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Part 19

"Do what feels good, Will…"  he took her hips in his hands again, tracing soft outlines with his fingers.

Willow sat up and rocked forward, and electricity flowed through her body as her mound rubbed against his pubic bone.  She wanted to rise and thrust against him, but knew that he had grown soft during their discussion, and was afraid that he wouldn't remain inside her.

Her fears were unfounded, though, as she sensed Angel hardening inside of her, stretching her walls, filling her.

Now she was really confused… she could do whatever she wanted, whatever felt good to her.  The only problem was that she wasn't sure what that was.  She knew that grinding against him felt delicious, but she wanted to please him, also.

Her eyes searched his, looking for the answer.  Angel sensed her hesitation immediately, as if he could read her eyes.

He lifted her hips, gently, raising her slightly off his shaft before slamming her body back down against his.  The warmth came back, filling his body, and hers, too, he knew.  Willow, not knowing a thing about what they were
experiencing, hadn't a clue that the heat was odd.  Angel pushed it to the back of his mind, deciding to look into it later.

Willow placed her hands on his stomach, using the leverage to lift herself off of him again.  She held herself still, teasing Angel.  Anxiously, he thrust up into her, pulling her hips against his.  Willow was learning about her Angel.  He enjoyed the teasing, because he knew he had the real power… the strength.  He had shown it to her last night by pinning her arms above her head.  He enjoyed when she struggled against him.

She was beginning to learn about her demon, about the blackness of it.  Yes, it was evil, but it also loved to play.  It loved naughtiness, and it was teaching Willow how to make the most of it.  Angel had tried to explain to her
about vampire sex, and now she was starting to understand.  It was intense and passionate, much like what she had always imagined human sex to be like, but it was also bruising and violent.  Angel's reactions to the things she did confirmed this.  When she scratched his chest that morning, he had changed into his game face.  When she fought against his holding her wrists, he came.  When she teased him now, it excited him further.

And it had the same reaction on her.  The only difference was that she was afraid of it… Angel embraced it.

Willow decided to push what she already knew.  Tickling her way across his stomach and moving higher, she pinched his nipples between her fingers, twisting them… hard.  Angel's eyes changed immediately as he arched underneath her body, changing from their deep chocolatey brown to gold.

Lust surged through her body and she knew she was changing, too.

"Willow?"  he hissed, questioning her actions.

"Shh…"  she fell forward on his chest, her wet mouth surrounding his sore bud.

She felt her canines growing longer and bit harshly into his chest.  His blood filled her mouth and Willow grew lightheaded at the pleasure rushing through her body.  Angel's hips were bucking beneath her like an unbroken mustang, tossing her on top of his body.  Willow clamped her legs tightly around onto his body, holding him firmly between her thighs.

Angel twisted his fingers in her hair, forcing her face away from his chest. He pulled her face to his, forcing her mouth open with his tongue.  He tasted his own blood in her mouth, and wanted more.  Suckling her bottom lip into his mouth, he quickly pierced the inside of her cheek with his own fang, his face having changed completely when Willow bit him.

Her blood trickled into his mouth, exciting him beyond anything he'd ever felt.  He quickly rolled them over, shifting the control back to himself.

He lifted himself up on his arms, hovering over her.  She wrapped her legs around his back, trying to urge him to thrust inside of her.  He grinned at her in the darkness, slowly shaking his head, refusing her.

"Angel, please,"  she growled.

Moving so slowly that she barely realized he was doing it, he sheathed himself in her wetness.  Once his body was fully joined with hers, he rocked himself against her, giving her sex the contact that she desired.

Willow's entire body trembled, shaking with passion.  She grabbed hold of his forearms, digging her nails into his skin as she prepared for her orgasm.  Just as she was ready to release,  Angel pulled back and slammed into her
body, nearly crushing her pelvis.

"Damn you," she groaned, trying to push him off of her.

She knew this was exactly the reaction he was looking for, wanting her to fight him.  Angel wasn't trying to make her come, he was trying to see which of them could come first.

Willow was learning to use her body, learning to use her new strength, and she was finally able to push hard enough on one of his arms that he lost his balance, and fell to the side.  Willow easily pushed him off the bed, where he landed in a tangle of sheets on his butt.

