down, his mouth breaking away from hers as his eyes closed, taking in all the pleasure he was receiving from her hands as they carefully took out his throbbing erection and pulled down his
pants, tossing them to the floor.

Willow looked at Angel’s naked, wet, muscled body and felt her groin ache. She pulled herself back on his cool body, her hands taking the hard, long flesh in her hands, and began stroking him, trying to pleasure him as he had pleasured her.

As much as Angel wanted to let her touch him, his need to cum in her was too great. He wanted to fill her, wanted to make her scream louder, spill himself into her warmth. He opened his eyes and pulled Willow’s hands away, his eyes conveying his want as his voice strained to talk.

“I need to be in you. Now,” he told her hungrily. He placed her higher against his body as Willow straddled his hips. He positioned her above him as his hand took hold of himself and began to rub his head against her slit and rubbed himself inside her, wetting himself with her juices. He entered her tight channel, pulling her down slowly, letting her take him in her at her own pace, slowly, letting her used to him in her.

Willow abandoned herself to all feeling as she tried to keep her eyes open, wanting to see the look of complete delectation on his face. She pushed herself lower, moaning louder as she felt him hit her barrier. His hands remained on her hips as he opened his eyes to see her fiery green piercing through him.

Willow lifted herself once more, then fell completely on him as Angel thrusted upward, breaking through her, feeling her tight walls accept him. Willow fell on top of him, tears falling at the sudden pain and shock. She felt his hand stroke her hair, as he fought the urge to thrust within her. The tightness he felt around his shaft was amazing, making him moan her name.

As though being awaken, Willow moved her hips a bit and felt heat course through her body. The pain was being replaced by ache and delight. She pulled herself up as she lifted her hips higher, making both of them groan as the new sensations of completeness moved through them. Angel lifter her hips, beginning the ancient dance of

Her tightness was too much for him to take and flipped them over, his mouth kissing her in urgency as his thrusts grew quicker, her hips meeting his, her body being consumed by the man on top of her. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, urging him to move faster, making it harder for Angel to remain under control. As his hand
reached between them, her hands left their mark down his back, pushing him to move his mouth down to nuzzle her neck, his finger pinching her sensitive nub, taking her over the edge.


As her walls constricted around him, his thrust moved harder, his fangs piercing her wet skin, tasting her as he spilled himself into her, taking them to pleasures too high for them to have known possible. He fell on top of her, his arms trying to support some weight.

Once there shaking seized, Angel pulled himself high to look at her. The exhausted couple gazed into each other eyes and smiled.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

It had been then three weeks since that eventful night. Three weeks of concealment and worry. Three weeks since Oz had left a message on Willow’s answering machine at four in the morning and one week since Willow had partially moved into her boyfriends apartment.

Three weeks of running around, of telling lies, of making up enough stories that could fill an entire book. Three weeks and it had come to this. A confrontation at the Bronze.

Angel held Willow in his arms as they walked to the Bronze. His mouth in deep concentration as it nibbled on her shoulder. His growing fetish to nibble on her when ever she was close forming. It was until he bumped into her, that he realized they had stopped a street away from there destination.


She turned in his arms, her eyes an expression of her hope, fear and want.

“What do you think they’ll do?”

“Nothing, they can’t do anything. In a month, when you turn 18, you will be living in our new house, being completely ravished each night by your boyfriend who loves you and be overjoyed by it as he is.”

Willow smiled, her cheeks turning red.

“If you keep doing that, we will have to re-schedule...again.”

Willow looked down, remembering when he had flipped her over his shoulder when she couldn’t stop blushing.

“It’ll be all right, Willow. I promise.”

She smiled and hugged him tightly, knowing that it would, even if her friends needed time to deal with it.

The couple entered the club, trying to keep therir hands off each other as they made there way to the table where Buffy and Xander sat, shifting from side to side. The four sat, not sure where to begin, the silence in the air dreadful.



Xander looked at Buffy then at Willow and took her hand in his.



He took a deep breath and before he would say anything, Buffy blurted it out.

“Xander and I slept together.”

All eyes turned to the blond who’s face had turned to a deep red.

Xander looked back at Willow and added.

“It’s gone further than that actually, we’re going out...as a couple.”

Willow looked at them surprised, then jumped up from her seat and went over to hug her friends.

“I’m so happy for you,” she told them as she hugged each one.

Angel could see the look of relief on their faces and smiled, now knowing that they’re revelation would be easier for them to deal with.

“We were worried you’d hate us,” Buffy told her, returning the hug two fold.


As she made herself back to her seat, she was taken hold of by her waist and placed firmly on Angel’s lap. Willow wrapped an arm around his neck and looked at the confused, shocked looks on her friend’s faces. It was Buffy who was first on her feet to congratulate the new couple, followed by Xander. He had never quite seen his
best friend so happy.

The happy couples moved to dance floor, relishing in the new found love they both had found.

~The Afterwards~

7 months later

“I can’t believe you have so much stuff,” Xander commented as he placed the final box on the floor to their new apartment. “Where did you have all this stuff hidden?”

“I will have you know these are mostly my mother’s. Since my dad is moving back in with her at the house, she thought she might want to re-decorate so we now have things to actually cook with.”

Xander couldn’t help but start laughing at the last comment, making Buffy throw him a spatula.

“I still can’t believe we get to live here for free,” Xander told her as he looked around the huge loft.

“I don’t know how we can ever repay him,” Buffy added.

“A simple thank you will do,” Angel replied as he entered the apartment, his arms firmly around the red head that had completely stolen his heart.

“That can never be enough...” Buffy began to say.

“No, believe me, Willow has more then thanked me personally for you,” he replied with a smug look on his face.

Willow turned a bright red.

“What have I told you about those blushes?” he warned her.

It only made her turn redder, prompting the vampire to take drastic measures. He turned her around in his arms and pulled her over his shoulder, turning to walk out the door.

“If you’ll excuse us for a moment,” Angel asked as he walked out.

Willow looked up and saw the look on her friends and gave them a huge smile, as she waved a short goodbye, her face still red.

“If she keeps that up, we’ll never see them,” Buffy commented, making Xander chuckle as he made his way to her behind the counter. Placing his arms around her, he whispered in her ear.

“I know a way to spend the time ‘till they get back.”

She shivered as he pulled her down the floor with him.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Three hours later

“See what a night of booze does?” Buffy asked as they put the popcorn inside the microwave.

Willow nodded in agreement, looking around the kitchen of her apartment and smiling. Once Willow had turned into a legal adult, she had moved out of her parent’s house and moved into a new warehouse apartment with Angel. That had been six months ago. Now her best friends had moved to the warehouse next door, the building
connected by an interior corridor that joined both buildings. Since graduation a month ago, they had moved there headquarters from the library to another building next to Buffy and Xander’s apartment, having even prompted Giles to move from his apartment to there.

“Where is Giles?” Willow asked.

“He went out with ‘Gloria’”

“It is serious?” Willow asked thrilled

“I think so. Seen her stay over a couple of times,” Buffy replied cheery.

“What happened to the popcorn?” Xander asked as he entered the kitchen.

“Nothing you ape. If you’d be patient....”

“But I’m hungry....” Xander whined.

“Willow.....” Angel yelled, missing the comforts of his girlfriend.

Willow smiled and left, followed by  Buffy and Xander who carried an assortment of junk food that a supermarket would be jealous of. Willow snuggled into the arms of her love as Buffy and Xander settled into the other sofa. Angel pressed the play button and the movie began, prompting each couple to turn to their lover and mutter the
three words they loved to hear.

“I love you.”

The two couples watched the movie, entwined in each others arms, knowing how blessed each one truly was.