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Blue Willow
by Lorelei
Part 1

Willow drowsed; her mid-afternoon lethargy compounded by the fact that it was the height of her and Angel's cycle. Well, that and the amount of hiking she'd been doing during the last four days.  Point Lobos was
gorgeous.  The headland was rugged and wild and had an unspoiled beauty.  The 'cottage' that Angel had leased had turned out to be a privately owned home on Monastery Beach.  It had a wonderful view,  looking out over the bay to Point Lobos, when you could see it.  Dense fog rolled over the land during the night and would sometimes hang in the air until afternoon.  Excepting the pesky dream she'd had on the way up and the questions that had been forming in her mind it had been idyllic.

Angel stirred.  The lovers were lying in an inverted position; their heads resting near the others feet.  They had both lapsed into sleep after they had finished bringing each other to orgasm with their mouths.  Even Angel's vampiric stamina couldn't completely keep up with their need for one another at these times.  Lazily, he crawled to face Willow, kissing his way up her body.  Willow giggled as his tongue laved her armpit, fully rousing her from her nap.

"You aren't going to get any drawing done today, are you?" She said.

"My favourite subject is otherwise keeping me occupied."  Angel nipped the soft flesh at the curve of her shoulder.

"You've been doing some wonderful seascapes... maybe you should work on that."  Willow was teasing. She had no intention of letting him move from the bed anytime soon.  Her hands cupped his scrotum in the palm of
her hand, massaging the sac with her fingers.

Angel plucked at one of her nipples, his eyes on her face.  She caught her lower lip and moaned at the sensation of his hand on her breast.  The tiny unconscious act on her part set him on fire.  He swooped in to kiss her, his mouth plundering hers, their tongues clashing in a battle both would win. Her hand took hold of his half-stiff penis, pumping him to full erection with a few quick strokes.  She moved, trying to position him between her legs.  Foreplay was nice, but not really necessary this one day a month.  Angel resisted slightly, not wanting to rush his exploration of her body, but giving in when she growled her frustration.  Pulling her farther down on the bed, he raised her legs and bent them so that Willow's thighs were resting on her stomach.  Angel knelt between her legs, curling his arms around her knees and penetrated her shallowly.  The placement of her legs and the arc of her
pelvis in that position made her already tight opening even more confining.  Angel fought the urge to thrust deeply into her, knowing that he might hurt her. Instead, he moved in her gently, exploring, as he churned his hips from side to side.

Willow's eyes were glazed over with lust.  She felt like an entirely different person at these times.  Desire and need ruled her, driving rational thought from her mind. Nothing mattered but the feel of Angel pounding into her body.  Willow shifted, tilting her hips, forcing him sharply into her.  She groaned; her nerve endings a mixture of
extremes, pain and pleasure. Angel tried to ease back, but she gripped his arms, fingernails biting into his flesh, refusing to let him stop.

Angel gave in and rode her, burying himself in her grasping flesh.  Willow bucked beneath him and released one of his arms, bringing her fingers between them, touching herself.  That small act gave Willow the extra push she needed, and made Angel quake at her wanton display of lust.  They both spiralled into orgasm, shuddering and moaning through the experience. Angel dropped her legs and lowered himself on to his elbows, covering her face with kisses.

"Nice, very nice." was all Willow could manage to say.

Angel chuckled, satisfied and happy with his lover. "Oh, little girl.  What would I have done without you?"

Willow shivered at his words, her mind leaping back to the dream she'd had on the drive up.  Suddenly, she felt a strong desire for a bath.  And maybe, just maybe, a little conversation... if she could work up the nerve. She eased out from under him, sat up, and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

"I need a bath.  Why don't you get us something to drink and meet methere?"

She padded out of the bedroom into the adjoining master bath. Angel headed for the kitchen, already looking forward to a little relaxing sex in the tub.

Part 2

Steam rose up from the bubbles in the bath. A bottle of Chablis and two glasses were balanced on the wide edge of the bathtub.  Angel and Willow sat at opposite ends of the tub, facing one another.  Angel was washing Willow's feet, one little piggy at a time.

"You're going to drive me crazy with that," she said.

"Good."  Angel finished with one foot and started on the other.

Willow was pensive, trying to think of a way to start a seemingly aimless conversation and then turn it to where she could ask the question that had been nagging her. Unaware, Angel started massaging the bottom of her foot, easing the ache that had set in from the hiking she'd been doing.  Willow saw an opportunity and took it.

"You could do that for a living, you know.  You're full of surprises...next thing I know, you'll be turning into a wolf or a bat."

Angel answered, smiling wryly, "That's just a legend.  The only shapeshifters I know of are werewolves or demons, not vampires."

"Kind of makes you wonder how these things get started.  You never know what to believe.  I'm sure you had plenty of time to sort out which things were true and which things weren't.  Harder... right there on the instep."  Willow leaned further back in the tub, waiting for his reply.

"Mhmm."  Angel was to absorbed in the feel of her flesh under his fingers to pay much attention to the conversation.

"You know, if you'd ever heard of the obsession, we wouldn't be here right now... together."

Angel paused only briefly in his work. "Well, I'd like to think that we would have found each other eventually, anyway."