Willow giggled, peering over the side of the bed.  Angel calmed down just enough to realize how funny they both must look, naked, covered in bite marks and blood, and wearing their games faces.

Laughter overtook him, and Willow quickly joined him.  Before she realized what was happening, Angel had grabbed her and pulled her onto the floor with him.  He smothered her body with his own, covering her with kisses and soft nibbles, leaving a trail of tiny puncture wounds across her shoulders and neck.

Feeling his small bites, Willow's arousal overtook her once more and, catching her off-guard,  Angel smoothly spun her body around so she was lying on her stomach.  He pinned her arms out to the side and more kisses and bites followed as he traced the path down her spine.  Willow thrust her mound against the floor, desperately fighting for her release.

Angel nudged her legs apart and knelt between them, lifting her hips off the ground with his strong hands.  He pulled her backwards, impaling her on his hard cock from behind.  She was completely in his control now, and the game was over.  He slid his arms around her waist, holding her tightly against his body as he thrust into her now red-hot sex.  Willow could do nothing but hold onto his forearms, trying desperately to maintain a small grip on her sanity.

She lost that battle, too, as Angel abruptly slipped one of his hands between her legs, pinching and twisting her swollen clit.

She came with a shriek, a rainbow of colors washing before her tightly shut eyes.  Angel leaned forward just as her orgasm ended, sinking his fangs into her back.  Willow nearly fainted as another orgasm quickly tore through her body, not as intense as the first, but powerful all the same.  With one more hard thrust, Angel came, too, draining himself inside of her.

After a few minutes, they both shifted back to their human faces, the bites and bruises already beginning to heal.

< Are you ok, Will? >

< Yeah… >

< Are you sure?  Because that was… intense.>

"I didn't hurt you, did I, Willow?"

"No more than I wanted you to,"  she mumbled.

"You're sure?"

"Angel,"  she twisted beneath him, flipping onto her back,  "I'm not a doll… you're not going to break me.  And if you do, I'll heal."

"I can't believe how easily you're accepting this.  Even I'm having problems with it."

Their passion exhausted for the time being, they easily slipped into being cozy and sweet with each other.  Angel stood and carefully picked her up, placing her back onto the bed.  Crawling in beside her, he cradled her in his
arms, kissing and cooing quiet little words of love in her ear.

"Are you sure you can handle all of this, Will?"  he asked,  "I didn't mean to get so carried away."

"It's what we are, Angel, and, in case you missed it, I was just as aroused as you were.  It might not be pretty, but it's how we make love."

"I love you."

"I know."

"I'm never going to quit telling you that, and showing you that…"

"Mmmm…" she stretched,  "There's just one thing…"


"White sheets are probably a bad idea…"  she giggled, snaking her arms around his neck.

She pulled him closer for a tight hug, and felt him return it with a laugh.

"Can we go riding now?"  she asked.

"You have the energy for that?"

"Uh huh… or I will as soon as I take a shower and have some breakfast."

"My blood wasn't enough for you?"

"I'm pretty sure we burned most of that away…"

"Can I shower with you?"

"No way,"  she said, casually licking and kissing his neck.

"And why not…?"

"We'd never make it out of the house…"

Angel reached down and smacked her on the butt.  Willow yelped and jumped out of the bed, heading for the bathroom.

< Is there any end to your surprises? >  he asked.

< Nope. >

Part 20

Months had passed since Angel and Willow had arrived in Wales, and Angel could tell that Willow was growing restless never leaving the grounds of the estate.

For the first weeks, their nights were spent riding around the estate, walking the gardens, swimming and getting to know each other intimately.  Willow had accepted her role as eternal virgin, albeit with some frustration and

Angel grew to love her more and more each day.  She was growing up and changing before him. Although physically the changes had ceased, she became more beautiful everyday in his eyes.  So much had happened to her, from losing her life, moving to Wales, to falling in love with him.  She had accepted these changes gracefully, maturing into her roles as both vampire and lover.

When she walked, she no longer bounced along like the carefree schoolgirl she had once been… now she carried herself with poise and elegance, floating along with an airy confidence that she had never known before.

Her emerald green eyes that had always shone with love and acceptance for Angel also glowed with resilience now.  She almost single-handedly took over the estate, insisting on meeting with gardeners and stable hands just after dusk each night to ensure that her home and those that lived with her were taken care of according to her specifications.

Angel sat by and watched, bemused and delighted.  Often, his eyes would capture hers for a moment from across the stable or the gardens, and for the briefest of moments, he would see the old Willow smiling back at him, almost
as if to say, "Hey, look at me now!"

Although he knew that she would never admit it, she was proud of herself. Through the course of their many, many conversations, Willow would sometimes make a slip, releasing a piece of information about her past that she wouldn't have wanted him to know.  Angel respected the fact that she would come to him when she was really ready, and he never brought it up, but it was becoming apparent to him that she hadn't been happy in Sunnydale.

It was true; he had never paid much attention to her back in those early days. She was Buffy's friend, quiet and shy.  Willow rarely spoke unless spoken to, and never initiated conversation with Angel.  Somewhere during the course of her senior year, right before her change, Angel thought perhaps he had started paying a bit more attention.  He remembered things about her that he hadn't seemed to notice before.  Perhaps it had been because she was the strong one, the one that had given him the gift of his soul back.  Perhaps it had been the glimpse of himself he had seen in her when she and Anya had inadvertently brought vampire Willow into their world.

The vampire Willow hadn't liked their Sunnydale, and made no secret of her distaste by proclaiming that their world was no fun.  It had shocked Angel to his core when he heard Willow whisper back in a voice so low that only the vampires could her,  "You noticed that, too?"  Had her voice really been that low, or had the others simply have chosen not to hear it?

Regardless, it was small clues like that which showed Angel how much she really had changed, but not so much that she wasn't still the same person that he had fallen in love with.

One dark, clear cool night, they went for a swim.  Angel floated on his back, staring up at the stars, his pale, wet chest glistening in the moonlight.  Willow swam around him making lazy circles in the water.  Her black bathing
suit, in contrast with her alabaster skin combined with her radiant red hair proved to be an intoxicating combination to Angel.  He knew that if he caught sight of her green eyes their swim would be over, so he continued floating on his back, refusing to acknowledge Willow's small circles growing smaller as
she closed in on him.

"Angel…"  she whispered.

"Hmmm?"  he refused to look at her.

"How long do you think you can ignore me?"  she teased.

"I'm not ignoring you.  I'm perfectly aware that you're going to pounce on me any moment."

"Pounce, Angel?  Not very trusting, are you?"

"I trust you implicitly.  I also know that you're insatiable,"  he mused, making tiny waves with his fingers.

"You love every minute of it…"  she continued circling.

"You know what I want to do, Will…?"

"What's that?"

"Make love to you…"

"Don't you already do that?"

"I don't mean that way."

"What way do you mean?"  Willow was curious now and stopped circling.  She stood on tiptoe, her head just barely out of the water.

"Let me show you…"  Angel flipped over, and swam over to Willow.

He scooped his arms around her waist, and began spinning them around in the water.

Willow could feel his erection pressing against her belly, and pushed herself away.

"No, Willow… no games,"  he admonished.

"But…"  she was cut short as Angel pressed back into her.

His fingers hooked underneath the straps of her bathing suit, and slowly eased them down her arms, baring her breasts to him.  Dipping his head, he took one swollen bud in his mouth, swirling his tongue around her areola.   A surge of white-heat shot through her body and, with a gasp, she grabbed his head urging him to continue with his sweet torment.

His mouth never leaving her body, he slowly removed her suit.  Willow easily freed him from his trunks, and they tossed their suits to the edge of the pool.

Wrapping her legs around his hips, she felt his hard cock pressing against her entrance.

"Ready?"  he always asked before he entered her, making certain she was prepared for the pain.

"Uh huh,"  she nodded, bucking her hips against his.

With a quick thrust, Angel buried himself inside her, tearing her open yet again.  Willow held herself against his wet body, her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders.  When she felt the pain ripping through her, she pounded her fists angrily against his back.

Angel stilled, surprised by her angry outburst.


"I'm sorry, Angel… I just get so damn tired of going through that every time I want you inside me."

"I hate it, Willow.  I hate that I have to do that to you."

"It's all right.  It's not your fault, and once you're inside of me, like now, it's well-worth the initial discomfort,"  she sighed.