Willow was quiet for awhile before speaking.  "Maybe, but we won't ever know that for sure.  I mean, I'd be at home being cozy with Oz, and you'd be pining over Buffy... if you hadn't of... you know.  If you'd known, you'd never have... t-tasted me, would you?"

Angel stopped rubbing her foot and gazed at Willow.  The line of questioning, her hesitancy of speech... they told Angel all he needed.  Willow knew, or at least suspected.  He could lie, let the moment pass, and have their lives continue on as normal.  But it wouldn't be normal anymore, for him, not if he blatantly lied to Willow.

"You're wrong, Willow.  I would have done things exactly the same." His voice was low in his throat.

"You... would have?  Angel? Did you...?" Willow's was unable to finish the sentence.

Hoarsely, Angel whispered his answer, "Yes.  I knew.  Well, I wasn't certain it would happen, but I knew it could.  I did it anyway."

Willow stared at him, not speaking.  Slowly, she rose from the bathtub, grabbing the bottle of wine and a towel and headed into the bedroom. Her emotions were churning inside her.  Part of her, the part that was slave to their obsession wanted to fuck him silly, the other part was hurt and betrayed and couldn't bear to look at him.   She towelled off, then slipped into a sundress and her panties.  When she turned, Angel was standing at the door, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Willow, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Willow didn't answer.  Taking the bottle of wine she'd sat on the nightstand she headed for the front door. Angel grabbed her arm,stopping her.

"We have to talk about this!  Let's go sit down, please."

Willow's eyes narrowed slightly. "A little late for please, isn't it?"

She tore her arm from his hand and headed for the door.

"Willow!  Where do you think you're going?  You know we aren't going to be able to stand not having each other.  Let's talk about this before..."

"Before we start fucking again?  I don't think so.  I don't want to talk.  I just want to go."  She threw open the door and stepped outside into the sunlight. "And you can't come with me."

Angel watched her retreating form and checked the clock.  Another hour before sunset.  Somehow he knew it was going to be one of the longest hours of his life.

Part 3

Angel tore through the woods, his instincts leading him.  He knew Willow was nearby.  His emotions drove him. Fear, shame, anger, lust...all were roiling inside of him, eating away at him.  The wind snapped a branch off of a Cypress, nearly knocking him in the head.  A storm was coming, a bad one.  Where in the hell was she?

He caught sight of a figure, sitting on a small rocky point that lead to the ocean.  Relief flooded his body. Relief that she was safe, and relief that the burning in him that only Willow could soothe would soon be gone.  He ran to where she sat huddled, her hands clutched around her knees, shivering.

Without turning, Willow spoke. "Go... away.  I don't want to do this.  Not now."

Placing a hand on her shoulder, Angel felt her shudder and saw her pull her legs more tightly against her torso.

"Little girl..."

"Don't call me that!"  Willow shouted.

Angel faltered, "I... I'm sorry.  But we have to go. You're cold and it's going to storm."

Thunder rolled around them, as if Mother Nature had heard his comment and wanted to emphasize his point.  Angel moved to touch her again, his own need threatening to take over.  He stopped himself, remembering her
revulsion at his touch.  He gritted his teeth and adjusted himself, feeling the first drops of cold rain splatter against his arms.  To his relief, Willow stood. At least she wasn't so angry that she didn't know they needed to get to shelter.

Willow turned to him, her eyes blazing with anger and lust.  She grabbed his waistband and drew him near her, fumbling at the button with her cold fingers.  Angel started to stop her, but the button was freed and her hands were inside of his pants, caressing him, before he managed to move.  He groaned, but stayed her hands.

"Willow, we've got to get inside... now."

"No.  We're going to fuck now.  This is what you wanted.  You made this happen."

She went down on her knees, yanking his pants over his hips and engulfing his erection with her warm mouth. Willow's head began to bob up and down as she took all of him, over and over again. He knew he wouldn't be able to wait until they reached safety.  Her warm mouth and frantic need were driving him to the edge. The wind was whipping around them, almost strong enough to knock Angel of his feet. Rain drove down on them in hard pellets. He pulled away from her, sinking down in front of her and tried to kiss her. Angrily, she jerked her head to one side, eluding his lips.

"Don't you dare try and kiss me!  This is sex, plain and simple.  If you stick your tongue in my mouth I'll bite the damn thing off!"

Angel took her at her word, instead kissing her neck.  Willow ripped his shirt open and raked her nails down his chest, cruelly twisting his nipples. Angel gripped her ass harshly, surprised and incredibly turned on by her rough play.  She seemed to be taking out her anger in the act that they were about to perform. Sensing her need, Angel lifted her dress and tore the panties from her body, tossing them carelessly aside.

Willow ignored the storm that was raging around them, too caught up in her own lust and the anger boiling inside her.  He'd had no damn right!  It was her life, her future, not just his!  She shoved him backwards, crawling on top of his body.  Angel submitted to her, eager to be inside her.  Without any further preliminaries, she positioned herself over him, thrusting down on him, crying out as he raised his hips to meet hers.  He tried to touch her, but she grabbed his hands and leaned forward, stretching his arms above his head as far as she could reach.   Angel recognised the look in her eyes.  It was a combination of many emotions: anger, betrayal, lust and a need for control.  Angel could have easily have broken her grasp, but he didn't.  She had the right to do this, and he deserved it.

Willow moved on top of him, taking out her frustration on his body and hers, driving them both towards climax.  Her nails bit into the back of his hands and Angel bucked his hips into her, despising himself for finding pleasure in her body when her heart was in pain.  Willow rode him, paying no heed as the rain turned colder and the heat fled from her chilled body.  She was hot in the only place she cared about.  Grinding her hips, she looked in his eyes as she came.  The sound that came from her mouth was one of both anguish and satisfaction.   Angel thrust up into her a few more times, the last one nearly sending her over his head.  His face contorted, but he was silent as his seed spurted inside her.

Willow allowed herself only a moment of relaxation before she was off of him, once again turning her back to him and huddling against the weather.  Angel rose and adjusted himself, refastening his pants.  They were both soaked to the skin and Angel knew she was freezing.  Her pouting was getting dangerous.  He grabbed her wrist and dragged her to her feet.

"Let me go!"

Angel ignored her protest and pulled her towards the house.  Willow struggled against his hold, but Angel only tightened his grip.  He knew she would be bruised, but better that than letting her make herself ill.  Not looking back, he ignored the abuses she hurled at him as he propelled them towards the safety and warmth of the cottage.

They arrived, after what seemed like hours.  Angel opened the door and headed straight for the bathroom, never releasing her.  He reached inside the shower stall and turned on the hot water, pushing her inside still fully clothed.  He followed her, blocking her exit.  The warm water coursed over them as Angel removed first his clothes then Willow's.  Willow had become strangely pliant, not offering up any protest or moving to escape his presence. The only sound was the chattering of her teeth.  Encouraged, Angel took her in his arms. She allowed it, not fully returning the embrace, but not rejecting him.  Tears coursed down her cheeks, mixing with the water as it ran down the drain.

"Willow... I didn't do it to hurt you, or to force you to be something you're not.  Loving and hating Buffy at the same time was tearing me up inside.  I never meant to cause you pain.  You offered me the first chance out of the mess I was in, and I took it."

Willows tears turned to sobs and she clung to him.  She hated herself for taking comfort from the person who had betrayed her, but she desperately needed someone to hold on to.

"Little girl...Willow... I love you.  That's not changed.  You've made me happier than I can ever remember being.  I shouldn't have denied you a choice, but I know we would have been together anyway.  What we have isn't just sex or convenience.  It's real.  I told you before I was sorry I didn't tell you and that's true.  But I'm not sorry I did it.  I'll never be sorry for anything that brought us together."

Willow had calmed.  She wasn't crying anymore.  Instead, she turned her face to his chest, covering her nipple with her mouth.  Angel's cock jumped in response.  Turning off the water, he stepped from the shower, grabbing several of the large towels.  He handed one to Willow, kept one for himself and spread the rest of them on the floor.  Willow stood in the stall, not moving.  He took the towel, dried her, then lay her down on the floor.

Angel covered her body with his, and moved to enter her.  Willow's legs remained still and closed.

"Open you're legs for me, Willow."  Angel's voice was husky with need.

Willow complied, still silent except for the moan that left her lips as he entered her.  They moved together quietly.  The only sounds that echoed through the tiled bathroom were the gentle noises of lovemaking and the small cries of ecstasy as Angel coaxed Willow into orgasm after orgasm.


A gentle tugging at her hair woke Willow.  She was in their bed, finally.  She glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was half past noon. Angel was sitting on the edge of the bed trying to brush her hair.

"Stop. I'll do it." Willow's voice was raspy.

"I'll do it.  You're ill. You have a fever."

"Thanks for the news flash.  I can tell I'm sick."

Willow shakily sat up and grabbed the brush from Angel.  With more energy than she thought she'd be able to muster, she tugged the brush through the tangled mess of her hair.  He moved to take it away from her, but she pushed him aside.

"You're still angry, aren't you?"

Willow glared at him.

"This is getting a little old, Willow."

"As soon as the sun sets I want to go.  I don't want to stay here anymore."

"We're not going anywhere.  You're sick and I rented this place for three more days. We're staying and we're going to work through this."

"I want to go home!"

Angel stood up from the bed. His nerves worn thin by worry and remorse. He understood she was hurt, but enough was enough.  He wasn’t going to coddle her anymore. That wouldn't solve anything.

"You don't get it yet?  You are home. Wherever we are together is home.  Nothing I did, nothing I should have told you is going to change that.  You're being ridiculous.  We love each other and there's no way around

"You didn't give me a choice!"

"And if you had known that we were going to be together?  If you'd known how much we'd be in love? Grow up, Willow! You'd have been shoving my face between your legs that first night!" Angel paused, continuing in a softer tone. "We'll get through this.  Now... I'm going to make you some tea and toast."

Willow glared at him, but allowed him to kiss her on the forehead before he turned towards the kitchen.  He never faltered in his step, even when the hairbrush hit him squarely between the shoulders.