Angel thrust against her slowly.  He backed them against the edge of the pool for leverage, using his arms to protect her back from being scraped against the rough ledge.  Willow ground herself up against him, urging him to go faster.

"Willow?  Stop…"

"What?  Why…?"

"I told you that I want to make love to you.  Don't rush this… let it happen naturally…"  he continued his small, slow thrusts,  "Just  let me enjoy being inside of you…"

Willow understood him.  He didn't want the bloodshed, and the clawing this time.  He just wanted to be close to her, as close as he could possibly be, and what Angel wanted, Willow wanted.

She melted into his arms and relaxed, caressing his back and shoulders with her hands.  Angel delivered devastatingly slow, wet kisses to her, his tongue slowly pressing against hers, languidly enjoying the taste and passion of his lover.

Willow sank into oblivion with him, forgetting for the first time that she was a vampire.  The way Angel loved her, the way he was satisfying her now, made her feel human again.  For the first time, she really understood the depths of his love for her.   Their sex was terrific.  Willow had no complaints about their frenzied, hard sex, other than the pesky fact that she would always be a virgin, but this that they were doing now, they way Angel was holding her, was different.  This was Angel telling Willow that he loved her without words, using his body to show her what words couldn't adequately say.

Angel thrust into her especially hard,  "Where did you drift off to, Will?"

"I was just thinking about us… and how much I love you,"  she planted small butterfly kisses along his collarbone, up his neck, and chin until she finally reached his mouth.

Angel was willing to make love to her all night long.  The simple, complex feeling of being sheathed inside her unexplainable warmth was enough to sustain him until they would need to move away from the morning sun.  His
movements were slight, barely pulling out of her before slowly pushing back inside.   Willow enjoyed his lazy rhythm, rocking along with him, scarcely grazing her clit against his pubic bone with each small thrust.

Angel knew he would last longer at this pace than Willow.  While they continued to coo and whisper tender words of love to each other, Angel could sense her tensing ever so slightly in his arms.

"Want to come?"  he murmured against her shoulder.

"No,"  she gasped slightly,  "Not until you…"

"You know perfectly well that you can have ten to every one of mine… Let me make you come."

Willow nodded her consent as Angel slipped one of his hands between their bodies, finding her clitoris.  He circled it lazily with his thumb, wishing to coax her into orgasm, not force her.  He added a little more pressure with
each cycle.  Willow tightened her legs around his body, trapping his hand between them.  He traced the shell of her ear with his tongue, knowing that one of her most sensitive spots was hidden just behind her earlobe.

He began laving the delicate spot with his tongue, alternately nibbling and licking, keeping time with his thumb, increasing the pressure on her clit.  He felt her abdomen tense against his own stomach, and pinched her nub between his thumb and forefinger.  She bucked against him, her slow climax washing through her body.  Her lips sought his, barely touching, as she moaned against his mouth, her eyes never leaving his.

"Feel better now?"  he spoke against her lips.

"Always… you always make me feel better…"

"Can I have my hand back now?"  he teased.

She unclenched her legs, and Angel's arm encircled her waist again, pulling her tightly against him.  He resumed his small thrusts as Willow drowsily sank against his body.

"Going to fall asleep, Will?"

"No,"  she sighed,  "I'm just disgustingly content right now.  My life couldn't be more perfect at this moment."

A glorious silence settled over them as they lost themselves in their lovemaking.  Between the gently lapping of the water as it splashed against the sides of the pool, and the sounds of the horses neighing in the distance,
the night was flawless.

When Willow finally spoke to Angel again, nearly an hour later, he quickly hushed her in silence.

< No talking, Will… Not out loud anyway… >

< This is so good, Angel… you make me feel so good… I wish there was a way …Oooh… a little to the left, please… a way to let you know what you mean to me…>

< You have nothing to prove to me, Will… I know you love me. >

< It's more than that, Angel… I never thought that I could have a man like you…I don't deserve a man like you… >

< I don't deserve you… and we're doing it again… >

< We've been doing it for close to two hours… and I need to stretch… Can you trade places with me? >

Angel spun them around so that his back was against the ledge and released his grip on her.  Willow leaned back into the water, stretching her arms out to the side.  Her hair fanned out around her head.  Her legs still wrapped
tightly around his hips, holding him inside of her.  Angel reached out and ran his palms across her glistening breasts.  Willow covered his hands with her own, guiding him to pinch her hardened nipples between his fingers.

Her back arched in the water, and Angel knew she needed another release.  One hand continued to softly torment her breasts while the other found its way to her clitoris again.

< Not without you again > she informed him, clenching her legs around him tighter.

Involuntarily, Angel thrust hard against her.

"Willow…" he choked out, grabbing her hips.

Knowing Willow was going to hold back until he came with her drove him over the edge and he began thrusting harder against her body.  Willow keened, a sharp spasm ripping through her belly as her climax began.

Angel needed leverage, and spun them in the water again.  Willow reached behind her and held herself away from the ledge, allowing Angel to pump furiously into her body.  He felt her inner walls tightening around his cock
as she came, and he released his seed deep inside her, shouting her name as he came.

Willow threw herself back against his body and into his arms, still holding him inside of her.

"I'm seeing stars,"  she whispered against his ear.

"It's a clear night… of course you see stars,"  he chuckled.

"That's not the kind of stars I'm talking about.  I don't know anything about sex with anyone other than you, but I'm pretty sure you'd rate a ten on anyone's scale."

He kissed her deeply, and gently started to pull away from her, despite her moans of protest.

"Will, we're both turning into prunes… it's time to get out of the water…"

"Don't want to let go of you…"

"Then don't,"  he easily carried her to the other side of the pool, up the steps and crossed to the garden furniture, finally breaking their contact as he laid her on a chaise.

Tossing her a towel, he sat in the chair next to her, drying his spiky hair with his own towel.  He reached out and grabbed her hand, rubbing small circles on her palm.

"Angel, what did you mean when you said that we were doing it again?  You almost sounded angry."

"I meant that we're both so hard on ourselves… I think I don't deserve you, you think you don't deserve me.  We spend half our time wallowing in our own self-hatred trying to force ourselves not to be happy."

Willow didn't know what to say for a moment.  He was right, of course.

"We're happy, Angel.  Is that such a bad thing?"

"Of course it's not a bad thing, Will… I'm just not used to it, and a big part of me still thinks I don't deserve it."

"Angelus did what came natural to him, like a wild animal following his instincts."

"I didn't hunt just to feed and you know that."

"The urge to… hurt… was natural to him… you.  An instinct is an instinct.  You couldn't fight it.  I mean, Angelus couldn't fight it,"  she quickly corrected herself.

"The line is blurring, isn't it, Will?"

"I know the difference.  I know who I'm with, and who I love.  And who deserves to be happy."

"I love you.  That's all I'm sure of."

"And you're happy.  Admit it."

"I'm happy,"  he sighed,  "I confess.  You want to travel?"


"Travel… you and me.  Around Europe.  Want to?"

"Can we?"

"Sure… the train system around Europe is incredible.  We can easily travel at night."

"That'll be expensive…"

Angel couldn't help but chuckle, arching an eyebrow at her.  Willow was perfectly well aware of how much money they had.

"Don't laugh at me… I can't help it if I'm not used to this kind of lifestyle,"  she pouted.

"Could have fooled me, the way you've been running the estate."

Willow shot up from the chair,  "Oh, Angel, I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to take over…"

"Shh…"  he hushed her,  "I love it.  This place is yours as much as it is mine.  It keeps you occupied and makes you happy.  And you've done a wonderful job."

She pulled her towel around her, and sat in Angel's lap, curling up like a tired little kitten.  Angel wrapped his arms around her protectively, lovingly.

"How long until sunrise?"  she asked.

"About an hour,"  he answered, glancing at the clock hanging on the fence surrounding the pool.

"We should head back to the house."

"Want me to carry you?"

"I can walk… just a bit bow-legged."

Angel threw his head back and laughed, a sound that Willow loved and a sound that she heard far too rarely.

He gently lifted them out of the chair and sat Willow back on her feet.  She dropped her towel and grabbed her short, white terry cloth robe, pulling it on and tying it loosely in the front.  Angel grabbed his trunks and slipped them back on, grabbing their towels and her suit and slung them over his shoulder.

He took her small hand in his and pulled her towards the house.  Willow rested her head against his shoulder and he wrapped his strong arm around her shoulder as they strolled through the gardens back to the main house.